Used Pentax K-1 for $1639 + S&H

If you are comfortable with used camera gear, the Pentax K-1 full frame DSLR is available in “Used – Excellent Plus” condition for $1639 plus shipping at Adorama. The new condition price is $1800 at authorized dealers. Adorama offers a 30-day no-questions asked return policy on Used items, and a 90-day warranty covered by Adorama (not Pentax).

If you prefer a lower price for a higher risk purchase, you can get it in “Used – Very Good” condition (with various imperfections) for $1571 at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) by AWD itself. Note however that AWD only offers a 30-day return policy. They do not offer any warranty.

In-Stock Now: Pentax KP DSLR – also lens bundles discounted

Now that Pentax has a 35mm full frame DSLR (or have I imagined it?), they have to also manage a parallel product line with their more populous APS-C line. [[ insert more camera-babble talk here ]] Which brings us to their new Pentax KP APS-C DSLR that was announced in late January 2017 [see Cameras and Lenses of 2017 tracker]. The DSLR kits are now in-stock, and on top of that, the kits that include lenses are discounted from the original price. The body only though remains at $1100.


At Adorama, you can get the same bundles by starting at the KP body only page and expand the yellow “Special Offer” section. You will see the lenses and the option to “Add to Bundle”. Screenshot of the relevant parts below:

Pre-order new Pentax KP APS-C DSLR

Pentax is back with a new DSLR, making it the second new DSLR of 2017, it is the new 24mp APS-C Pentax KP, available in silver or black color schemes, with a pre-order price of $1100. Also coming along is a $230 battery grip. Pre-orders are accepted as follows:

+ silver KP at Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself

+ black KP at Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself

+ KP release estimate is late February 2017

+ battery grip D-BG7 at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ additional accessories including grip kit and camera straps coming soon (not available for pre-order yet)

Pentax K-3 II Body and D-BG5 Battery Grip and AF-200FG Flash for $899

While the Pentax D FA 24-70mm F2.8ED SDM WR Lens for $1032 lightning deal oscilates between 100% Claimed and not, this K-mount bundle is available on a conventional basis, Adorama has a Pentax K-3 II Body Only Bundle with the D-BG5 Battery Grip and the AF-200FG shoe-mount flash, all together for $899 with free expedited shipping.

Pentax K-1 body + Various Extras for $1847

The Pentax K-1 was a long-time coming type of a unicorn-camera, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that even with its release, it defied conventions. Its price went up +$150 after its initial release at $1800, but it’s starting to come down again, you can get it for $1847 with free shipping and a handful of free accessories (Corel Software Bundle, 32GB card, tripod, case, card wallet, cleaning kit) at Adorama.

(ENDED) Amazon France: Pentax K-3 with 35mm f2.4 for 669 Euro

Cette daily deal du jour est expireaux… While putzing around the internets I landed in the Amazon France Gold Box where one of their current deals of the day is the Pentax K-3 with 35mm f2.4 offered for 669 Euro. Offer ends by 6pm Eastern on Wednesday (or earlier if sold out). Prices include TVA (I’m assuming that’s VAT).

Pentax Lens Sale: 25 options, $340 to $1150 (nine Limited, two f2.8 zooms, three macros. Etc)

Open up your K-Wallet, it’s a Pentax Lens Sale at Adorama, featuring a total of 25 lenses, with prices ranging from $340 to $1150. This includes two f2.8 zooms, the 15-30mm for $1250, and the 24-70mm for $1150. Nine of the 25 lenses are Limited. Nine of them are Zooms. Three of them are Macros. Sale continues until the end of the year (2016) or earlier if sold out. It’s a K-Lens Party 🙂

Pentax K-1 Body + $100 Gift Certificate + 32GB Extreme + Bags + Corel Software + More for $1950

The $1800 launch price is not coming back any time soon for the Pentax K-1, but you can get effectively close with this Adorama K-1 bundle for $1950 with free shipping. For this, you get the Pentax K-1 body only kit, a $100 Adorama gift certificate, a 32GB Sandisk ExTrEmE SDHC card, the Corel software bundle (AfterShot PRO 2, Paintshop PRO X9, VideoStudio 9, etc), the Lowepro Format 160 camera bag, an Adorama slinger bag, tears of a unicorn, a 66-inch Takama tripod, and a cleaning kit.

