Sunday: Benro Monopod, memory card cases, GVM BiC Rig Light, CineBags, Etc

Selection Sunday is here and you can select from these B&H Photo daily deals if you wish to do so:

+ GVM TL15RS RGB Bi-Color Smartphone Video Camera Rig Light for $59

+ SmallRIG memory card cases, three options, $7 to $12

+ Benro MAD49A Adventure Series 4 Aluminum Monopod for $50
+ MAD, not MAD TV 🙂

+ SaraMoniC CamMic Camera-Mount Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Cameras and Smartphones for $35

+ CineBags CB07 AC Pouch XL (Gray with Orange Webbing) for $69
+ looks a little too complicated for my bird brain 😉

+ SOLD OUT: Neewer ST10 Articulating Magic Arm with Super Clamp (9.8″)

AMAZON is well aware today is Selection Sunday, so they have a 74-page (!!!) sale of College Sports Apparel. These are offered from Amazon through their “Amazon Merch on Demand”, which is described as “Each design is printed when you place your order”. So you won’t get a stale t-shirt that was sitting in a warehouse for a thousand years 🙂

The Sunday headliner free-streaming starting at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AIR is a 5+ hour class, “Shooting for Stock Photography” with Geo Rittenmyer.

PS: don’t forget to dress in green for St Patrick’s Day!

Fotodiox BiC Ring Light, Sirui CF Monopod, PortaBrace filter kit

Friday is here and as usual the B&H Photo daily deals run until Saturday 3/16/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ FotoDioX Selfie Starlite Vlog Bi-Color Ring Light Kit (Black, 18″) for $68

+ Sirui P-325FL 5-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod with VH-10 Video Head for $199

+ PortaBRACE Filter Pouch Set for up to 3 Circular Filters up to 4.5″ for $30

+ CoreSWX Nano XL 178Wh Mini Li-Ion Battery (Gold Mount) for $218

+ Oben TAB-2M Two-Mount Tripod Accessory Bar for $40
+ this bar does not serve drinks 😉

+ also headphone for $15

If you like photo critiques, starting on Friday at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON-AIR there’s a Franz Lanting photo critique, with a runtime of over 3 hours.

It’s Allergy Season at Amazon, spend $60+ on participating allergy products and save $15. Or try the carnivore diet and all your allergies will eventually disappear 😉

IT LOOKS LIKE we have another Group Buy at NewEgg that will likely be 100% unlocked. As of 11:11am ET on Friday it is 68% unlocked. IT is the ORICO Electrical 5 Port Desktop USB Charger Green with 2 Prong Power Cord 30W for $10.

FREEbies time, members of the Lucky/Savemart B&M rewards program, you can score, this weekend, a tin of Sparkling Ice + Energy for FREE!

Coupon code SPRING50 can get you a prepaid 1-year Creative Live subscription for $100 for the first year (12 months) of subscription.

Walgreens Photo: 70% off Same Day Wall Decor w/coupon

Walgreens Photo is back with another coupon offering! You can get 70% off on same-day Wall Decor (sometimes it pays to be a same-day sailor!) using coupon code WALLDEAL until 3/16/24 at 11:59pm central time. Up to five items can get discounted with the coupon. It can only be used once during this promotion. The usual Walgreens Photo terms and conditions and restrictions and such apply. It is limited to these product categories:

“Canvas Prints, Canvas Art, Custom Floating Frames, Metal Panels, Posters, Banners, Wood Hanger Board Prints, TilePix, and Wood Panels only”

Thursday: 64GB USB Flash for $Pi, Woot Best of Tech, Etc

Since there’s a number of tech-related deals, I’m rounding them up here in a separate post. This looks destined to fully unlock, the Thursday NewEgg GroupBuy is the 64GB A-Data USB 3.2 G1 Flash Drive that will go for $3.14 [yes, it’s Pi, it’s intentional] if it reaches 100% before 11:59pm Pacific time. As of 3:33am ET, it is already at 56% claimed and most people are asleep at this time 🙂

MEANwhile at Woot they have with another Best of Tech sale. This launched today but as a “Woot Plus” deal it runs longer, until 3/19/24 or earlier if sold out. Among the items offered:

+ Vivitar 4K camcorder for $100
+ Gllysion binos for $80
+ 21.5″ FHD Wifi digiframe for $210
+ charging and powerbanks and Energizer batteries
+ eclipse glasses, etc, etc, etc

Speaking of NewEgg, they are running a Clearance sale with nearly 1000 products offered. You can filter them over there by various options on the sides of the page.

