(ENDED) 15% off Used Cameras at KEH (200+ options)

This 6-hour flash coupon expired… If you missed it, fear not. They have coupons on a regular basis – stay tuned to the blog to catch the ones in the future…

KEH Camera is having a six hour flash coupon! Coupon code CAM08A gets you 15% off the purchase price of 200+ USED cameras as shown on the aforelinked page. The coupon expires 4pm ET today (Monday 8/7/17).

You can use the options on the left hand side of their website to filter by brand or product type and such. You can test the coupon and get a shipping estimate without logging in or creating an account. Just add items of interest to cart, enter coupon and you’ll see the price. Enter zipcode and you’ll get the various S&H options.

Used Fuji X100F Silver for $1099 + S&H

The new update of the Stock Status Tracker has a new picture for the Fuji X100F.


In USED condition, the silver color scheme goes for $1099 + shipping at Adorama in “Used – Excellent” condition. Shipping starts around $13. Used items at Adorama come with a 90-day Adorama warranty and 30-day no-questions-asked return option. Keep in mind, used supplies are typically very limited so it may be sold out by the time you are reading this!

Next up in used prices are around $1200 at Amazon Warehouse Deals which may be too close to the new condition price for many people.


But if you prefer the new condition model at authorized dealers, fear not! It’s in-stock at multiple places at its normal price of $1300 as follows:

+ SILVER at B&H Photo and Amazon itself and various on eBay

+ BLACK at B&H Photo and OneCall and Adorama and Amazon itself

Refurbished Nikon Coolpix P600 superzoom (60x optical, LiIon) for $199

If you are a fan of Nikon Coolpix superzooms, but not a fan of AA batteries, fear not! We have an option for you too! The black refurbished Nikon Coolpix P600 superzoom (60x optical, Li-Ion) battery is on sale for $199 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo with a 90-day warranty. This is another one of their latest Featured Sales.

Refurbished red Nikon Coolpix L830 superzoom (34x optical, 4 AA) for $150

If of all the Nikon superzooms it is the red Coolpix L830 the one you want, in refurbished condition, it is going for $150 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo with a 90-day warranty (I believe B&H covers the warranty; the listing does not specify it explicitly). This is a 34X optical zoom camera powered by four AA batteries.

Refurbished Nikon P900 Superzoom (83x optical) w/90-day warranty for $470

Not quite the Hubble telescope but a 83x optical zoom lens is no small feat 🙂 The Nikon Coolpix P900 superzoom is currently available in manufacturer refurbished condition for $470 with free shipping and a 90-day Nikon USA warranty at Adorama, among their latest refurbished Nikon sales.

On the other hand, if you prefer new condition, this zoom-zoom currently goes for $579 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of up to three units per customer.

$50 Gift Card with either Sony RX100 III or V

Also part of the Best Buy 2-DAY Sale is a promotion that gets you a $50 Best Buy Gift card and a 32GB SD card with the purchase of the Sony RX100 III or V at their regular prices of $750 and $1000 respectively. Sale ends Saturday night.

On the other hand, if gift cards don’t tempt you, and you are comfortable with open-box cameras, they are also available in open-box condition (without gift cards) as follows: the open-box RX100 III goes for $637 with free shipping, and the open-box RX100 V for $850 with free shipping.

For a refresher on RAWsumer price ranges, check the Fixed Lens Cameras Price Chart.

Sony Cybershot HX80 superzoom with $50 Gift Card for $370

Best Buy launched a Black Friday sale (no, you haven’t slept through the summer, it’s still July 2017) and among the offers is a $50 Best Buy Gift Card bundled with the Sony Cybershot HX80 superzoom selling for its regular price of $370 with free shipping. This is a 30x optical zoom camera, more of the travel/compact-zoom than the mega-barrel-zoom. Offers end Saturday night or earlier if sold out.

Fuji X100F In-Stock for $1300 [USED: SOLD OUT]

I just completed a full update of the Stock Status Tracker and the latest situation on the Fuji X100F is this:

+ as of 7/17/17 recheck, this SOLD OUT: USED Fuji X100F Silver for $1100 at B&H Photo

+ NEW condition Fuji X100F Silver for $1300 at Adorama and Best Buy (eBay) and Kenmore (eBay)

+ NEW condition Fuji X100F Black for $1300 at Amazon (3rd parties) and Kenmore (eBay)

Refurbished Olympus SP-100 Superzoom (50x) for $187 [and more additions]

The Prime Day coupon expired at the Get Olympus store but it looks like they have some more additions, including another blast from the bast fixed lens digital camera, it is the factory reconditioned Olympus Stylus SP-100 for $187~ with free shipping. This is a 50x optical zoom, with a 90-day Olympus repair warranty, and 30-day return policy.

