20% off A4C with coupon

If you feel like fishing for deals on refurbished gear and/or used and/or clearance, coupon code APRIL20 gets you 20% off at the All 4 Cellular website (aka a4c.com). Some items are excluded from the coupon discount (such as the daily deals). This is a limited time and limited redemption type of offer.

A4C offers free shipping on everything on their website, even $2 trinkets. No membership needed for free shipping 🙂

50% off BorrowLenses memberships w/coupon

Good until 5/8/17, BorrowLenses is offering 50% off on their three membership plans with the coupon code shown below in the self-explanatory screenshot below:

Annual memberships existed for a long time, with Costco, Sam’s Club, Price Club and others offering them through the years, but the emergence of Amazon Prime made memberships sexy again, with more retailers joining the party including NewEgg, Adorama, Walmart (pre-Jet), and even services like ShopRunner (you may be eligible for a free membership for this through your AMEX credit card). So depending on how much and how you often you rent from BL, this offer maybe beneficial. Of course the free shipping will likely have the Prime-effect, where you will be more likely to borrow things because of the free shipping. That new tilt-shift lens looks tempting 🙂

Ends Tonight: eBay Coupon: 20% off select $25+ items (max discount $50)

eBay is getting more and more fond of coupons these days. Coupon code PSHOPTECH417 gets you 20% off select technology/electronics items priced $25 or higher, from select sellers. The maximum discount with the coupon is $50, which means items over $250 will get a flat $50 off discount.

There are 36 camera and photo items participating from a pot-pouri of sellers and in various conditions, so scrutinize each listing, do not make assumptions about the condition or the seller. It is eBay after all 🙂

Coupon expires 4/19/17. One time use per customer.

YMMV automatic 20% off discount on some Warehouse Deals items

Over 24,000 used items offered at Amazon’s Used websites (aka, “Amazon Warehouse Deals”) are participating in an Earth Day promotion that automatically gets you 20% off their current prices. Only select items are eligible, and only those that Amazon itself (in this case, Warehouse Deals itself) is the seller. Things offered by 3rd-party sellers are not eligible. No coupon code needed, eligible items are discounted automatically and they show a 20% off marker when you look at the individual listings. Since this is an Earth Day promotion, it should end after Earth Day or so.

20% off rentals at BL with coupon

To celebrate Earth Day, Borrow Lenses has a new coupon, 20% off rentals of camera gear with the following deadlines as shown in the screenshot below that explains it better and faster than I could with words ~ because one I go past a single sentence, then posts get longer and longer and longer as I add more and more text as disambiguations or parallels or other tidbits or attempts at joking or other meta commentary 🙂

(ENDED) Monday: 20% off a $300+ Monoprice order

Monday is over and so are its coupons… It’s a repeat of the Friday discount, coupon code MONDAY20 gets you 20% off orders of $300+ at the Monoprice website for Monday 4/17/17. Some brands and some sale items and some newly released items are excluded. You can test coupon and get S&H fee estimates without logging-in or creating an account. These should not work with the $50 off Computer Monitor coupon.

Woot App two-step $10 off $25+ coupon

Woot is trying to encourage people to use its app, and doing so will get you a $10 discount on an order of $25+. But this is a two-step promotion. First you have to install their app (available on GooglePLAY and iTunes and of course the mothership Amazon App Store), then you make a purchase with it by 4/16/17. After that, a $10 off a $25+ order coupon will be sent to you on 4/21/17. The two-step will probably discourage some people, so this is perhaps best for hardcore Woot users…

10% off coupon at Groupon Goods

In addition to getting you 20% off Local Deals (this is where custom photo print offers reside), coupon code SALE3 also gets you 10% off on Groupon Goods where most of the camera and photo and electronics and other physical goods reside. You can use the coupon on three different offers, buying one unit in each offer, with a maximum discount of $50 per offer. You can use the sub-categories to navigate (cameras are under “Electronics” or use the search box over there).

