Prime Dayz Top Buzzworthy deals

We are outsourcing discovery to Amazon’s AI and algorithms! If you are looking for unusual or unexpected offerings, these are the Top Buzzworthy Deals of this year’s Prime Day.

PS: I’m not posting a link to Day #2 because it’s currently underwear and chicken wings sauce! LOL

Amazon Fire 11 MAX tablet for $150+ [save extra 20% off w/eligible trade-in]

I’m really posting this deal just so I can say that Amazon takes tablets more seriously than Google itself, who is supposed to be the Mother and Guardian of All Things Android 🙂

As part of the Prime Dayz festivities, Amazon is offering its brand new Fire MAX 11 tablet for $150 for Prime members. Or you can buy a bundle with the official Keyboard Case for $240, or for $10 more, you can get it with Keyboard Case + Stylus. This has 64GB with Lockscreen Ads.

But Wait, You Pay Even LESS
But this is actually an even better deal if you are willing to make a trade-in. Amazon offers a 20% off trade-in credit on the purchase price of an eligible trade-in, plus the trade-in value. If you have connected Amazon devices on your account, it will automatically show you the trade-in price. For example, it showed me $5 for a prehistoric Kindle with Keyboard. You can also search for eligible devices in the Trade-IN box over there.

The benefit of this offer is not the trade-in value, but the extra 20% off on the purchase price of the new MAX 11 tablet. The MAX 11 becomes $120, while the Keyboard Case + Stylus bundle becomes $200! Minus the trade-in value of your device as well.

In other words, if you have any old(er) Amazon hardware you don’t need, you can turn it into a solid discount!

Day #2 (and last) of Prime Dayz 2023 is here: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra for $850+

Day #2 aka the last day of the 2023 incarnation of Prime Dayz is here! As one of the Amazon website banners says, shop now, sleep later 🙂

One of the headliners of the sale at this very moment is a big Samsung phone sale with over 120 products, headlined by the new condition US version factory-unlocked Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (S-Pen included) going for $850 in the 256GB variant and $980 in the 512GB variant. Available in multiple color options.

Please feel free to send me an S23 Ultra or two as an early XMas present 😉

The big Samsung sale also includes the Flips and Folds (if you like to pay big bucks to beta test Samsung’s R&D LOL {but please feel free to send me one of each!}), some of the budget A-series phones, and a variety of Samsung-branded “canon” accessories.

Prime Dayz Storage options

And now lettuce take a look at some of the storage-related sales during Prime Dayz of 2013!

The WD – Sandisk grouping includes Sandisk Extreme and Lexar SD and microSD memory cards, USB flash drives, Lexar card readers, WD and Synology NAS options, internal HDDs from WD Red and such, external HDDs from WD, LaCie and such, external SSDs from Crucial, Seagate, Sandisk and such, and internal SSDs from WD and friends.

The Samsung storage sale includes similar as above products but of the Samsung branding. Including a 256GB PRO Plus SDXC (V30, UHS I, U3, 180, 130) bundled with a Samsung USB 3.0 card reader. You can never have too many of those 🙂

AND if you want to build a computer, they have a Components sale headlined by Ryzen (Or Die Tryin’).

Because photographers spend a lot of time in the studio or in nature or in the mean streets of cities big and small, a cold or hot beverage is quintessential, which is why there is this YETI drinkware sale featuring all kinds of things, starting at $12.50 for can-style cups.

Because photographers have to eat too, Amazon is having a GrubHub promotion. In addition to getting a FREE 1-year GrubHub+ subscription as a Prime member, they have a one-time-use coupon code GRUBPRIME that gets you $15 off a purchase of $25+ at/via GrubHub.

Top Trending Deals of Prime Dayz 2023

I can’t chase all the Prime Day deals. That’s what Amazon’s AI bots and infinite servers and bloated software are for 😉

These are the Top 350+ Trending Electronics according to their computers. The #1 is the Fire Stick 4K for $23, followed by the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm for $160.

There’s plenty of AirPods – actual Apple Airpods, not 3rd-party clones! High in the charts is the Kindle Paperwhite (8GB, 6.8″, Lockscreen Ads) for $90. As y’all know, I’m a champion of e-ink e-book e-reading 🙂

There’s the 9th generation iPad for $250, a $90 10-inch Fire HD tablet (2021 model), Razer charging stands for gaming consoles, and such.

