Sunday: “Understanding Exposure” [4th ed, 2016] ebook by Bryan Peterson for $2

Don’t want, RUN to Amazon! Good until Sunday 4/5/20 at 11:59pm pacific time [ebooks don’t run out], you can get the 4th edition of Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure” for $2 as one of the Sunday Kindle deals of the day. The 4th edition came out in 2016 (Random House).

If you haven’t seen this book before, you can get a Kindle sample for the beginning of the book, and you can use the page for the print edition of the book to “Look Inside” which allows you to jump around a book, very helpful in trying to figure out whether this is something that might interest you. o/~ Jump, jump, jump around! o/~

Four Magazines for $16 total per year (including Digital Photo PRO and Outdoor Pho)

Quarantine has brought the Discount Mags Weekend Sale live earlier on, and it’s a good thing because this is a good sale, you buy four magazines and you pay $16 total for one year (making it $4 per magazine per year). You can buy more than four if you want and get appropriate discounts, but four is the minimum in order to get the volume discount.

Of the many options available, two photography magazines are available, “Digital Photo PRO” (which costs $7/yr during the “default sale”) and “Outdoor Photographer”. Many other “six degrees of separation” magazines are participating in the sale including WIRED, PopSci, fashion, sports, nature, etc….

Outdoor Photographer print magazine for $4.50 per year

The latest DiscountMag sale includes the following camera-n-photo related print magazine 1-yr subscriptions delivered to US addresses:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.50
+ Videomaker for $6.63
+ Digital Photo PRO for $7.72

Outdoor Photographer for $4.81 per year

The Leap Year Sale at DiscountMags is offering among others a 1-year no-autorenewal print subscription (USA only) of “Outdoor Photographer” for $4.81 per year, below their “default” sale price of $5 per year. The other two photo-related magazines are Videomaker for $6.54 per year and “Digital Photo PRO” for $7.49.

As usual, various other “six degrees of separation from photography” magazines are also on offer including NatGeo for $18.51 per year…

$5 Magazines each per year: Digital Photo PRO or Videomaker (or others)

A great deal if you want to get either/or “Digital Photo PRO” (DPP) or “VideoMaker” (VM). The theme of this weekend sale at DiscountMAGS is a $5 per magazine per year sale, these being printed magazines delivered to US addresses by mail. Without auto-renewal. Also participating in the sale is Outdoor Photographer for $5 but that’s its standard sale price. But the DPP and VM prices are pretty good compared to their standard sale prices…

Sunday Photography-related Novel: “The Age Of Light” for $3

There’s only so many photography how-to and camera user-manuals you can read. Sometimes you just want to read a novel that has some …photography in it. For example, the protagonists are photographers or some other related plots and twists and turns. Such is the case with one of Sunday’s Kindle ebook daily deals, it is the “The Age of Light” novel by Whitney Scharer (for the speed-readers out there, no, not Whitley Strieber) for $2.99. It is 385 pages, got published in February 2019, and averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 150+ customer ratings. You can get the start of the book using the “Kindle sample” or you can jump around jump around jump around using the “Look Inside” feature when you are on the Hardcover or Softback Amazon page of the book.

This is biographical historical fiction, not a romance novel…

“As they work together in the darkroom, their personal and professional lives become intimately entwined, changing the course of Lee’s life forever.”

Multi-Year sale at DiscountMags

The theme of this weekend’s sale at the DiscountMags website is a multi-year sale. The longer you subscribe to a particular magazine, the better price you get. Of the camera-n-photo related magazines (printed, delivered to US addresses, no auto-renewal) they offer:

+ 3-year Outdoor Photographer for $13 total

+ 3-year Digital Photo PRO for $22 total

+ 3-year Videomaker for $19 total
+ NOTE: there’s some error/confusion there for the 4-year and 6-year options, they cost a LOT more; I’m guessing this must be an error because I rarely see 6-year subscription offers

The usual assortment of other “six degrees of separation” (from camera and photography) magazines are also offered, for example 3-year WIRED for $13 total, along with NatGeo, Discover, PopSci, Pop Mecha, lifestyle/fashion, sports, nature, etc…

