Black Friday Round-Up Part #3: B&N, Shutterfly, Monoprice, Walmart, Staples, Etc

And now lettuce round-up a few more of the Black Friday 2023 offerings!

We start with Shutterfly offering 50% off on almost everything on their website. BUT that’s not all. If you are part of their emailing list, you may have received an email that contains a one-time use coupon code [that’s why it’s a long string] that gets you $10 off an order of $10+. Shipping is extra and cannot be couponized.

The Monoprice website wouldn’t miss the party either! They offer $15 off on orders of $50+ using the very imaginative coupon code BF15 🙂

Just like Best Buy survived against all odds, so did Barnes and Noble, and they too are having a Black Friday with various promotions, including 50% off on some of the biggest book releases. They also have bonus offers for Rewards members, and all kinds of other things!

Despite wasting spending millions of dollars on the Lakers, Staples managed to survive 😉 And they too have a Black Friday sale. For Friday only, coupon code 63244 gets you 50% back in Staples Rewards on ALL ink purchases.

At Staples B&M stores ONLY (not listed online), they are offering the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 instant camera for $70. Which becomes a better deal if you have Staples Rewards and/or Gift Cards to use/spend.

Next up we head on over to the Wal*Mart Black Friday where we find all kinds of deals for all budgets including $50 Gourmia shiny kitchen gadgets (air fryer, espresso machine, etc).

In terms of BF Cameras, they have some of the usual MAP offerings that you find in all retailers. Their headliner is a Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 7+ Bundle (10-Pack film, Album, Camera Case, Stickers) in three pastel color scheme options for $55. Camera IS included 🙂

And we close this round-up with the NameCheap offerings including domains (lesser known for $1/yr after coupon), web hosting deals from $10 to $30 (for the first year; future renewal at normal prices), and things like that.

Black Friday Round-Up Part #2: Woot, Massdrop, Best Buy, Meh

And now to Part II of our Black Friday round-up starting with Woot, running a Best Of WOOT sale featuring a random assortment of technology, kitchen, outdoors, clothes, etc. For Friday only, Prime members can get an extra 10% off (maximum discount $20 off) if they use the official Woot app.

If you are not sure what to get, fear not, you can have the wisdom of the crowds, the Woot Best Sellers list, headlined by a $50 Kindle Paperwhite e-reader (2018, new condition, 1-yr warranty, with Ads), a 5pk of Lightning (RIP) cables for $9, phone cases, Energizer batteries and the like.

If you have a problem special interest in mechanical keyboards and audiophile products and such, Massdrop too is having its Black Friday sale with new site-busters added daily.

Against all odds, Best Buy managed to outlive most of the other electronics chain stores [the irony – in the golden age of technology, most of the electronics stores died], and they are having their Black Friday sale, with extra offers for members of their Rewards program. Somewhere in there you’ll also find their 7-hour flash sale.

Ever the trolls, the MEH website [CORRECTED LINK!!!] is selling an actual troll (!!!) as its Black Friday deal 🙂

Black Friday Round-Up Part #1: DiscountMags, CreativeLIVE, Costco, NewEgg, Stacksocial

And now let’s round-up some of the online shop offerings, so I don’t fill up the blog with hundreds of tiny posts 🙂 This year I’ll be trying this approach, small round-ups every few hours.

The DiscountMAGs website is having its Black Friday sale with VideoMaker ($11~ per year, 6 issues) being the last remaining camera and photo magazine. But they have plenty of “six degrees of separation” (tech, fashion, weddings, sports, etc). Consumer Reports stands out at $14.90 for 1-year (13 issues).

The gift of e-learning with a coupon – code FRIDAY50 drops $50 off on the 1-year Creative LIVE subscription (Netflix style), making it $99 for 1-year of unlimited access to most of their courses! Note that offline access is only available on their iOS app.

