Hardcover: used National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary for $12.50 w/free S&H

UPDATE: the new condition price jumped to $27… As far as I can tell the undying Amazon book coupon GIFTBOOK finally expired, but it doesn’t hurt to type it in just in case 🙂 Regardless, the October 2015 hardcover of National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary is on sale for $21.75 with the usual free shipping terms (Prime or $25+ in books or $49+ in general; of items shipped by Amazon).

It is currently the best seller among Photojournalism Books.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with used photography books (a bigger risk than text-only books since pristine photography is the raison d^etre of a photography books) you can get it for $12.50 with free slow shipping by eBay seller “BookOutlet2” (99.4%, New Jersey zipcode).

(ENDED) Magazine Sale: Pop Photo + Outdoor Photo for $8 per year for both and other offers

This sale ended…

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(ENDED) Book: “Adobe Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC for Photographers Classroom in a Book” for $23

The book on this deal closed 🙂

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1-Year Aperture Digital Subsription for $17.50

A 1-year digital subscription of photography magazine “Aperture” (four issues per year) is on sale for $17.50 through the Zinio magazine service. You can read it using a web browser and the official Zinio apps.

Two eBooks on GIMP for $5 each (Packt)

Packt Publishing is a having a site-wide $5 sale. Every ebook and course is $5 each. Of photography interest, I found two GIMP ebooks for $5 each, one is a “recipes” ebook, the other is a “Starter” ebook.

(ENDED) The Usual Print Photo Magazine offers but also Aperture (digital) for $25

This short sale expired…

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Amazon Book Coupon extended again ($5 off $15+)

If you haven’t used this yet, the Amazon Books coupon code GIFTBOOK that gets you $5 off purchase of $15+ in printed books at Amazon by Amazon itself has been extended again, it ends on Saturday 12/17/16 at 3am eastern, unless it gets extended again.

PS: it also works with some calendars, depending on how they are coded in their system, so if you want to buy photo calendars, or if you sell your own photo-calendars there, you can test the coupon on them and tell your friends to buy them with the extra discount 🙂

(ENDED) 3-Year Subscription for $13 total for either Pop Photo or Outdoor Pho or Digital Pho

This weekend sale expired…

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(ENDED) Monday: National Geographic Atlas of the World, 10th Edition (Hardcover) for $80

This Green Monday offer expired…

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(ENDED) Hardcover: The Making of Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ for $20 [or $15 if you haven’t used the coupon]

This lightning deal expired…

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(ENDED) Hardcover: “Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography” for $51 to $56

This lightning deal expired…

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Extended Again: $5 off purchase of $15+ in Books with coupon (ends Mon 3am ET)

The current expiration date of this promotion is Monday 12/10/16 Thursday [yes, it got extended again] at 3am Eastern, so unless it gets extended again, it is last call for the coupon code GIFTBOOK that gets you $5 off purchase of $15+ in printed books at Amazon by Amazon itself. You can use this coupon even if you used the previous $10 off $25+ coupon in November (I used them both because reading is fun-da-mental!). The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $25+ in books or $49+ in general merchandise, physical goods sold or fulfilled by Amazon itself).

PS: some of the calendars may be eligible for this promotion as well. I can’t test them all, but you can tell by adding to cart and seeing if they get discounted. It may depend on how they are coded in their system or maybe it’s some kinds of calendars but not others, so YMMV.

40% off Books, DVDs, Maps at National Geographic

Good until Tuesday night (11:59pm pacific), the official National Geographic store has a 40% off sale on Books and Atlases (including their various photography books) and Educational DVDs/Videos (including the photography training DVDs) and Maps. There is no coupon code to enter, the price drops in the shopping cart the moment you press the “add to cart” button.

Here’s an annotated screenshot example, the “Getting Your Shot” book goes for $20 on their website, but when you press add-to-cart, it drops to $12:


(ENDED) 3-month Prepaid Texture Premium Netflix-like Magazine Subscription for $9 total (includes Shutterbug, Pop Photo, Outdoor Photographer)

This daily deal expired…

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$5 off $15+ Printed New Condition Books (ends Thur 3am ET) [Extended] [Updated]

If you missed the Black Friday book coupon, or if you want to buy some more books, you are in luck. Amazon is back with another printed book coupon, coupon code GIFTBOOK gets you $5 off a purchase of $15+ in printed books sold and shipped by Amazon itself, in new condition, book purchases (not rentals). Offer ends Thursday Monday at 3am ET. These are the detailed terms. The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $25+ in books or $49+ in general merchandise sold or fulfilled by Amazon).

