Fujitsu charger + 8 AA and 4 AAA rechargers and Spaces for $25 after coupon

If you are a fan of Fujitsu chargers and rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, coupon code EMCSRFCB4 gets you a Fujitsu 4-slot charger, 8 AA and 4 AAA rechargeables along with 2 C and 2 D spacers (not batteries, but shells to put AA batteries and make them work in C or D situations ~ YMMV on how well they work depending on device and application) for $25 with free shipping at NewEgg by NewEgg itself.

On Sunday, the coupon works for people who are subscribed to NewEgg’s newsletters. On Monday, it will move to their “Shell Shocker” daily deals and be open to everyone. Because daily deals were not complicated enough, so NewEgg decided to make them so ๐Ÿ™‚

96pk EverBrite AAA batteries for $13.60

If you need single-use AAA batteries, good until 4:15pm ET today, you can get a 96pk EverBrite AAA batteries for $13.60 as a lightning deal. This was not included in last night’s Lightning Deals schedule [lots of Neewer lightning/studio offers today] as it was either a last minute addition or it was not in the categories I check every night (I can’t check all categories, there’s a LOT of them).

Speaking of batteries, the previously mentioned 100pk AC Delco single-use AA is going for $12.12 or slightly less if you do “Subscribe and Save”. The AC Delco is Prime-only and limit one per customer. Meanwhile the AmazonBasics 100pk sale ended, they jumped to $24 as of this recheck.

100pk AC Delco single-use AA batteries for $13

The price of the 100pk of AC Delco single-use AA batteries is now down to $13.12 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of one set per customer during the sale. Or you can set up a “Subscribe and Save” which further drops the price, but keep in mind, future Subscribe-and-Save deliveries will be at the future time-of-shipment price, not the current price. You can adjust, postpone or cancel Subscribe-and-Save any time without hassle. These average 4.4 out of 5 based on 900+ customer reviews. This is 7.62 batteries per dollar with the standard purchase and even more with the Subscribe-and-Save price.

It looks like the AmazonBasics AA 100-pack is chasing them downhill in price, they are now going for $13.74 with up to three 100-packs per customer. These come out to 7.28 batteries per dollar.

OSHA disclaimer: you can only use whole batteries. Fractional batteries are mentioned above only for the express purpose of price comparison between the various offers. Do not use fractional batteries. Do not try this at home. Do not eat batteries. Properly recycle or dispose of at the appropriate facilities. Restrictions may apply. This is an out of control paragraph that is totally unnecessary and I need to stop writing it and press publish NOW ๐Ÿ™‚

100pk of AC Delco Super AA batteries for $15

If you are a fan of AC Delco single-use AA alkaline batteries, their 100-pack of “AC Delco Super” are on sale for the very specific price of $15.07 at Amazon by Amazon itself, with a limit of one set per customer. These are also available through “Subscribe and Save” (SaS) for $14.32 or less. Keep in mind, with “Subscribe and Save”, future orders will be at the future-current prices, not the price you pay for the first shipment. But you can get 5-15% off on the then-current prices depending on how many SaS items you have that month.

If you need more, the AmaznoBasics 100-pack goes for the very specific price of $15.79.

100pk single-use AmazonBasics AA batteries for $16.52

Batteries are included in this item. In fact, it is batteries ๐Ÿ™‚ The 100-pack of AmazonBasics single-use AA batteries is currently on sale for the very specific price of $16.52 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to 27 100-packs per customer. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time/date unknown. It comes out to six batteries per dollar, which is pretty good. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $35+ order.

Speaking of 100-packs from AmazonBasics, they have a 100-pack of 1.0mm Ballpoint pens for $4.06, half of the pens are blue, half are black. This is an Add-On item, so a $25+ order is a must. It comes out to almost 25 pens per dollar. Useful if pens keep disappearing at the studio or if you want to donate at a local school or non-profit. For more Amazon-y things, check the Elsewhere at Amazon section in the almost-daily lightning deal round-ups.