Optionally, when you expand the yellow “Special Offer” section, you can get combined purchase discounts when you purchase this with select Pentax DSLRs lenses, or you can add the Pentax D-BG6 battery grip for +$117, or add Elements 15 for +$39.

For more offers, check the latest Adorama Specials.

(ENDED) Pentax Lenses Sale (continues until Wedn PM)

As of late 12/1/16 recheck, this promotion is over…

UPDATE: this offer continues until Wednesday at 11:59pm ET… Pentax is getting some Cyber Monday action! A total of 29 Pentax lenses are on sale at B&H Photo. Some of them also earn promotional rewards. It features a mix of zooms and primes (including pancakes and maple syrup) and Limiteds, and one f2.8 PRO zoom, the 50-135mm for $850…

For more action, check the latest B&H Cyber Monday specials

$100 Gift Card with Pentax K-1, $50 Gift Card with Ricoh Theta S 360

The Pentax K-1 came out at $1800 but it climbed to $1950 [see 35mm full frame price charts]. However, Adorama is sweetening the price increase a bit by including a $100 Adorama gift certificate with purchase at $1950… Meanwhile on the Ricoh front, the Ricoh Theta S 360 gets a $50 Adorama gift certificate going for its default price of $350 (along with $14~ promotional rewards and free overnight shipping).

(ENDED) Used Pentax 50mm f2 SMC A K-Mount for $15 w/free S&H (or Make a Best Offer)

As of a 11/20/16 AM re-check, this eBay listing ended…

While surfing around the eBay Deals, this surfaced, in USED good condition, you can get the Pentax 50mm f2 SMC A K-Mount lens for $15 with free shipping, sold by Roberts Camera (99.5%, Indianapolis)… You can also try to officially negotiate a lower price using eBay’s “Best Offer” feature.

Pentax DA 50mm f1.8 for $80 (TOOS again)

As of 11/20/16 recheck, this is back to “temporarily out of stock” (TOOS) but you can order it if you want to lock up the $80 price with free shipping, “it” being the new condition Pentax 50mm f1.8 DA lens at Amazon by Amazon itself for $80. That’s a pretty good price for a digital-era normal prime lens.

Pentax 50mm f1.8 DA for $80 w/free S&H [updated]

The B&H sale ended but hope is not lost, the sale “moved” to Amazon by Amazon itself offering it for $80 with free shipping. It is “temporarily out of stock” but you can lock up the price by buying it. Limit up to 30 per customer, so if you are planning to give Pentax DSLR kits as Holiday gifts, stock up 🙂

This sale ended: Prime time for the K-mount, the Pentax 50mm f1.8 DA lens is on sale for $77 with free expedited shipping for a limited time at B&H Photo This WAS among their latest Featured Sales

Pentax Lenses and Flash Sale (25 items, Primes, Zooms)

It’s K-time at B&H Photo, a total of 25 Pentax Lenses and Flashes are participating in a Limited Time Sale. Lenses include primes and zooms, such as the 70-200 f2.8 ED DC AW D FA* for $1700. Seven of the lenses are “Limited Edition”. Two flashes and a converter are also participating, along with pancake, macros, zooms, and more. Prices range from $110 (50/1.8 DA) to $2000 (150-450 f4.5-5.6 DC AW D FA LALALALALA).

Also participating is the f2.8 zoom trio, in addition to the aforementioned 70-200, they have the 16-50mm f2.8 for $830 and the 50-135 f2.8 for $860. Find them all at the Limited Time Sale.