Stacksocial is having their Black FRiday sale as well, and their headliner is a 1-year Costco Gold Star membership for $60. This includes a $40 digital Costco Shop card, making it a $20 assuming you’ll use the Costco Shop card. Detailed terms and conditions over there!

Speaking of Costco, their Black Friday deals consists of 951 options! Some offers are Members-Only, others are open to all shoppers. Details on each offer over there. They have two camera and photo options, a GOPRO 11 bundle for $280 and an Ascend Aeronautics drone (2 stars on 8 ratings) for $70.

I love the NewEgg website. The bigger the sale, the bigger the font they use. In this case, there is a color explosion with a giant “Black Friday” in the middle 🙂

Their Black Friday sale consists of 3040 products, which I will be listing one by one below 😉

BF Hangover round-up

Good news if you missed out on the Black Friday CreativeLIVE offer. Their 1-year prepaid Creator Pass for $99 for the first year using coupon code FRIDAY99 has been extended for Small Business Saturday 🙂

The Hulu Black Friday offer is back, you pay 99c per month for the ad-supported month for the first 12 months. Then it auto-switches to the $7/mo unless it gets cancelled/changed. Offer ends 11/29/21 at 11:59pm.

Coupon code SAVE gets you an extra 30% on select Groupon offers.

Speaking of Groupon, their Saturday deal of the day is PhotoAffections custom holiday cards for $20 (40 custom) or $30 (70 custom) or $40 (100 custom). Shipping is extra…

Because the world is not just Adobe, there’s an on-going 50% off sale on all software titles at the DXo Online Shop until 11/29/21 at 11:59pm ET…

Yongnuo N360, Glow Arclight II kit, Zhiyun Weebill 2 {end Sat 10am ET}

Adorama is back with a fresh set of three daily deals at their website, this lot running until Saturday at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out). They are:

+ Yongnuo N360 Light Wand for $69

+ Glow ArcLight II Curved Reflector Kit for $99

+ Zhiyun Weebill 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for $429

Deal Roundup: $5 Digital Photo PRO, CL 12 for $12, Nik C3, Etc

The most recent Adorama daily deal is the new condition Synco Audio Mic-M1 On-Camera Shotgun Microphone with Shock Mount going for $23 with free US shipping until Sunday at 10am ET or earlier if sold out…


+ photography magazines are on sale for $5 per year per magazine at the DiscountMAGS weekend sale: “Digital Photo PRO” (default sale price is $8/yr) and “Outdoor Photographer” (that’s its default sale price)

+ CreativeLIVE is having a very limited time 12 classes for $12 each including lighting, Lightroom CC Intro, portraits/posing, drone, weddings, alternative processing, etc

+ the official DXO online shoppe has extended their $100 Nik (not Nikon HA!) Collection 3 sale for another three days…

+ select MacBook PROs on sale through the Best Buy dailies

+ 50c office supplies at Staples because it’s back to school o’clock somewhere!

+ PayPal email offer (YMMV): spend $10+ thru Honey as a first time user and get $5 back

Deals Round-Up: 75% off CreativeLive, NIK, Dell Outlet, used REI, $10 off PayPal [YMMV], Etc

To save up on posting a handful of one-paragraph posts, we are bringing back the deal round-ups! This round-up is headlined by a limited time CreativeLIVE 75% off site-wide sale, where the price you see on the individual class page is the price you pay. No coupon needed for this limited time offer…

Adobe and its DRM friends may think they are the center of the photo-software universe, but contrary to popular belief, there are other capable software out there. Such as the NIK Collection 3, on sale for a limited time for $100 at the DXO Online Shop

Dell is having its semi-annual Outlet Business sale, with “same as new” warranty included. Some items require coupons, others have limited quantities at the sale price. Sale ends 9/22/20 or earlier for anything that may sellout…