Mag Sale: DP and OP under $5 per magazine per year

Everything this week is/was a Super Bowl sale, or a “Super” sale for short. Which brings us to the Weekend Super Sale at DiscountMAGS which is below their “standard” sale prices:

+ all mentioned below are 1-year printed subscriptions delivered to US addresses without auto-renewal

+ Digital Photo for $4.59
+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.68
+ Videomaker for $6.57
+ Digital Photo Pro for $6.81

You can sign up for up to three years at the sale price. This is good for new subscriptions, renewals of existing, or gift subscriptions for others…

Weekend Mag Sale: Digital Photo $4.54/yr, Outdoor Pho $4.69/yr

It’s customer appreciation Weekend Sale at DiscountMags (printed magazines delivered to US addresses, no auto-renewal) and the four photography-related magazines are on sale as follows:

+ 1yr Digital Photo for $4.54
+ 1yr Outdoor Photographer for $4.69
+ 1yr VideoMaker for $6.58
+ 1yr Digital Photo PRO for $7.72

As usual, various other “six degrees of separation” from photography magazines are on sale as well, including Nat Geo, Discover, various Populars, WIRED, etc…

All Photography Magazines for $4.80 per year each

This is a good weekend sale at Discount Mags, all four photography magazines that they curry are on sale for $4.80 per year each, including “Digital Photo PRO” and “Videomaker” which usually are $7+. Also going for $4.80 per magazine per year is Outdoor Photography and Digital Photo (non-PRO).

As usual, there are plenty of other six degrees of separation (from photography) magazines going for $4.80 per magazine per year including WIRED (is it TIRED?), Popular Science, Bridal Guide, Harper’s Bazaaaaar, Backpacker, Home and Garden, Traveler, and lots of outdoors/nature, fashion, travel, sports, etc…

As usual, these are printed magazines delivered to US addresses. No auto-renewal. You can sign up for up to three years as new-subs or renewals or gifts for other people…

Magazine Sale: Outdoor Photographer for $4.76/yr, Etc

The latest DiscountMags sale features the following C&P-related print magazines, delivered to US addresses without auto-renewal:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.76/yr
+ Digital Photo for $4.81/yr
+ Videomaker for $6.54/yr
+ Digital Photo PRO for $6.85/yr

Tuesday: National Geographic Magazine for $9 [annual digital subscription]

One of the Tuesday Amazon USA Gold Box deals of the day is a sale on digital magazine subscriptions, one of which is an annual digital subscription to the National Geographic Magazine for $9, after a 28-day free trial. Note that this is an auto-renewing subscription, so it will renew automatically in the future, until or unless you cancel it.

PS: if you happen to have a print subscription, you can get the Kindle version for free if you verify your subscription through Amazon…

Used Print Book: “Instant: The Story of Polaroid” for $5

If you like print photography books but don’t want to pay new condition price, in “Used – Good” condition you can get the book “Instant: The Story of Polaroid” by Christopher Bonanos (2012, 192 pages, 4.5 out of 5 based on 70+ customer reviews) for $5~ by a 3rd-party seller at Amazon Warehouse Deals with free shipping from the seller (not fulfilled by Amazon, so more people get free shipping). Better conditions go for slightly more ($6~ in “Used – Very Good”)

Photo Magazine sale returns: Outdoor Pho $4.25/yr, Digital Photo PRO $5.75/yr, Etc

Black Friday is back for this weekend’s Discount Mags deals. The four photography magazines that are featured regularly go for:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.25
+ Digital Photo for $4.25
+ Digital Photo PRO for $5.75
+ Videomaker for $5.75

Of more general tech interest:
+ WIRED $3.95
+ Pop Sci $3.99
+ Pop Mecha $5.75
+ Consumer Reports $16
+ Nat Geo $18.54
+ and many and more at the Discount Mags website

The prices are for a 1-year no-auto-renewal print, delivered-by-mail subscription. You can individually select for up to three years per magazine as renewals, gift, new-subscriptions. USA addresses only.