This is a limited time sale, but I do know the expiration date.

Used Pentax K-5 Body for $290 w/180-day warranty

While checking for more Amazon Warehouse Deals specials, we found one that is not eligible for the coupon, but it is open to everyone to buy, you don’t have to be a Prime member, it is the Pentax K-5 body only available in “E-” condition by Adorama through Warehouse Deals for $290 with free shipping. It comes with a 180-day Adorama warranty. This ships from Adorama, it is not Prime eligible. “E-” in this case is not what it means for students, it is “E” for Excellent condition 🙂

Pentax 645D Body Only for $4000 [or $3150 on eBay or $2650 Used]

A comment by S.W. Anderson in the Hasselblad MF Mirrorless post got me price-checking medium format cameras, and it looks like the first generation Pentax 645D body only is currently going for $4000 in new condition at Amazon by Amazon actual. This is no longer available from B&H and Adorama. Amazon’s shipping estimate is 1-4 months, so keep that in mind if you need it to arrive quickly.

Or if you are a more adventurous shopper, there are a couple of eBay listings on it:
+ New Condition for $3150 with Best Offer Enabled (this is a private eBay listing for extra protection; ships from Los Angeles)

+ Used Condition for $2650 [CORRECTED!] (ships from Delaware; listing says used in-studio only with 3269 actuations)

+ the eBay listings above are from individuals, not retailers

In comparison, the latest model, the Pentax 645Z, goes for $7000 in new condition at B&H Photo (with 4% rewards = $280~) and Adorama (with 4% rewards = $280~). There’s also a 645Z Comprehensive Starter Kit that goes for $16,000 and includes three lenses (55/2.8, 90/2.8, 28-45/4.5, extra accessories and the protective case you see in the pictures.

In-stock Now: Pentax K-1 Body for $1800, Nikon D500 Body for $2000

Good news for people who like in-stock news! We just updated the Stock Status Tracker and as of the time of writing, the Nikon D500 body only is back in-stock for $2000 at Amazon by Amazon itself.

Meanwhile the Pentax K-1 body only for $1800 is out of stock now at B&H, but fear not, it is in-stock at Adorama and Focus Camera and Focus Camera via Amazon. Amazon’s own estimate is June 25.

Pre-order new Pentax K-70 DSLR

It’s a new DSLR! Pentax has officially revealed their new K-70 DSLR, available in black or silver color schemes, as either a K70 body only kit for $650 or as a K70 with 18-135mm for $900. Pre-orders are available at Adorama and B&H Photo. Amidst a sea of DSLRs, one distinguishing feature is a selectable Anti-Aliasing filter, along with the usual weather-resistant features, sensor-shift image stabilization and such. Interestingly there is no “with 18-55” kit… This has been added to the Cameras and Lenses of 2016 page…

Pre-order new Pentax 55-300mm f4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE HD DA for $400

The acronyms are almost as many as Daenerys’s titles, it’s a brand new lens, the Pentax 55-300mm f4.5-6.3 ED PLM WR RE HD DA and it is available for pre-order for $400 at Adorama (free shipping) and B&H Photo (plus shipping)… This has been added to the Cameras and Lenses of 2016 page…

Pentax K-3 Body and BG-5 Battery Grip and AF-200FG Flash for $749

Maybe Samsung could have stayed with the K-mount instead of going off on a TouchWiz adventure, but that’s another story for another navel-gazing time. Which brings us to the K-mount, where the Pentax K-3 body only is bundled with the Pentax BG-5 Battery Grip and the Pentax AF200FG Flash, all together for $749 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo.

If you have absolutely no interest in battery grips, you can get the K-3 body only with the Flash and $30 promotional rewards for $739 at Adorama.

