B&M: 20% off at B&N stores for Members (ends Sun PM)

This is brick and mortar store promotion only! It does NOT apply to online sales!

Until Sunday night (9/24/17), Barnes and Nobles members can double their usual 10% off discount on non-sale items. So you will get a 20% off discount instead. The promotion is available to new members who sign up on the spot as well. After all it looks like this promotion is a membership drive 🙂

The B&N membership costs $25 per year and gets you free shipping on their website without the $25 minimum. You also get some additional benefits, and/or help fund them so they can stay in business 🙂

The camera/photography inventory is smaller in the stores, however, a good place to check is their Clearance aisles. A number of giant coffee table photo/books are often on sale for less than their weight in paper and ink there!

Items that are already discounted (eg 40% off best sellers) are not eligible for the discount. It only applies to non-sale items. Also excluded are a variety of things (as usual): gift cards, digital content, college bookstores, electronics, LEGOs, etc. Ask in-store if you are not sure.

For available/surviving store locations, check the Barnes and Noble website.