Sunday: 15% off Monoprice coupon

Sunday is here, and so is a new coupon, code DISCOUNT15 gets you 15% off on almost everything at the Monoprice website. Some products and brands are excluded. Sale items are also excluded. You can “test” the coupon by adding items of interest to cart, and then enter coupon to see if it works. You can test the coupon without logging in or having a Monoprice account.

Speaking of Monoprice, now in-stock is their 27″ Monoprice Zero-G LED Gaming Monitor for $300. Detailed specs in the product description over there (2560×1440, up to 144Hz refresh rate, Dual Link DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, and a combination HDMI/MHL input).

If you are on the stainless steel travel cup bandwagon, you can stock up with this promotion, coupon code TUMBLER gets you the 30 oz Monoprice Emperor Tumbler for $7.33 each with free shipping IF you buy three or more units. The pre-coupon one-unit price is $10 with free shipping. Coupon expires 2/28/17.

But wait, there’s more! The 8pk of Monoprice AA single-use batteries is on sale for $1.09, with volume discount available. There is a catch however, shipping is extra, so it’s best if you combine it with a free shipping promotion or other group shipping discounting (you can experiment in the shopping cart).

Additional 25% off on Nat Geo Store’s Winter Sale

Good until 2/27/17 at 11:59pm pacific, the National Geographic website automatically drops an additional 25% off the sale price of products that are part of their Winter Sale. No coupon needed. You will see the discounted price after you click add to cart. Click on “View Details” over there to see the terms and conditions of this promotion. Use the categories on the left sidebar over there to filter through by categories of interest (eg Books, DVDs, Maps, Travel, Gear, etc).

(ENDED) Brainstorming Ideas on how to spend the Wednesday Amazon $8.62 OFF coupon (ends Thursday 3am Eastern)

This surprise 1-day Wednesday coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice coupon

The Sunday coupon is over… For Sunday only, coupon code FUNDAY gets you 15% off at the Monoprice website. The usual exclusions apply.

Not eligible for the coupon, but still going on at Monoprice are two Canon DSLR sales for $400 each, the T5i w/18-55 IS OR the T6 with 18-55 and 75-300, as part of their Camera Clearance sale.

VISA Checkout: $25 off $100+ at Best Buy website

The VISA Checkout is back at Best Buy’s website. You get $25 off a purchase of $100+ or more until 2/22/17. Not available in-store.

The conditions and restrictions, from their page, simplified:

+ Discount will be automatically applied to a qualifying purchase of $100 or more when you select Visa Checkout as your only payment method
+ offer can expire earlier ~ “at any time without notice”
+ not good on gift cards or prepaid cards or services or taxes
+ Excludes Amazon streaming players; Amazon Echo; Amazon Echo Dot; Google Wifi; Bose® audio products; Sonos; Polk Audio; Denon; select Samsung home audio, TVs, Sony audio, TVs and 3D glasses, select LG TVs and Blu-ray players; subscription software services; GoPro cameras and accessories; digital music services and download cards; select Dyson products; Pacific Sales products; and all Magnolia Home Theater products.

National Geographic Clearance with additional 20% off in-cart

The official National Geographic store began a 1-Week Clearance sale, during which, participating items drop by an additional 20% off in price after you add them to the shopping cart over there (no coupon needed). You can filter by sub-categories (eg Books, DVDs) on the left-hand side, and adjust the listings in the main column (eg show up to 120 items if you are on a bigger computer monitor). Cannot be combined with other offers. Promotion ends February 13, 2017 at 11:59 pacific.

B&H Photo WPPI 2017 Specials (some require coupon code)

The WPPI 2017 trade show is under way in Las Vegas [see Trade Show Calendar] and with it we have the customary B&H Photo WPPI specials. There are lots of specials there, I will “digest them” on a time-permitting basis, since, unfortunately, I’m not an octacore hyper-threaded Xeon (truth be sold I’m more of a 900 MHz Celeron). Some of the offers require coupon code BHWPPI17 (items that require this coupon mention it in the list above).

Pay with MasterPass, Get $50 off an $150+ Monoprice order

If you are willing to use MasterPass as your payment method (Masterpass is Mastercard’s version of VISA Checkout), coupon code MASTER50 gets you $50 off an order of $150 or more at the Monoprice website. The offer ends Thursday night (1/26/17). Most Monoprice products are eligible (but not all). You can add products of interest to cart, enter coupon, and see what’s eligible. You don’t need to sign-in/sign-up to test the coupon and run “coupon simulations” of what works and won’t doesn’t.

YMMV Best Buy $10 off $10+ coupon via email

I don’t know if everyone who is part of the Best Buy emailing list is getting this or a subset of customer or only Rewards member, so this is YMMV…

Check your emails for a new coupon from Best Buy that gets you $10 off a purchase at their website or their stores. There is no minimum purchase requirement, so you could buy an $11 item and pay just $1 out of pocket. Or $10.01 and pay a penny. And so forth. The email that announces this has this title:

“Here’s $10 off any purchase just for you – use by 1/28”

The coupon code is a unique certificate per customer, so don’t show it to other people, it’s a one-time use coupon. The usual coupon restrictions apply (cannot be used for gift card purchases, etc, etc, etc).