Also on the topic of tech, Amazon’s Gold Box is having a Samsung Galaxy tablet sale that includes various variants of the S9 (including the FE and FE+), and variants of the A9+. Yes, because having a simple naming scheme and product line is decidedly not a Samsung feature 🙂

Thursday (Pi Day): Sirui 24/2.8 1.33x [7o] for $349, Manfrotto Video Tripods, Quasar BiC Tube, Think Tank Mirrorless, Etc

Hooray^Hooray, it’s a LENZE DAYE at the Thursday Pi Day B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Sirui 24mm f/2.8 Anamorphic 1.33x Lens for $349 in Sony E, Fuji X, M43rds, Nikon Z, Canon EF-M and RF, and Leica L
+ no Nikon F

+ Manfrotto video tripods, eight options, $450 to $2100

+ Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 25i Camera Bag for $35~ in three color options, good for color-coding organizational schemes

+ Quasar Q25 Crossfade Linear Bi-Color LED Tube Light (2′) for $67

+ Mount-IT! Portable Height Adjustable Laptop & Projector Stand for $55~ after in-cart coupon

+ also intercom headset type thing

FEAST YOUR EYES starting at 12pm ET on Thursday at Creative LIVE ON-AIR, free-streaming is a 14-hour class on Food Photography with Penny De Los Santos. Lesson #4, Principles of Food Photography (43 min) is the “Kindle sample” you can watch at any time – to get a feel for the class before you commit to a 14 hour viewing marathon 🙂

Wedn: Genaray BiC LED, SmallRiG Tripods, LG Curved, Nanuk 915, GVM CF Slider, Lightning cables, Etc

Wednesday is here with a fresh set of B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Genaray 120W Twin LED Bi-Color Panel for $299

+ SmallRig tripods, eight options, $32 to $104

+ LG 34BQ77QB-B 34″ 1440p HDR Curved Monitor for $350

+ Nanuk 915 hard cases, eight options / color schemes, $60 to $90

+ GVM Professional Video Carbon Fiber Motorized Camera Slider (32″) for $229

+ CAD mic for $50

A 2-pack of Griffin 10W Wireless Charging Stands can be yours for $10 plus shipping at the MEH website as their Wednesday daily deals.

You won’t believe what’s the #1 best seller at Woot right now, it’s a …5-pack of Lightning cables (2x 3ft, 2x 6ft and 1x 10ft) for $9 plus shipping (free for Prime members).

Tuesday: OnePlus 10, Google Pixels, DataColor Spyder calibrations, MegaDAP E-Lenses to Z-Bodies AF adapter, Etc

Smartphone time at Woot, their headliner deal (running until 3/21/24 or earlier if sold out) is a Google Pixel and OnePlus sale, new condition, with 1-year manufacturer warranty. The offered phones are:

+ OnePlus 10T 5G (8/128, fully unlocked) for $300

+ Google Pixel 6a 5G for $270
+ Pixel 7 PRO 5G for $500 to $590
+ Pixel 8 5G for $540

NEXT UP we head on over to the B&H Photo daily deals where this six-pack runs until 3/12/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ MegaDAP ETZ21 Pro Sony E-Mount Lens to Nikon Z-Mount Autofocus Adapter for $199

+ DataColor SpyderCUBE RAW Calibration Tool for $24

+ DataColor SpyderLensCal Autofocus Calibration Aid for $39

+ Swiss Digital Pearl Rose Massaging Travel Backpack (Black) for $90

+ Sirui VSK-3 Video Survival Kit for $70

+ Benro MeFoto GlobeTrotter Aluminum Travel Tripod Kit (Black) for $90

+ Haida eclipse solar filters, four options, $49 to $85

To …celebrate the release of the “How to Raise a Healthy Gamer” book by “Dr. K”, NewEGG is having a Gamer Madness sale. Buy more gear before the adults in your family read the book and curtain your gaming addiction 😉

IF YOU want to have the most expensive …urine in the neighborhood, Amazon is having a six-page sale on organic vitamins and supplements. Note that this is a $150+ billion business, and the health benefit claims of various supplements have enough hot air in them to lift the Titanic all the way to the moon 😉

TWO photography classes are free-streaming starting at 12pm ET on Tuesday at Creative LIVE ON AIR:

+ the classic “Art of Nature Photography” with Art Wolfe (5.5 hours, lesson #6 “ten deadly sins of composition” (31 min) is the “Kindle sample” you can watch at any time)

+ NEW CLASS: “Photography Workflow with AI” with Jared Platt, nearly 3 hours long

+ also, a class on how to build a successful blog
+ I should have watched this many years ago 😉

Monday: Shape Backpack, AMD Radeon PRO, Manfrotto Fluid, Samsung Curved, Etc

Power up at the Monday MEH daily deal, you can get the Phase2 Energy PowerBlock 500W / 478Wh Portable Power Station for $200 in new condition or $150 in refurbished condition. Its official name is model BS-P2EPB500. It has all kinds of features, head on to the product details. It can change up to 7 devices at the same time, and it recharges on AC in 7 hours days. It even has technology (built-in 200-Watt MPPT solar controller) for 4-hour solar recharging (solar panel NOT included).