If you prefer a more standard way of browsing the top sellers, here is a conventional page-by-page list of the Trending Electronics.

Because there’s so much noise in the “Cameras” Amazon category (security cameras, crappy P&S, etc, etc), we have to dig into the Mirrorless sub-category and the DSLRs category and the Instant category to find actual name-brand cameras 🙂

If you are fond of Amazon’s own brands, this is the Top 120+ of Amazon branded products. Yes, we have reached peak Amazon, #5 in the chart is a 30-pack of 2-ply toilet paper for $23, followed for a 12-pack of paper towels for the same price 😉

Interested in other product categories? Check the Best Sellers and Movers and Shakers in the central Best Sellers page

And because I can’t be a proper troll without doing this, these are the top trending products of super-star influencer Paris Hilton 🙂

Prime Day 2023 is here starring iPad 10, Apple Watches, Etc

If you are a paying Amazon Prime member, or on a free trial, or you do not object to starting right now a 30-day FREE TRIAL, you can participate in the two day festivities for Tuesday and Wednesday July 11 and 12 in 2023 that are the …

… the Prime Dayz Deals of 2023

Too many to list here individually, but we’ll start with a pointer to the Camera and Photo sub-category with seven pages of offerings!

Some of the early stars of the sale are Apple products:

+ iPad (10th generation) for $380 (64GB) or $530 (with cellular) or $680 (256GB with cellular)

+ Apple Watch Series 8 starting at $280 and going up up and away depending on options

+ Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) for $200

+ all sorts of Amazon and Amazon-related and six degrees of Amazon separation hardware and services and such

+ most of the Prime Dayz offers are for Prime members!
+ if you see something you must have, you can 30-day FREE TRIAL and shop shop shop 😉

+ if you signed up for any of the “By Invite” offers, and you want to buy them, don’t forget to follow up on them!!!

New Prime Day 2023 Feature: Buy Products By INVITATION

Prime Days for 2023 are Tue and Wedn July 11 and 12. In previous years, you would buy the offers as they went live on that very day. Now there’s another option: Invitations!

For all this to work, I should point out, you must a Prime member, either a paying one or with a 30-DAY Free Trial.

When you peruse the Amazon USA Gold Box at this very moment, you may see some offers that say “Invite-only” in their name. You can use your browser’s search function to quickly locate these.

As an example of an invite offer we’ll take a look at this Acer Swift X Creator laptop. Its current buy-me-now price is $930. BUT if you are a Prime member, you can request an invite, and IF selected (not sure exactly how, random? algorithmically? by Jeff himself? LOL), on PRIME DAY (not right now) you will have the option to purchase it at the Prime Day price of $630.

For completeness sake, let’s take a look at some of the specs of this $630 laptop: 100% sRGB, NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti (4GB GDDR6 VRAM), Ryzen 7 5825U (Zen 3), 16GB LPDDR4X, 512GB SSD, backlit keyboard, 14-inch full HD IPS (16:9, 300 nits), 802.11ax Wi-Fi, bluetooth 5.2, weighs 3.06 lbs, fingerprint reader, Win 11, etc, etc, etc…

Requesting an invite is just that. You are not obligated to purchase it!

For products participating in this, on the right-hand side of their individual product page, where the classic Amazon “Buy Box” is, you see this new “Invitation” area:

In case the above product disappears, here’s a few more participating, so you can check and play with the new options.

+ FOREO Luna 3, I believe this product allows you to talk to the Lunar Base on the dark side of the Moon!

+ Darth Vader head (Echo stand) for $30
+ also available in StormTrooper and Mandalorian
+ sadly not available for Emo Jedi Ben Ro 🙂

Save The Dates: Prime Day 2023 is July 11 and 12

If you are a fan of the Amazon way of shopping and you are a Prime member or at least you don’t object to start a 30-day free trial, Amazon has revealed that Prime Dayz 2023 will take place on July 11 and 12 in 2023. As usual, this “falls” on a Tuesday and Wednesday 🙂

July 11 is an important day for other reasons too! It is National Mojito Day and National Blueberry Muffin Day 😉

Prime Cards Only: 10% back on AmazonBasics (573 options)

If you have a Prime membership AND a Prime credit or store card (VISA or Amazon’s own), then for a limited time you can get 10% back on the purchase of select AmazonBasics products. As of the time of writing there are 573 options available including batteries, light bulbs, cables, memory cards, tripods, etc. Many of these can be found in the 101 Electronics category of AmazonBasics products.

