Sunday: Westcott BiC 1LK, Syrp, Sachtler, QRA, Etc

Sunday is here, the sun is up, the sky is blue [not an actual weather report!] and we have a fresh set of B&H Photo daily deals with one sold-out already:

+ Westcott Solix Bi-Color 1-Light Compact Kit (1LK) for $136

+ SyRP Genie Mini II Panning Motion Control System for $112

+ Watson Pro Quad Position Li-Ion Simultaneous Battery Charger (Gold Mount) for $200

+ Sachtler Camporter Camera Bag (Large) for $159

+ Axler QRA-501S Quick Release Assembly (QRA) for $30

+ also Saramonic mic type thing

+ SOLD OUT: 512GB Sabrent Rocket UHS-II SDXC card