How to Keep up with the Madness (aka How to Make the Most of This Blog)

Posts here are flying fast and furious at this time of the year. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this blog:

+ you can quickly check the most recent five pages of posts using the quick links under the HOME button (top left corner of the blue Menu bar at the top of the page). Page #1 is the home page, Page #2 is the previous, and so forth. Here are the links for convenience: HOME page (aka Page #1) and PAGE #2 and PAGE #3 and PAGE #4 and PAGE #5

+ our customary “Black Friday Deals Situation Room”, a summary of the latest deals organized by camera/product type will go live at some point later on Thursday [I will add a link here once it goes live; UPDATE: link ADDED]

+ the Black Friday Brick and Mortar Ads are summarized by camera/product type and price-checked versus the internet in the Black Friday Ads digest post

+ use the Menu (blue bar at the top of the blog) to quickly navigate various categories and brands of interest, eg Nikon, Canon, etc or DSLR gear or Mirrorless Gear and so forth

+ new posts here are automatically posted on the Twitter account of the camera deals blog @cameradealsblog

+ if the website goes down or has slowdown issues, use the Feedburner RSS feed as a backup. It is hosted by Feedburner/Google, so it works even if the website is down

+ Subscribe or check the Feedburner full-text RSS feed

+ NOTE: if you are subscribed to the Feedburner Email Subscription, it can only send a maximum of 25 posts per day. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday there are often more than 25 posts per day. The Feedburner by Email subscriptions are strictly controlled by Google, webmasters have very little control over them in terms of customization
+ maybe I’ll explore a separate emailing list option, since, since the proliferation of MAP pricing, we don’t have as many deals that only last a few minutes and then are gone; so perhaps email subscriptions could be effective in the post-MAP world

+ for feedback, errors, corrections, omissions, hot deals, etc, please leave a comment or use the online contact form or twitter. If you see a glaring error that doesn’t get corrected even hours later, the chances are I haven’t noticed it, and if I don’t notice it, I can’t correct it 🙂