AC Delco 4-slot AA/AAA charger with two AA LSD batteries for $9

If you like to boldly-go and try new battery chargers, the AC Delco 4-slot AA/AAA slow-moving charger bundled with two AA 2000 mAh low self-discharge batteries is currently on sale for $9~ by Amazon itself or for even less if you buy it with “Subscribe and Save”. Food items are not the only ones eligible for “Subscribe and Save”, consumables (in a broader sense) are participating too. It has no customer reviews, so you can be the one to boldly go and inform the masses ๐Ÿ™‚ Batteries must be charged in pairs. This is a slow-moving / overnight type of a charger which is a plus or minus depending on what you prefer/need.

48pk of Maxell AA single-use batteries for $10 [etc]

If you want single-use batteries but don’t want to deal with Office Depot Rewards, there are a couple of Maxell sales at Amazon, but these too have their gotchas ~ they are either PrimePantry or Add-ON!

+ 48pk of Maxell AA for $10 (4.8 batteries per dollar)
+ PRIME PANTRY (must make a PrimePantry purchase)
+ you can get free PrimePantry shipping if you buy five or more units from select qualifying products ~ any combination works, five of the same item, or five different items, or three of this and two of that
+ otherwise Prime Pantry has a $6 flat shipping for every PrimePantry box you fill-up
+ you may have a $5 PrimePantry credit in your account ~ these are a result of selecting No Rush Shipping instead of 2-day Prime shippingon Prime-eligible purchases. You can check your available credits and expiration dates anytime by going to
+ easy way to remember is “no rush credits” and then append these words (without the spaces) to

+ 36pk of Maxell AAA for $7.21 (almost 5 batteries per dollar)
+ ADD-ON ITEM (must place a $25+ order regardless)
+ everyone can buy this, not restricted to Prime members

+ 36pk of Maxell AAA for $7.61
+ PRIME PANTRY (only Prime members can make Prime Pantry purchases)

PS: check the Comprehensive Guide to Prime Benefits if you want to detangle the different Amazon shopping options these days.

100% Duracell Battery Rewards at Office Depot/Max now offers 20pk of Quantum (instead of 16pk Coppertop)

If you are a fan of the Office Depot and Office MAX Duracell battery rewards, there is another round and this time they are “upgrading” to the 20pk of Quantum batteries instead of the 16pk of Copppertops. This new offer runs between April 16-22 (2017). You can find it at the Office Depot Rewards page (fifth row).

The graphic above says “online only” while the terms at the bottom of the page (appended at the bottom of the post below) say good online or by phone/fax. To be on the safe side, do online-only unless you are certain phone/fax orders will qualify as well.

The link there points to these two eligible Quantum 20-pack options (AA or AAA). Per the terms, you have a limit of (up to) three for this shopping week. You can get any combination, eg [two AA and one AAA] or [three AAA] or [three AA] or [one AA] or [two AAA] or [one AA and one AAA] or any other combo that totals up to three.

You pay the full price ($14.99 per 20-pack) plus sales tax (if applicable). Shipping is free with a $35+ order. A few weeks later, your Office Depot Rewards account will have a $14.99 reward for every 20-pack you buy.

Because these are “Bonus Rewards”, they will be issued separately from the monthly Depot rewards (so they are not subject to the multiples of $10 evil restriction). They don’t always send emails when rewards are loaded, so you have to check manually. Sales tax is NOT included in the Rewards, that’s out of your pocket regardless.

Office Depot rewards do NOT roll. If you pay for this order with Rewards, you will NOT earn rewards. You must needs use “fresh money” (credit, debit, gift card, cash, etc).

“Bonus Rewards: 100% Back in Rewards on select Duracellยฎ Quantum Alkaline Batteries: Valid online, by phone or fax from 4/16/17 โ€“ 4/22/17 11:59 PM ET or while supplies last, whichever occurs first. Limit 3 offers per member. This offer cannot be combined with other Bonus Reward offers on the same or similar products and services.”

PowerExtra Charger with Two Batteries (replacements for Canon LP-E17) for $18

If you are comfortable with 3rd-party battery chargers, the PowerExtra Charger with Two Batteries (replacements for Canon LP-E17) is on sale for $18, sold by Powerextra’s Amazon store with the order fufilled by Amazon, so Prime members get 2-day free shipping on this. A car charger and a cleaning cloth are also included. It averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 9 customer reviews. The one unhappy 1-star review said the batteries did not work with the M3. Per the product description there (definitely read it before buying), these are not fully decoded, and you have to confirm in the camera’s menu that they are not genuine Canon before you can use them.