FREE (with DRM): “The Camera Does the Rest: How Polaroid Changed Photography” ebook

We have an ebook freebie that is of direct camera-and-photo interest, and for a limited time, the University of Chicago (UoC) is offering it for FREE. However, the ebooks they sell come with DRM, Adobe Digital Editions, so you need to install their crap on your computer or use a mobile app that is compatible with their crap in order to read it.

The UoC freebie ebook for this month is “The Camera Does the Rest: How Polaroid Changed Photography” by Peter Buse (320 pages). UoC offers one free ebook each month but every time it is with Adobe’s nasty DRM stuff.

IF you are curious about the ebook without committing to Adobe’s DRM, you can “Look Inside” at (they only have a Kindle preview, no preview of the hardcover).

PS: typically Kindle previews are a number of pages (or a percentage of the ebook) starting from the front cover, while hardcover previews jump all over the book and you can get a better feel for it ~ depending on the book of course…

Monday: 15% off entire order with B&Noble coupon

If you are a fan of Barnes and Noble, their Cyber Monda offer is 15% off your entire order using coupon code CYBER15. As usual, terms, conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply.

Monday: “Sontag: Her Life and Work” for $4 (w/60c store credit)

One of the hundreds Kindle ebook deals of the day at Amazon for Cyber Monday is the “Sontag: Her Life and Work” e-book by Benjamin Moser (793 pages, September 2019) for $3.99 but because it’s a “Great On Kindle” ebook, you will receive a $0.60 store credit towards future “Great on Kindle” ebooks. The 60c credit happens automatically and gets applied automatically in future orders. It is a promotional credit so it expires if not used. The ebook averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 12 customer ratings.

A TL;DR refresher on her career at Wikipedia. In terms of photography, her “On Photography” essays are often a recommended read…

Spend $20+ in Kindle ebooks, Get $5 ebook credit [YMMV]

This is a YMMV promotion as it may be targeted, and you have to login to your Amazon account to activate the offer (if you don’t see an activation button it means your account is not eligible ~ how they decide these, I have no clue)…

The offer is this: spend $20+ in Kindle ebooks by the end of day on December 4 and receive a $5 promotional Kindle e-book store credit. You must first activate the offer, so you won’t earn anything before that…

The link is the second box, the cyan-blue color at the Amazon Book Deals page. Click on that while logged on to Amazon (or login if prompted) to see if you are eligible…

PS: I’m not posting the direct link to the offer because that’s a login page, and that’s bad practice from a security standpoint ~ not to mention that people get spooked if they click a link that takes them directly to a login page…

BF Magazine sale with photo titles $4.25 to $5.75 per year

Just like we have “bag the bags”, we also have “grab the magz” sales 😉 DiscountMags has just launched their Black Friday sale and the four usual photography-related magazines are on sale per magazine per year as follows:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.25
+ Digital Photo for $4.25
+ Digital Photo PRO for $5.75
+ VideoMaker for $5.75

These are printed magazines delivered physically to USA addresses. No auto-renewal. You can sign up for to three years per individual magazine. They are good for new subscriptions, gift subs, and renewals. Note that on renewals some magazines place a limit on how many years ahead one can be renewed…

Humble Bundle has GIMP ebooks at $1+ and $8+ tiers

We haven’t visited Humble Bundle in a while but since one of the offers is of photography interest, the time is right to write about them right now! All the offers mentioned below are “Pay What You Want” and start at $1. If you pay that, you get the first collection of ebooks. Paying more at the designated tiers on each offer gets you additional ebooks. But for the first tier, $1 is enough! All these are DRM-free ebooks and they are typically offered in multiple formats (eg ePUB, PDF, etc).

The Linux and BSD bookshelf at the $1 tier includes, among others, the ebook “The Artist’s Guide to GIMP: Creative Techniques for Photographers, Artists and Designers”. Six more ebooks are there including Audacity, Firewalls, Debugging, etc… GIMP has another ebook in the $8+ tier, the “The Book of GIMP”, along with “The Book of Inkscape” (graphics editor), Blender, OpenBSD [the BSD vs Linux war is as ancient as time itself?] and more… The $15+ tier goes more hardcore Linux, no GIMP at that tier.

