Gift Giving Emergency? Try B&H Emailable Gift Cards!

It’s not just kitchen disasters during holiday festivities. There’s also gift giving disasters. For example, you buy someone a beautiful sweater. Then the door knocks. They arrive. And they are wearing the exact beautiful sweater you have under the tree for them. OMG!

For the above and many other potential gift giving disasters (unexpected guests, you forgot to buy them something, you forgot they are carnivore/vegan/etc), the B&H Photo emailable gift card saves the day!

B&N: Get $5 e-gift-card for every $50 in B&N gift cards

Per the Fairness Doctrine (TM) we have to also mention Barnes and Noble, not just Amazon and what a coincidence, they are offering a $5 B&N e-gift card for every $50 you spend in Barnes and Noble gift cards

Speaking of B&N, they have now released their new Nook Glowlight 4 e-reader for $150. This has USB-C charging, and free lifetime in-store support at B&N B&M stores. It has 32GB on-board storage and physical page turn buttons and of course the built-in (Glow)Light…

Friday: Buy $100 Everything Apple e-Gift Card, Get $20 BB promotional e-gift card

Santa Claus has arrived at the Best Buy daily deals, especially if you are of the Apple ecosystem! Buy a $100 “For Everything Apple” gift e-card and receive a $20 promotional Best Buy e-gift card! This offer is good for Christmas Day 2020 only!

The “For Everything Apple” e-gift card can be used on all things Apple, including:

  • physical Apple Store purchases (eg iPhones, iPods, accessories)
  • purchases made with the official Apple Store app
  • purchases made at the Apple website
  • digital content purchases at iTunes, App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, TV+, News+, Books, Arcade, etc

So it’s not your father’s iTunes gift card. It is an all-things Apple! And for the non iOS/MacOs crowd, a number of accessories sold by Apple can be used by non-Apple devices, although, as expected, you can make the most of them within the Apple ecosystem, which is why there is the Apple Tax in the pricing 🙂

NOT part of the Apple ecosystem? Best Buy also has some other e-gift card sales as well:

  • Pay $45, Get $50 Google Play e-gift card
  • Pay $90, Get $100 of the above, same discount percentage of 10%
  • likewise 10% off on $25 and $10 Google Play e-gift card amounts
  • also 10% off on Chipotle, Bed-and-Bath-and-Beyond gift cards
  • 15% off on CBS All Access gift cards, that’s where NuTrek of the TV kind is safeguarded
  • Chipolta and CBS offer a mix of e-gift cards and mailed plastic gift cards so pay attention to the listings

Meanwhile at the Woot daily deals they have a $60 Philips Hue Smart LED 5-piece starter kit, and a sale of various Fuji EnviroMax single-use batteries, and an $1870 MSI gaming laptop, and $26 AmazonBasics Oxford Carry-On Hardside spinner!

First Timers: $5 Amazon promotional credit when you convert $30+ in Coins for an Amazon Gift Card at Coinstar

This is the closest thing to free money one can get these days! IF you put $30+ in coins at a participating Coinstar kiosk (found inside grocery stores and such, those green things) AND you get your converted money in an Amazon Gift Card (you get a gift card code on the printed receipt, it won’t print a plastic gift card) you will automatically receive a $5 Amazon promotional credit (for items sold and shipped by Amazon herself only) to be used until 12/31/2020.

IMPORTANT: this promotion is only available to first timers. The terms and conditions state:

“Offer limited to the first time a customer gets an Gift Card claim code from a physical location”

The promotion runs until 11/30/20. All the details at the Terms and Conditions page.

If you are not familiar, Coinstar charges a service fee IF you convert your coins into cash. However, if you convert your coins into gift cards, there’s no service fee (because presumably they get a commission/service-fee from the stores offering the gift cards).

I have done these type of Coinstar promotions a few times before without issue. The only thing that worries me this time is the “first time” language. But if you typically convert your coins to Amazon gift cards anyway, you have nothing to lose by doing this.

PS: if you like making noise, this is fun, because the Coinstar machine makes a lot of noise while counting the coins ^_^

$10 promo gift card with $40+ in Amazon Gift Cards (Wedn PM)

This is a great deal for frequent Amazon shoppers, so it’s getting its own post, good until 10/14/20 at 11:59pm pacific time, Amazon offers a $10 promotional credit if you purchase $40+ in Amazon gift cards or reload $40+ to your Amazon Gift Card balance. The $10 promotional credit will be added to your account after the order is completed (for digital orders) or after the physical gift cards get shipped (for plastic gift card orders).

