Tokina 11-16mm T3.0 Cinema w/$32 rewards for $799 [M43]

In this case, video is not killing the radio or the M43rds star. Instead, it is giving it a discount 🙂

The new condition Tokina Cinema 11-16mm T3.0 lens, only in the Micro Four Thirds option, is on sale, for a limited time, for $799 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo where it also gets 4% promotional rewards (around $32 to spend in the future at B&H).

This is among the latest B&H Featured Sales.

PS: this is certified Tokina. In the preview version of this post I caught one mention of Tamron 🙂

Tokina 14-20mm f2 DX with $24 rewards for $599 [C/N]

And now an F2 zoom temptation! They said it couldn’t be done but it has been done at the APS-C level. An f2 PRO zoom lens! The Tokina AT-X 14-20mm f/2 PRO DX is currently on sale for a limited time for $599 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo in your choice of Nikon or Canon, along with 4% promotional rewards (around $24) to be spent in future B&H purchases…

For more sales, check the latest B&H featured deals

PS: this is blog-certified to be Tokina, not Tamron; this is blog-certified to be f2, not f2.8 [this is now needed after my Fuji 35mm confusion] 🙂

Tokina Cinema 11-16mm T3.0 with $40 rewards for $999 [M43]

If you are a fan of M43rds, Tokina, and video, we have good news for you! The Tokina Cinema 11-16mm T3.0 for Micro Four Thirds is on sale for $999 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards (around $40 to be used in future B&H purchases) at B&H Photo. Only the M43rds mount is on sale at this price.

PS: this is certified to be Tokina ~ often confuse Tamron/Tokina in these type pf posts, so this “certification” is to verify that it is indeed Tokina and not Tamron 🙂

Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 Pro DX (Canon) + $20 Reward for $460 after $40 MIR

I just updated the Holiday Deals Situation Room, and there’s another discount at Adorama on the Canon version of the Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 Pro DX for $460 after a $40 mail-in rebate. You also receive $20 in promotional rewards to be spent in future purchases at Adorama. The Nikon version goes for more.

PS: this is certified to be Tokina, not Tamron 🙂

Tokina 14-20mm f2 with choice of Freebies for $599 (C/N)

Back to Lenses! The Tokina 14-20mm f2 DX lens is in-stock and ready to ship for $599 with your choice of either 4% promotional rewards or a boatload of freebies (lens case, 82mm Filter Kit, lens shade, tether, cleaner, and Corel software) at Adorama in the Canon and Nikon DSLR systems. The accessory bundles are the bottom two on that page. An f2 zoom! Back in our time, in order to zoom, we had to walk backwards on an icy hilly swamp in 130 degree weather, while dragons and helicopters fought fierce battles over our heads 😉

PS: this is certified to be Tokina, not Tamron 🙂

Tokina Cinema AT-X 11-16mm T3.0 (M43) for $799

It’s Tea Time for Micro Four Thirds cinema shooters, the M43rds version of the Tokina Cinema AT-X 11-16mm T3.0 lens is currently on sale for $799 with free shipping at Adorama along with $32~ promotional rewards to be used in future purchases… This is part of their latest Cyber Week specials

PS: double-checked, this is Tokina 🙂

Tokina 100mm f2.8 (Nikon) for $340 after $20 MIR [CORRECTED]

In-progress now is updating the Holiday Shopping Situation Room. I am removing both expired offers and also offers that lingered there since Cyber Monday. The idea is now that the Black-Cyber week is over, to make this more lightweight and robust.

That updating brought a new discount with it, in addition to the previously mentioned Canon D-Rebel drops, the Nikon mount version of the Tokina Tamron 100mm f2.8 (Nikon) is down to $340 after $20 MIR (mail-in rebate) at Adorama. It was $350 AR before. It also gets 4% promotional rewards, which dropped $0.40 since the price drop, now around $14.40~ to be used in future Adorama purchases.

BLANKET CORRECTION: this is a Tokina lens, not a Tamron lens. Who knows how many other times I wrote this as Tamron 🙂 Thanks to Mike for pointing it out in the comments! I always get Tamron and Tokina confused 🙂 Of all the names, they both picked six-character T-names with the only difference being two characters in each (“mr” vs “ki”).

Tokina 14-20mm f2.8 DX PRO with lots of free accessories for $599 (C/N)

F2 zoom lenses are a thing too these days, partially thanks to the DX format, which brings us to the Tokina 14-20mm f/2.0 AT-X Pro DX lens bundled with a boatload of free accessories for $599 with free shipping at Adorama in the Nikon mount and Canon mount. The free accessories are: 82mm Pro-Optic Filter Kit, Slinger Lens Case, lens cap tether, cleaning kit, lens shade, and an updated Corel software bundle that includes Paintshop Pro X9 and VideoStudio 9 and AfterShot PRO 2. Both are in-stock with free shipping.

Tokina 100mm f2.8 (Nikon) with $15 rewards for $350 after $20 MIR [CORRECTED]

Not a big discount but a discount it is, the Nikon version of the Tokina 100mm f2.8 AT-X PRO D lens is available for $350 after a $20 mail-in rebate (MIR) at Adorama. You also receive $15~ in promotional rewards to be used in future purchases at Adorama. The mail-in rebates expire 12/31/16.

One of the benefits of Canon/Nikon SLR systems is the abundance of 3rd-party lens options, from the perspective of photographers of other systems lamenting the lack of choices. On the other hand, it makes picking lenses easier 🙂

UPDATE: this is a Tokina lens, not a Tamron. It is now corrected! Thanks to Mike for pointing it out in the comments of another post. My Tamron/Tokina confusion is eternal 🙂

Coupon discount on select Manfrotto, Tokina, Rokinon, Tenba, Battery Grips (C/N)

Adorama has a new coupon promotion, this is another coupon by email, you receive the coupon code by entering your email in the Promotional page. The items you see on that page will get discounted by an unspecified amount using the coupon you receive. Participating items include tripods from Manfrotto and Benro, lenses from Tokina (11-20mm f2.8, 14-20mm f2) and Rokinon (50mm T1.5 Cine), camera bags, battery grips from Canon and Nikon, and a lot more.