20pk Sony Heavy-duty Carbon Zinc AA Batteries for $2.52

If you are a fan of single-use Sony Heavy-duty Carbon Zinc AA Batteries, the price of the 20-pack has dropped even further, you can now get it for $2.52 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of three sets per customer. This is an add-on item, so your order total must be $25+ in order to buy them..

A number of other add-on items are dropping in price, you can get to $25+ with Add-on items alone too. You can find them all in the Elsewhere at Amazon, including sub-$2 Timberland touch-screen gloves and sub-$2.50 11-inch tablet sleeve, and sub $1.50 iPhone 7 Plus case.

20pk Sony single-use Carbon-Zinc AA batteries for $5

If you are a fan of Carbon Zinc single-use batteries, the 20-pack of Sony heavy duty carbon zinc single-use AA batteries (model SUM3NLB20A) are on sale for $4.99 per 20-pack at Amazon by Amazon itself. You can buy as many 20-packs as you like within reason (the limit is 27 20-packs per customer).

These are however an ADD-ON item, so your order total must be $25+ of products that sold and shipped by Amazon or fulfilled by Amazon. You can get to $25+ with any combination of products, eg five 20-packs. If you are close to $25 and need ideas to get over the hump, check the Elsewhere at Amazon section in the daily lightning deal round-ups. Once you clear the $25 limit, the usual free shipping terms apply, free 2-day for Prime or with a $35+ order for non-Prime (or $25+ in books).

On the other hand if you need AAA batteries, their 20-pack of AAAs (single-use, Carbon Zinc too) is going for $5.38 but it is not an Add-ON item, so if you are a Prime member, you can buy one 20-pack and still get free 2-day shipping. The shipping estimate for these is 1-2 months.

Free 24pk Harbor Freight AA or AAA batteries with any purchase and coupon

Don’t recycle the weekly grocery ads that fill up your mailbox just yet. One of the ads included in the Red Plum circulars is from Harbor Freight. There, there is a coupon that gets you a 24pk of single-use AA or AAA batteries for FREE as long as you make any other purchase at the same time in their stores. The coupon is good until mid-May 2017.

Duracell Batteries Rewards are back at Office Depot (Sun to Sat)

The Duracell Batteries Penny (+ Sales Tax) After Rewards promotion is back at Office Depot and Office Max stores. You can find the offer online at their Rewards page and in-store in their Weekly circular ad. The terms are as before, you can buy one or two 16-packs of Duracell single-use AA or AAA batteries, and get back the purchase price (minus one penny) in Rewards a few weeks later. The Sales Tax amount is NOT included in the Rewards amount. Rewards do not roll over, so don’t pay with rewards if you expect to get rewards on the offer. These Rewards will arrive separately from their monthly rewards (a good thing because monthly rewards are only issued in $10 increments). Offer runs Sunday 2/19 until the close of business on Saturday 2/25/17.

8pk Panasonic Eneloop AA for $16

If you go loopy for Eneloop(s), the 8pk of Panasonic Eneloop AA 2000 mAh rechargeables, model BK-3MCCA8BA, is currently going for under $16 at Amazon by Amazon actual. You may be able to get them for slightly less if you sign-up for “Subscribe and Save”. Point of potential number confusion: it’s 2100 recharges, and 2000 mAh. It’s easy to get those two numbers confused ๐Ÿ™‚

128GB Lexar S57 USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $20

On the storage front, the combined Office Depot – Office Max has an online doorbuster of sorts, the 128GB Lexar S57 USB 3.0 Flash Drive is on sale for $20 each. You can buy as many as you like. Store pickup varies by store. Free delivery on orders of $35+ (eg two of these).

Also at Office Depot-MAX, among their Weekly Rewards Offers (page down towards the bottom over there) you can get the previously mentioned 16pk of Duracell single-use AA or AAA batteries for $0.01 (+ Sales Tax (if applicable) on the full amount) after Rewards. These are eligible for online purchase, so you can also get to free shipping with a combination of these and the Lexar flash drive mentioned above.

