Pre-order Sony a9 and Grip and 100-400mm Master lens

The new Sony a9 flagship full frame camera along with the new 100-400 Master lens are now available for pre-order, as Sony has gone into an smartphone-esque two-phase announcement. They are pre-orderable as follows:

+ Sony a9 for $4500 at B&H Photo and Amazon itself and Adorama

+ Sony VG-C3EM Vertical Grip for Alpha a9 for $350 at Adorama and Amazon itself and B&H Photo

+ Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5–5.6 GM OSS for $2500 at Amazon itself and Adorama and B&H Photo

There’s also a few more pro-caliber accessories coming along with the a9, the Sony HVL-F45RM Compact, Radio-Controlled Gn 45 Camera Flash with 1″ Display for $400, and the Sony NPAMQZ1K Multi Battery Adaptor Kit also for $400.

The release estimate for the a9 and accessories is May 25-26 in 2017. The 100-400 lens has a late July release estimate. As usual, there is a YMMV to the estimate, especially since these are flagship/pro gear that are not made in mass-market fashion.

The a9 announcement gave the Mirrorless cameras the lead, they are leading DSLRs 6-5 in 2017. It’s starting to look like a hockey game score 🙂

Pre-order Panasonic ZS70 (30x) for $450

Superzoom with RAW action now, Panasonic’s new ZS70 (not to be confused with the good old FZ70 superzoom), with a 1/2.3″ MOS 20mp sensor and 30x optical zoom, and RAW is on now available for pre-order, in two color schemes, for $450 at Adorama and Amazon itself and B&H Photo. As usual, the early adopters pay the “having it first” tax, but time will eventually erode the price.

Speaking of superzooms and eroding prices, the Panasonic FZ70 is on sale for $250 by Amazon itself (limit three per customer).

The new ZS70 has been added to the New Cameras of 2017 Tracker. Only serious P&S cameras are added there. RAW is a litmus test ~ among others 🙂

Pre-orders on Friday: Sony a9 for $4500

Canon and Nikon are no longer the only ones with used-car-priced full frame flagship cameras. Sony is joining the fray with the new Sony a9 full frame E-mount flagship, with a flagship price of $4500. Pre-orders will begin on Friday 4/21/17, so considerate of Sony to let people enjoy the holidays the days before and after. Preorders will begin at 10am ET on Friday at B&H Photo.

For more on the camera, B&H has a 1-hour video of the announcement, along with a live blog.

Also coming along with the PRO camera is a new Master series lens, the FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS E-Mount with a price of $2500, and pre-orders opening on Friday.

This new camera now gives mirrorless cameras the lead in 2017, they are “winning” over DSLRs in a penalty shoot-out at 6-5. You can see them all at the New Cameras of 2017 page.

Canon 35mm f2.8 IS STM EF-S Gets A Price – And Available For Pre-Order Now!

The new Canon 35mm f2.8 IS STM EF-S (yes, the one with the built-in macro lite/light) now has a price! You can now pre-order it for $350 at Amazon by Amazon itself and B&H Photo and Adorama. The release estimate at the moment is June 10 (2017), which is not that far off, when you consider that Game Of Thrones Season 7 will arrive a month AFTER this lens is released 🙂

The built-in light also raises an interesting question, could we be heading into a “smartphonization” of lenses? It would certainly help manufacturers with more sales as lenses would have to be upgraded much faster than previous decades 🙂

Pre-order new Nikon D7500 for $1250

Nikon has a new APS-C dSLR in the popular D7XX series, the new D7500 is now available for pre-order for $1250 as body only or $1750 with the 18-140mm DX VR lens at Amazon by Amazon itself. No shipping estimate yet.

This was added to the Cameras of 2017 Tracking page where the DSLRs have now scored an equalizer goal, making it DSLRs vs Mirrorless 5-5.

