(ENDED) Photography Magazine Multi-Year Sale (the longer duration, the lower the price)

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Ends Tue 11:59pm ET: Photography Magazine sale (buy 3 or more) [bundles]

This Cyber Monday promotion now ended for real. It lasted 48 hours instead of 24 hours. But fear not, DiscountMags offers are recurring, so it will return in the future…

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(ENDED) Ends 11/30 11:59pm ET: Photography Magazines for $4 per year (no auto-renewal)

This limited time offer expired, however, if you missed it, fear not. Magazine specials are recurring offers at DiscountMags… Expired offers after the break…

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(SURPASSED) Pop Photo for $5 for one year with auto-renewal

As of a 9:33pm ET, we spotted a $4/year no auto-renewal offer for the whole weekend at DiscountMags. So this offer has been “defeated”. I am not sure what descriptor to use, so I went with “Surpassed”. Please feel free to suggest better ones 🙂

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(ENDED) 30% any Printed Photography (or other) Book [max savings $10]

This limited time offer ended… If you are interested in buying a print book, whether it’s a Photography Book or any other book sold at Amazon by Amazon herself (not marketplace sellers), you can save 30% off the current price of the book by using coupon code HOLIDAY30 over there. The maximum savings from this coupon is $10 (in other words, it phases out above a book purchase price of $33). Coupon ends 11/30/14. For more details, check the Terms and Conditions.

(ENDED) Ends Fri 11:59pm ET: Pop Photo Magazine for $5 per year with coupon

This limited time offer but if you missed it, fear not, these are recurring offers…
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(ENDED) Ends Sun 11:59pm ET: Four different Photography Magazines for $5 per year per magazine

This limited time offer expired. If you missed it however, fear not! These are recurring offers that return every few weeks… Expired details after the break…

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(OLDER POST) Heads Up: Photography magazine specials going live tonight

This was an older post… This is a heads-up! Four printed photography magazine specials, for $5 per year per magazine will go live tonight at the date-change time period (12:01am Eastern Time on Saturday). A new blog-post will go live at that time. No auto-renewals! You can use them for yourself or gift subscriptions for other photo-people. Details on Sat at 12:01am ET. The promotion will be good for Saturday and Sunday.

(ENDED) Ends Fri 11:59pm ET: Popular Photography for $5 per year [up to 3 years]

This 24 hour offer ended but these are recurring offers – if you missed it, it will return in a few weeks…

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