UPDATE 12/5/16 PM: this has been extended yet again. You can only use this particular coupon once per Amazon account, so if you missed it, here’s another opportunity. Other things may also qualify, eg photo-calendars. Only way to find out for certain is to add to cart and enter the coupon and see if it gets discounted.

1-Year per Print Magazine for $4 each: Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer

This weekend’s sale at Discount Mags is a Top 100 Best Prices of the Year type of a promotion, featuring two photography magazines among the many others. Both are printed glossy magazines delivered to US addresses, without auto-renewal. You pay $4 per magazine per year for Outdoor Photographer or Popular Photography. You can sign-up for up to three years per individual magazine, and individually select whether it’s a gift or new-subscription or a renewal. Offer ends Monday night.

(ENDED) Book: Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision (2nd Edition; paperback) for $23.12

This lightning deal expired…

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(ENDED) Book: Taming your Photo Library with Adobe Lightroom for $14.56 (ends 3:50pm ET)

This lightning deal expired…

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Hardcover Book: National Parks of America: Experience America’s 59 National Parks (Lonely Planet) for $15.80

If you are interested in the National Parks or Nature photography, the hardcover edition of the April 19 (2016) “National Parks of America: Experience America’s 59 National Parks (Lonely Planet)” is on sale for $15.80 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of 30 per customer. The sale is such that the used prices are higher than the new condition. If you are not a Prime member, you get free shipping if you buy $25+ in books (eg two of these) or with a $49+ order.

If you are a Prime member and you are not familiar with this book, but you are curious, you can borrow it for FREE through the Prime Reading program! Go to the Kindle page and look for the “Read for Free” with Prime Reading button. You have to be logged on to a Prime account to see this. Screenshot below:


But wait there’s another way to borrow it for free, if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber!

MINI RANT: Amazon really really really needs to change how they phrase it when you borrow an ebook. It is not free. You are borrowing it. This will probably reduce accidental purchases and returns, and reduce user frustration. The “Read for Free” is good but the “Free” above that when it shows the price is confusing to the uninitiated.

(ENDED) The Complete National Geographic: 125th Anniversary Edition for $7 w/free S&H

This promotion expired…

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(ENDED) Amazon $10 off $25+ in Print Books Coupon extended until Tue 3am ET

This coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Monday: Prepaid Kindle Unlimited subscriptions as low as $6/month

This offer ended too…

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(ENDED) Make Your Own Magazine Bundle: 3 for $12 or 5 for $18 or 10 for $30

This weekend sale ended as expected…

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(ENDED) $10 off $25+ in Books coupon ends Tuesday 3am ET [updated]

This book-reader friendly coupon evaporated into the digital ether as well…

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(ENDED) Coupon: 50% to 60% DRM-free eBooks at O’Reilly

This offer ended…

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Printed Photo Magazine Sale: $4/year on Pop Photo or Outdoor, $5.25 for Digital Photo PRO

Magazines too are having a black friday sale, Discount Mags is offering 1-year delivered-by-mail print subscriptions to “Popular Photography” or “Outdoor Photographer” for $4 per magazine per year, “Digital Photo” for $4.25 per year, and “Digital Photo PRO” for $5.25 per year. These are some of their lowest prices. The usual terms apply, up to three years, good for new subs, renewals or gifts. These printed magazines delivered to your doorstep (USA addresses only) and they won’t renew automatically. The sale should be good until Sunday night.

$10 off order of Printed Books of $25+ at Amazon (expires Sun night)

Reading is fun-da-mental! If you are looking to buy photography books or camera guides, or any other printed books, coupon code HOLIDAYBOOK gets you $10 off a book order of $25 or more at Amazon by Amazon itself. The print books must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself, in new condition. Rentals and digital books are not eligible. Limit one per customer. Offer expires November 28, 2016 at 2:59am EST.

Free shipping if your are a Prime member, or your order total is $25+ in books (I do not know if it has to be post-coupon $25 or pre-coupon $25).

30% off one item at Barnes & Noble with coupon

If you are interested in books that rarely get discounted or have the same prices everywhere, or prefer to buy books from booksellers instead of mega-retailers, coupon code BNBFRIDAY16 gets you 30% off one item at the Barnes and Noble website. Free shipping if your order total is $25+ or if you are a paying member. Coupon ends Sunday.