If your interests of photography, outdoor gear, used equipment and hippy companies intersect, you’ll be please to know that the REI website is having a 20% off sale on 11000+ used products at their website using coupon code SEPUSED20 until September 21 in 2020… Human-readable and human-understandable [a rarity these days] Terms and Conditions apply…

If you spend a lot of time post-processing and need some wire-less music to keep you company, for a limited time Amazon herself is offering for $100 with free US shipping the new condition V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (up to three per customer)…

Last but not least, PayPal is trying to “re-energize” inactive PayPal users with a YMMV by-invitation-only $10 off promotion. Check your emails or your PayPal inbox to see if you are invited for this offer. To activate it, you MUST SAVE IT to your ACCOUNT. There’s a limit of 101,991 offers available. The terms and conditions are shown in the your email/message. This is what you should look for picture-wise in the email, explaining the offer:

COMPLETED: Black Friday Ads 2019 Digest

A couple of days late but better late than never as they say! We have now completed our brand new Black Friday Ads Digest: Camera and Photo edition for 2019. There’s still a few stores that will be added as their BF Ads become available and get “digested”. This edition includes Best Buy, Target, Costco, Staples, Office Depot-MAX and more…

As usual, the headliners are the entry-point DSLR two lens kits for Canon (D-Rebel T6) and Nikon (D3500 with its insane battery life ~ not to jinx future models), along with some APS-C and full frame options in both DSLR and mirrorless. Needless to say, instant cameras and action cams and drones continue their ascend…

Weekend (B&H): Celestron, int SSD, G-Tech, Etc

AS usual, the Friday B&H daily deals last for 48 hours, so this sextet of offers expires Saturday at 11:59pm ET:

+ Celestron AstroMaster LT 80AZ 80mm f/11 Mars Observing Alt-Az Refractor Telescope for $90

+ Papago GoSafe 550 1296p Dash Camera for $80

+ Azden PRO-XD 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Lavalier System for $128 after $10 MIR

+ 3TB G-TECH G-DRIVE USB G1 USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $110

+ Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 Internal SSD for $110 in 500GB and $220 in 1TB

+ iPad mini stand for $15

Deal Follow-Up: the $2 Phone Tripod from Jan-2018 still hasn’t shipped

This is a deal follow-up! In late January 2018 there was a $2 doorbuster sale on a mobile/smartphone tripod for $2, sold and shipped by Amazon. As of this recheck, this has not yet shipped and it does not have a shipping estimate. So why hasn’t it shipped even though it’s offered for sale at

That’s because it’s a different seller. The $2 doorbuster was offered by Amazon itself, while the current listing over there is offered by a 3rd-party sellers. Items purchased on Amazon are from an individual, specific seller, so if that seller doesn’t have it, they can’t force other sellers to ship it you and honor their prices [imagine if you sell your camera, you wouldn’t want Amazon to force you to sell it for a crazy price].

I am cancelling my order, so I won’t have any future updates for it. Three months is more than a reasonable time to wait for it 🙂

(ENDED) Expiring Monday night: B&H, DiscountMags, Dell RB, Gaming, Mono, Etc

Monday is over, and so are its expiring offerings…

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(ENDED) Expiring Sunday Night: 15% off KEH, B&N, Mono, Etc

Sunday is over. Another day flew by!

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(ENDED) Some B&H WPPI expire 11:59pm ET tonight (Sat)

Saturday is over…

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(OLDER POST) Heads Up: some WPPI specials end Saturday night

This is an older post…

A number of the B&H Photo WPPI 2018 specials are scheduled to expire Saturday night at 11:59pm eastern. B&H Photo is currently closed for Sabbath but they will re-open Saturday afternoon. This is a heads-up so you can plan ahead if interested. I will post another post after they open up tomorrow with some of the best available/expiring deals.