If you like food and wine and/or food-n-wine photography, there’s a Food and Wine bundle. No how-to-photograph-food ebooks however 🙂

Then there’s a confusing Music and Design bundle that has ebooks on how to learn music instruments and ebooks on design in general (not of music instruments)…

But if you want more design, they got you covered too with the Designers bundle that also has some money/marketing ebooks for the creatives. The $15+ tier has a “color combinations” ebook along with a scary sounding title “Self-Portrait As Your Traitor” by Debbie Millman… IF you want spoilers on what this ebook is about you can find them in the Amazon description [it’s probably not what you guessed?]

Each one of the bundles has its own expiration date. Sometimes they get extended, sometimes they don’t, so don’t delay if you see something you like. They take PayPal, you don’t have to give them a credit card. They also take AliPay.

Multi-Year Magazine Subscription: 3yr Outdoor Pho for $12 total, Etc

It’s the return of the Multi-Year sale at DiscountMags for this weekend promotional period. You get the best price if you sign up for the longest offer time-period (typically 3 years) for a particular magazine. So 3-year subscriptions of the following:

+ Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo for $12 per magazine per 3-year period

+ VideoMaker for $19 for a 3-year period

+ Digital Photo PRO for $20 for a 3-year period

These are for US addresses only, printed magazines, and are good for gifts, renewals, or brand new subscriptions…

Outdoor Photographer for $4.75/yr [ends Wedn PM]

Good until Wednesday 10/29/19, as its current featured deal, Discount Mags is offering 1-year print subscriptions of Outdoor Photographer for $4.75 per year. This is for USA addresses only. No auto-renewal. You can sign up for up to three years at the sale rate. This is also good for renewals and/or gift subscriptions for others…

NOTE for renewals: some magazines have limits on how many years one can be signed up going forward, so if you are already on a multi-year sub going forward, you may want to check with them before you pile on more years.

DiscountMags Bundle Promo: 3 Magazines for $12 total per year

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Weekends at the Discount Mags sale where the theme of this weekend is a bundle, get three magazines for $12 total for one year. If you want more than three from the selection, you can add additional magazines to the bundle for +$4 per magazine per year. These being printed magazines physically delivered to US addresses…

Three photography magazines participate, “Digital Photo PRO”, “Outdoor Photographer” and “Digital Photo”. And of course lots of “six degrees of separation from photography” magazines. Along with other titles such as Stereophile because hours and hours of Photoshopping are more pleasant with quality music 🙂

You can individually select for each magazine whether it’s a renewal or a new subscription but the duration of the subscription (1 or 2 or 3 years) is determined for all magazines in the bundle ~ because the price is for the bundle, not the individual magazines.

For gift purchases, simply place a separate order if you don’t find any other option or way to do so during the checkout process…

Tuesday: Dorothea Lange ebook for $3

One of the Tuesday Kindle deals of the day at Amazon is an e-book written by Dorothea Lange’s grand daughter about her grandmother, “Dorothea Lange: Grab a Hunk of Lightning” for $2.99.

Speaking of ebooks, for a limited time (but longer than a daily deal), Amazon is running a 99c+ ebook sale

Weekend Sale: Four Photo Mags for $4.80 each per year (including Digital Photo PRO and VideoMaker)

These days a “Fall Sale” has became a polite stand-in for Black Friday and Thanksgiving sale but it’s a bit too early (about two months) to utter those words. So the nudge-nudge is a fall sale and this is a good one for the weekend at DiscountMags as each one of the four camera-n-photo magazines they typically feature is on sale for $4.80 per magazine per year. The titles are:

+ Digital Photo PRO (mayhaps it’s lowest price ever at DiscoMags?)
+ VideoMaker
+ Outdoor Photographer
+ Digital Photo

Each one is $4.80 per magazine per year and good for renewals, new-subs or gift-subs. You can adjust the options for each magazine individually. These are printed magazines that can be shipped to US addresses only.