Some more cameras and/or lenses and/or accessories got added but I’m hazy post-PrimeDay as to which ones were not there before 🙂

There is a nice choice of Prime lenses there, and if you are not afraid of silver lenses, the factory reconditioned Olympus 45mm f1.8 goes for $200, $40 less than the black color scheme. So one could build a prime lens arsenal by going refurbished instead of buying only one or two in new condition.

PS: occasionally they drop Four Thirds (DSLR) gear in there, so if you are interested in M43rds, to be on the safe side, make sure check that the lenses you buy are “M.Zuiko”. This also serves as a memo to self to remember to check before I post 🙂

Canon G5X with Pixma PRO 100 and SG-201 for $650 after $350 MIR

The Canon G5X goes for $730 in new condition at authorized dealers (another one of the deals surfacing because of the Price Charts price-checking), but if you want to get it for less and you are not afraid of mail-in rebates and prepaid gift cards then…

… then to B&H Photo we go, where you can get the G5 X camera, along with the Pixma PRO 100 printer, and its SG-201 trusty sidekick paper (13×19″) for $650 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift cards).

Canon currently has an elaborate G-series line-up, with all the odd numbers up to 10 included. All except for the G1X use 1-inch sensors. The G1X is a 1.5″. A total of six active models are currently available (because the G9X has two generations available).

PRO TIP on mail-in rebates: if the mere mention of a mail-in rebate has you changing colors and dropping your last meal on the floor, you may want to avoid them! You can get some really good deals, but if you really hate the idea of doing and dealing with mail-in rebate issues, you may want to prioritize your ease of mind over the deal 🙂

Canon G9X with Pixma PRO 100 and SG-201 for $400 after $350 MIR

The Canon G9X (first generation) goes for $400 on its own, but if you are not a afraid of mail-in rebates and prepaid AMEX gift cards, and you need the Pixma PRO 100 printer and its trusty side-kick the SG-201 13×19″ photo paper, you can get them all together for $400 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card) at B&H Photo.

Ricoh GR II Big Sensor Prime for $569 [or Used for $479+]

It’s the rise of the machine! The Amazon Price Bots are at it again, they have price-matched a 3rd-party seller, so currently the Ricoh GR II Big Sensor Prime is going for $569 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit three per customer. Shhhh, don’t tell the grown-ups 🙂 It currently goes for $659 at B&H and Adorama.

On the other hand, if you are fond of used cameras, used prices start at $479 plus shipping at Adorama.

PS: the $109 used price at Adorama is a much older model with a similar name, it is a 10mp 1/1.75″ CCD camera from way back.

Panasonic LX10 or ZS100 with Extras (including Corel) for $648

I am currently price-checking cameras for the “Fixed Lens Cameras” Price Chart, and there are a couple of Panasonic 1-inch cameras with extras that are going for $648 with free shipping each, at Adorama.

The Panasonic LX10, the current “deputy” of the famed LX-series, is bundled with the Corel Software Bundle (five titles, three of which are photo/video), a 32GB Lexar SD card, a Lowepro DP 20 camera bag, a memory card wallet and a cleaning kit for the same authorized dealer price of $648.

Likewise, the ZS100 superzoom goes for the same price, in silver or black color schemes, and is bundled with the Corel Software Bundle (five titles, three of which are photo/video), a 16GB Lexar SD card, a Lowepro DP 30 camera bag, a Sunpak FlexPod Pro gripper thingy, a memory card wallet, and a cleaning kit.

Used Fuji X100F Silver for $1139 + S&H, New Condition IN-Stock for $1300

I just updated the Stock Status Tracker and this is the situation with the Fuji X100F Big Sensor Prime:

+ USED Adorama for $1139 + S&H
+ USED Amazon Warehouse Deals itself for $1202~

+ NEW Best Buy (eBay)
+ NEW OC Camera (eBay)
+ new condition price is $1300

+ USED Amazon Warehouse Deals itself for $1169~
+ USED Adorama for $1204 + S&H

+ NEW Adorama (low stock)
+ NEW Amazon itself
+ NEW OneCall
+ new condition price is $1300

In-Stock Now: Fuji X100S Silver for $1299 [Black in-stock too!]

The silver Fuji X100S Big Sensor Prime has been harder to find in-stock for $1299 at recognizable online retailers, but as of the time of writing, two sellers have it in-stock and shipping for $1299, Kenmore Camera on eBay (one left) and Best Buy on eBay (limit three per buyer).

The black color scheme is also in-stock, you can get it for $1299 at Amazon by Amazon itself (limit three per buyer) and OneCALL (Huppin’s).

For the big picture, check the Stock Status Tracker.