Weekend Magazine Sale: $5 per year Pop or Outdoor

Another weekend is here which means a new weekend sale at Discount Mags. This is the “default safe”, with 1-year subscriptions of glossy-printed-by-mail Popular Photography or Digital Photo or Outdoor Photographer going for $5 per magazine per year. “Digital Photo PRO” goes for its “default sale price” of $8 per year. The aforementioned are printed glossy magazines. Also participating is a 1-year Zinio digital subscription of Shutterbug for $15 per year. It is interesting to see such a price delta when you consider a print-magazine is more expensive to deliver. Offer ends Monday night as usual, with the usual terms (no auto-renewals, new subs or gift subs or renewals, adjust duration per magazine from 1 to 3 years, etc).

Amazon Teases Two Camera and Photo Black Friday items: Fuji Instax and N-Geo Rarely Seen Photography Book

It’s only a matter of time before we start getting movie trailers from Black Friday retailers, but at the moment, Amazon is happy to tease us with press releases. They list items that will be offered at any point in time between now and December 22 in 2016. I have no clue when the items mentioned will be offered. Of camera and photo interest, they tease two products:

+ Fujifilm Instax Mini 26 film camera with Film Bundle for $49.99

+ 52% off on the “National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary” by National Geographic and Stephen Alvarez (website)
+ the list price of the hardcover book is $40, so assuming it is 52% off that, the sale price will be $19.20. The current price of the book (as of the time of writing of this post) is $27.19
+ published October 2015, 400 pages, 9.6 x 1.2 x 11.3 inches

I will be keeping an eye out for these, but I have no clue when they will be offered…

Prime Members: read Nov issue of Pop Photo for FREE

If you are a Prime member, one of your benefits is Prime Reading. For the month of November 2016, you can borrow a selection of single Magazine issues, including the November 2016 issue of Popular Photography and Imaging. Magazines count as one of your “ten out” selections but you can return them at any time to free up the slot. You don’t own these, they are digitally borrowed. As far as I can tell, these digital magazine issues can only be read on iOS and Android, not Windows.

$5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer

The weekend sale is here at Discount Mags and this round, good until Monday night, includes two photography magazines, each offered for $5 per magazine per year, with the usual terms (up to three years, renewals or new subscribers or gifts; no auto-renewals; you have to manually renew IF you want to do so; printed magazines delivered by snail mail to physical addresses).

(ENDED) Book (ends 6:10pm ET): Lightroom Transformations: Realizing your vision with Adobe Lightroom plus Photoshop for $20.86

This lightning deal expired…

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Photography Magazine Weekend Sale returns

It’s the weekend and the Weekend Sale at DiscountMags is back offering lower than usual discount prices for printed magazines delivered to USA addresses as follows:

  • Outdoor Photographer for $4.71 per year
  • Digital Photo for $4.73 per year
  • Popular Photography for $4.79 per year
  • Digital Photo PRO for $7.83

The usual terms apply, up to three years, individually adjustable per magazine, good for gifts, renewals or new subscriptions. Their subscription are not auto-renewal; they won’t renew unless you manually do so.

15% off at Barnes & Noble website with coupon

New coupon action at the Barnes & Noble website, coupon AUTUMN15 gets you 15% off one item until 11/6/16. Strategically this is a good idea for items that have the same price everywhere or rarely get discounted. Free shipping with orders of $25 or store pickup where available. If you are a B&N member, you get free shipping regardless ($25/year membership). Of on-topic interest, think photography books, camera guides, how-to books, post-processing/lighting/workflow books, etc.

(ENDED) Three Photography Books by Viviane Sassen and Henry Carroll and of Bjork [updated]

These 4-hour book lightning deals expired…

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(ENDED) Over 400 (!!!) Books in Thursday’s Lightning Deals

This offer expired…

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(ENDED) Photography Book: “The Way We Were: The Photography of Julian Wasser” for $43.47 w/free S&H

This 4-hour lightning deal expired…

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(ENDED) Weekend Magazine Sale: $5 per year for the usuals

The weekend is over, and so it this sale…

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(ENDED) 4 Months of Pop Photo for $0.99 total (renews at full price)

This offer expired but they seem to have similar type of things every few weeks/months…

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(ENDED) 1-Year of Shutterbug (Digital Subscription) for $9

This weekend sale expired… This weekend’s magazine sale at Discount Mags has a slightly different set of featured magazines with a fall theme of sorts. None of the usual printed photo magazines are participating, but they offer a 1-year digital subscription (Zinio) of Shutterbug for $9 for new subscribers or renewals. Their weekend sales now feature a mix of print or digital or “print + digital”, so be sure to check the box of each magazine there. The sales are good until Monday night.