(ENDED) Expiring Tuesday Night: B&H, Monoprice, Elements 18, Etc

Tuesday is over and so are its daily deals…

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(ENDED) 40% AdoramaPIX $100+, Monoprice, Dell Refurb, Profoto B1 500 AirTTL, Etc

Monday is over, and so are these offers…

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(ENDED) 10% off select C/N at KEH, Monoprice, Etc

Sunday is over…

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(ENDED) Expiring Monday Night: KEH, DiscoMags, Dell Refurb, Monoprice 20% off $150+, Etc

These President’s Day 2018 promotions expired…

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Imported Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens for $88 w/FS after coupon

If you are going to take a risk on an imported lens without a warranty, a low-cost simple prime lens is pretty much the lowest of those risks. If so, using coupon code PRESDAY (promotion details) you can get the new condition imported grey-market Nikon 50mm f1.8D lens for $88 with free shipping from Red Tag Camera (Brooklyn, 100%). The price before the coupon is $110. There is no warranty with this lens!

Also, if you are eligible for the 8% eBay Bucks promotion, don’t forget to activate that offer before making a purchase!

Rokinon Xeen Cine Primes Sale (PL, M43, Nikon F, Sony E, Canon EF)

Prime time now of the Cine T-Prime kind! A variety of Rokinon Xeen Cine prime lenses are on sale at Adorama in a variety of camera systems, including PL, Micro Four Thirds, Sony E, Nikon F and Canon EF. Primes start at 14mm and go all the way up to 135mm. They are all nicely organized at the aforelinked page, sorted by focal length.

Expiring Monday Night: DiscoMags, Dell Refurbs, Watches, Etc

This is an expiration alert post! Expiring on Monday night are the following offers:

+ the Dell Refurbished weekend coupons which include 50% off select Latitude/9020, 45% off Precision Workstations, etc

+ the DiscountMags weekend sale which includes Outdoor Pho for $4.51/yr, Digital Photo PRO for $6.51/yr, Etc

+ the Monday Gold Box Lightning Deals, which I forgot to mention earlier, also include a Big Watch Sale with 46 watches, with prices ranging from $21 to $175. They have both Men and Women options, from Citizen, Fossil, Timex, Skagen, Anne Klein, Invicta and more…

Expiring Green Monday Late Night Round-Up!

Monday is getting closer to its end. Some of the Green Monday offers will expire at 11:59pm eastern time (eg retailers who reside in the eastern time zone), others will expire at 3am ET (eg pacific time zone).

+ Canon D-Rebel T5i with 18-55 for $449 at B&H Photo

+ KEH Camera coupon code GREEN17A gets you:
+ 10% off Cameras
+ 15% off Lenses
+ 20% off Accessories
+ coupon works on USED items only
+ offer ends Monday at 11:59pm ET
+ used items purchased in “BGN” (or better) condition get a 365-day instead of a 180-day warranty

+ I don’t know the exact expiration time of these!

+ B&H Photo Green Monday sale and B&H Apple Sales

+ Adorama Green Monday Sale

+ 20% off every $100 spent at Target
+ max discount $100; DSLRs, lenses, popular brands/tech NOT eligible

+ 20% off storewide at Rakuten with coupon GREEN20

+ Dell Home Deals
+ Microsoft Store 12 Days of Green

+ 60% off at Skillwise with coupon GREEN60
+ Stacksocial: 20% off physical products with GREEN20, 40% off digital with GREEN40

+ I don’t know the exact expiration time of all of these!

+ 50% off ALL classes at CreativeLIVE

+ Walmart Green Monday sale

+ 15% off regularly priced items at Toys R US

+ MacMall Green Monday and Best Sellers and PC Mall Green Monday

+ Groupon Crash the Site (it hasn’t crashed)

+ 20% off at Barnes and Noble website with coupon GIFTS4ALL

+ 20% off at Monoprice with coupon 20GREEN

+ various Amazon Gold Box deals of the day

+ NewEGG Green Monday sale and Promo Code sale

(ENDED) Expiring Tonight (Black Friday night) Round-Up

These offers expired as did Black Friday 2017….

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