Prime Credit Cards Only: 20% Statement Credit on select Adobe 1-Year Subscriptions including CC Photography Plan

It’s not just physical goods that are participating in the Prime Credit Cards 20% Statement Credit promotion. There is also a Software tab at the aforelinked page, and among the 40+ options, they have these camera and photo related software:

+ Pay $120 for 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, Get $24~ Statement Credit

+ Pay $240 for Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition Prepaid Membership 12 Month – Validation Required, Get $48~ Statement Credit
+ good for either Download or DISC option

+ Pay $100 for Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 Ultimate – Amazon Exclusive – Includes Multi Cam Video Software, Get $20~ Statement Credit
+ offer available on the DISC option

For more details on this offer, check our Introductory post.

For other camera and photo related things participating in this promotion, check this Yellow Brick Road of posts (under Prime Benefits since only Prime members can do this, paying with a Prime credit card).

(ENDED) Corel Paint Shop Pro 2018 Ultimate – Amazon Exclusive – Includes Multi Cam Video Software for $42 [ends 5pm ET]

These lighting deals expired… For the latest lightning deals, follow the Gold Box Yellow Brick Road

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Corel Green Monday Sale includes Aftershot PRO 3 with Free Plug-IN for $44

The Corel Green Monday sale includes the Aftershot PRO 3 software with the ParticleShop plug-in included for FREE, for $44 for the full edition or $33 for qualifying upgrade. Pay attention to the shopping cart as it automatically adds an optional service. Because Adobe does not have a monopoly on being assholes to consumers. Rant Ends 🙂

Some of their other software is also on sale, including Paint Shop PRO 2018 Ultimate with the aforementioned plug-in included for free for $70, a PaintShop Pro 2018 and VideoStudio Pro X10 bundle for $95, Painter and Corel Draw sales and more.

(ENDED) Affinity Photo for iPad for $10 (limited time)

This limited time sale expired…

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(ENDED) Wedn: JPEG Mini PRO for $59, 55″ Samsung SUHD $899

These expired but for more action, check the B&H Featured Sales

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Pay with Prime Card: 1-Year Prepaid Creative Photography Plan for $96 after Statement Credit


  1. you are a Prime member
  2. you are buy participating products sold and shipped by Amazon itself
  3. you pay for them with the Prime credit cards, either the Chase Prime VISA or the Amazon Prime Store Credit Card

…. THEN you will receive 20% back of the purchase price as a statement credit on your credit card instead of the usual 5% statement credit. No coupon is needed, just fulfilled by the above prerequisities. This is an offer you get even if you don’t know about it. And if you don’t check your credit card statement, you may not even know you got it. And if you don’t know it happened, did it really happen? 🙂

Among the eligible products are a dozen Adobe subscription plans (some are “Student and Teacher” so please pay attention to the individual listings) including the 1-Year Creative Cloud Photography plan with 20GB storage for $120. You will receive a $24 statement credit, making it a $96 after statement credit.

All eligible products mention this on their individual product page. If you don’t see it, means the promotion expired or something else is wrong:

The expiration date is unspecified, so the offer is good as long as you see it mentioned on the product pages.

Photoshop Elements 2018 for $60 (with Premiere for $90)

The Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 is now down to $60 at Amazon by Amazon itself in your choice of a PC or MAC download or PC/Mac media in the mail.

Likewise, Premiere Elements 2018 goes for $60 as download or by mail.

Or if you want both, you can get the Elements Photoshop + Premiere 2018 for $90 as PC/Mac disc or Mac download. For some reason the PC download is not available. NOTE: that both the regular version and the Student and Teacher (STE) version are in the same listing, so if you are checking the different options, make sure you are looking at the correct version!

Mac Black Friday Bundle for $39 includes Roxio, Art Text, Etc

MacOS user bundle up time. Stacksocial is offering their Black Friday Mac Bundle for $39 with digital delivery (not boxes by mail). A total of eight titles are included: Roxio Toast 16 Titanium, Art Text 3, PDF Expert 2.2, Default Folder X 5, WALTR 2 for Mac, Flux 7, Stylizer 7, and MacReviver.

As always, Stacksocial has various Pay What You Want offers, along with a variety of Photography and Adobe related classes and offers.

Speaking of Stacksocial, they are offering a Pure VPN Lifetime Subscription for $70. You pay once, and you have lifetime access to the service. You can connect up to five devices at the same time. It seems to average 4 out of 5 based on 4280 star ratings over there. They don’t have detailed star breakdowns like Amazon.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 for $70

The latest version, fall released, the Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 imaging software is now down to $70 with free shipping or free download at Amazon by Amazon itself. The same price is good for the boxed software by mail or digital download (Mac or PC). This is so new it only has seven customer reviews as of the time of writing.