Now that we’ve powered up, we head on over to the B*H Photo daily deals with another six-pack of temptations:

+ SHAPE Pro Video Camera Backpack for $193~

+ AMD Radeon Pro W5700 Graphics Card for $199

+ Manfrotto MVH500A Fluid Drag Video Head with MVT502AM Tripod and Carry Bag for $220

+ Samsung CJ791 34″ 21:9 Curved FreeSync VA Monitor for $340
+ DisplayPort | HDMI | Thunderbolt 3
+ 3440 x 1440 Resolution @ 100 Hz
+ 3000:1 Contrast Ratio

+ Technics SL-1210GR Direct Drive Turntable System for $1300

+ AuRAY Single-X Keyboard Stand with Pull Lock for $17

It looks like Adorama has taken a liking to the “Top Deals” mode at their daily deals page 🙂

Blink and you might miss [sorry, I couldn’t resist saying it [ok writing it]], among the latest Amazon Gold Box offerings is a Blink Outdoor 4 Camera Systems sale. Move over Polaroid photography, here comes security cam photography 😉

Interested in Long Exposure Photography? The headliner starting on Monday at 12pm ET at Creative LiVE ON-AiR is Matt K’s nearly 3.5 hour class on the topic. The “Kindle sample” is Lesson #1 (21 min long), so you can get a feel for the class ahead of time.

IF YOU ARE fond of Chromebooks as nearly disposable laptops or faux-tablets, Woot Plus is having another refurbished Chromebooks sale with prices ranging from $60 to $120. This includes the refurbished 2021 11.6″ Samsung Chromebook 4 for $100. Runs until 3/14/24 or earlier if sold out.

PS: yes, you can have a laptop that doesn’t need to run “Windows Update”. But if you must have “Windows Update” someone can write for you a Chromebook app that simulates the frustrations and joys of “Windows Update” 😉

Sunday: GVM LED Light, GoPRO Grip, Tenba Bag, Gitzo CF Tripod, Etc

Sunday is here with a fresh set of B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ GVM 7S RGB LED On-Camera Video Light with Wi-Fi Control for $10

+ VidPRO Battery Hand Grip for GoPro and Smartphones for $10

+ Tenba Tools Packlite Travel Bag for BYOB 9 (Black) for $11

+ Gator Universal Speaker Tote for 12″ Speaker for $45

+ Gitzo GT2543L Mountaineer Series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod (Long) for $774

+ Philips truly wireless for $30

IF YOU ARE a fan of coffee pods and their compatible machines, Amazon has a two page sale of their house-brand coffee pods.

And on the FREEbies front, members of the Lucky’s Rewards program can get a FREE 5.3oz Chobani Creations yogurt type thing until Sunday night.

NewEgg Clearance Sale (762 options)

If you are a fan of NewEgg, they are currently running a clearance sale with 762 items (as of the time of writing). You can browse through these, or filter them in different ways over there, price-range, product type and sub-category, condition, review rating, free shipping option, etc, etc, etc.

Lowepro Memory Card Wallet, Wooden Camera Universal Lens Support, D&S Monopod, Etc

Good up until Saturday at 11:59pm ET we have these B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Magnus DeskGrip Mini Smartphone Tripod for $8 in three color options

+ Lowepro GearUp Memory Card Wallet 20 (Dark Gray) for $14~
+ Holds 12 CF or XQD Cards and 8 SD Cards
+ with zipper

+ Wooden Camera Universal Lens Support (15mm LWS) for $195

+ Davis & Sanford TR605MONO Traverse Pro Monopod with Folding Base (60″) for $50
+ this time I’ll spare you the Mumford & Sons joke attempt 🙂

+ Auray BAC-4A4HB Podcast Kit Gig Travel Case for $40
+ yes, you can put your podcast in a bag and take it with you 😉

+ Xuma UCDC-248 Dual USB Car Charger for $3

FREE 2-Day Shipping on $50+ at Adorama [Exclusions Apply!]

Adorama is running a free 2-day shipping promotion on orders of $49.99+ (excluding shipping and taxes) for the 48 contiguous US states. PO Boxes are not eligible (because they are inside Post Offices and delivering to them can be a pain). Details of the promotion at the Adorama Shipping page.