I’ve used a lot of AmazonBasics products through the years, overall, when the price is favorable, they are not a bad deal. Except for the exception – when they are lemons 🙂 That’s why they have the customer reviews and ratings and Q&A sections!

Prime Benefit: 1-Year of GrubHub+ FREE

Amazon’s Prime benefits continue to evolve with the times. Such as this benefit: as a Prime member you get a 1-Year GrubHub+ membership for FREE. This Grubhub+ membership gets you unlimited $0 deliveries on eligible offers.

The offer continues as long as the Prime membership is active. Meaning if you start a 30-day Prime trial and then cancel it, you don’t get to keep the 1-year GrubHub+ free membership.

NOTE that the GrubHub+ membership is auto-renewing, so if you don’t cancel it before the FREE 12 months are over, you will be charged an on-going monthly fee (currently $10/month), until or unless you manually cancel it.

I haven’t done this, so I can’t tell you what to expect…

Prime Dayz 2022 Day 1 is HERE!

The day is here! Prime Dayz 2022 is here! Day 1 has officially just began at 12:01am pacific time at the Amazon website. Most of the offers are for Prime members only. They are marked with the “Prime Day Deal” in the multiple-product page listings, and on the individual product page it tells you you must needs be a Prime member to buy!

IF you are a Prime member, dive in!

If you are not a Prime member, and you want to participate in the festivities, you can start a 30-Day FREE TRIAL. If you previously had free trials, the Amazon computers decide that your account is eligible again and tell you so.

If the Amazon AI bots determine you are not eligible for the 30-day free trial but you want to buy some of the offers, you can start a month-to-month paying Prime membership and cancel it after the 1st month (or whenever you no longer need it). Or prepay the 1-year membership at $139.

Either way, if you are going to make a Prime Day purchase until Wednesday night, make sure you fill up the Stampcard promotion to score a $10 Amazon credit.

Lots of laptops and computers and kitchen ware and Amazon’s own devices and Amazon’s own brands are participating!

More posts as I digest the offerings!

Earn $10 Amazon Credit with Prime Activities

If you are planning to make an Amazon Prime purchase by Wednesday 7/13/22 at 11:59pm pacific time, AND you are a Prime member (paying or free trial), you can easily earn a $10 Amazon store credit thanks to this StampCard promotion.

The four things you have to do to earn the $10 store credit are:

  • make a Prime-eligible purchase
  • stream a Prime video
  • listen to a song with Prime Music
  • borrow an ebook on Prime Reading

The only thing that costs money is the money you pay to make the Prime-eligible purcahse. The other three items are Prime Benefits. They are basically adding them to the Stampcard to encourage more Prime members to try out the other Prime benefits.

The aforelinked page has a progress bar showing you which ones of the steps you have completed.

PS: if you are not a Prime member, first start a 30-day free trial and then take the steps to earn the $10 store credit…

Prime Dayz are Coming – start a FREE Trial

The big dayz are almost upon us! Prime Dayz officially start on Tuesday July 12 in 2022 at 12:01am pacific time and run for 48 hours until Wednesday July 13 at 11:59pm pacific time!

If you are already a Prime member, you can participate in all the offers.

If you are not a Prime member, you can still participate in the offers by starting a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL and be eligible for all the offers and Prime benefits during your free trial.

If you previously had a 30-day free trial, the Amazon AI computer system will decide if you are eligible for another one for your account. It will tell you so.