Tokina Cinema T- Lenses Sale (9 options) {EF, PL, m43}

The NAB specials are running in all directions, here’s another one. If you are a fan of Tokina’s Cinema T-lenses (yes, they make those too), there is a sale on nine of those lenses at B&H Photo with the Canon EF, PL, and M43rds mounts represented with various T3.0 zooms and other lenses. They also earn 4% promotional rewards.

Most of the NAB Specials at B&H expire on 4/21/16 PM, and that’s when the B&H offices will close until 5/1/16, so factor that in your purchase planning.

Tokina 16-28mm f2.8 PRO FX with Extras for $589

Another Tokina offer, their 16-28mm f2.8 PRO FX lens is currently on sale for $589 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards (around $23) in the Canon or Nikon SLR mounts at B&H Photo. Offer ends 3/31/16 at 11:59pm ET.

If you prefer free accessories instead of 4% promotional rewards, Adorama is bundling it with a flex lens shade, a slinger soft large lens case and a cleaning kit.

PS: post title corrected, this is Tokina, not Tamron. Many years later, and I still mis-type them. File under “known errors” 🙂 Why did they both have to start with a “T” and have six letters in their name? 🙂

Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 DX and Canon 50mm f1.8 STM for $550

This is an offer you don’t see every day. A free lens with purchase! That’s right, if you purchase the Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 DX PRO lens for the Canon EF mount for $550 (the authorized dealer price), you will automatically receive a FREE Canon 50mm f1.8 STM lens from Adorama’s website. No coupon needed, the free lens is shown on the product page while this promotion is running. This is a limited time while supplies last type of an offer (I do not know when it expires).


Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 PRO for $430 (C/N) [USA warranty]

CORRECTION: this is Tokina, not Tamron. They always get me. Side-effects of having both companies with T-names with six characters each. All apologies for the confusion. I propagate confusion 🙂

To the eBay Deals we hurry where Robert’s Digital (aka Robert’s Imaging of Indianapolis, popular in the Midwest) is offering the new condition Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 PRO lens for $430 with free shipping in either Canon or Nikon, with a limit of five per customer. It comes with a 3-year USA warranty.

While there on eBay, the BuyDig eBay store is offering two 128GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Class 10 memory cards with full SD adapters for $90 with free shipping. Limit five 2-packs per customer.

For a slight discount on the above, you can first get this $200 eBay Gift Card (via email) from PayPal’s Digital Gifts for $195. It’s only a 2.5% discount, but if you were going to pay full price, 2.5% less is 2.5% less 🙂

Pre-order new Tokina 14-20mm f2 DX for $900 (C/N)

It’s pre-orderin’ time, and not a typo, it’s f2 as in f2.0 as in f-two. The new Tokina 14-20mm f2 DX PRO AT-X is available for pre-order for $900 at Adorama in the Canon mount and the Nikon mount. The Canon mount is expected to come out early February, while the Nikon mount in early March. The credit cards are charged when the item ships, not when you place the pre-order. Happy f-two-oooing.

PS: this too has been added to the New Cameras and Lenses of 2016 tracking page… (for the previous year, check the Cameras and Lenses of 2015 tracking page)…

Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 Pro DX II for $360 (C/N)

For Canon and Nikon APS-C DSLR shooters, Adorama is offering, for a limited time only, the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 PRO DX II ATX lens for $359 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards (around $14)… Optionally you can buy together with Elements 14 or ExpoDisc for a combined purchase discount when you expand the yellow “Special Offer” area…

Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 DX-II with 4% rewards for $400 (N)

The lens party continues at B&H, this time for Nikon DSLR photographers, the Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 DX II ATX lens is on sale for $400 with free expedited shipping and 4% promotional rewards ( = $16~). The Canon and Sony Minolta Dyxum A-mount also go for $400 but don’t get the 4% promotional rewards.

Tokina Mail-In Rebates on 16-28mm and 11-16mm II

Tokina has a new round of mail-in rebates (May 1 until June 30 in 2015) for two lenses, and at the same time, Adorama is bundling some free accessories with them. They are:

+ $40 MIR on the ATX 16-28mm FX in Canon or Nikon
+ $30 MIR on the ATX 11-16mm II DX in Canon or Nikon or Sony

As usual, the PDF files of the mail-in rebates are available on the individual product pages of items eligible for them at Adorama.

Preorder new Tokina 11-20mm f2.8 DX (C/N) for $600

Tokina has revealed a new APS-C DSLR, the 11-20mm f2.8 DX available in the Canon and Nikon SLR mounts for $600, with pre-orders at Adorama. Tokina also has a new Cinema 50-135mm T3.0 for the same mounts, with a cinematography preorder price of $4500 at Adorama.

For 2015, we are keeping track of only interesting new cameras and lenses in this Interesting Cameras of 2015 Reference post. Keep in mind, we are now out of the breaking news cycle, so that reference post will not be updated the moment a new camera or lens is announced.

(ENDED) Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 ATX Pro DX II for $465 (C/N/A)

This limited time offer ended… Wide Tokina action now at Adorama where the Tokina 11-16mm F/2.8 ATX Pro DX II is going for $465 with free shipping at Adorama. No coupons, no rebates, just add to cart and checkout. It is available in the Canon mount and Nikon mount and Sony A-mount.