For your convenience I’m cut-n-pasting the relevant paragraph for the promotion:

“Items marked with “FREE 2-Day Shipping” or “2-Day Shipping – FREE on Orders over $49.99″ are eligible. Cart totals of $49.99 excluding shipping and tax will be qualified with eligible items. Shipping within the contiguous 48 U.S. states. PO box addresses as well as shipping to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico are not included in this offer. Used items and items in the Home Electronics and Musical Instruments product categories are not eligible. To ensure the safety and compliance of our shipping procedures, we have a rule in place that certain products are not eligible for our 2-day shipping service. This includes products that are deemed hazardous, those that are drop-shipped, or those that cannot be shipped by plane”

Thursday: NoGa, GVM, Benro, SwissDigital, SmallHD, Octa Softbox w/Grid, Etc

And just like that, Thirsty Thursday is here and we quench your daily deals thirst at the B&H Photo daily deals with a fresh six-pack:

+ Angler BoomBox Octagonal Softbox with Bowens Mount V2 (36″) with FREE Angler Fabric Grid for 36″ BoomBox Softbox
+ this boombox does NOT play music 🙂

+ SwissDigital Cosmo 3.0 Massage Travel Backpack for $100
+ can’t get more facionable than Cosmo 😉

+ Benro ArcaSmart360 Rotating Adapter Plate for $17
+ no, you can’t serve food on this plate 🙂

+ NoGa Cine Arm DG Hold-It Arm for $100
+ is it from North Georgia?

+ GVM Aluminum Camera Video Tripod DX16 with Fluid Head System for $139

+ SmallHD Cine 7 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor with ARRI Control Kit (L-Series) for $1599
+ yes, I see something red, it’s L-series after all 😉

A nearly 2.5 hour class on FANTASY COMPOSITING headlines the Creative LIVE ON AIR, free-streaming starting at 12pm ET on Thursday!

PS: don’t forget to adjust your clocks this weekend! And mourn the lost hour of the Giant Spring Forward!

Wedn: MEHrathon, Manfrotto Be Free, aLogic, NanLite PavoBulb, Nanuk Hard Cases, SteadiCAM w/MiR, Etc

Can you handle the shopping excitement? It’s MEH-rathon day at the MEH website! Their variant of the Woot-OFF where the previous offers continue to be available until or unless they sell out or the MEH-rathon ends!

B&H time with the latest round of Hump Day B&H Photo daily dealz az followz:

+ NaNliTe PavoBulb 10C Bi-Color RGBWW LED Bulb (12-Light Kit) with FREE Nanlite PavoBulb Bouncer with Suction Cup (12-Pack) for $499

+ VidPRO RGB-152 Professional Photo & Video RGB Color LED Pocket Light for $59

+ aLogic CLARITY 27″ 4K HDR Monitor for $499 after in-cart coupon
+ 16:9 IPS
+ HDMI | DisplayPort | USB-C | USB-A
+ 4K UHD 3840 x 2160 at 60 Hz
+ 1000:1 Static Contrast Ratio

+ Nanuk hard cases, 21 options, $135 to $300

+ SteadiCAM Steadimate-RS Aero 15 Arm and Aero Vest Kit for $849 after a $150 mail-in rebate

+ Manfrotto Be FREE tripods, 11 options, further discounted in-cart

The headliner at Creative LIVE ON AIR free-streaming on Wednesday at 12pm ET is “Beginner’s Guide to Astro Landscape Photography” with Peter Baumgarten, over 2 hours long.

IF you are a fan of the WOOT t-shirt designs, good until 3/18/24 at 11:59pm central time, they have this buy 4 for $30 t-shirt promotion. You add four t-shirts to your shopping cart (any combination, could be four of the same design) and at the final page of the checkout process the price will automatically drop to $30. Details of the promotion can be found in the Woot forums

PS: yes, forums still exist 🙂

Tuesday: Mitakon 65/1.4 (Fuji G) for $479, Tiffen VND filters, ThinkTank Mirrorless, Benro, Genaray, GVM, Etc

Don’t you forget about us sing the Fuji MF mirrorless system users as we take a look at the Tuesday 3/5/24 B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Mitakon Zhongyi Speedmaster 65mm f/1.4 for Fuji G for $479

+ GVM Dual RGB-10S SMD LED Video Light Kit for $38

+ Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 30i Camera Bag for $40~ in three color schemes

+ GenAray Square 60 1×1 Bi-Color LED Light Panel for $219

+ Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filters, four options, 67mm to 82mm, discounted after in-cart coupon and with MAIL-IN REBATE!

+ Benro MeFOTO RoadTrip Classic Series 1 Tripod with Monopod and Ball Head Kit (Titanium) for $80
+ yes, our favorite emo jedi is back!

ALL THINGS considered, things are moving fast considering that as of 4:20am ET (oh what a coincidence), the NewEGG Group BUY offer for Tuesday, the refurbished Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker, is already 18% unlocked! The Group Buy offer price is $14~ IF it goes 100% unlocked by 11:59pm pacific time.

Amazon x Samsung has declared this “Discover Samsung Week” and as part of the festivities they have a two page sale on Samsung computer monitors.

The Best Buy daily deal for Tuesday (and price-matched by Amazon) is the new condition XBOX Series X (1TB) console going for $450 for a limited time.

Monday: Quasar Linear LED, D&S Tripod, SmallHD, Breville, Etc

Monday is here, workaholics of the world rejoice! We start at the B&H Photo daily deals good until Monday 3/4/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out we have:

+ Quasar Q10 Q-Lion Switch Lithium-Ion Linear LED Lamp (12″) for $75

+ Davis & Sanford Provista 7518B Tripod with FM18 Fluid Head for $90
+ rumors that Mumford & Sons are planning a line of tripods are completely unfounded!

