Mailbox Alert: B&H Summer 2017 Catalog

If you send your mail to a PO Box or at the office or don’t check mail regularly at the destination address, we have an alert for you! The Summer 2017 colorful printed B&H Photo catalog has been mailed and should be in your mailbox or very close to getting there! This is not your older cousin’s catalog. B&H also includes articles in-between the usual product categories and pages. This is over 300 pages long. You can sign-up for a catalog or view the catalog online or download it in PDF either as a whole or in parts at the B&H Catalog page.

15% off one item at B&N with coupon

Limited time coupon code 17SPRING gets you 15% off a single item at the Barnes and Noble website. Physical books are eligible but not e-books. Strategically this is a good idea for items that have the same price everywhere or rarely get discounted. Don’t forget to also use your eBook Settlement Store Credit (if you were eligible/received one because of book publisher price fixing).

$5 Per Magazine Per Year: Digital Photo PRO or Videomaker

The weekend magazine sale is back at DiscountMags with a $5 per magazine per year theme, which is good news if you are interested in “Digital Photo PRO” or “Videomaker” because they too are discounted to $5 per magazine per year. The other two photography magazines go for $5 per year as well (Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo non-PRO) but that’s their “default” weekend sale price. These four are printed magazines delivered by mail to US addresses. You can sign-up as a new subscriber or renew or send them as gifts to others. They do not auto-renew. Offer ends Monday night.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, all the magazines in this weekend’s sale are $5 per year, so it’s a good opportunity to get magazines that don’t typically drop down to $5.

40% off select Zinio magazines with coupon (includes 6 UK Photo titles)

The Zinio digital magazine subscription service has a new flash sale, coupon code FLASH40 gets you 40% off the prices of these eligible subscriptions. The coupon only works on subscriptions, not individual issues.

Of camera and photo interest, the following magazines are participating:

+ Practical Photography (13 issues, $15.68 before coupon)
+ Practical Photoshop (13 issues, $20 before coupon)
+ Photography Week (52 issues, $20 before coupon)
+ Digital Camera World (13 issues, $60 before coupon)
+ PhotoPlus : The Canon Magazine (13 issues, $60 before coupon)
+ N-Photo: the Nikon Magazine (13 issues, $65 before coupon)
+ other related magazines such as Image, Art-related ones, Maximum PC, Linux and Mac Format, T3, MacLife, Drone 360, ImagineFX, etc along with fashion, sports, nature, etc

+ eligible magazines show coupon eligibility on their individual pages
+ search for them or go through the eligible subscriptions page

You can read Zinio digital magazines in a web browser, or using their iOS, Google Play or Windows apps. The Windows app does not get as much attention/features as the iOS/Android apps and has a horrible review average with 200+ ratings posted.

100pk of AC Delco Super AA batteries for $15

If you are a fan of AC Delco single-use AA alkaline batteries, their 100-pack of “AC Delco Super” are on sale for the very specific price of $15.07 at Amazon by Amazon itself, with a limit of one set per customer. These are also available through “Subscribe and Save” (SaS) for $14.32 or less. Keep in mind, with “Subscribe and Save”, future orders will be at the future-current prices, not the price you pay for the first shipment. But you can get 5-15% off on the then-current prices depending on how many SaS items you have that month.

If you need more, the AmaznoBasics 100-pack goes for the very specific price of $15.79.

Weekend Magazine sale with $5/magazine/year

The “default” weekend sale is back at Discount Mags with Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo going for $5 per magazine per year, Videomaker for $7, Digital Photo PRO for $8. These are printed magazines delivered by mail to US address. On the digital Zinio subscription front, Shutterbug offered for $10 per year. The usual assortment of other magazines are offered, including $5/year options like Wired, Pop Sci, ESPN The Magazine, etc. Offers end Monday night.

Free 2-Hour Night Photography Critique Session (Video Class)

FREE time! CreativeLIVE is offering a 2-Hour Night Photography Video Class. This is a critique session with photographers Matt Hill and Gabriel Biderman. Once you claim it for free, you have lifetime access to the class! You can watch classes with a desktop/laptop, or with a mobile browser (as long as your mobile device can handle it) or using their iOS app.