Use promo code GC20PRIME or click on the yellow “Apply code to your account” button at the aforelinked promotional page. Complete terms and conditions at the bottom of the page…

For on-going Prime Day action check our Prime Day 2020 Situation Room

Buy $100+ REI Gift Card, Get $10 promotional gift card

A new REI promotion is running until 6/25/20, if you purchase a $100+ gift card at their website you will receive a $10 promotional digital gift card [which must be used between July 10-20 in 2020 in a single transaction]. Limit one per customer. These are the Terms & Conditions of the offer…

Send $50+ Amazon eGift Cards via SMS, Get $5 store credit

Running until June 28 in 2020, Amazon is running a Gift Cards by SMS promotion. You send $50+ in Amazon eGift Cards by SMS, and you receive a $5 store credit in your account towards your next eligible purchase.

You must either use coupon code SMS2020 or if you are at the aforelinked page while logged on to your Amazon account, click on the “Click to add the code to your account” to add the promotion to your account and it will be utilized automatically when you order the gift cards by SMS.

The $50+ can be reached with multiple gift cards but they must all be in the same shopping cart, at the same time. The delivery selected must be “Text Message”. The $5 promotional bonus in your account must be used by 8/13/20.

NOTE that the offer is good for electronic Gift Cards (aka eGift Cards), not plastic gift cards…

Annotated screenshot below. To click on the button go to the SMS eGift Card promotion page at Amazon…

Sunday: 10% off 6 Dollar Shirts (two camera-related t-shirts)

If you want to stock up on goofy-style t-shirts with conversation-starting text and pictures, good until Sunday 1/26/20 at 11:59pm, coupon code DIS24 gets you 10% off at 6 Dollar Shirts. There are two camera related t-shirts, search for “photography” or “camera” to find them. 6 Dollar Shirts start with everything being $6, but over time they added $9 and $12 tiers as well… Depending on what you buy, note that there’s an automatic promotion that gets you 10 t-shirts for $50 (10 of the $6 variety that is). I don’t know if this is stackable with the 10% off coupon [I’m guessing no?]…

PS: these ship from the US [the last time I bought from them, the order came from Kodakville [Rochester, NY]) and the t-shirt arrives rolled up like a burrito, so it could fit in a PO Box [assuming it’s not the tiny one]… Not sure how they ship larger orders; I never placed a big order at once…

Gift Panic? Fear Not ~ Electronic Gift Cards Save The Day!

Last minute changes to your gift-giving plans? Unexpected guests arriving? You forgot your “professional graduate student” nephew is actually back from college? You forgot a gift for the mother in law? Fear not! Electronic gift cards are ready to save the day, with email delivery and/or print-and-give options! Check the available options and designs at Amazon itself and B&H Photo and Adorama

SUPER PRO TIP: before sending an electronic gift card via email or SMS and worrying if/when they will receive it, FIRST, send an e-gift card to yourself to see whether and/or how fast it arrives. Then you can feel more confident to send to others. The minimum amount for electronic gift cards is typically very small…

Flash sale: 10% off Target Gift Cards

While Target obviously does not have the depth and breadth of a dedicated camera retailer like B&H Photo and Adorama, they still have a number of potentially interesting products. Or if you are a Target shopper anyway, etc, etc, etc. To cut a long story short…

… for a limited time only, Target is offering 10% off their own gift cards with a maximum purchase of $300 per customer (in other words, maximum discount $30 – you pay $270 for a $300 Target gift card). Minimum purchase $10. One transaction per customer. Terms and conditions are shown over there below the big reddish banner.

Gift Cards purchased now can be redeemed (used) starting at 10am central time on Monday December 9 in 2019…

Amazon Gift Cards: Send $50+ by SMS, Get $5 promo

If you are a frequent Amazon shopper, here’s another gift card promotion for you. For this promotion, you must spend $50+ in Amazon Gift Cards AND send them to the recipient (Which could be you) via SMS. After the $50+ gift card is sent via SMS, Amazon will add a $5 promotional store credit to your Amazon account.