Alternately if you don’t want to prepay for a 1-year subscription, and you are not eligible for a 30-day free trial, you can start a month-to-month subscription and keep it only for as long as you need it, eg one month so you can participate in the Prime Deals or to watch the new half-a-billion Lord of the Rings TV show…

UPDATE: if you are a student at an eligible institution, you can get a FREE 6-month Prime Student trial, and then you can optionally stay one for a 50% off a prepaid 1-year Prime membership ($69 per year). You are also eligible for three Prime Student benefits, Showtime $1/month for a year, Amazon Music Unlimited for $1/month, and 6-months of free Linked In Premium…

Prime Days 2022 revealed: July 12-13

Amazon has officially revealed that Prime Days 2022 will be July 12 and 13 in 2022, which, according to my calendar are Tuesday and Wednesday. This event is open to Prime members only.

If you are not a Prime member, you can still participate by starting a strategic 30-day Prime free trial that includes July 12-13 time window. Amazon is well aware of this and encouraging it because they know that a sizable percentage of those who start 30-day free trials will stick around as paying Prime members for eternity 🙂

Alternately, if you are not eligible for the free trial, but you also don’t want to commit to the $140 per year plan [back in our time kids, Prime was $100 per year but we had to climb up the internet hill backwards at dialup speeds to get it!], you can start a $15/month month-to-month membership and keep it only for the time window that covers the July 12-13 Prime Dayz.

Remember, a Prime membership also includes access to Amazon’s videos and movies, so you can factor your TV/movies streaming/watching schedule into the decision when to start your 30-day free trial!

A Prime membership includes many other benefits as well. To give you a general sense, we have a Prime Benefits round-up post at the main blog, but note that it was last updated in late April 2018, that’s *GASP* four years ago 🙂 Time sure does fly!

BREAKING: Amazon Prime annual fees increasing to $139 per year [monthly $15/month]

Maintaining the globetrotting yacht and tearing down bridges is an expensive thing, so Amazon is raising Prime prices from $119 to $139 as follows:

+ existing Prime members: March 25 (so if your annual renewal is before March 25, you pay $119; after March 25, you pay $139)
+ the previous bump in Prime pricing was in 2018, it went from the psychologically friendly price of $99 to $119

+ new Prime members: February 18 or later. It’s Amazon’s Valentine’s gift to y’all 😉

+ monthly Prime fee goes from $13/month to $15/month

So if you are not a Prime member, and are considering to lock in the $119 price for a year, start a FREE 30-day trial now, OR strategically use the monthly Prime when you need it (eg when the LOTR show comes out in Fall 2022 or when you shop a lot)…

Prime Cardholders: up to 25% back on select items (most get 10% back)

If you are an Amazon Prime member AND you have one of Amazon’s three official credit cards (the VISA, the Store card, and the Secured card), then for a limited time you can get up to 25% back on your Amazon card with the purchase of select products. Most of them seem to get 10% back.

AS of the time of writing there are over 1300 eligible products. Page further down on the aforelinked offer page to see them or use their filtering options over there to narrow them down…

Filtering for Electronics yields 492 products as of the time of writing!

Promotion ends December 20 in 2021, or whenever Amazon changes it 🙂

Prime Day 2021 is here at Amazon USA!


Prime Day 2021 is here, Day #1, Monday June 21 in 2021 at the Amazon website and the Prime Day Gold Box!

REMINDER!!! all offers marked as PRIME DAY are only available to Prime members. If you are not a current Prime member, you can still take advantage of the sales by starting a 30-day FREE TRIAL

+ Memory Card sale including Sandisk, PNY and Lexar, most of them SD and microSD options
+ a total of 30 options, $13.49 to $183

+ Chromebooks, 19 options, $190 (Samsung Chromebook 4, HP 11.6″) to $1149 (Google Pixelbook Go)

+ two pages of Computers and Monitors from $80 to $2000, including LG, Acer, HP, Lenova, Dell, Samsung, AOC, ASUS, etc
+ mostly laptops but also includes a Chromebox

+ unlocked Samsung Galaxy smartphones including S21 and S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra and regular, S21 and S21+, S20 FE, etc

+ two pages of desktops, monitors and tablets including Acer, Lenova, alienWare, Sceptre, ASUS, LG, ViewSonic, BenQ, etc

+ two pages of Razer gaming sales including keyboards and mice and a couple of Blade 15 laptops (on the 2nd page)