Plan Ahead (February 5-11): Duracell Batteries Rewards offer returns at ODP/OMX

Batteries are included (if buy them that is). If you are a fan of the Duracell Battery Rewards promotions at Office Depot (ODP) and Office Max (OMX) stores, they are returning for the week of Sunday February 5 until the close of business on Saturday 11 in 2017. The terms are the same as before, you can buy up to two 16-packs of AA or AAA, pay full price, and a few weeks later (five weeks or less), you receive the purchase price (minus a penny) as a reward in your ODP/OMX rewards account. The sales tax is not included in the reward. Per the weekly ad on their website, these rewards will be issued separately from the monthly rewards (this means you get the full amount, and not multiples of $10). You cannot pay for the batteries with rewards and get rerwads again (you can’t roll rewards like you could wtih the old Office Max rewards program).

The offer is good for online purchases as well. When the offer activates on Sunday 2/5/17, they will appear on the Rewards page.

Strategically you can combine the purchase of the above with their ink recycling rewards. You get $2 back per ink/cartridge (regardless of size, from the tiny single colors to the elephant size toners), but they only pay regular rewards in multiples of $10 per month, and you need to make a purchase of $10+ (with new money; not rewards) during that particular month. The 16-packs are $14 each, so even one of them gets you over the $10+ prerequisite. You can recycle up to ten cartridges per month and get rewards for them. You can recycle more, but you won’t get rewards for cartridges #11+ for that particular month. Strategically, you recycle the biggest/heaviest and leakiest first, and save the rest for the next calendar month ๐Ÿ™‚

8pk Panasonic Eneloop AA for $18

If you go loopy for Eneloop, the 8pk of Panasonic Eneloop AA pre-charged rechargeables (BK-3MCCA8BA) are on sale for just under $18 at Amazon by Amazon itself. You can get a slight discount if you use Subscribe-and-Save if you have five or more different items during that particular month. This comes out to just under $2.25 per battery.

If you are interested in the black label “PRO” Eneloops, this 4-slot charger and 4 AA bundle goes for $24. This is model K-KJ17KHCA4A.

(SOLD OUT) Eneloop 4-slot charger and 10 AA and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries for $28

As of 1/7/17 PM recheck, this sold out and cannot be ordered at this point in time… (this often happens when the offer ends, they temporarily pull it)

If you go loopy for Eneloops, Amazon has a new Eneloop promotion, you get 10 AA rechargeables, four AAA rechargeables, and a 4 slot charger, all together for $28 by Amazon itself. Limit one bundle per customer. The shipping estimate is mid-January. They average 4.7 out 5 based on 550 customer reviews and have 50+ answered questions if you are curious. The formal name for this is K-KJ17MZ104A. Memorize it, it will be included in the mid-terms ๐Ÿ™‚

Free 24pk AA batteries from Harbor Freight w/coupon

Harbor Freight likes to use some of their marketing budget to give freebies to customers. Among the latest offers you can find at the various places Harbor Freight posts their coupons/ads (eg the weekly Red Plum Grocery Ad mailers), there is a coupon that gets you a free 24pk of AA or AAA single-use batteries for FREE. The brand is “Thunderbolt Magnum”. No purchase necessary even. The coupon ends 2/25/17/

120pk Sony AA Carbon Zinc Single-Use Batteries for $25 w/FS

Batteries are included with this offer, since the batteries are the offer ๐Ÿ™‚ One hundred twenty (120) Sony single-use Carbon Zinc AA batteries on sale for $25 with free shipping at Adorama. These are delivered as three 40-packs, which make it easier to split or share orders with friends and neighbors. Offer ends by 1/7/17 or earlier if sold out.

(SOLD OUT) Eneloop K-KJ17MZ104A (4-slot charger, 10 AA, 4 AAA, color batteries) for $28

This is currently sold out… If you go loopy for Eneloop(s), the K-KJ17MZ104A pack, with a 4-slot charger, 10 rechargeable AAs and four AAAs, of the colorful variety (blue, cyan, gray, brown-green) goes for $28 at Amazon by Amazon actual. The usual free shipping terms. Limit up to 30 sets per customer.