Use coupon code SMS2019 in your shopping cart to get the promotion. Limit one per customer during the promotional period.

NOTE: this may be targeted, so if you don’t see the offer while logged on to your Amazon account, it means Amazon’s AI SuperComputers decided not to offer it to you. Mayhaps you’ve fallen behind on the Bezos libations? 🙂

Prime Deal: $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40 [ends 7pm ET]

Good until 7pm ET on Monday or earlier if sold out, also part of the Prime Day 2019 party, you can pay $40 and get a $50 iTunes gift card. This is a plastic gift card delivered by mail. It is 15% claimed as of 8:44am ET. Of interest especially if you like to buy camera and photography apps in the App Store, rent/buy photography-related docs/videos/movies and e-books and such. And of course anything else you want from iTunes.

This too is restricted to Prime members. But if you want to jump in, you can start a 30-day FRee Prime trial and jump in as many deals as you want right away…

YMMV: Send $50+ Amazon eGift Card via SMS, Get $5 promotional store credit

This is a YMMV as you would have to have been preselected for this offer by Amazon’s all-knowing and soon all-powerful AI. The gift card offer is this: send a $50+ Amazon e-Gift card via SMS using coupon code SMS2019 and you will receive a $5 promotional Amazon store credit.

You can obviously send the gift card to yourself as it is often the case with these type of promotions. The offer runs until late December 2019 so there’s no hurry to get it done right now ~ unless you want to that is 🙂

You may be able to see this type of an Amazon on-site banner follow you around [screenshot crop below]:

The terms and conditions and to find out whether you are eligible can be found at the aforelinked page. You have to be logged on to your Amazon account in order to find out if you are eligible since it is a YMMV / by-invitation type of offering…

10% Bonus GC with select Adorama Gift Cards

Good until 11/22/18 at 11:59pm ET, Adorama is running a limited time gift card promotion: buy one of the featured gift cards (price options range from $100 to $1000) and get a separate gift card by email that is worth 10% of the value of the gift card you purchased. So if you buy the $1000 gift card, you will receive a $100 bonus gift card via email… Check the aforelinked pages with the details, terms, conditions and restrictions…

Get $5 bonus with $50+ Amazon Gift Card by Text Message

Amazon always tries to find creative ways to get you to load up your Amazon account or buy gift cards. This latest promotion running until December 22, 2018 gets you a $5 bonus if you buy a $50+ Amazon gift card by text message. First you have to click on the aforelinked page to “add code to your account”.

If you don’t see this offer while logged on to your account, it means Amazon’s computers decided not to offer it to you. Limit one redemption of this particular offer per Amazon account. Complete terms and conditions over there.

Remember, you can send the gift card to your own email address, you don’t have to send it to another person! Assuming you do a $50 purchase, this is a 10% bonus.

Coffee Shaped Lens Mug for $6.55

If you don’t want to chase these in the gold box lightning deals, they are currently on an old fashioned sale. It is the most common coffee-lens-mug design, the homage to the Canon 24-105 f4L IS USM, and it is on sale for $6.55, sold by a 3rd-party seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon. You can buy as many as you like. It comes with a conventional sliding sipping lid, not a clear lens-y lid.

(ENDED) Thur (B&H): Star Wars Day: Propel Quadcopters for $60 w/FS

These daily deals expired…

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Vintage 26×18″ Camera Patent Prints for $45 + S&H

Touch of Modern is having a Vintage Patent Prints sale running until 4/14/18 at 3pm eastern and among them they have the Vintage 26×18″ Camera Patent Print of the “Camera with Coupled Exposure meter” going for $45 plus shipping. But if you prefer an even larger size, they have the 40×26″ for $75 and the 60×40″ for $230. Shipping is always extra at Touch of Modern, no such thing as Prime shipping 🙁

(ENDED) Photography Patent Prints for $16 with free US shipping

This offer expired…

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Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes e-Gift Card [limit 4]

To the eBay Deals we go, where the PayPal Digital Gifts store is offering $100 iTunes e-gift cards for $85, a 15% off discount. These are delivered by email and you can buy up to four at the sale price. This may be getting close to running out, over 9500 units have been sold in the last 24 hours per the eBay listing.

Meanwhile if you like to dabble in DIY projects or anything electrical, coupon code DM02A drops the price of the new condition Tacklife DM02A Advanced Digital Multimeter from $8 to $6, with free 2-day shipping for Prime members (or $1 digital credit for slow-shipping) or with a $25+ order. It averages 4,3 out of 5 based on 220+ customer reviews.

Patent Print: Camera with Exposure Meter for $15 + S&H

Touch of Modern has a big Art Clearance sale running until 4/10/18 at 3pm eastern time. Among the offerings is this Camera with Exposure Meter Patent Print offered for $14.70 plus shipping.

UPDATE: the H. A. Bing Bellows patent print is also on clearance for $14.70 plus shipping…

I am going through the many other offers they have. If I find any more camera related items, I will add them to this post.

Thames & Kosmos Optical Science for $28 w/FS

On the educational gifts front, the new condition Thames & Kosmos Optical Science is on sale for the very specific price of $28.45 with free shipping by Amazon itself with up to three sets per customer at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal. A 3rd-party seller offers it for slightly less but they are not Prime eligible, so be sure to investigate them before buying if you are not familiar with them.

Camera Patent Pillow for $19 + S&H

You can nap or rest or sit on a camera patent …pillow! A new blueprints pillow sale at Touch of Modern includes one of the classic camera patent prints. Search (using the in-browser search feature) for “photo” or “camera” to quickly locate it. Sale ends 4/5/18 at 3pm eastern.

Pay $45, Get $50 Google Play e-gift card

This recurring promotion is back at Amazon. You pay $45, and get a $50 Google Play e-gift card by email using coupon code GOOGLE in the Amazon shopping cart. That’s a 10% off discount. You can get a better percentage during various B&M store gift card promotions, but typically the percentage is achieved through store credit or rewards points. This is a straight-up discount, nothing else involved. It is a limited time offer, expiration time unknown (= when the coupon stops working).

PS: Google Play gift cards can also be used towards subscriptions initiated from Google Play, as long as that subscription service supports billing through Google Play (eg HBO NOW). You can adjust it at any time under the Subscriptions section of the Google Play Store website or app.

(ENDED) OUOH 16oz Lens Mug (Nikon 24–70/2.8G Homage) for $11

These lightning deals expired…

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Pay $42.50 Get $50 iTunes Gift Card by email [limit 4]

Gifts cards are (obviously) not eligible for the 15% off flash eBay coupon but they are on sale on their own at the usual 15% off amount. The PayPal Digital Gifts store is offering $50 iTunes gift cards by email for $42.50 with free email delivery. Limit four per buyer.

More eBay gift card sales can be found in last night’s eBay round-up

(ENDED) Tuesday: 20% off Camera Patent Prints (three options)

This coupon expired as well…

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Photography Patent Prints for $17 with free US shipping

It’s geeky decoration for the home or office or the studio! Massdrop, a shopping club that is free to join is offering a series of Inked and Screened Patent Prints going for $17 each with free shipping to US addresses. Because of the way their offers and pricing works, an account is needed to see all the details (it is free to join).

There are a couple of photography-related patents included in this set. Page down on the page to see them all. One is the 1963 Polaroid patent by Herbert A. Bing [Google Patents] and the other is the 1938 “photographic camera” by Gustave Fassin [Google Patents]. Look for these in the image carousel over there.

The prints are size 18×24 inch and they are available in your choice of background: chalkboard (black) or blue or white with a grid. The offer runs for three days and a few hours from today (today = 3/13/18). All sales are FINAL.

These will be printed and shipped to you with estimated shipping date being April 6 in 2018. There is no express shipping option. Massdrop products ship slowly, they are the opposite of Amazon’s Prime and PrimeNOW instant gratification deliveries 🙂

If you don’t want to wait, there are various camera-themed patent-prints at Amazon that are Prime eligible.

PS: if you are a fan of cars/automobiles, they have a separate sale on Automotive Patent Prints going for $14 plus shipping each. This offer runs for six days from today.

(ENDED) Pay $85, Get $100 emailable iTunes Gift Card [max 4]

12,000 units was the magic number and as of 3/8/18 AM recheck, this is sold out…

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(ENDED) uHome Lens Shaped Coffee Mug for $6.29

This lightning deal expired…

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