(ENDED) 15% off one item w/coupon at B&N

This coupon expired… Good until 4/16/17, coupon code 15APRIL gets you 15% off a single item at the Barnes and Noble website. eBooks, Nook hardware, and LEGO Toys are not eligible. Strategically this is good for items that have the same prices everywhere or rarely get discounted. Free shipping with a $25+ order or if you are a paying B&N member (membership is $25/year).

Day #3 of Joe McNally Lighting Class Streaming at 12pm ET

Day #3 (the last day) of Joe McNally’s Lightning Class “Lighting, Logistics, and Strategies for a Life in Photography” will begin streaming LIVE at 12pm eastern on Friday and will be free for all to watch while it is recording live.

CreativeLIVE uses a different model when it comes to online classes. Each class streams live online as it is recorded (in other words, classes are recorded live) and everyone can watch it without paying. After the original live stream is over, then you have to pay to watch or rewatch it. So if you have a flexible schedule and fast-enough internet access you can watch a LOT of content for free.

For more details, check CreativeLive’s Free On-Air Classes page. Other upcoming classes include Lindsay Adler, Jeremy Cowart, Ben Willmore, and more.

B&N website: 15% off $40+ order with coupon

If you are looking to buy physical/printed photography books or camera guides (or any other physical/printed book), especially ones that rarely get discounted or have the same prices everywhere you look, there is a new coupon for the Barnes and Noble website, coupon code BNMAR40 gets you 15% off an order of $40+. Free shipping with order totals of $25+ for all (which is probably why Amazon has the $25+ free shipping tier on books). The usual restrictions apply. Coupon expires 3/30/17 at 3am ET.

Tiered Barnes & Noble coupon: 10% to 20% off depending on order total

If you want to buy camera or photography (or any other) books that have the same prices everywhere or rarely get discounted, there is a new tiered coupon promotion at the Barnes and Noble website. Remember, Borders ain’t walkin’ through that doo’ again, so if you like the idea of national B&M bookstores, B&N is what’s left. Coupon code BNMAR100 gets you discounts until March 15 (2017) depending on your order total:

+ 10% off orders of $35+
+ 15% off orders of $60+
+ 20% orders of $100+
+ the usual exclusions apply
+ free shipping with $25+ orders or if you are a paying member

Prime Reading: new digital single issues to borrow: Shutterbug, Pop Photo, Nat Geo

If you are a Prime member, one of the many Prime Benefits is Prime Reading. One of the Prime Reading benefits is that every month, you can borrow digital issues from a changing selection of magazines and read them. These count against your ten but you can borrow and return as often as you like. The Magazine Selections for March include the latest issues from Shutterbug and Popular Photography and National Geographic among others.

15% off a $50+ order at B&N website [updated]

A new coupon has been spawned for the Barnes and Noble website, coupon BNMAR50 gets you 15% off an orders of $50+. The usual exclusions apply. This coupon expired 3/9/17.

Good until Sunday night, coupon code BNMAR15 gets you 15% off a single item at the Barnes and Noble website. The usual coupon exceptions apply. Strategically this is good for products that have the same price everywhere or rarely get discounted. Free shipping with orders of $25+.

Weekend Magazine sale: three photography magazines under $5 per year each

The weekend is here and so is a new Weekend Sale at DiscountMags. The theme this time around is an Employee Discount sale of sorts. Four photography magazines are participating, three of them are under $5/year (Pop Photo for $4.60, Digital Photo or Outdoor Photo for $4.80). Digital Photo PRO is $7.85 per year. These are printed magazines delivered physically to US addresses. The usual terms apply. Offer expires Monday PM.

15% off a $40+ or 20% off $75+ order at B&N website with coupon [updated]

A new coupon is running at the Barnes and Noble website, coupon code BNREAD40 gets you 15% off an order total of $40+ at their website, PR 20% off an order of $75+. All eligible items in your shopping cart will get discounted. Coupon details on slide #4 of the slideshow running on their homepage. Strategically this is a good idea for books that are rarely discounted or have the same price everywhere. Free shipping with a $25+ order. Of interest for both photography/camera books and books in general. Coupon ends 3/1/17.