New weekly round of 1c After Rewards Duracell 16pk single-use AA or AAA alkaline Batteries after Rewards

Sunday is here which means a new round of the Office Depot-Max Duracell rewards promotion is under way. As before, you can buy a 16-pack of Duracell single-use AA or AAA alkaline batteries for full price, and a few weeks later you will receive your purchase price back (excluding $0.01 and sales tax) in Office Depot Rewards (not cash). You can buy two of these per week (any combination of AA or AAA, eg two of one kind, or one of each), the week defined Sunday AM to Saturday PM. Avoid last minute purchases online during the Sat-to-Sun date transition to prevent week-change issues. You can find them at the bottom row of the Office Depot – Max Rewards page. The offer is good in-store or online.

More details on them in our previous post.

100pk AmazonBasics single-use AAA batteries for $18.69

This is back in-stock, a 100-pack of single-use AAA batteries of the AmazonBasics brand goes for $18.69 at Amazon by Amazon itself. This is about 5 batteries per $1. Limit up to thirty 100-packs per customer. This is also available for delivery through AmazonFresh, because the “batteries with lettuce salad” is all the rage among dieters ๐Ÿ˜‰ [PSA: this is a joke! Do not eat batteries no matter what the internet says !]

A variety of other single-use battery promotions are currently running, check the Batteries-related posts for more.

24pk Rayovac AA batteries for $5.89 w/free S&H

Back to the eBay Deals where batteries are included! The official Best Buy eBay store is offering new condition 24-packs of Rayovac AA single use batteries for $5.89 with free shipping or free store pickup. Limit up to thirty 24-packs per customer. This averages to around 4 batteries per $1.

There are many other battery promotions in progress, including the 1c Duracell Rewards offer at Office Max/Depot, a 60pk of Rayovacs for $10 at Home Depot stores and 72pks of Sony Stamina at Woot, and such.

All the batteries above are single-use, but on the rechargeable front, the newer precharged 8-pack of AA AmazonBasics continues to go for $16.89. Meanwhile the previous generation (from the looks of it) 12pk of AAA rechargeables goes for $13.

60pk Rayovac single-use AA batteries for $10 (Home Depot pickup)

On the single-use battery front, if you are near a Home Depot store or if you are planning an order that gets free shipping, they are offering a 60-pack of Rayovac AA single-use alkalines for $10. That’s six batteries per $1, which is not a bad price for name-brand batteries. Their website has detailed inventory updates per store location.

PS: also on the single-use batteries front, Office Depot-Max are running weekly 1c After Rewards promotions on Duracell 16-packs of AA or AAA.

Weekly Duracell Batteries 1c After Rewards until 12/31/16

This is turning into a battery blog ๐Ÿ™‚ Good until the end of the year (12/31/16), Office Depot and Office max brick and mortar stores and their website are offering the 1c Duracell Batteries after Office Depot Rewards. The limit is two per customer per week across all purchasing platforms (online, in-store, by phone or fax or telegram or raven). The week is defined as Sunday AM until Saturday PM. If you are buying online avoid the overlap between late Saturday PM to early Sunday AM to prevent time-change and website maintenance issues.

You can find these online as well, shown at the Office Depot Rewards page. Page towards the bottom to see the terms and conditions (or use your browser’s in-page search feature to search for “Duracell”). Per the terms these will be issued separately from the monthly rewards, which is a very good thing (the monthly rewards are only issued in $10 increments so you typically don’t get all your rewards [sneaky way to avoid paying the full amount of rewards earned).

This is a screenshot, View Larger, since the rewards page is not a very responsive design.


The terms are the same as before, you buy a 16-pack of single-use Duracell AA or AAA battery. You pay full price ($13.99) plus sales-tax (if collected in your store/state) and you make sure your Office Depot rewards number is on the receipt (or if buying online in your account profile) because that’s how their computer will know to send you your rewards. You don’t need to mail anything or use a coupon. About three weeks later (give or take), you will find $13.98 of Office Depot rewards in your Office Depot rewards account. You may not get an email alert, so don’t forget to check there. This is limit two for the week.