Corel Paintshop PRO 2018 for $55 (or $40 eligible upgrade)

Tired of Adobe’s cloudy and greedy ways of dealing with photographers? The time is right to try out imaging software from other companies! The official Corel online store has a sale on their brand new time-traveling Corel Paintshop PRO 2018 software for $55 full version or $40 as an eligible/qualifying upgrade. This is the digital download.

When you add to cart, they automatically add “Download insurance” for +$8. You can remove that. It’s a stupid thing they are doing for just $8 more, it can alienate consumers and drive them back into the greedy arms of Adobe 🙂

For other Corel software, check their latest sales at their Online Store. Here you will also find the “Ultimate” version of Paintshop PRO 2018 which goes for $15 more ($70 full version; $55 eligible upgrade).

Now shipping: Pinnacle Studio 21 software

Adobe gets the lion share of the attention and the profits from the world of digital photo imaging but they are certainly not the only company making software out there. One of The Others has a new product release, the Pinnacle Studio 21 software is in-stock and shipping in a software box/disc by mail, going for $60 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself.

Cyberlink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra for $26 w/free S&H

With its expansion into mobile, it may feel like Adobe is the only one making imaging software but they are not! Other companies are still alive 🙂

The Cyberlink PhotoDirector 8 Ultra software, in the PC/Mac Disc option, is currently down to $26 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. It looks like this may be a computer-generated price-match of 3rd-party sellers. There are no digital download options available for purchase at the moment.

PS: speaking of Amazon, they continue to offer the LensShifter Blue – Balanced Focus and Zoom Grip for $12 – more details on how to get the discount.

Free DxO OpticsPro 11 Essentials software

This promotions is back! For a limited time, you can get a free license of the DxO OpticsPro 11 Essentials software. It is simple…

Step by step instructions after the break if you haven’t done this before:

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Pre-order new Adobe Elements 2018 software

It’s that time of the year again. Fall means many things, among them, a new version of the Elements software falls down from the Adobe tree! As usual, the initial prices are for early adopters, and they drip-drop down as times go by.

The individual Photoshop Elements 2018 and Photoshop Premiere 2018 go for $100 each, while the bundle goes for $150.

Pre-orders are accepted at B&H Photo and Amazon itself and such.

FREE (Google PLAY): Fast Camera HD Camera

If you are part of the Google PLAY ecosystem, for a limited time, the premium (for pay) app Fast Camera – HD Camera is FREE to own. It typically goes for $1.99. The developer makes three versions of this app, this is their most advanced app that is free for a limited time.

Speaking of app stores, one of the Apple announcements that flew under the radar, starting with the new iTunes version 12.7, the App Store will be removed from the desktop iTunes software. If you used that to manage or download apps (eg your iOS device wasn’t compatible with an app, but wanted to grab it for the future because it was free or it was on sale), make sure you keep one iTunes installation at a previous version.

(ENDED) Adobe Premiere Elements 15 for $45 w/free S&H

This deal of the day expired, but if you missed it, fear not ~ Elements are recurring daily deals every few weeks…

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(ENDED) Saturday: Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 & Premiere Elements 15 for $67.49

This daily deal expired but if you missed it, fear not ~ it returns every few weeks…

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FREE (iOS): 8mm Vintage Camera app by Nexvio

Free camera app for iOS users! The 8mm Vintage Camera app by Nexvio is currently FREE to get on iTunes. Previously it went for $2. Some features however are only available via in-app purchase (99c themes). This requires iOS 8.0 and later.

If you have an older device or don’t have an iOS device now, but you may be getting one in the future, you can still grab the app for future use. You obviously can’t get it from a non-existent iOS device, but you can grab it using iTunes for Windows ~ if you are willing to run that Beast 🙂

Photo Studio PRO for 99c [Google Play]

A limited time offer at the Google PLAY Android app store has the Photo Studio PRO app by KVAD Group on sale for 99c instead of its standard price of $4.99. Per the Play page, they offer a full refund if returned within two hours.

The app averages 4.6 out of 5, and it has over 100,000 downloads per Google Play. It is currently #31 in the Top Paid apps over there.

Premium PC Power Bundle for $29 includes Corel Paintshop Pro X9

It’s not just Mac software bundles at Stacksocial. They also have Windows 10 software bundles. The ten software title Premium PC Power Bundle goes for $29 and includes among others the Corel Paintshop Pro X9 software. Most of the other apps are computer security and utilities, along with a speed-reading class. All these are digital redemptions.