+ two pages of Samsung electronics including:
+ 256GB EVO Select microSD for $26, 512GB for $52
+ tablets of all price ranges
+ computer monitors
+ SSDs internal and external
+ 256GB EVO Plus SDXC for $25, PRO Plus for $30

+ three pages of PC Accessories components including Ryzen, WD, Intel, Crucial, TP-Link, ASUS, Cooler Master, Corsair, Gigabyte, MSI, Netgear, LG, Thermaltake, Toshiba, eVGA, PNY, etc

+ Big Smartphone sale with 31 options including Motorola (from Moto G to RAZR), TracFone, OnePlus, etc
+ prices $35 to $1160

+ five pages of AmazonBasics kitchen products

+ Nespresso sale for $100, three different machine options
+ some consider Nespresso to be half a step above Keurig
+ of course Keurig is a bit more chaotic in options than Nespresso, so it’s easier for Nespresso to quality-control their vendors

+ various sales on Kindle e-readers including the Basic Kindle ($55+), Paperwhite ($80 with Ads), Oasis ($205+), etc

+ FireTV Recast (1TB) for $180
+ DVR for cord-cutters with 1TB storage included

+ FireHD 10 tablets (2021 models) start at $80


Fuji Instax 9 Mini camera for $50

This offer is for Prime members only! If you haven’t already connected your Woot account with your Amazon Prime account, you have to do this (a one-time activity) before you can buy this promotion, which has about ten days left (as of the time of writing)…

The offer is the new condition Fuji Instax 9 Mini camera for $50 with free shipping [since only Prime members can buy it] with up to three per customer at the sale price…

It comes with a 90-day Woot warranty…

Prime Only: Fuji Instax Mini 9 Clear Camera for $50

Good until the end of January 2021 (or earlier if sold out) Woot is running a …running Prime members only sale. You have to login with a Prime account through Woot in order to buy these. And surprise surprise, there is a camera among them!

It is the new condition Fuji Instax Mini 9 Clear Camera in the yellow color scheme going for $50 with up to three per customer. It comes with a 90-day Woot warranty. Since this is a Prime-only offer, you get free shipping by default (one of the many Prime benefits)…

UPDATE: among the Monday Amazon USA Gold Box deals of the day (these are open to everyone, not Prime only) you can get:

+ HiSense 43″ Android TV with Remote (2020 model, 43H5500G) for $200

+ Fire Stick TV Lite with Alexa for $22

Prime Benefit: FREE 2-Day shipping at Woot until 12/20/20 PM

If you are a Prime member, Woot has an extra limited-time benefit for you. Normally you get free shipping as a Prime member, but until 12/20/20 at 11:59pm central time, you get a free upgrade to 2-day shipping at the Woot website. Simply look for the option. You have to connect your Woot-Prime accounts. Details at the aforelinked page and/or follow the prompts in the Woot shopping cart.

This is for all items sold (and shipped) by Woot, not just the pithy Prime-only selection. A very small number of items that may be shipped directly by 3rd-parties (if they still exist with the new Amazon-Woot) may not be eligible if Amazon doesn’t control the shipping.

Prime Day 2020 is October 13 and 14 [early deals already in progress]

If you are a Prime member or don’t object to starting a strategic 30-day trial, Amazon has announced that their 2020 Prime Day is happening October 13 and 14 in 2020, a 2-day affair. You have to be a Prime member (paid or on a free trial) to participate in the sale-a-bration…

But you don’t have to wait, as of the time of writing, at the aforelinked page, Amazon is already running some “Early Prime Day Deals” as follows:

+ sign up for a new 100GB Prime Photos plan, and get an additional 100GB for the duration of your annual or month-to-month agreement

+ Spend $10+ on Small Business and get $10 to spend on Prime Day; details over there

+ two Echo Dots (3rd generation) for $40 total

+ 43″ Toshiba Fire TV HD for $180

+ share a photo, win a $1000 gift card

Additionally, at Amazon Germany Prime Day Early Deals they offer:

+ 30% off on Business orders of up to 300 euro

Prime Day Update: Moving to October 2020, Still Subject to COVID change

One of the main Prime Benefits is the annual Prime Day which typically happens in the early summer. This year, because of COVID-19 seasons, it had been moved to September, and now according to new updates via Techmeme, the sale-a-bration is tentatively moved to October 2020. But still subject to change…

Considering that Black Friday is November 2020 and singles day is mid-November, the end of October is mayhaps the latest Amazon can do it without colliding with pre-existing sale-a-brations. On the other hand, this year could be Amazon’s embrace of Singles Day which could also be Prime Day. This paragraph being speculation of course…

Aduro 20,000 mAh powerbank with four power outputs for $24 [Prime Only]

Even though this offer is on the Woot website, it is restricted to Prime members only!

Running until September 7 in 2019, Woot Plus [the more-than-24-hours sales at the Woot website] is offering an Aduro powerbanks sale with five options and prices ranging
$14 to $24. There’s also a Qi-certified charging bank.

Of this lot, the headliner is the the Aduro 20,000 mAh powerbank for $24 in your choice of black or gray color scheme. It comes with a 1-year Aduro warranty and you can buy up to ten units per customer at the sale price. This has the unusual feature of having four (!) power output ports. The charging of the powerbank itself happens through microUSB. It does not say how long it takes to charge it.

If you haven’t done so already, in order to buy these, you have to connect your Amazon Prime account with your Woot account. This is a one time thing.

Early Prime Day Specials: $15 Echo Input, $130 FireTV Recast, $160 LG Stylo 4, Etc

With Prime Day 2019 approaching (July 15-16), it may not be a bad idea to strategically start a Prime 30-day Free Trial, so you can participate in the festivities. That is after all one of the main goals of the Prime Day festivities, because, like Hotel California, you can never leave Hotel Prime 😉

But you don’t have to wait for July 15 for the deals to come. Amazon is also running a variety of limited time Prime-member-ONLY offers including:

+ Fire TV RECAST for $130 instead of $230
+ the 500GB 75 hour OTA DVR box; all you need is an (HD) antenna and a Fire TV compatible device (actual Fire TV box or stick, Echo Show, Fire TV television set, etc).
+ details and set-up diagrams and Q&A at the aforelinked page

+ Echo Input for $15 instead of $35
+ this turns any speaker into an “Alexa” device ~ or something like that

+ $10 off a $40+ Prime Pantry offer with coupon PANTRY

+ LG Stylo 4 unlocked smartphone for $160 instead of $250

+ $10 off if you spend $50+ on books at select Amazon B&M stores (their “Amazon Books” bookstores and their “4 Stars” stores until July 16 in 2019

+ lots of other offers on foods, consumables, etc

Prime Only (EU): 20% off select AmazonBasics products

Prime members have shopping benefits on the other side of the pond as well. Amazon Germany is offering Prime members of Amazon Germany a 20% off discount on select AmazonBasics products which includes over 300 eligible products, among which 400+ are in the Electronics product category, which is where the camera gear, batteries, cables and such can be found…

Coming Next Week at Woot: Woot-OFF, Prime-only deals, etc

Starting Sunday February 24 in 2019, Woot is planning the following promotions:

+ another Woot-OFF ~ does not say which day(s)
+++ UPDATE: the Woot-OFF is gonna be Tuesday FEB-26-2019

+ Prime member only daily deals

+ and of course, another “bag of crap” sale

Friday (Prime members): Spend $25+ at Woot, Get $10 off Future

This is a benefit for Prime members only at the Woot website for Friday, aka Black Friday. This Prime-only promotion is a two-step:

+ Step #1: spend $25+ in a single order (excluding Shirts and Gourmet) during Black Friday on Woot
+ Step #2: if so, you will receive a coupon via email that gets you $10 off a purchase of $25+ at Woot between 11/26 and 12/1
+ Prime members only

Prime Credit Card Benefit: 15% back on select Panasonic cameras (GH-series, G/GX-series, LX-series, FZ-, ZS-, TS-)

If you have a Prime Amazon credit card (Chase or Store card), for a limited time, Amazon will get you 15% back as a statement credit (or points credit depending on card/options) when you purchase one of these 30 Panasonic digital cameras and camcorders including:

+ GH5, GH5S, GH4, G9, GX9, G7, G85, GX85, GX850 M43rds iLCs
+ LX10, LX100 II, LX100 rawsumers
+ the FZ1000, FZ300, FZ80 superzooms
+ ZS200, ZS100, ZS70, ZS50 travel zooms
+ TS-series elementproofs
+ various camcorders

Cloud Prime Day Deals: Dropbox and Adobe’s Creative Clouds

And now some cloud-y action in the Prime Day festivities. For a limited time, there is an in-cart discount for the following items:

+ 1-Year Dropbox PLUS for $79 after in-cart discount

+ Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC plan | 1 Year Subscription for $96 after in-cart discount

+ Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan with 20GB storage | 1 Year Subscription for $96 after in-cart discount

Gold Box Now: Rokinon, Samyang, Meike 35/1.7 (E), Xiaomi Mijia, DataColor, PNY (various), Etc

Among the Prime Day action, the following other lightning deals are in progress [not previously mentioned below]:

+ ends 4:20pm ET: Rokinon AE14M-C 14mm f/2.8-22 Ultra Wide Angle Lens with Built-In AE Chip for $303

+ ends 4:25pm ET: Samyang SY14M-C 14mm F2.8 Ultra Wide Fixed Angle Lens for Canon for $223

+ ends 4:30pm ET: Datacolor Spyder5PRO – Designed for Serious Photographers and Designers (S5P100) for $100
+ 97% claimed as of 2:48pm ET

+ ends 4:50pm ET: Sea frogs 130FT/40M Underwater camera diving waterproof housing case for Sony A7II A7R II A7S II for $158

+ ends 7:05pm ET: 360 Camera, Xiaomi Mijia Mi Dual-Lens Sphere Action Cam Wifi Waterproof Panoramic Camera 3.5K HD Video Recording with Sony Image Sensor and Stabilizer for $225

+ ends 7:15pm ET: Crucial MX500 500GB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD – CT500MX500SSD1(Z) for $88

+ ends 7:20pm ET: 128GB PNY Elite Performance SDXC Class 10 UHS-I, U3 up to 95 MB/Sec Flash Card (P-SDX128U395-GE) for $36

+ ends 7:30pm ET: 512GB PNY Elite Performance SDXC Class 10 UHS-I, U3 Up to 95MB/sec for $150

+ ends 8:15pm ET: Drobo 5D3 5-Drive Direct Attached Storage (DAS) Array – Dual Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.0 type C ports (DRDR6A21) for $539

+ ends 8:35pm ET: TerraMaster NAS Servers (various options)

+ starts 3:20pm ET: 256GB PNY Elite Performance SDXC Class 10 UHS-I, U3 up to 95 MB/Sec Flash Card (P-SDX256U395-GE) (price before sale $100)

+ starts 3:29pm ET: Sceptre E248W-19203R 24″ Ultra Thin 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor 2x HDMI VGA Build-in Speakers (price before sale $110)

+ starts 4:19pm ET: ASUS PB277Q 27″ WQHD 2560×1440 75Hz 1ms HDMI DVI VGA Eye Care Monitor (price before sale $296)
+ the Gold Box posted a spoiler on the sale price, it will be $222

+ starts 4:25pm ET: Chromo Inc CI55000230 Macro Ring 48 LED Power Light (price before sale $30)

+ starts 6:19pm ET: LG Electronics 34UM88-P 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide Screen LED-Lit Monitor

+ starts 6:29pm ET: $50 Panera plastic gift card

+ starts 8:04pm ET: Datacolor Spyder5ELITE – Designed for Professional Photographers (S5EL100)

+ starts 8:29pm ET: Meike MK-E-35-1.7 35mm F1.7 Large Aperture Manual Prime Fixed Lens APS-C for Sony E-Mount (price before sale $90)

+ starts 8:39pm ET: Godox Ving V860IIN 2.4G GN60 I-TTL HSS 1/8000s Li-ion Battery Camera Flash speedlite 1.5S Recycle Time 650 Ful Power Pops Supports TTL/M/Multi/S1/S2 for Nikon DSLR Cameras (price before sale $179)

+ various Pelican cases and NixPlay digital picture frame options as well

+ also 120+ AmazonBasics Tech/Electronics accessories/cables/etc

You can find all our posts on Prime Day using the Prime Benefits category