This also may appear in the weekly ads, this is the December 4-10 (2016) ad:


NOTE that the new-era Office Depot/Max rewards do NOT roll over. If you pay for a rewards-earning item with rewards, you will NOT earn new rewards. You can’t roll them over. The rewards have expiration dates, so if you want to max out, make sure you also plan how to spend all those rewards in the future before they expire. Office Depot-Max carries all kinds of things, so it shouldn’t be hard – as long as you need it that is. Or you can always buy supplies on clearance/sale, and donate them to local schools and charities and non-profits ๐Ÿ™‚

72pk Sony Stamina Plus single-use AA or AAA for $19

The longer-running Woot Electronics deals feature a Sony Stamina Plus single-use battery sale featuring 72pks of AA or AAA for $19 each, with a limit of up to three per option. The sale also includes C, D, and V packs (of different sizes and prices). The AA + AAA is sold out but the rest are in-stock. Shipping is the usual $5 flat for everything you buy at Woot during a calendar day in the Central time zone. The sale ends 12/31/16, so one could wait until they find something else to buy from Woot (eg daily deals or future Woot-Off), so they can pay shipping only once.

(SOLD OUT) Panasonic KJ17MCC82A Eneloop Power Pack (4-slot charger, 8AA, 2AAA, 2 C Spacers, 2 D Spacers) for $25

As of a 10:40pm ET recheck, this surprisingly sold out (it wasn’t on pace to sell out when I was checking earlier, but maybe it got mentioned in high volume websites or social media?)…

Continue reading “(SOLD OUT) Panasonic KJ17MCC82A Eneloop Power Pack (4-slot charger, 8AA, 2AAA, 2 C Spacers, 2 D Spacers) for $25”

8pk AmazonBasics AA LSD NiMH rechargeables for $17

On the rechargeable AA front, the 8-pack of AmazonBasics pre-charged rechargeable low-self-discharged (LSD) NiMHs (up to 2400 mah) are on sale for the very specific price of $16.89 at Amazon by Amazon actual. The usual limit of up to 30 packs per customer applies. The AAA 8-pack goes for a few cents more. These are made in Japan according to the product description.

48pk Insignia single-use AA or AAA for $10 w/free S&H

This offer among the latest eBay Deals has batteries included – that’s because the offer itself is batteries ๐Ÿ™‚ Lame joke aside, the official Best Buy eBay store is offering their house brand 48pk Insignia AA single-use batteries for $10 with free shipping or free store pickup (where available/possible). Limit up to 30 per customer… The same offer is available for the AAA 48-pack with the same limit of up to 30 packs per customer.

(ENDED) Monday: Panasonic Eneloop KJ17MCC82A (Charger, 8 AA, 2 AAA, etc) for $28 + S&H

Meh, another day is over… The Meh daily deal for Monday 11/7/16 is the Panasonic Eneloop KJ17MCC82A kit offered for $28 plus shipping (or free shipping if you are a paying member). This includes a 4-slot charger, eight AA and two AAA rechargeables, along with C and D spacers. More details in their forums.

16pk Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries for 1c After Rewards

As teased last Friday, the Office Depot Duracell Rewards promotion is back, running for the week of Sunday 10/23/16 until the end of day on Saturday 10/29/16. The terms are the same as before, you can buy up to two 16-packs of Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries, and get their purchase price (minus $0.01) back as Office Depot rewards. Sales tax is not refunded. You can find these through the Office Depot and Max Rewards and if you page-down to the bottom there, you can see the terms for this particular offer. The rewards will be sent separately from their monthly rewards, which is a good thing. The offer is good for in-store purchases or online purchases and orders by phone too. The limit is a two maximum per customer for the week, regardless of order method.

Heads Up: Duracell Rewards offer returns 10/23

If you are a fan of single-use batteries, the Duracell brand, and the Office Depot / Office Max Rewards program, we have good news for you! The 1c Duracell Rewards promotion returns for the week of October 23-29 in 2016 at their stores. The offer may also be available online but we’ll know that for certain on Sunday when their Rewards page is updated.