As usual, various other “six degrees of separation (from photography)” magazines are participating in the $4.80/mag/year sale including Popular Science, Wired, Backpacker, Homes & Gardens, Arch. Digest, Conde Nast Traveler, Dreamscapes and plenty of fashion-n-lifestyle magazines include VOGUE, Cosmo, GQ, and of course Bridal Guide and various sports.

The four camera and photo magazines are at the very bottom of the page ~ or you can get to them by clicking on the “Photography” tab below the harvest-banner at the top of the weekend sale page

Multi-Year sale at DiscoMags (3yrs for $12 total per mag)

It’s the return of the Multi-Year sale at DiscountMags. You get a better price the longer the subscription duration. Of the four camera/photo related magazines they offer:

+ 3-yrs of Outdoor Photographer for $12 total
+ 3-yrs of Digital Photo for $12 total
+ 3-yrs of VideoMaker for $15 total
+ 3-yrs of Digital Photo PRO for $20 total

These do not auto-renew. They are printed magazines delivered to USA addresses. Offer works on new-subscriptions, renewals-of-existing and gift-subscriptions. These can be selected individually per magazine, it is not a bundle sale but a multi-year sale.

Kindle Offer (YMMV): Spend $15+, Get $4 ebook credit

This is a targeted / invited offer, so there’s no general use link. You will find the offer while browsing around the Amazon website, or if you want to “encourage” their website to show you the offer (if you are eligible for it) start browsing around their eBooks pages

The offer is this: spend $15+ in any Kindle ebook purchase(s) between August 27 and September 5 in 2019, and receive a $4 ebook credit towards future purchases. The $4 credit will be automatically added to your account two days after you reach the limit, and will be used automatically in your next eligible e-book purchases in the next 30 days after it was received. If not used within 30 days, it evaporates.

In addition to general fiction/non-fiction, there’s a number of camera and photography related ebooks. The ones with pictures and diagrams are best enjoyed on larger color screens but text-only books (eg Susan Sontag’s essays) can be nicely read on e-readers.

NOTE that you must manually hit the “Activate Now” button while logged on to your Amazon account in order for the offer to …activate 🙂

Labor Day Magazine sale (Pho Mags under $5/yr)

The Labor Day weekend magazine sales at the Discount Mags website have photography magazines under their “default” sale prices. The prices below are, as usual, per printed magazine per year, with USA addresses only, and no autorenewals:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.81/yr
+ Digital Photo for $4.66/yr
+ Digital Photo PRO for $6.75/yr
+ VideoMaker for $6.81/yr

The usual assortment of other “six degrees of separation” magazines are also on sale, including WIRED for $4.45, PopSci for $4.76/yr, NatGeo for $18.62/yr, Pop-Mecha for $6.54/yr, etc.

You can select new-subscription or renewal or gift-subscription (for others; or your separate office or workplace, etc) for each magazine. The maximum subscription duration varies from 1-4 years depending on the magazine, but the four aforementioned camera/photo related magazines let you sign-up for up to three years…

Four Magazines for $16 total for 1-year [your choice of many]

These are printed magazines that can be delivered to USA addresses and have no auto-renewal. The current weekend deal at DiscountMags (often ends on Monday night, sometimes Sunday night) is a special sale, four magazines for $16 total for a 1-year subscription each. You can purchase more than four for slightly less per magazine per year.