Refurbished Canon G9X with case, strap, 1-YR warranty for $299

The Canon G9X goes for $400 in new condition with various free accessories (eg Adorama) but it also has to contest with the Canon G9X II which goes for $430. So in other words, if you want to get the first generation model, you may as well go the refurbished route…

… because the refurbished first generation Canon G9X is on sale for $299 with a free neckstrap and a free camera case and a 1-year Canon warranty at the official Canon USA Outlet store in either the black or the brown color schemes.

In-Stock Now: Olympus TG-5 elementproof for $450

If you want to be among the first to get the new Olympus TG-5 elementproof P&S digital camera, it is in-stock at its starting price of $450 from various well-known eBay sellers including Kenmore Camera (black) and Kenmore Camera (red) and Best Buy (black) and Best Buy (red) and Camera Shop of Muskegon (Meeeecheeeegaaaan).

Panasonic ZS60 superzoom with case and 16GB card for $300 [Costco]

Zoom-zoom! Costco is offering the new condition Panasonic ZS60 superzoom (30x optical) with a camera case and 16GB memory card for $300 with free shipping at the Costco website. Non-members can buy it too but may have to pay a 5% surcharge. I was surprised that not every non-legally-restricted Costco non-member purchase gets charged the 5% surcharge. I bought gift cards and shoes and did not get a 5% surcharge. Unless there is the “Shoe Costco Surcharge Prohibition Act of 1965” that prohibits shoe surcharges 😉

Sale ends 6/25/17, or at least the instant savings promotion that creates this price ends.

Panasonic TS30 elementproof with Corel Software and more for $138

The Panasonic TS30 elementproof P&S digital camera goes for $138 at authorized dealers, and while keeping the same price, Adorama is including some freebies with them, the Corel software bundle (five titles including AfterShot PRO 2, Paintshop PRO X9, VideoStudio 9), a 16GB memory card, a camera case, and the obligatory cleaning kit. These bundles are available in the black, blue or red color schemes as part of the latest Adorama specials.

Olympus TG-870 waterproof P&S for $250 w/free S&H

To the eBay Deals we go where the official Best Buy eBay store is offering the new condition Olympus TG-870 waterproof P&S camera for $250 with free shipping with a limit of up to three per customer. Its regular price is $280.

Speaking of eBay, continuing is the 8GB Sandisk Ultra Class 10 SDHC card, model SDSDUN-008G-G46, for $7 with free shipping from Ritz Camera’s eBay store (98.9%, New Jersey).

UPDATE: speaking of eBay also, the official NewEgg eBay store is offering the new condition Playstation PS4 PlayStation VR – Standalone for $300 with free shipping when you do the “add to cart” song and dance.

IN-STOCK: Fuji X100F Silver for $1300 [also: eBay Auction In Progress]

And now we have updated the Fuji X100F segment of the Stock Status Tracker. The black X100F is out of stock everywhere at $1300, but some places sell it with the usual “limited availability premium”.

However, we have good news for the silver X100F. It is in-stock and ready to ship for $1300 by Best Buy (eBay) with a limit of three per buyer.

Also, if you are a fan of eBay auctions, one individual (100%, West Virginia) has an eBay AUCTION for this. It is currently at $920 with 28 bids and the auction closed on Thursday at 9:25pm ET. The condition is USED with 280 shutter actuations. Half a dozen pictures of the actual camera are also included in the listing.

Refurbished Canon Elph 190 IS with 1-Year Warranty for $79

This goes for $120 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you want to save about 1/3rd of that, you can get the blue color of the manufacturer refurbished Canon Powershot Elph 190 IS P&S digital camera for $79 along with an 8GB microSD memory card and a 1-year Canon USA warranty at the official Canon USA store. The other two colors (red, black) are out of stock and cannot be ordered at the moment.

NOTE: the link defaults to the red color scheme. Select the blue color option from the color options over there!

For more action, check the other refurbished Powershot options available there. Of the 14 listed, 10 of them are currently in-stock (and can be ordered).

Panasonic ZS100 with Various Extras for $648

On the higher end of the Panasonic ZS-series, the ZS100 superzoom is bundled with a handful of free accessories for $648 with free shipping at Adorama in the black color scheme and the silver color scheme. The freebies included by Adorama are a Lowepro camera pouch, a 16GB Lexar SD, a Sunpak Flexpod Pro gripper, a Slinger memory card wallet, a cleaning kit, and the Corel software bundle.

Panasonic ZS60 superzoom for $300 to $315

The Panasonic ZS60 superzoom was a “CES 2016 baby” but it’s almost gone now. However, if of all the superzoom options out there this is the one you want, you can get it in new condition for $300 with free shipping at Costco’s website. If you are not a Costco member, you can buy it for 5% more ($315 instead of $300).

