Thursday: SmallRiG Handheld for Canon, Headlamp, DSLR Bag

Good until Thursday 4/25/24 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) we have these B&H Photo daily deals:

+ SmallRiG “Black Mamba” Handheld Kit for Canon EOS R5 C/R5/R6 for $109

+ VidPRO MP-15 2-in-1 Mini-Tripod & Selfie Stick with Bluetooth Remote Control for $11
+ because the Accessories Addiction monster must needs be fed 😉

+ RucPAC Professional Focus Headlamp for $40
+ move over lightpainters, here come headlampographers!

+ Ruggard Commando Pro 75 DSLR Shoulder Bag for $50
+ a day without a day is no day at all!

+ MultiCart Rock-N-Roller R11G 8-in-1 Equipment Transporter for $170
+ because BIGMA won’t move by itself 😉

+ also CAD mic for $50