Of camera and photo interest there are three magazines, “Outdoor Photographer”, “Digital Photo” and “Digital Photo PRO”. And there are many other “six degrees of separation” from cameras and photography type of magazines, including WIRED, PopSci, Homes & Gardens, Vogue, Bridal Guide, Backpacker, sports, fashion, nature, local and more…

Weekend Print Photo Magazine sales start at $4.53/yr

DiscountMags is back with another weekend sale with better than “standard” deal pricing. The following four are print magazines delivered to USA addresses only. No auto-renewal on these. The price is per magazine per year. You can sign up for up to three years and/or renew existing subscriptions or gift them to others…

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.53

+ Digital Photo for $4.83
+ Digital Photo PRO for $6.89

+ VideoMaker for $6.49

Various other “six degrees of separation” (from photography) magazines are also on sale, such as fashion, sports, bridal, nature, travel, architecture, technologie, etc…

Saturday: refurb HP 2-in-1 Sprocket Bundle for $50, various digital magazines

One of the deals of the day for Saturday 8/3/19 at the Amazon USA Gold Box is a digital magazine sale that includes a 6-month subscription to National Geographic for $9, NG Travel for $5, NG History for $9, etc. There’s also a 6-month WIRED subscription for $1.50 total. Keep in mind their subscription are auto-renewing, you must needs manually cancel them if you don’t want them to auto-renew in the future…

In other Saturday daily deal action, Woot Electronics is offering the factory refurbished HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Portable Photo Printer & Instant Camera Bundle with 8GB MicroSD Card and ZINK Photo Paper for $50 with free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat shipping. They come with a 1-year HP warranty. Limit up to ten sets per customer at the sale price. Three color schemes are available for the unibody printer + camera hybrid critter…

Saturday: 1-Year of WIRED for $3 to $5, 1-Year of National Geographic for $8

The headliner of the Saturday Amazon USA Gold Box is a digital magazine sale that includes, among others, of potential photo-interest and/or six-degrees-of-separation:

+ 1-year annual subscription of WIRED for $3 in digital (Kindle edition) or $5 print magazine
+ the print edition of WIRED includes digital access as well

+ 1-year National Geographic for $8 in the Kindle edition
+ the print edition offer is for half-a-year, and it does not include digital access

Kindle editions can be read on Amazon’s Fire tablets, the good old Fire phone, and the Kindle apps for Android and iOS. The National Geographic is also available for the Kindle e-reader devices.

NOTE that these are AUTO-RENEWAL subscription and will automatically renew (unless you cancel them) at the future renewal rate. They won’t keep renewing at the introductory annual subscription rate of this offer…

20% off with Barnes & Noble coupon

Barnes and Noble is not going to let Amazon run “unopposed” during Prime Day, so the Barnes & Noble website is offering 20% off your order using coupon code JUNEREADS until 7/16/19. The usual restrictions and exclusions apply. There is no minimum order amount for this promotion…

For bargain book ideas [think of the B&M bookstore “clearance section” with those giant colorful coffee table books], check their Outlet page and if you don’t feel like digging into the various categories, check their Photography Section

Monday (fiction eBook with Photographer): Lightkeepers for $2

Photographers are rarely the “stars” of movies and books and TV show but in this case, they are! The “star” of the Lightkeepers: a Novel”, a mystery novel by Abby Geni is a Kindle daily deal for Monday 7/8/19. It is a 370-pager that came out January 2016 and averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 135 customer reviews…

I have sent the Kindle sample to the Kindle but have not read it yet, so I can’t tell you what to expect…

10% off 700+ B&N Photography Outlet books

One of the popular things to do back when there were big-chain bookstores on many street corners was to go inside and browser around the Clearance section where you could find giant photography books at a bargain price.

You can sort of do this online by heading to the B&N Outlet page and more specifically digging down to the Photography Section where they have 700+ books on clearance/sale there. You can further drill down on them using the categories (and then the sub-categories) on the left hand side of their page…

And for a limited time, coupon code FIREWORKS gets you 10% off your purchase over there and for many other items sold at the B&N website ~ with the usual coupon exclusions they have (eg, no Nook books, no LEICA Legos, etc). Check website for details…

DiscountMags offers on the four photography magazines

All apologies for the delay in posting 4th of July deals. This has been one of those “technology bad hair days” where things that could go wrong did go wrong. Even the mouse ran out of batteries!