NOTE that like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, NewEgg, Jet, Groupon also allows third-party sellers to offer products on its site. When buying items where manufacturer warranty or buying a USA-market-model is important, check the Groupon listing to see who’s selling it. It is not shown as clearly as Amazon or NewEgg or eBay (and these three could do some work to improve upon it), so you have to read the blob of text in the main body of the description.

Coupon ends 4/13/17.

15% off Rentals at BL with coupon

BorrowLenses.com has a new coupon to go with the tax season blues (or celebrations if a refund arrives), you can see it in the screenshot below. You have to place the order by 4/17/17, but your order must be received by you by 4/30/17, meaning you can schedule it a few days ahead of time. Their shopping cart should tell you what dates work.

Deposit $50+ in Amazon Cash, Get $10 Digital Credit

This would have sounded like a reasonable April Fools Day joke a couple of days ago, but it’s actually not a joke! Amazon has launched yet another new feature, “Amazon Cash”. This allows you to load cash into your Amazon account without a credit or debit card. You go to a participating local brick and mortar store, you hand them cold hard cash, and it magically appears in your Amazon account.

And in typical Amazon fashion, to get more people to try the service right away, they are offering a $10 digital credit if you load $50 or more in cash. I haven’t done this offer yet. Here are details on the Amazon Cash service and details on the $10/$50 promotion. The $10 digital credit can be used towards the purchase of digitally-delivered digital content (ebooks, movies, apps, computer software, video games, etc). This promotion is good until 5/31/17, so there’s no need to hurry 🙂

PS: this is open to everyone, not restricted to Prime members.

PS2: Coinstar has been doing this for a few years now by issuing Amazon gift certificates without a service fee.

(ENDED) Wedn: 20% off $300+ Monoprice order

This coupon expired but it returns every few days/weeks… If you are planning a big Monoprice purchase, today is the day, coupon code MIDWEEK20 gets you 20% off an order of $300+ in eligible products at the Monoprice website. The usual exclusions apply. You can add items and coupon in the shopping cart (without logging in or creating an account) to test the coupon. You can enter a zipcode to get a shipping fee estimate because most items over there don’t get free shipping.

Adorama VIP 1-Day Sale (20+ options)

Adorama just launched a VIP 1-Day Sale featuring 20+ products. More on this later as I am posting it on the fly.

UPDATE: in parallel with the above flash sale, Adorama also has an Apple TV flash sale, the 32GB version goes for $130, while the 64GB version goes for $170 with free shipping.

For more Adorama action, check their:

15% off Used Purchases at BL w/coupon

If you are comfortable buying camera gear that was previously offered for rental, Borrow Lenses has a new coupon promotion, you get 15% off the purchase of used gear on their website. Over 170 options are available. The coupon is only good for the purchase of used camera gear there; it is not good for rentals (even though the website name is “Borrow” :))

Coupon and expiration details in the screenshot below:

Ends Monday PM: 20% off products from 42 eBay Sellers with coupon

eBay is on the attack again! This time they have a new non-targeted coupon code, coupon code C20FLASH gets you 20% off products offered by 42 eBay sellers, a mix of known (BackCountry, eBags, VM Innovations, WW Stereo, Red Tag Camera, Samsonite, etc) and unknown sellers.

The coupon expires Monday March 27 (2017) at 11:59pm pacific time. Minimum price for eligible items from eligible sellers is $25. MMaximum discount received is $50 (in other words, purchase amount that can be discounted capped at $250 [CORRECTED MATH!]).

eBay created listings for different categories of eligible products from eligible sellers. The Camera and Photo listings have over 1000 items, while the Digital Cameras sub-category has over 600 items.