15% off at BN website with coupon

If you prefer to buy books from anywhere-but-Amazon, or if you are looking for a discount on books that rarely get discounted or have the same prices everywhere, coupon code HARVEST15 gets you 15% off at the Barnes and Noble website until 10/23/16. Nook devices and e-books are not eligible for the offer.

20% off Art DRM-Free eBooks with coupon

O’Reilly is not the only online e-book store that offers DRM-free books. eBooks.com is also DRM-Free, and for October 2016, coupon code categorysalecp (that’s the coupon name) gets you 20% off on Art eBooks (along with Business, Law, Literary Criticism, and Performing Arts categories). Some photography ebooks are under Art, but I have no way of knowing exactly what percentage. This depends on how the ebooks are coded in their system. For example, a Canon 7D camera guide won’t be under Art, but something approaching photography from an art angle will likely be so. Their ebooks are available as EPUBs or PDFs, and can also be read online using a web browser

(ENDED) 3 Magazines for $12 total for 1-Year (Ends Mon PM)

This weekend sale ended but another one will come next weekend…

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20% off one item at B&N Website with coupon

Amazon is not everything to everyone (not for lack of trying), if you prefer to buy books from other retailers, the Barnes and Noble website has a new 20% off coupon for one item, coupon code BNFRIEND until 10/10/16. This is good for everything except e-books, Nook devices and the usual exclusions (gift cards, brands that do not allow couponizing of their products, law prohibits couponization of product, etc). Strategically of interest for photography and camera-n-photo books that rarely get discounted OR have the same prices at all retailers. Free shipping with orders of $25+ or if you are a paying member ~ B&N had a Prime-like annual membership before it was cool 🙂

New Prime Benefit: borrow latest Shutterbug, Consumer Reports Magazine Issues and more, plus borrow 1000+ ebooks for FREE

A few days after adding free Audible content to Prime memberships, Amazon is back with a new feature for Prime members, Prime Reading. This feature has two components:

  • you can read over 1000 e-books for FREE. You do not own the books, but you can read them for free and take as long as you like to finish them
  • monthly selection of Magazine Issues you can borrow and read for FREE, the current selection includes the latest issues from Shutterbug and Consumer Reports, N-Geo Traveler, Pop Mechanics, among others

This is essentially a “Kindle Unlimited Lite” membership, it contains a subset of the ebooks available through that for-pay membership.

You can read as many of them as you like but there is a checkout limit of ten at a time. This of this as your local library, you can only have ten items out at any time, but you can return them and borrow new ones as many times as you like. The magazines count towards the ten item limit.

The magazine selections will change monthly, so there’s no guarantee the same magazine will be available next month. Magazines can only be read using the iOS and Android Kindle apps. You cannot read them with the Cloud Reader, nor the Windows Kindle app, nor using e-readers. eBooks can be read with all options including Cloud Reader and e-readers.

Of the 1000+ books, only one is photography-related (as far as my searches can tell), “How to Archive Family Photos: A Step-by-Step Guide to Organize and Share Your Photos Digitally” by Denise May Levenick.

As usual with the Netflix-style membership, you don’t get to keep any of them, but you can keep reading them as long as you are a paying member.

UPDATE: indeed this is single issues, which you can download to your Kindle app for later reading (eg if without internet connection). Here’s a screenshot of the app with Shutterbug, the October 2016 issue:


To celebrate (okay, sale-a-brate) this new Prime benefit, Amazon is also discounting some of their Kindle e-book readers for Prime members (so they can read all these 1000+ e-books) as follows:

+ Kindle Voyage e-reader for $150
+ Kindle Paperwhite e-reader for $90
+ Entry-Level Kindle e-reader for $50
+ for all the Kindles, you see the discount after you add it to the shopping cart and proceed to the Checkout page

(ENDED) $5 per year Photo Magazines (Print OR Digital) includes Digital Photo PRO

This weekend sale ended…

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(ENDED) Sat only: 3-Month Subscription of Texture (Netflix-style magazine service includes Shutterbug, Pop, Outdoor) for $10 total [NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY!]

This daily deal expired…

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B&N Coupon: $15 off $75+ order (think rarely discounted Photo Books & Camera Guides)

If you are looking to buy photography or camera guides (or any other books), especially ones that rarely get discount, there is a new coupon code for the Barnes and Noble website, coupon BNFALL16 gets you $15 off a purchase of $75+. The coupon excludes e-books and book rentals. Free shipping if your order total is $25+, so if you use this coupon, mathematically you also get free shipping. Coupon expires 9/29/16 at 3am ET.

(ENDED) Photo Magazine Sale: $5 per magazine per year

This weekend special ended, but they typically have new offers every weekend…

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