Coupon and post updated late on 2/27/17 with a new coupon with better discounts!

(ENDED) 20% off one item at B&N with coupon (think Camera and Photo books)

This offer expired… If you looking to buy camera or photography books, especially ones that have the same price at all retailers or ones that rarely get discounted, good until Monday night (2/20/17), coupon code BNPRES20 gets you 20% off a single item at the Barnes and Noble website. Free shipping with orders of $25+ or if you are a paying B&N member ($25 per year). The usual B&N coupon terms apply (ebooks are not eligible, but printed physical books are eligible).

(ENDED) Hardcover Book: “Wildlife Spectacles: Mass Migrations, Mating Rituals, and Other Fascinating Animal Behaviors” for $4

The hardcover sale ended, but Kindle continues as of 2/22/17…

The 320-page hardcover book “Wildlife Spectacles: Mass Migrations, Mating Rituals, and Other Fascinating Animal Behaviors” by Vladimir Dinets is currently on sale for $3.86 at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit one per customer. You can “Look Inside” to see the table of contents, and many sample pages throughout the book. Free shipping for Prime members (it’s not an Add-On item) or with a $25+ book order (or $49+ mix) for non-Prime members.

Meanwhile the digital version is on sale for $2 for the Kindle and other online e-book reading platforms.

This is currently the #3 best seller under the Photography and Video book category at Amazon, where the physical printed Ansel Adams 2017 Calendar for $5 remains the #1 best seller.

There are about two dozen subcategories there (on the left-hand side) you can further drill down and explore/discover popular photography/photographer books.

(ENDED) Ansel Adams 2017 Wall Calendar for $5

As of a 2/14/17 re-check the price increased to $10…

February is a great time for discounts on annual calendars, which brings us to the printed physical Ansel Adams 2017 Wall Calendar on sale for $5 each, with a limit of up to four units per customer. Free 2-day shipping with Prime. Calendars are often classified under the Books umbrella, so if you are not a Prime member, you would only need $25+ to get free shipping (double check in the shopping cart as always).

This is currently the #1 best seller among Photography books at Amazon.

(ENDED) Magazine Sale: $5 per magazine per year: Pop Photo or Outdoor Pho or Digital Pho

The weekend is over and so is this promotion… It is a “default sale” at the DiscountMags weekend sale, offering 1-year of printed Pop Photo or Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo for $5 per magazine per year, while VideoMaker and Digital Photo PRO go for $8 per magazine per eyar. Meanwhile Shutterbug is offered as a 1-year Zinio digital subscription for $10.

1-Year auto-renewing Pop Photo for $5 [updated]

UPDATE 1/26/17: the daily deal expired, but some of the featured magazines, including Pop Photo are $5 for the first year with an auto-renewing subscription.

ORIGINAL POST: One of the day-long Gold Box deals du jour at Amazon is a 1-year auto-renewal Magazine Sale featuring a soccer team of titles (11) with prices ranging from $4 to $5 per magazine, including 1-year for Popular Photography for $4 for the first year. The sale prices are only for the first year. After the first year (if not cancelled or manually renewed), these will auto-renew at the “future current” renewal rate.

PS: if you don’t like auto-renewals, there are offers every weekend at DiscountMags that don’t auto-renew.

Shutterbug (Febr 2017) included in Prime Reading Magazines

If you are a Prime member, you automatically have the new “Prime Reading” benefit where you can borrow e-books or digital magazines from a preset selection. Among the magazines, the January 2017 selection includes the February 2017 edition of Shutterbug, along with the February 2017 issue of Consumer Reports, and a handful of other degrees-of-separation magazines (sports, fashion, nature, etc). You are borrowing these, you do not digitally-own them, but you can keep them as long as you like. Each one counts as one of your “ten out”. It’s like a library where you can have up to ten items out at any time, but you can return them and get new ones as many times as you want. You cannot read these on a desktop PC, either the Kindle apps (iOS, Android) or Amazon’s own hardware devices (Fire tablets or The Fire Phone).