But we are baaaack and we have a 4th of July edition of the DiscountMags offers that includes the usual quartet of photography magazine offers:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.86 per year
+ Digital Photo for $4.55/yr
+ digital Photo PRO for $6.61 per year
+ VideoMaker for $6.81/yr

As usual, these are printed magazines delivered physically to US addresses. No auto-renewal. You can individually select up to three years per magazine and whether it’s a renewal of an existing subscription or a brand new one.

Friday Blurb flash sale: 30% off Photography Book purchases with coupon

Blurb is not only selling custom photo books for photographers to print, but also allows photographers (and others) to sell their own books to the general public. Which brings us to this limited time flash sale for Friday 6/21/19, coupon code SUMMERSAVING3RT gets you 30% off the purchase of other people’s books at the Blurb Bookstore which features Photography books, along with other related categories such as Travel and Cookbooks and more. Browse through or use their detailed categories selector.

Or jump directly to the Art & Photography Books page, where they have “just” 110,000 (!!!) options. Happy browsing 🙂

If any of you have photography books published there, post them in the Comments so our other readers can check them out and mayhaps purchase them using the flash sale coupon!

And for the speed-readers, this is a coupon for buying other people’s photography books. It is not a coupon to create your own custom photo books!

Nature eBooks in the latest Humble Bundle PWYW offer

If you are a fan of nature and DRM-free eBooks, this new pay-what-you-want (PWYW) Humble Bundle offer has a variety of nature ebooks without DRM. The $1+ tier includes five ebooks (three on backpacking, two on the night sky). The $8+ tier adds 12 more ebooks (all kinds of topics) and the $15+ tier adds another eight ebooks (more variety including a very practical-sounding ebook, “fixing your feet”)…

Speaking of eBooks, they are also running a Programming PWYW with ebooks from Packt on a variety of subjects…

DiscountMags: three magazines for $12 total per year [avg $4 per]

Good until Monday night, the weekend promotion at Discount Mags is a “3 for $12” promotion. You subscribe to three magazines for $12 per year total. That’s $4 per magazine per year. You can select up to five magazines at $4 per magazine per year. If you want more than five, organize your separate orders in groups of 3+.

There are exactly three photography magazines (Digital Photo PRO, Digital Photo and Outdoor Photographer) along with the usual assortment of “six degrees of separation” magazines such as fashion, sports, bridal, nature, architecture, etc…

The duration is either 1 or 2 or 3 years selected for the whole bundle. BUT for each individual magazine you can select whether it is a new subscription or a renewal. So you can mix and match new subs and renewals in the same order…

These are printed magazines delivered to US addresses by mail. They do not auto-renew.

Memorial Day: 20% off entire B&N order coupon

If you are a fan of Barnes and Noble, online or in-store, good for Memorial Day 2019 coupon code MEMORIALDAY20 gets you 20% off your entire order at the Barnes & Noble website or you can select a printable coupon for 20% off at their B&M stores. Exclusions apply to both the online and B&M coupons ~ details over there…

Monday eBook: “The Planets: Photographs from the Archives of NASA” for $4

Good until Monday at 11:59pm pacific time, one of the Kindle daily deals is the Kindle e-book The Planets: Photographs from the Archives of NASA (258 pages, November 2017, Chronicle Books) going for $4. You can get a Kindle sample on your device or app OR to go deep inside the book, use the “Look Inside” feature on the Print Book page

Multi-Year Sale at DiscoMags: 3yrs for $13 total, Etc

It’s the return of the Multi-Year sale at Discount Mags, where you get a better per-year price if you sign up for a 3-year subscription. Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo go for $13 each for the 3-year period (that’s $4.25 per magazine per year), while Videomaker goes for $19 for the 3-year period and “Digital Photo PRO” goes for $20 (just under $7/year)…

As usual, these are printed magazines delivered to US addresses (shipping outside the US is cost-prohibitive considering the prices of these magazines). These are not auto-renewals.

B&N coupons: $10 off $50+ online [15% off one item B&M]

Amazon is not the center of the shopping universe, despite the Bezos gazillions in probably a gazillion banks [there’s that $100K FDIC limit after all) 🙂 If you are fond of giving Barnes and Noble a chance, good until Sunday, coupon code APRILSHOWERS get you $10 off an online purchase of $50+ of eligible items.

