Action May Be Needed: Shutterfly to delete “inactive” accounts on March 29 in 2023

If you have a Shutterfly account and haven’t made a purchase during the last 18 months, your photos and projects will be deleted – permanently – on March 29 in 2023.

An “inactive” account/project is defined – by Shutterfly – as one that has not made a purchase during the last 18 calendar months.

You can download your photos by March 29 in 2023 if you don’t them to get permanently deleted. Projects cannot be downloaded.

Not affected by this are Lifetouch and JC Penney portraits by Lifetouch. Whatever that means 🙂

Any purchase, no matter how small in amount or size, can keep your account alive for another 18 months.

For more details check the FAQs at the Shutterfly Photo Storage policy page, where we learn you can also select a CVS or Walgreens in-store pickup for an order that will keep your account alive.

Meaning you can print a couple of 4x6s and pick them up at a CVS/Walgreens of your choice. Even if you don’t have any near you – you can send them to friends/relatives, or just somewhere out there. To avoid paying the shipping and handling fee 🙂

40% off for NEW Smugmug accounts

Good until 11/30/20, Smugmug is offering 40% off new accounts when:

  1. you start a free trial by 11/30/20 using the above link (it will show the 40% off promotion in a thin green banner on the right side of the free trial area of the page)
  2. you sign up for a paying Smugmug plan by 12/13/20

20% off first year with SmugMug (ends April 6)

Good until April 6 in 2020, as part of the National Backup Day festivities, Smugmuf is offering 20% off your first year with SmugMug. They have four different plans, with a discount if prepaid annual (as opposed to month to month)…

15% off first year of new Flickr PRO memberships

The latest “new Flickr” is upon us and Flickr is offering 15% off the first year of the new paying-subscription scheme using promo code FLICKRPRO15 (as in FLICKR PRO 15% off). The promo code expires JAN-15-2019. Screenshot crop below…

PSA: the Flickr 1TB Tragedy has Jan and Feb 2019 deadlines

After languishing among the Yahoo wahoos, Flickr was sold to Smugmug. As part of this “digesting” of the service, Smugmug decided to do away with the free 1TB plan. Users who want to keep all their photos on the 1TB free plan must upgrade to a PRO plan by January 8 in 2019.

People who do not upgrade to a PRO plan by then will only keep their 1000 most recent photographs. So start processing/downloading/saving now if you don’t plan on upgrading to a PRO plan! If you don’t adjust your account yourself (if you have over 1000 photos), starting February 5 in 2019 flickr-Smugmug will begin deleting your older photos until your account is at 1000 or less [STANNIS: Fewer!]…

To make the PRO plan more tempting, they are adding some features (eg unlimited) and they are also offering a one year 30% off discount for the 1st year of PRO for the “Free 1TB” plans.

Details and discussion via Techmeme and official takes on the changes in multiple posts at the official flickr blog

15% off all Annual Plans at Animoto with coupon

Valentine’s is a good excuse for coupons and discounts, and Animoto is running a limited time coupon promotion until 2/15/18, coupon code AFFVDAY18 gets you 15% off all Annual Plans at Animoto.

25% off new SmugMug subscriptions

Running until 12/30/17, Smugmug is offering 25% off new SmugMug subscriptions at their website. No coupon code is needed, the offer is factored in at their site automatically.

40% off SmugMug (new subscriptions)

For new subscriptions only, Smugmug is offering 40% off SmugMug subscriptions. I almost turned the sentence into a palindrome. Close but no cigar 😉

40% off SmugMug subscriptions

Good until 11/27/17, you can get 40% off on SmugMug subscriptions. There is no coupon code to enter, the promotion is factored in at their website.