PRO TIP: even if you are not a Costco member, you can buy a variety of gift cards at the Costco website. You may not even have to pay the 5% surcharge on gift cards. A lot of the gift cards offered are nicely discounted, many 20% off, others a bit more. Most of them are of the food and gifting ideas type.

Pre-order new Nikon W300 elementproof P&S camera

Another new elementproof/waterproof digital camera emerged, as these cannot be easily replicated by smartphones. It is the new Nikon Coolpix W300 P&S digital camera, available in three different colors, with a pre-order price of $390 at Amazon and B&H Photo.

This poor camera hasn’t even come out yet, and it’s getting trolled in yet another daily bloviation at The Verge 🙂

Fuji X100F: In-Stock NEW ($1300) or USED ($1201)

If you are interested in the Fuji X100F, as of this Stock Tracker update, the situation is this:

+ IN-STOCK (New Condition) for $1300 at Best Buy (eBay) and Kachashopus (eBay)

+ USED for $1202~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals
+ USED (eBay Auction) by individual person ($1201 bid, ends Sunday 7:27pm ET)

In-Stock Now: Fuji Instax Mini 9 for $68

Some of the colors of the new Fuji Instax Mini 9 instant camera are in-stock and ready to ship for $68 to $70 at Amazon.com, some by Amazon itself, some by 3rd-party sellers. Check the various colors and detailed listings for each to see all available options. There are five color schemes for the camera, handy if you want to easily be able to tell who owns which model 🙂

In-Stock Now: Fuji SQ10 Square hybrid digital/instant for $279

The new square format Fuji SQ10 hybrid (digital and instant at the same time) is now in-stock and ready to ship for $279 with free shipping by Roberts thru Amazon. This is not Prime eligible, so you get slow free shipping unless you $upgrade$ to faster shipping. As of the time of writing there are five units available.

Pre-order new Olympus TG-5 Elementproof and Underwater Housing

If you are a fan of elementproof cameras and ones that have an official underwater housing, Olympus has announced the new Tough TG-5 and its accompanying underwater housing, available for pre-order as follows:

+ TG-5 Camera for $450 at Adorama and Amazon itself

+ Olympus Underwater Housing PT-058 for $300 at Amazon itself and Adorama

In-Stock now: Fuji X100F for $1300 [also, auction by “real person” in progress]

It is pure coincidence that I’m updating the Stock Status Tracker on Mondays, it’s supposed to get updated a lot more often, but time seems to fly faster and faster these days. Anyway, enough meta-talk, to the Fuji X100F-landia we go…

… where the Best Buy’s eBay store has the silver X100F in-stock for $1300. Limit three per buyer per the listing page.

On the black X100F front, Amazon itself has a May 18 in-stock estimate as of the time of writing. Keep in mind these estimates change over time…

If you are a Prime member and pay with either the Chase Amazon VISA credit card or the Prime Store credit card, you will receive 5% back as a statement credit, which is no small change, it is $65~ given the current price.

If you are not a Prime member, and you pay with the Chase Amazon VISA credit card you get 3% back as a statement credit, around $39. Citibank’s Forward credit card used to offer 5% on Amazon, but unless you are in a grandfathered card that wasn’t switched over, they no longer offer it (as far as I can tell).

On the other hand, if you are a fan of buying used from eBay, an individual has a USED (eBay Auction) that ends on Tuesday at 10:30pm ET. As of the time of writing, the auction price is $1125 with 29 bids. Shipping is $12 from the state of MA.

Fuji X100T with Rode VideoMic Pro R Mic for $1099

The brand new Fuji X100F is slowly getting released for $1300 [see Stock Status Tracker] but if it’s the X100T the one you want, it currently goes for $1100 bundled with a Rode VideoMic Pro R Mic for $1099 with free shipping at Adorama and B&H Photo.

Or if you are a Prime member paying with either the Amazon Chase VISA or the Prime Store card, you can get $55 back as a statement credit thru Amazon.

(ENDED) Auction Watch: Fuji X100F ends 12:08pm ET today

This auction ended with someone scooping it up towards the end, 15 bids and a $1200 price… If you need some eBay auction entertainment/excitment, ending today at 12:08pm ET is a classic eBay auction by an individual seller on the Fuji X100F silver. As of 10:55am ET, there are 14 bids with a $1175 price. The individual eBay seller (100%, 65 ratings) is based in Los Angeles.

This used option sold out as well: There is a “Used – Like New” option for $1202 by Amazon Warehouse Deals with a detailed condition and half a dozen pictures of the actual item (click on one of the two thumbnails to see the gallery).

The new condition price of the X100F at authorized dealers is $1300. For more options, check the Stock Status Tracker where there is one retailer that has both colors for $1300. The listing says they ship from the USA, but the seller’s page says they are in Hong Kong. I haven’t tried to go through with a purchase to see what happens [poor blogger!]