Tuesday: Panasonic G7 with 14-42mm and 45-150mm for $498

Finally it happened! An actual real camera is featured among the Amazon USA deals of the day. It is the new condition Panasonic G7 two lens kit with the 14-42mm and 45-150mm lenses offered for $498 with free shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon itself, with up to three kits per customer at the sale price. Sale ends on Wednesday at 3am ET or earlier if sold out.

The sale price is good for the black or the silver color scheme. Not sure if the limit three is per color or total.

Of course there are many and more options in the world of M43rds these days, especially if you factor in used and refurbished and grey-market options in the mix ~ that’s a fun headache to have 🙂

If you pay with an Amazon store card or the Amazon Chase VISA credit card, you will get a 5% statement credit (depending on whatever promotion your card is on).

If you don’t have either of those cards, pay attention to the Amazon product page and the promotional mini-banners up top. They usually run either 0% financing promotions (usually for the store card) or $XX off for the Chase VISA card. I’m currently seeing a $60 off promotion on the Chase VISA card but the amount may vary depending on the time of the day you check, and who knows what other factors the Amazon AI Price Bots use to decide what to offer to who(m) and when…


  1. S.W. Anderson says

    That is one really good deal on a fine camera and kit lens outfit. My G7 cost almost that much with just the 14-42mm lens. I thought then and still think I got a good deal on a great camera. As for the lenses, any more, kit lenses aren’t the so-soers they’ve long been made out to be (and sometimes were).

    As for Amazon, I hope sales of these are impressive. Who knows, the Amazonian god of retail provenance might decide to offer another such fine and affordable camera deal some year.

    • yes, smartphones or not, the camera upgrade cycle with all the new tech features, with Black Friday and Holiday shopping approaching, should trigger a new round of potential deals…