Pre-order new Nikon D5600 Books by Julie Adair King and by David Busch

This may be a first. The books for a camera are listed at Amazon before the camera itself! There’s two of them now! Julie Adair King’s “Nikon D5600 For Dummies” is available for pre-order in paperback for $30 with an April 17 (20170 release estimate, while David Busch’s Nikon D5600 guide is available for pre-order at Amazon for $40 with a May 19 in 2017 release date estimate. This is the paperback edition, under the RockyNook brand (not to be confused with the Barnes and Noble Nook). Amazon has a pre-order price-guarantee [see Details], so if the price drops until its release date, you will pay the lowest price during the time period between pre-order and release date.

PS: 3rd-party goofballs (okay, sellers) have created stub listings for the Nikon D5600 at Amazon, but Amazon’s own listing is not there yet.

Weekend Photo Magazine Sale: Some Print, Some Digital

UPDATE: Offer ends Monday night…

The weekend is here again and a new round of the Weekend Magazine Sale is upon us featuring some print magazines, and some digital magazines – of camera and photo interest.

Print Magazines
+ 1-year of Pop Photo or Digital Photo or Outdoor Photographer for pennies under $5 per magazine per year
+ 1-year of Digital Photo PRO for $7.67 per year
+ up to three years per magazine (new, renewals, or gifts)

Digital Subscriptions (via Zinio)
+ 1-year of Shutterbug for $10
+ 1-year of Aperture for $17.50
+ up to four years per magazine (new or renewals)

Hardcover: used National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary for $12.50 w/free S&H

UPDATE: the new condition price jumped to $27… As far as I can tell the undying Amazon book coupon GIFTBOOK finally expired, but it doesn’t hurt to type it in just in case 🙂 Regardless, the October 2015 hardcover of National Geographic Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary is on sale for $21.75 with the usual free shipping terms (Prime or $25+ in books or $49+ in general; of items shipped by Amazon).

It is currently the best seller among Photojournalism Books.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with used photography books (a bigger risk than text-only books since pristine photography is the raison d^etre of a photography books) you can get it for $12.50 with free slow shipping by eBay seller “BookOutlet2” (99.4%, New Jersey zipcode).

Amazon Book Coupon extended again ($5 off $15+)

If you haven’t used this yet, the Amazon Books coupon code GIFTBOOK that gets you $5 off purchase of $15+ in printed books at Amazon by Amazon itself has been extended again, it ends on Saturday 12/17/16 at 3am eastern, unless it gets extended again.

PS: it also works with some calendars, depending on how they are coded in their system, so if you want to buy photo calendars, or if you sell your own photo-calendars there, you can test the coupon on them and tell your friends to buy them with the extra discount 🙂

Extended Again: $5 off purchase of $15+ in Books with coupon (ends Mon 3am ET)

The current expiration date of this promotion is Monday 12/10/16 Thursday [yes, it got extended again] at 3am Eastern, so unless it gets extended again, it is last call for the coupon code GIFTBOOK that gets you $5 off purchase of $15+ in printed books at Amazon by Amazon itself. You can use this coupon even if you used the previous $10 off $25+ coupon in November (I used them both because reading is fun-da-mental!). The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $25+ in books or $49+ in general merchandise, physical goods sold or fulfilled by Amazon itself).

PS: some of the calendars may be eligible for this promotion as well. I can’t test them all, but you can tell by adding to cart and seeing if they get discounted. It may depend on how they are coded in their system or maybe it’s some kinds of calendars but not others, so YMMV.

40% off Books, DVDs, Maps at National Geographic

Good until Tuesday night (11:59pm pacific), the official National Geographic store has a 40% off sale on Books and Atlases (including their various photography books) and Educational DVDs/Videos (including the photography training DVDs) and Maps. There is no coupon code to enter, the price drops in the shopping cart the moment you press the “add to cart” button.

Here’s an annotated screenshot example, the “Getting Your Shot” book goes for $20 on their website, but when you press add-to-cart, it drops to $12: