YMMV PayPal Coupon: $10 off a $50+ eBay order

If you are subscribed to PayPal offers by email (I think this is on by default, you’d have to manually turn it on their settings), they have sent today personalized email coupon codes for $10 off an eBay order of $50+ that is paid with PayPal (is there any other way to pay these days?). The coupon is a long mess of characters and numbers, which means it is unique for each customer, that’s why I’m not posting it here.

Coupon expires 11/22/17, and has the usual coupon exclusions.

IF you are eligible for this, it can be a perfect couponing storm, because running until Thursday night is a 8% eBay Bucks promotion (YMMV on who’s eligible) and running until Monday AM is a 20% off eBay coupon promotion.

I believe all three should be stackable because the PayPal coupon is a payment coupon (PayPal checkout coupon), while the eBay coupon is a purchase (eBay shopping cart) coupon. The rewards happen regardless of whether you use any coupons as long as you activate them before making purchases.

YMMV: $100 off the Nikon D850 IF You Apply and Get Approved for the Amazon Rewards VISA card

This is a YMMV promotion as Amazon’s AI bots have a mind of their own!!!

While checking the Nikon D850 stock status at Amazon I noticed a promotion that offers you a $100 discount IF you apply for an Amazon Rewards VISA credit card (by Chase) and Get Approved for it, and use the new card to pay the Nikon D850 [which remains in “Temporarily Out of Stock” status]. You don’t have to be a Prime member for this offer.

To see this offer however you may have to be logged on to your Amazon account, and NOT have an Amazon Rewards VISA card (by Chase). I only saw this offer on the non-Prime Amazon account I use to check prices/offers for non-Prime members. My Prime account (already has the Amazon Rewards VISA) was not offered this. Looking at the page without being logged on to an Amazon account also did not show the offer.

So this is a big YMMV.

If you are eligible for this offer, it looks like this [screenshot below]:

This has to be sold and shipped by Amazon itself, not 3rd-party sellers.

Non-Prime members get 3% credit cards rewards on Amazon purchases with the Amazon Rewards VISA, while Prime members get 5%. This is another one of the many Prime Benefits.

AMEX Offers: Get $25 back on $250+ Best Buy purchases [must activate first]

If you think you are going to spend at least $250 until the end of the year at Best Buy (online and/or brick and mortar store) and you have an American Express account, when you login to your AMEX account online, check under the “AMEX Offers” section for this promotion. You get a one-time $25 statement credit you make a minimum of $250 in combined purchases at Best Buy’s website and/or brick and mortar store.

This doesn’t have to be a single transaction, small purchases can add up to that. Make sure you activate the offer first in your AMEX account before you start buying. Activation is simple, you just press the “Add to Card” button. The offer expires 12/31/17.

As usual with these offers, I don’t know if everyone is offered these, or the AMEX computers offer it so a subset of their customers based on what their AI and Humans Bots decide 🙂

Strategically, add this to your card if there is a possibility you might do this. The option to sign up usually leaves your account before the offer expires, so don’t wait until Christmas Eve to try to add it to your account 🙂

AMEX Offers (YMMV): Get 5000 Membership Points when you pay $99+ for your annual Prime membership

This is a YMMV. IF you have an American Express credit card with Membership Points (not a Cashback card like Blue Cash), check the AMEX Offers section on the AMEX website or app. It’s right below your account summary when you login. Among the various offers floating there, they have a pretty good offer IF you are willing to pay your Prime membership with your eligible AMEX credit card.

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Masterpass NewEgg Coupon: $10/$100+ or $25/$200+

NewEgg is back with another Masterpass promotion. Masterpass is Mastercard’s online payment wallet type of service, similar to VISA Checkout. Using coupon code MPBTS17, and paying with Masterpass at NewEgg, you can get $10 off a $100+ order OR $25 off a $200+ order.

Offer ends 8/31/17. Terms and conditions at the aforelinked page. Strategically this can be a good idea for products that have the same prices everywhere.

AMEX Offers: Spend $250+ at Adorama, Get $25 Statement Credit

If you have an American Express credit card, check in your account whether you qualify for this AMEX offer. This is YMMV as not all offers are offered to all card holders. You may find an offer that gets you $25 back as a statement credit if you spend $250+ at Adorama online or in-store. First you must add the offer to your AMEX card (click the “Add to Card” button), and then make the purchases. The offer ends 6/30/17.

UPDATE: One of our readers pointed out in the comments that you may also get an offer that gets you 2500 Membership Points instead of a $25 Statement credit. This is possible for AMEX cards with Membership Points.

Here’s a larger size of the screenshot.

REI: $100 Gift Card with REI Co-Op Mastercard

If you don’t have (or had) an REI Mastercard, they are running a promotion that gets you a $100 REI Gift Card if you open an REI Co-Op Mastercard and make at least one purchase with it (any purchase, any amount) within 60 days of account opening. The usual thing with credit cards, “on approved credit”, etc, etc, etc. With this card you earn 5% back on REI purchases and 1% on all other retailers/places. This is stackable with the annual REI Membership Dividend because co-op hippies like to give money back 🙂 On top of that, until 12/31/17, REI will donate 10c to the National Forest Foundation (up to $1 million) for every transaction made with the card.