(ENDED) Sunday: 15% off Monoprice with coupon

This coupon expired… Sunday is here and so is another coupon! Coupon code 15MP gets you 15% off almost everything at the Monoprice website. The usual coupon exclusions apply (add coupon and items to cart to find out if they are/not eligible). Offer ends Sunday night.

Since Monoprice has coupons on a recurring basis, strategically, it’s a good idea to bunch orders and get items together. Some items may be eligible for free shipping, which can cut on your order totals shipping fee. Also, in some regions, they use regional delivery services (eg Golden State Overnight), which can you get your items faster.

Heads Up (January 16) No Entrace Fee National Parks

This is a heads-up / plan-ahead type of an alert. As before, National Parks that typically collect entrance-fees waive them on select National Holidays. January 16 (2017) is Martin Luther King day and the parks are entrance-fee free. These may be busier than usual, which may help or hinder the potential of photo-ops depending on what the preferred subjects are. But the winter weather may discourage some of the “casuals”, so you never know 🙂

YMMV (AMEX Offers): Spend $250+ at Adorama, Get $25 Statement Credit

If you have an American Express credit card, run to your account and look under the “Amex Offers and Benefits” section. You may be eligible for an offer to spend $250+ at Adorama, and receive a $25 statement credit on your American Express credit card. You have to pay with the credit card you register for this promotion. All you have to do is click the “Add to Card” button to add the offer to your AMEX account.

IMPORTANT: the promotion runs until 2/27/17 after you add the offer to your AMEX credit card. However, it is best to add it to your AMEX account as soon as possible, because AMEX often has a limited number of promotions available, and once that preset limit is reached, new people may not be able to “Add to Card”. However, once you “Add to Card” you have until 2/27/17 to use it – it won’t disappear after you press “Add to Card”.

See larger version of the screenshot below…

CAUTION: if you have multiple AMEX credit cards on the same AMEX login account, make sure you are looking at the correct credit card and activating the offer on the correct card. You have to pay with the exact credit card you activated the offer on, otherwise you won’t get the bonus.

AMEX is usually pretty good at sending email confirmations once you make a qualifying purchase that will get you the statement credit bonus.

If you are looking for ideas on what to buy, here are some places to look:
+ New Year Sales
+ CES 2017 Specials
+ On-Going Specials
+ Latest Rebates (Instant or MIR)
+ Overstock sales (over 6800 items)

Free Next Day Delivery from B&H Photo (1800+ items)

If you are buying holiday gifts, or if you are buying items for the 2016 Tax Year, or if you simply like to receive items as quickly as possible, over 1800 products are currently eligible for the B&H Photo Free Next Day Delivery promotion. Click on the product categories of interest (eg Photo) or click on the tabs of the brands of interest (Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Panasonic, Rokinon, etc). This is not just big ticket items, even some $20 accessories are eligible.

(ENDED) 20% off and Free Upgraded Shipping (until 12/21/16 1pm ET)

This promotion expired… The official National Geographic store offers free upgraded shipping and 20% off almost everything sitewide until Wednesday 12/21/16 at 1pm ET. Both offers happen automatically in the shopping cart when eligible products are present. Most items on their website are eligible, but there are the usual exclusions.

Last Day for FREE 2-Day Prime deliveries is Thursday (but there are options for Friday and Saturday too!)

Amazon’s many different shipping and delivery options are paying off for procrastinators this year, especially if you are a Prime member. They have a variety of last minute delivery options including:

  • Thursday is the last day for 2-Day shipping
  • Friday is the last day for 1-Day shipping (some Prime member $35+ orders are eligible for free 1-Day shipping)
  • Saturday (Christmas Eve): Same-Day Delivery (some Prime member $35+ orders are eligible) as late as 9:30am Local Time (or earlier; varies regionally)
  • Saturday (Christmas Eve) Two Hour PrimeNow deliveries for Prime members as late as 9:45pm local time (or earlier; varies regionally)
  • Sunday (Christmas Day): online gifts only; no physical deliveries

NOTE however that the local delivery varies by region, those Saturday cut-off times may be earlier in your region. And that’s before you factor in weather conditions. Some items may not be possible to ship/deliver fast enough. The most accurate estimate is when you add items of interest in your shopping cart and proceed to the Checkout page (the last step before placing an order).

DELIVERY TIP: you can optionally send your orders to local Amazon Lockers if you don’t want to play delivery tug-of-war with the delivery drivers. UPS and FedEx offer some rerouting flexibility (and have more experienced drivers), but Amazon’s own delivery service offers no customization. Since you can’t tell whose gonna deliver before you place the order, if you don’t want to deal with green panicked Amazon delivery drivers not finding you or not delivering because no one was home, you can send the shipment to an Amazon Locker and prevent potential delivery uncertainty.