Check each individual listing for the condition and warranty situation of each item, since this is a mix of various sellers. Due to time constraints I can’t go through the 1000+ listings right now, so this is a DIY adventure if interested.

eBay $10 off $25+ coupon by email (YMMV)

This is YMMV, so you have to check your email associated with your eBay account, or check the eBay Messages on their website/app. They have a new promotion, a coupon that gets you $10 off a purchase of $25+. The coupon code appears to be unique per customer and it is one time use. You will also see it appear on eBay product pages if you are logged on to your eBay account. Judging by the language in the email, this promotion may be targeting ebay users who haven’t bought anything recently. Coupon expires 3/29/17.

The text above is “quick mouse writing”, that’s why it looks like finger-painting art 😉

The promotion looks like this on an eBay page if you are logged on to your eBay account AND eligible for the coupon:

If you are eligible for this promotion, a good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Groupon coupon: 10% off Goods, 20% off Local (custom photo prints here)

From the “Make Your Own Deal” department, Groupon has a new coupon, coupon code BEST3 gets you 20% off Local Deals (custom photo print offers reside there), 10% off Goods (camera-related gear and electronics and other physical goods reside here) and 10% off Gateways (I don’t think they have photographic-vacations, but I haven’t re-checked recently). The same coupon works on all the above categories. Maximum discount is $50 per deal. Limit one unit per deal. The coupon can be used on up to three different Local deals, up to three different Goods, and up to three Gateways. Getaway cars not included 😉 Offer ends 3/24/17 PM.

Make Your Own Deal: $15 off a $50+ with MasterPass at Rakuten

This is a “Make Your Deal” type of a promotion. Good until Wednesday night (3/22/17), if you are willing to make a $50+ purchase at the Rakuten website and pay with Masterpass (Mastercard’s competitor to VISA Checkout), coupon code SPRING15 will get you $15 off that $50+ purchase. Exclusions and restrictions apply as usual. Strategically this is good for items that have the same price elsewhere or rarely get discounted.

Still Good: $25 off a $50+ order at Amazon when you pay (at least partially) with AMEX Membership Points

The Amazon-AMEX promotion continues if you haven’t already taken advantage of it. Coupon code AMEX17EVER gets you $25 off an order of $50+ of products sold and shipped by Amazon itself IF you pay with an American Express credit card that is part of Membership Points and if you pay at least partially with Membership Points (you can pay as little as you like). I just did this promotion today and it still works. Gift cards are eligible as well (just not Amazon’s own gift cards).

For more, check our previous more detailed post.

Re-order $5+ item with Alexa Voice Shopping, Get $5 Amazon store credit

Amazon’s Alexa Voice Shopping has a new promotion running until March 20 in 2017. If you re-order a previously purchased item from your Amazon order history using Alexa Voice Shopping, Alexa will give you a $5 Amazon store credit to use in future purchase. You must place the order by ordering with your voice and Alexa. The product must be $5+, sold and shipped by Amazon itself, and it has to be a physical product. Complete details at the bottom of the aforelinked page. This offer is restricted t Prime members, “Alexa Voice Shopping” is one of the ever-increasing Prime Benefits.

PS: you don’t have to have an Amazon Echo or Dot or Tap to take advantage of this promotion. Select Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming boxes are also eligible (the models that are compatible with Alexa Voice ordering). I keep forgetting to check whether the good old Kindle Fire Phone is eligible 🙂

25% off Extra on REI Clearance

The REI website is having a 25% off extra discount on clearance items. No coupon code is needed. You can find eligible items at the REI website, along with a detailed lists of terms, conditions and restrictions of this offer which expires 3/20/17.

Speaking of outdoorsy items, the B&H Outdoor sale and clearance continues including GPS units (two options) and water bottles (three options).

(ENDED) Friday: 20% off $200+ Monoprice orders

This Friday-only coupon expired… Friday is here but with a different coupon at the Monoprice website. Instead of the usual 5/25 and 20/100, they have coupon code HELLO20 that gets you 20% off orders of $200 or more. The usual restrictions apply.

You can “test” coupon at the Monoprice without signing in, just enter items to the cart, enter coupon to see if they get discounted, and enter zipcode to see shipping fees.

48 Hour Sale at Adorama

Adorama launched earlier today a new 48 Hour sale. A few of the participating items require a coupon code, which is shown at the appropriate spot over there. I will digest these later day when I find time, but in the mean time, if you feel like deal fishing, they are waiting for you. It features select cameras, lenses, photo accessories and electronics.

CORRECTION: 6% to 10% eBay Bucks until Fri 3am ET (YMMV)

CORRECTION: The original post was incorrect. You get 10% eBay Bucks with individual items priced over $50, you get 8% for items between $25 and $50, an 6% for items under $25. While speed reading I missed the “up to” in the eBay email headline 🙁

This is back, and as before, it is YMMV and ends at 3am eastern on Friday (11:59pm pacific on Thursday). If you received an email/message from eBay about this offer, you can participate by activating it (click on the appropriate place in the email/message). You get up to 10% eBay Bucks on individual items. This particular offer does not have a minimum purchase amount. You get 10% on all eligible items!

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Unrelated to this promotion, and NOT eligible to earn Extra Bucks, the PayPal Digital Gifts eBay store is offering $50 iTunes email gift cards for $42.50. This is a 15% off discount. Limit up to four per customer.

(ENDED) Monday: 25% off $300+ Monoprice coupon

This Monday coupon expired… If you are planning a big Monoprice purchase, today’s coupon is a good one, coupon MARCH25 gets you 25% off a purchase of $300+ at the Monoprice website. The usual exclusions apply. You can test the coupon without signing-up or logging in, just add products and coupon to the shopping cart and see what happens. The coupon is good for Monday only.

Get $25 off a purchase of $50+ at Amazon When You Pay with AMEX Card AND (partially) Use Membership Points

Stop the Presses! If you have an American Express credit card with Membership Rewards points, there’s a pretty good deal happening at Amazon.com. You get a $25 off discount on an order of $50+ of eligible products if you pay with an American Express Credit Card and (at least partially) pay for the order using Membership Rewards points and enter coupon AMEX17EVER over there. This is a feature Amazon calls Shop with Points. “Shop with Points” is available to everyone, it is not an a Prime Benefit. You can select how many Membership Points to use at checkout. You can use as few as you like.

UPDATE: only items sold and shipped by Amazon itself are eligible. Items “fulfilled by Amazon” are NOT eligible. Items sold and shipped by 3rd-party sellers are NOT eligible.


  • Add your American Express credit card with Membership Rewards points to your Amazon account. I believe the Pay with Rewards may happen automatically these days, if not, follow the prompts as the Amazon page will remind you
  • If your AMEX is already linked to your Amazon account but the “Shop with Points” feature is not activated, you can manually start the process
  • find items of interest that total $50 or more
  • add to cart, proceed to checkout, select the AMEX credit card as your payment method, and select the option to apply points towards the purchase. It’s your call, you can use all your available points or as few as you like. The exchange rate is not favorable (it’s less than 1:1 as you can see in the screenshot below), so don’t use a lot of them
  • enter coupon code AMEX17EVER in the coupon / gift card box below
  • then look at the top right corner of the Checkout page – if all is well, you will see a $25 off discount of your order total (see screenshot above)
  • and that’s it 🙂


Promotions like this are great for getting a discount on products that rarely get discounted or have the same prices everywhere. You can use them as a capital/infrastructure purchase (eg a new lens) or you can buy a handful of consumables (memory cards, flash drives, cables, etc), or camera and photography books.

+ Camera and Photo pages
+ Electronics pages
+ Gold Box / Lightning Deals
+ the Elsewhere at Amazon segment at the bottom of the daily Lightning Deal round-ups
+ $50 Gift Cards of other retailers, eg $50 Starbucks Gift Card or $50 Whole Foods Gift Card or any of your favorite or frequent retailers that Amazon carries (eg Restaurants)
+ $60 Netflix Gift Card for $35 after this promotion (you can load it up to your own Netflix account, you don’t have to give it to someone else)