(ENDED) Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate for $37

This daily deal expired, but fear not, Cyberlink is one of the recurring brands at the Gold Box, so it will likely return at some unpredictable point in time in the future…

The Cyberlink PowerDirector 15 Ultimate software, as a PC Disk, is a lightning deal for the very specific price of $37.02 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself until 1:30am ET on Thursday or earlier if sold out, as one of the lightning deals of the Amazon Gold Box.

Tuesday: Elements 15 (Pho and Prem combo) for $75, Epson WF3620 for $70, Moto Z PLAY for $350

To the eBay Deals we go where the Best Buy eBay store is offering the Photoshop Elements 15 & Premiere Elements 15 software for $75 with free shipping. This is delivered by mail, not a digital download. Limit one per customer during this limited time sale.

Speaking of Best Buy, they are offering the Epson WorkForce WF-3620 Wireless All-In-One Printer for $70 with free shipping or store pickup (where possible/available), and the unlocked Moto Z PLAY (first generation but the one with the giant battery) for $350, which has also been price-matched at Amazon. The “Z PLAY” phones are also compatible with the modular attachments (aka Moto Mods) such as the Hasselblad True Zoom (10X optical zoom).

Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate for $30 w/free S&H

To the eBay dEals we go where the Best Buy eBay store is offering the software package by mail that is Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate (Windows) for $30 with free shipping. Limit three per customer.

Pay What You Want Mac Bundle for $16+ [includes PhotoBulk]

Stacksocial is promoting their Pay What You Want Mac Bundle. If you meet or beat the current average price of $16.07+, you will receive all fifteen software titles included. It includes PhotoBulk (as the name suggests, bulk photo editor), Data Rescue 4, CrossOver 16, and more.

PS: if you like the idea of “Pay What You Want” bundles, there are many options available at the Stacksocial website.

PS2: if you like to experiment with a variety of WordPress themes, a couple of the WordPress Themes with lifetime subscription are on sale over there. Caution: playing and tweaking WordPress themes can be addictive 🙂

Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $20 [digital download]

The Corel AfterShot Pro 3 is a post-Prime-Day sale for $20 in digital download option, for PC or for Mac, at Amazon by Amazon’s Digital Services, which is their digital selling persona. The key-card by mail option is NOT on sale. This is not a lighting deal, so expiration time/date is unknown.

(ENDED) Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 for $40 [PC]

This lightning deal expired… One of today’s Lightning Deals of the Amazon Gold Box just went live, it is the Corel VideoStudio Pro X10 as a PC Disc delivered by mail for $40 with free shipping. The digital download is not on sale. Sale ends 3:19pm ET or earlier if sold out.

(ENDED) Tuesday: Adobe Premiere Elements 15 for $50

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) Corel PaintShop Pro X9 for $30

These daily deals expired…

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Corel Painter Essentials 5 for $20

The Corel Painter Essentials 5 software is currently on sale for $20 in the PC/Mac Disc at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer. Only the disc by mail option is on sale, not the digital downloads. This is not a lightning deal.

Alexa Voice Ordering: 50% off Elements 15 Photoshop/Premiere combo makes it $62.50

If you have a compatible Amazon hardware device or app, you can place orders with your Voice, using Alexa, and get some exclusive Alexa Voice Ordering discounts. One such offer running at the moment is 50% off the Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 & Premiere Elements 15 bundle. Its current price is $125, so half off would make it $62.50.

The price of the software can change at any time, so that should be 50% off of whatever the future-current price will be. You can only get this discount with Alexa Voice Ordering, not with a web browser. Expiration dates are not mentioned on that page, so the offer is good as long as you see it there.

At the same page, there’s also a $12 off promotion on the Corel PaintShop Pro X9 software. The current price is $42, so the discount will drop it to $30. Again, the price of the software can change at any time, the discount is $12 off of the future-current price.

This expired: And speaking of Corel, but unrelated to Alexa Voice ordering, a lightning deal of the Amazon Gold Box has the Corel PaintShop Pro X9 Ultimate on sale for $40 with free shipping until Tuesday 2:29am ET as a PC Disc (not a download).

PS: it looks like the free shipping over $25 is back on again at Amazon for Prime members, but since it’s been going on and off, we may have to wait for a few days to see where it settles.

99c GooglePLAY Photo Apps: ProShot and Afterlight

If you are of the GooglePLAY persuasion, a couple of photography apps are currently on sale for 99c each:

+ ProShot by Rise UP Games
+ AfterLight by the Afterlight Collective

(ENDED) Still good: Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $30

As of a 5/1/17 recheck, this sale ended, but it is recurring every few days/weeks… This flew off the front page, but the promotion continues, the Corel AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editing Software continues for $30, in Key Card format, delivered by mail, by Amazon itself (free shipping with Prime or $35+ order). The digital downloads however are not on sale, so snail mail patience is a $virtue$ in this particular case 🙂

(ENDED) Wednesday: 12-month Creative Cloud Photography Plan for $90, Etc

These daily deals expired but for more action, check their Featured Sales…….

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Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $30

The Corel AfterShot Pro 3 software, delivered by mail (not a digital download) is on sale for $30 at Amazon by Amazon itself again. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $35+ order. This is not a lightning deal but a recurring sale.

(ENDED) Thursday: Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 & Premiere Elements 15 for $75

This daily deal expired…

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FREE (iOS): Paint FX Photo Effects Editor by Sprite Labs

Free photo app time for iOS users! The Paint FX Photo Effects Editor by Sprite Labs is currently FREE to grab at the iTunes store, good for compatible iPhones and iPads. The latest version of the app is early March 2017, 218 MB big, and requires iOS 6.0 or later, so it should work with older i-devices.

(ENDED) Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 & Premiere Elements 15 for $70

Arggh! I jinxed it! The moment I posted it, the sale ended… Maybe I need to train Siri / Cortana / Bigsby / Alexa to voice-post whenever I see something.

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(ENDED) Tuesday: Corel Painter $149, SmallHD 701 Lite $399, Etc

These daily deals expired…

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Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $30

The Corel AfterShot Pro 3 software, in a key card delivered by mail, is offered for $30 at Amazon by Amazon itself. The digital download options are not on sale. This is not a lightning deal.

(ENDED) Corel PaintShop Pro X9 for $30 (Win)

This lightning expired…

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(ENDED) Adobe Premiere Elements 15 software

This daily deal expired…

One of the main Gold Box daily deals good until 3am ET on Wednesday is the Adobe Premiere Elements 15 software offered for $55 in either a digital download (PC or Mac) or a disc delivered by mail (PC/Mac). Limit two per option per customer.

(ENDED) 1-Year Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for $100 (Pho CC + LR)

As of a 3/1/17 re-check, the price is back up to their regular price of $120…

All the clouds are belong to Adobe! If you are interested in signing up and prepaying for one year (12 consecutive months) of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan (Photoshop CC + Lightroom), it is currently on sale for $100 at Amazon by Amazon itself, in either prepaid key card delivered by mail (limit 1) or as a digital download (limit two). This is not a lightning deal, so it’s good until it ends.

1-Year of Adobe Photographer Creative Cloud for $100 with coupon

Coupon code BHWPPI17 can get you a 1-Year of Adobe Photographer Creative Cloud for $100 at B&H Photo. The price before the coupon is entered is $120. This is one of their many new WPPI 2017 Specials. Offer ends 2/12/17.

Corel Aftershot PRO 3 for $30

There’s more than Adobe in the world of imaging software, which brings us to the Corel Aftershot PRO 3 software, on sale for $30 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of up to three per customer. This offer is only for the key-card delivered by mail. The digital download is not on sale.

FREE for iOS: ACDSee PRO app

For a limited time, ACDSee is offering their “ACDSee PRO” app for FREE for iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods with compatible hardware/specs) in the iTunes store. No coupon code is needed, it is marked as FREE over there while this promotion is running.

FREE ACDSee Photo Studio Beta for MacOS

If you like to boldly go and try new beta digital imaging software, AND if you have a MacOS computer (Intel, at least 1GB RAM, 100MB+ free space, OS X 10.11 or 10.12), you can sign up for a free beta of ACDSee’s Photo Studio Beta. You enter name and email address to get access to the beta. Download begins automatically after you enter that information. I don’t have a MacOS device, so I can’t test this any further.

Pixemator (iOS) app for $0.99

The Pixelmator iOS photo editing app is currently on sale for just $0.99 at the iTunes store. This is a limited time promotion… If you are a regular iTunes shopper, you can buy iTunes gift cards when they are on sale, further discounting the apps and digital content you buy from them…

(ENDED) Lowepro Event Messenger for $28; Corel PaintShop Pro X9 for $30 [and other Lightning Deals in progress]

These lightning deals expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: Corel VideoStudio PRO Ultimate X8 for $20 w/FS; Etc

These daily deals expired…

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Photoshop Elements 15 and Premiere Elements 15 bundle for $82.50 [Prime only]

UPDATE 12/31/16: the Digital Day is over, but the Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 15 bundle (digital download) continues to be offered for $82.50 for Prime members…

The $82.50 price is also available on the PC/Mac Disc option, also restricted to Prime members only.

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