In-Stock Now: Canon 1D X II CFAST Kit [also Pentax K-1 for $2000]

Just updated the Stock Status Tracking page. If you are looking for the Canon 1D X Mark II body only CFAST KIT (with CFAST card and card reader), it is now in-stock and ready to ship at its starting price of $6000 at Amazon by Amazon itself… On the Pentax K-1 front, one 3rd-party seller is offering it with a limited available premium, for $2000 instead of $1800, Portable Guy on Amazon

Pentax K-50 with 18-55 and 50-200 and AF-200FG Flash and 4% Rewards for $470

If you like red DSLR colors and want to a “getting started with” K-mount DSLR kit, B&H Photo is offering the Pentax K-50 Two Lens Kit (18-55 and 50-200) and the AF-200FG Flash and 4% promotional rewards for $470 with free shipping in the Red color scheme. The white color scheme goes for $500 and still gets the free flash and 4% rewards, while the black color scheme goes for $500 and gets the flash but no 4% promotional rewards.

Pentax Optio Floating Wrist Strap for $3.50 w/free s&h

And now a $5 gadget post! The Pentax Optio Floating Strap Wrist Strap is on sale for $3.50 with free shipping by 3rd-party seller Speedy (ships from California) thru Amazon. This ships from the seller, not Prime-eligible. Amazon’s own price is $5 but it’s an add-on item… If neither of those options work out for you, you can get it for $5.50 with free shipping at

(ENDED) Pentax K-30 with 18-55 for $329

This K-party is over. As of 5/16/16 recheck the price skyrocketed to $489…

Not to be confused with groups that want to tax pens, PenTax has a number of DSLRs floating in the market right now, which means more discounts as the times goes by. And if you happen to like red in your DSLRs, bubbling around in the eBay Trending 100 is the new condition Pentax K-30 with 18-55 DA AL is on sale for $329 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer by the BuyDig eBay store (authorized dealers). It is only available in red.

Pentax K-50 body only and AF-200FG Flash for $295

The Pentax K-50 is starting to make its farewell tour. Already most of the kits are gone from Adorama, but if you don’t need the 18-55 kit lens and you can use the AF-200FG flash, Adorama is offering the white Pentax K-50 body only along with the Pentax AF-200FG flash and $12~ in promotional rewards (to be used in future purchases) for $295 with free expedited shipping.

On the other hand if you need a starting kit and love red DSLR colors, the two lens kit with the 18-55 and 50-200 lenses and 4% promotional rewards and a free 16GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC card is going for $470 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo.

Speaking of Pentax, their K-1 35mm full frame DSLR Unicorn is getting close to general release. If you are interested you can check the recently returned Stock Status Tracker or the In-Stock Alert posts here.

Pentax K50 w/18-55 for $255 [B&M YMMV: two-lens kit w/flash for $360]

Microcenter resisted the temptation during the previous bubble years to expand exponentially and it looks like that decision proved wise, as other bigger chain stores collapsed, while Microcenter is alive and kicking, kicking for your shopping love 😉

Which brings us to their latest promotion there, the Pentax K50 DSLR. The K50 with 18-55mm in the black color scheme is on sale for $250 plus $5 flat shipping… They also have a K50 two-lens kit (18-55, 55-200) along with the AF-200FG kit for $360 but this one is only available in-store. Store availability varies by store, so that’s a big YMMV…

TIP: their website defaults you to a local store. If you are interested in the K50 w/18-55 kit, change your store to the “Micro Center Web Store” at the top of the page. Annotated screenshot crop below:


In-stock now: Pentax HD FA 28-105mm f3.5-5.6 ED DC WR for $500

The last of the three in-stock alerts from B&H Photo is for the world of K-full-frame, the new Pentax HD FA 28-105mm f3.5-5.6 ED DC WR is now in-stock for its starting price of $500 at B&H Photo.

PS: it is Spring Arrival season, so I suspect there will be many and more in-stock alerts in May of this year. It is May, which means already 1/3rd of 2016 is OVER! Time flies!