+ SmallHD INDIE 5 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor for $899 with FREE cleaning cloth

+ Tascam portable audio recorder for $99

+ Impact Panel Frame Reflector Kit – Zebra Gold / Zebra Silver (43 x 67″) for $170
+ actual zebra NOT included
+ fun fact: the proper name for “zebra” is actually a “zorse” according to George R. R. Martin 😉

+ CoreSWX Mach4 4-Position Charger with 4A Rapid Charge for $699, three options, V, B or Gold mounts

IF you are doing a lot of walking and running and standing during your photography adventures (or in general in life), proper shoes are a must to prevent pain and injuries. Which is mayhaps Woot is having a big HOKA and ON shoe sale with lots of shoes but a tight trading range, from $85 to $120. Already two of them have sold out. This is today’s headliner but it is a Woot Plus sale that runs until 3/10/24 or earlier if sold out.

IF you are looking for difficult to Photograph and light subjects, one good excuse is to buy one of them shiny Breville Espresso machines, on sale at Amazon from $560 to $1200 😉

Sunday: Lowepro w/FREE Joby, Sabrent CFxB, Manfrotto Combo, refurb Samsung tablets, Etc

Good until Sunday 3/2/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out, we have these B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 250 AW Backpack with FREE JOBY Podzilla Large Tabletop Tripod (Gray) for $70

+ SOLD OUT: Lowepro Adventura SH 160 II Shoulder Bag for $30

+ Impact Collapsible Background (6-in-1, 5 x 7′) for $70

+ VidPRO MP-15 2-in-1 Mini-Tripod & Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Control for $13

+ 1TB Sabrent Rocket CFX CFexpress Type B for $277 after in-cart coupon
+ 2TB of above for $449 after in-cart coupon

+ Ponte Burnt Orange Canvas Camera Lift-Strap for $7

+ Manfrotto 504X Fluid Head & Aluminum Tripod System with Mid-Level Spreader, Ultrasone Headset & Bluetooth Adapter for $650
+ fries NOT included!

It’s the SUNDAY headliner at Woot but the promotion continues until the end of March 2024 (or earlier for any items that sell out), it is a factory refurbished Samsung Tablets sale ranging from $80 to $1120, with a 90-day Samsung warranty.

FOR a limited time, coupon code SAVE10 gets you $10 off orders of $75+ at the Monoprice website. As usual, terms, conditions, restrictions and limitations apply. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider of what qualifies for the couponization.

And since we are a Trader Joe blog, we have a RECALL ALERT, potential plastic in select lot codes (best by date 03.07.25 and lot code C1-1 or C1-2) of “Steamed Chicken Soup Dumplings”. You can return it to a TJ B&M store for a full refund.

Thursday: Leap, Philips Hue Lighting, Godox Dive Tube lights, SwissDigital, PortKeys, GVM Slider, Color Theory for Photographers, ASUS R7 for $380, Etc

They may not be professional lighting gear, but is light, and Woot is running a big Leap and Philips Hue sale until 3/6/24 or earlier if sold out. All kinds of light bulbs and related items are offered, a total of 58 options as of the time of writing.

Thursday arrives at the B&H Photo daily deals as follows:

+ Godox Dive Tube lights, Daylight or RGB, six options, $59 to $199

+ Swiss Digital Neptune Massaging Backpack (Black) for $80
+ yes, you read right, massaging
+ happy ending NOT included 😉

+ PortKEYS PT6 5.2″ 4K HDMI Touchscreen Monitor for $109

+ GVM Aluminum Alloy Motorized Camera Slider (48″) for $220

+ Deity Pocket Wireless Digital Microphone Mobile Kit with Tripod & Smartphone Clamp (2.4 GHz, Black) for $100

+ also Auray audio filter for $69

Only 80 minutes, this class may be too tempting to pass up, starting on Thursday at 12pm ET (and repeating multiple times) at Creative LIVE ON-AIRZzZ is “Color Theory for Photographers” with Blake Rudis. The first two lessons (27 min) are the “Kindle samples”, you can watch them at any time to see if this is something of potential interest.

Meticulous research has shown that if you are a fan of eating, you may also be a fan of cooking. OF course correlation does not mean causation, so further research is needed 😉 Which brings us to the Amazon Gold Box having this Carote Granite Induction Cooking Set (ten items, five of which you can cook in, the other five are lids and accessories) for $80 with free returns.

RYZEN or Die Tryin’ at the Best Buy daily deals with the 16-inch ASUS Vivobook with the Ryzen 7 5800HS, 12GB RAM, 512GB SSD, FHD, Win 11H, no touchscreen, Wifi 6, HDMI, etc going for $380. Yes, three hundred and eighty 🙂

LEAP DAY means extra stamps at Barnes and Noble, double stamps for rewards members and triple stamps for paying members!

Clearance time at the REI Outlet with over 7500 products on sale for UP TO 50% off…

Wednesday: Delkin CFxB, Sachtler FH, O’Connor Bag, Sony FX cages, B+W Pho, Etc

And just like that, Wednesday fell upon us all! We start at the MEH website where they have a lighting sale, but lighting for normies, aka, lamps! A total of six options are available from 11″ to 57″. Prices range from $20 to $40. Shipping is extra unless you are paying MEH-member [their Prime variant scheme].

Next up we head on over to the B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Magnus MaxiGrip Flexible Tripod (Black) for $7

+ Sirui camera cages for Sony FX-series, $39 to $64

+ O’Connor Camera Assistant Bag for $238
+ no, an assistant is NOT included inside the bag 😉

+ Sachtler Ace XL Fluid Head (75mm Bowl) for $470

+ Delkin 2TB POWER CFexpress Type B for $400
+ optionally buy together with Delkin USB 3.2 CFexpress Type B Card and SD UHS-II Memory Card Reader for $465

+ HP Z24m G3 QHD 23.8″ 1440p HDR Conferencing Monitor for $150
+ 16:9 IPS Panel
+ HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB Type-C and Type-A
+ RJ45
+ QHD 2560 x 1440 at 90 Hz

The Wednesday headliner starting at 12pm ET at Creative LiVE ON-AiR is Ben Willmore’s “Dramatic Black & White Architecture”, 92 minutes long.

Shipping February 28 (theoretically): Fuji X100 VI for $1600

UPDATE 2/29/24: the Adorama estimated availability date has jumped to June 1st (2024) for both color options! Patience, once again, is a virtue 🙂

The promised release date is coming, February 28 in 2024 is when the Fuji X100 VI is expected to start shipping! It is available in two color schemes, and goes for $1600. Check the latest availability updates at B&H Photo and Adorama.

PS: the situation is rather confused at Amazon as of the time of writing.

PS2: as you can see at KEH Camera, prices of previous X100 models seem to be holding up rather well all things considered.

PS3: as Wikipedia reminds us, the Fuji X100 series began with a showcase at Photokina 2010.

PS4: if you want a refresher (or a ..fresher) on the X100 VI, here’s the dpreview initial review by …the lead singer of the Psychadelic Furs (!?!?!) 🙂

Tuesday: Portraiture, Samsung T9 SSD, Lexar CFast 2, Shape, VidPRO, Benro, SmallHD, Etc

Tuesday is here, no lenses this time, but we have a bit of a storage theme at the B&H Photo daily deals:

+ VidPRO MP-20 Action Pole for Action Cameras & Smartphones for $10

+ Shape Camera Bag with Removable Pouches for $173~
+ yes, removable pouches means you can re-purpose them in other bags!
+ bag inception is a thing!

+ Benro CLT204 2-Series Induro Classic Carbon Fiber Tripod for $170

+ SmallHD Cine 7 RED RCP2 Monitor Kit for KOMODO/DSMC3 for $1599

+ LEXAR 256GB Professional 3500x CFast 2.0 for $150

+ 1TB Samsung T9 Portable SSD for $100 after in-cart coupon
+ 2TB of above for $150 after in-cart coupon
+ 2TB wins the GB/$ in a landslide!

The PORTRAITURE theme continues today starting at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AIR with a 14-hour “Portrait Photography Boot camp” class by Lindsay Adler. Lesson #6, “Intro to Studio Lighting” (73 min) is the “kindle sample” you can watch at any time to see if it’s something of potential interest.

Batteries (mostly single-use) participate in Amazon $60+/$15 promotion

It’s SPRING somewhere, and Amazon has launched a Spring Cleaning promotion: spend $60+ on select participating household products (Pink, Scott, Windex, Ecos, Cottonele, Snuggle, Hefty, Clorox, etc) and receive a $15 Amazon Credit using promo code STOCKUPSAVE (one word) over there. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies.

Also part of the promotion are single-use batteries from Duracell, Rayovac, Energizer and Amazon Basics. Not just the usual sizes but also some of the button-y types, along with the Duracell Ion Speed 1000 bundle that includes a 4-slot charger, 6 AA and 2 AAA pre-charged rechargeables for $28. This is the very last item in the vertical strip of batteries in the promotional page. You can click left on the vertical strip arrows to get to it quickly.

NOTE that when you click on the Ion Speed in the vertical strip, Amazon takes you to a different option than the one shown. You may want to try “add to cart” directly from the strip to make sure you get the one that is eligible for the promotion. OR just play with them and see what the shopping cart tells you.

NOTE also that there are TWO vertical strips of batteries. You can use your browser’s search function to look for “batteries” to find them. The two vertical strips are adjacent.

Remember, the $60+ minimum can be reached by any combination of eligible products. For example, you could buy three Ion Speed 1000 bundles ($28 each).

Monday: TCL tablet, Nanuk 963, Zoom H6, Manfrotto Nitro, Rokinon 135/1.8 FE, Etc

Monday is here and we have another lenze daye at the B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Rokinon AF 135mm f/1.8 FE for $599 in Sony E

+ Nanuk 963 Hard Wheeled Case with Divider Set (Black) for $260

+ 10.1″ Tab 10 5G Tablet for $120
+ 2.4 GHz MediaTek Kompanio 800T Octa-Core
+ 4GB of RAM
+ 10.1″ TFT-IPS 1920 x 1200

+ Zoom H6 All Black 6-Input / 6-Track Portable Handy Recorder with Single Mic Capsule (Black) for $170

+ UltimaXX 6.5″ Mini Tabletop Tripod / Pistol Grip for $7

+ Manfrotto Nitrotech tripodalia, seven options, $727 to $1022

TOP DEALS continue to rule the day at the Adorama daily deals

We spend about 1/3rd of our lives in bed, and that’s probably where most future humans are made, yet we spend little time in researching mattresses! If you like to have …nectar in bed, Amazon has a sale on Nectar mattresses, three size options, $350 to $699.

HEADLING the Monday Creative LIVE ON AIR starting at 12pm ET is a 2.5 hour Lindsay Adler class, “Posing for Curvy Women”.

IF you are a fan of Viewsonic computer monitors, there’s a big sale of them at WOOT until 3/4/24 (or earlier if sold out). These are factory refurbished with a 90-day warranty, with prices ranging from $80 to $1000.

Sunday: Venus 25mm f2.8 Ultra Macro [7o], IndiPRO, VidPRO, Etc

Lenze Dayze are back at the B&H Photo daily deals good until Sunday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Venus Optics Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro for $329 in Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K, Sony E, Canon RF, Nikon Z, and Leica L

+ PortaBrace Heavy-Duty Sandbag (15 lb, Black, Empty) for $27

+ IndiPRO 450Wh USB-A, USB-C, and DC Barrel Quick Charger for $190

+ VidPRO UV-BOX UVC Sanitizer Box with Wireless Charging Pad for $15

+ also CAD mic and Direct Sound cable

Nextorage SDXC UHS-II, Tenba SD card wallet, Case Logic Roller, Benro Hydra, Etc

As before, the Friday B&H Photo daily deals run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) with the usual Sabbath closing:

+ Tenba Reload SD 9 Card Wallet for $10, two color options
+ as the name suggests, this can take up to nine SD cards

+ Nextorage 256GB NX-F2SE Series UHS-II SDXC for $60
+ V60, U3, C10
+ also offers on CFexpress Typ B cards

+ Case Logic BRYBPR-116 Bryker Backpack Roller (Black) for $60
+ bag the bags, roll the rollers!

+ Oben Car Window Mount for $13

+ Benro Induro Hydra 2 Waterproof Carbon Fiber Series #2 Tripod for $175
+ yes, our favorite emo Jedi Ben Ro is dabbling in the Marvel universe too!

+ also JBL Bluetooth speaker

MEANwhile Adorama continues to operate in “Top Deals” mode, followed by “Trending Deals”.

CAN’T DECIDE between a toaster oven and an air fryer? Amazon has the Gourmia Toaster Oven x Air Fryer combo device for $60 on sale, but there’s also a limited time $5 off clip-on (click-on) coupn that drops it to $55. It averages 4.4 out of 5 on nearly 700 customer ratings.

DO YOU frequently run out of ebooks to read? The Kindle Monthly sale has over 2000 options!

STARTING to free-stream at 12pm ET on Friday at Creative LIVE ON-AIR there’s a class on pregnant and newborn photography, an Etsy Store 101 class, and a color and composition class from an art and design perspective.

LIGHTING is so passe! USB-C is the new magical thing! Woot seems to agree because their headliner Friday daily deal is the new condition Apple 20W USB-C Fast Power Adapter offered for $12. One per customer! This is actual Apple brand with a 1-year Apple warranty!

X-Box time at NewEgg, their Group Buy for Friday is a 12-month Xbox Game Pass Core offered for $49 if it is 100% unlocked by Friday at 11:59pm Pacific time. It is 12% unlocked as of 4am Pacific time! This is email delivery, US registered accounts only says the page over there.

Thursday: Think Tank Mirrorless, GVP CF Slider, Manfrotto Tripods, Woot-OFFs, Etc

Thirsty Thursday is here with a new set of B&H Photo daily deals good until 2/22/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 Camera Bag for $28 in three color options

+ GVM GP-120QD Motorized Carbon Fiber Video Slider (48″) for $249

+ Manfrotto 504X Fluid Video Head & MVTTWINGA Aluminum Tripod with Ground Spreader for $678
+ carbon fiber for $732

+ LG 27BP85UN-W 27″ 4K HDR Monitor for $260

+ also IDX batteries and Auray speaker stands

A SUPERGROUP class headlines Creative LIVE ON AIR at 12pm ET, “Modern Women’s Portraiture” with four famous photographers, 17 hour runtime!

We have two Woot-OFFs at Woot, running until 10pm central time, at the Woot Shirts and at the Woot Clearance/Sellout

Wednesday: Posing, $43+ Chromebooks, 18TB Seagate, Angelbird SDXC, Etc

Refurbished Chromebooks under $100, starting at $43 is a Woot Plus deal running until 2/26/24 or earlier if sold out. As of the time of writing, nine are in-stock and two have sold out. There’s options from Dell, Acer, Lenovo and HP. Some are scratch and dent as well.

Limited time coupon at NewEgg, you can have the new condition Seagate 18TB Exos X18 (7200rpm, SATA 6Gb/s 256MB Cache 3.5-Inch Enterprise Hard Drive HDD, model ST18000NM000J) for $260 after using coupon code SYUDP2Z75 over there.

Posing time at Creative LIVE on air for Wednesday, a 4+ hour “Posing 101: Women” class by Lindsay Adler will repeat in full about 5 times during the free streaming window.

A rather quiet day at the B&H Photo daily deals, there’s a Lowepro bag that is not well-reviewed, smartphone gimbals, an expensive cart, an expensive camera monitor and a Deity mic. The star of this sale is a 256GB Angelbird SDXC card (UHS-I) with a 128GB USB flash drive for $33, or a 64GB with the same flash drive for $13.

Tuesday: Nanuk 955, Shape CF Tripod, CoreSWX, Oben BH, 5-bay Array, Acer, Intel 12th Gen, Etc

Tuesday is here, which means Monday is over, hooray 😉 We have a fresh six-pack of B&H Photo daily deals good until 2/20/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Nanuk 955 Hard Wheeled Case with Divider Set (Black) for $200

+ Shape Pro Video Carbon Fiber Tripod with 100mm Bowl & Fluid Head (33 lb Payload) for $999
+ OR you can buy 99 Ritz and Wolf tripods 😉

+ CoreSWX batteries, four options, $289 to $1895

+ O’Ben BC-139 Ball Head (BH) for $95

+ Ponte Black Leather Brooklyn Camera Lift-Strap (Black) for $14

+ Oyen Mobius Pro 5C 5-Bay USB Type-C External Drive Array Enclosure for $149

MEANwhile at the Amazon Gold Box:

+ 11-page sale headlined by Nespresso coffee machinery
+ just don’t let the coffee hipsters see these when they are visiting your house 😉

+ Intel 12th generation processors, various options of i5, i7 and i9

+ Computer-alia sale headlined by ACER, including laptops, monitors, AiO and various components/accessories

The Tuesday GROUP BUY at NewEgg is a $50 Banana Republic e-gift card that can be yours for $39.50 IF it is 100% unlocked before 11:59pm Pacific tonight.

Good until 2/27/24, Woot is offering refurbished HP printers from $50 to $100, two ENVY, and two OfficeJet PRO (the more expensive ones). With a 1-year warranty!

The Tuesday action free-streaming at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE on air includes a 14-hour FIGMA class (not Sigma), a retouching clothes and fabric class with Lisa Carney (80 min) and a Photo Transfers for Mixed Media Work, among others.

IF YOU FEEL like bargain-hunting, online and/or locally, Best Buy is also showcasing their Best Buy Outlet store offerings that include refurbished, open-box and clearance items. They even have them conveniently organized by brand. Optionally they offer an 18-month financing promotion on Outlet purchases of $499+. Terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, etc, etc apply.

Walgreens coupon: 60% off same-day lay-flat 11×14 inch Premium Photo Book

Good until the end of day 2/24/24, coupon code NEWBOOK60 gets you 60% off the Same Day 11×14 inch Premium Layflat Photo Book. Offer not valid in store or on Walgreens Mobile App.

Meanwhile coupon code FEBSALE gets you 50% off on “Everything Photo” until 2/24/24.

As usual, terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations, etc, etc, etc apply…

Adorama House Credit Card: 5% off OR Special Financing w/$199+ purchases

If you are thinking of making a purchase of $199+, Adorama is running an on-going promotion on their house credit card, the “Adorama Edge Credit Card”. You have an option of savings if you apply and qualify:

A) get a 5% discount on your purchase, after all other coupons and discounts are applied. The 5% does not apply on shipping and taxes


B) get a special financing zero-interest promotion for 6 or 12 months, depending on the order total amount. Minimum monthly payments are required. NOTE that full interest will be charged to your account if the amount is not fully paid within the promotional window.

As usual with credit and financing offers, be sure to check the terms, conditions, restrictions and plan ahead to make sure the offers work to your advantage and you don’t end up paying high interest rates.