For their B&M stores, a personalized coupon code for 15% off a single item can be found at their Offers page

For more deal ideas, check their Clearance/Outlet page or jump directly to the Photography page (over 700 options as of the time of writing)…

Exclusions and restrictions apply to both coupons…

Sun ebook: James Aldred Wildlife Cameraman adventures for $3

I almost missed this. There are over 80 e-books featured in today’s Amazon USA Gold Box daily deals. One of them is of camera-photo-video interest, it is a book about wildlife BBC camera man James Aldred, “The Man Who Climbs Trees: The Lofty Adventures of a Wildlife Cameraman” (272 pages, May 2018) going for $3 until Sunday at 11:59pm pacific time. eBooks don’t sell out 🙂 It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 28 customer reviews.

DiscountMags Weekend Sale

IT’s another weekend, another weekend sale at DiscountMags with a “March Madness” theme. This “translates” to the following prices for print-photography magazines per-year, shipped to US addresses without auto-renewal:

+ Digital Photo for $4.65/year

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.86/year

+ Videomaker for $5.60/year

+ Digital Photo PRO for $7.56/year

15% off total order at B&N website with coupon

The Barnes and Noble website is back with another promotion until Sunday night: coupon code SUNSHINE [yes, get ready for the daylight savings “spring forward” marketing blitz] gets you 15% off your online order. Some exclusions apply (gift cards, Nooks, etc). But the coupon is good for your total order, not just one item… The coupon expires on Sunday at 3am eastern….

There’s also a 15% off one item at their local B&N B&M stores. Find the coupons at the Coupons & Offers page

DiscountMags: four magazines for $16 total per year

DiscountMags has a good weekend sale if you are planning to subscribe to four magazines or more. If you subscribe for four your magazines, you pay a total of $16 for one year, making it $4 per magazine, regardless of the price of the magazine. You can add additional magazines for $4/year if you want more than four.

Of photo interest, there are four magazines participating: VideoMaker, Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo and Digital Photo PRO… A variety of other six degrees of separation magazines are participating including sports, tech (C|Net, Wired, Pop Sci), weddings (Bridal Guide), fashion, nature, architecture, etc…

HB PWYW: Linux by Wiley starting at $1

IF you are a fan of the Linux way or you want to start learning or learn more or get re/freshed or re/acquainted with /os/linux, for the next 12 days [from posting-date], Humble Bundle is running a Linux by Wiley (Wiley = book publisher, not coyote), with prices starting at $1 for four ebooks (one is an Ubuntu toolbox type book). $8+ gets you five more e-books, and $15+ gets you another six more (four of them at this tier are certification study guides)

Barnes and Noble Book Haul sale under way

Barnes and Noble is now running the much advertised Book Haul sale both online and at their brick and mortar stores. Purchasing three or more books gets you a free tote bag ($2 if purchased separately). Press “Show More” on the left hand side to see all categories expanded.

There’s one book in the photography category [under Arts], it’s “Life in the Sloth Lane” (yes, the title is true, it’s all about sloths] for $6~. But there are other related books, for example under Nature, and other topics that include photography of professional and/or creative caliber.

I don’t know if this sale is stackable with coupons, but you can always check their latest offers at their aptly-named Coupons avec les Offerseaux page ^_^

Multi-Year Sale at DiscountMags (four on-topic options)

Another weekend is upon us and the theme of this weekend’s sale at DiscountMAGs is a Multi-Year Sale, you get the best price if you sign up for a 3-year subscription (new sub, or renewal or gift for other people). OF camera and photo interest there are four options:

+ Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo for $13 each for the 3-year duration (that’s $4.33 per magazine per year)

+ Digital Photo PRO for $22 for the 3-year duration ($7.33 per year)

+ VideoMAKER for $19 for the 3-year duration ($6.33 per year)

You can also sign up for 2-year or 1-year terms but the per-year price is slightly higher.

AS usual, these are printed magazines delivered to USA addresses only. They do not auto-renew like Amazon does.