Pre-order new 32-inch LG 32UD99-W 4K UHD IPS for $999

LG is busy this time of the year, in addition to rolling out their LG6 flagship phone with a big installment promotion deal at Sprint, they are now offering their new flagship computer monitor for pre-order for $999. The 32-inch LG 32UD99-W has 4K UHD (3840 x 2160), IPS, HDR-10 For PC, DCI-P3 95% Color Standard, FreeSync support, and various connectors. It has a “1 to 4 weeks” shipping estimate at Amazon by Amazon itself.

No pre-orders yet: Canon 35mm f2.8 IS STM EF-S

Stabilized macro time now, Canon revealed the new 35mm f2.8 IS STM EF-S (APS-C) lens but pre-orders for it are not available. Nevertheless the lens has a product page up and running at B&H Photo with some details and an option to get notified by email when it’s available for pre-order/purchase.

PS: this too has been added to the 2017 Tracking page of major/interesting new cameras and lenses (NOTE: these trackers are no longer comprehensive of every single P&S camera and clone lens).

Pre-order new Canon SX730 HS superzoom (40x) for $399

Superzooms are alive and kicking, partly because neither smartphones nor DSLRs/iLCs can offer the crazy zoom ratios of smaller-sensor fixed lens cameras. Which brings us to a new 40x optical zoom model revealed by Canon, the Powershot SX730 HS with a 20mp 1/2.3″ sensor, available for pre-order at B&H Photo for $399 with free expedited shipping in silver or in black, but not in Las Vegas Raiders silver-and-black 🙂

Ships tomorrow: Unlocked Sony Xperia XZs for $699

The new Sony Xperia XZs Android smartphone with its 19mp stacked Exmor RS Motion Eye sensor and 960fps slow motion capture is scheduled to start shipping tomorrow (April 5). It is available for outright purchase, no contract, no preconditions, no installment plans, unlocked with USA warranty for $699 in three color options by Amazon itself. It takes microSD cards (up to 256GB), has 4GB RAM, 64GB on-board, 5.2″ 1080p screen, Snapdragon 820, IP68 waterproofness, dual nano SIM, Android 7.1, etc.

Speaking of unlocked smartphones, Amazon has launched a new featured Unlocked Smartphone sale featuring various models including ASUS Zenphone Zoom, Sony XA, and more.

$150 Gift Card and Gear VR Controller with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ pre-orders

Sam’s Club is offering two freebies when you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+. You have to follow the steps and the deadlines and requirements of each promotion. Freebie #1 is “Gear VR with Controller” to be sent to you later on by mail. You have to submit your information after purchase at the Samsung promotions website, and then they will mail you the Gear VR. Freebie #2 is a $150 Sam’s Club gift card. To redeem this, you must pick-up and activate your phone at a Sam’s Club store between April 21-30 in 2017. Activations are free April 21-23. Check their website for more details.

Pre-order new Fuji Instax Mini 9 instant camera for $69

Instant cameras continue to survive and advance, partly as a counter-culture to the abundance of digital photography, and Fuji is taking advantage of this by continuing to develop their Instax line of products. Their new Instax Mini 9 instant camera is now available for pre-order for $69 with free shipping, in five pastel-y color-schemes at Amazon by Amazon itself.

Heads Up: Panasonic GH5 Live Discussion Panel (and $100 gift card with Filmmaker kit)

To celebrate the upcoming release of the new Panasonic GH5, B&H Photo is planning a GH5 Live Stream Discussion Panel on Wednesday 3/29/17 1pm Eastern time. The timing is good, because it’s two hours after the Samsung Unpacked live-streaming event that will reveal the Galaxy S8 flagships.

As part of the festivities of the GH5 event, B&H Photo is bundling a $100 B&H Photo gift card with pre-orders of the GH5 Film Maker’s Kit for $2870. This kit goes for $870 more than the standard GH5 kit and includes four Panasonic accessories (official Battery Grip, DMW-XLR1 XLR Microphone Adapter, AC adapter, DC coupler), along with the $100 gift card.

New Canon Two-Lens Bundle coming

Camera manufacturers have “(re)discovered” bundling! Canon has a brand new lens bundle, one prime, one zoom, and they are offered together, the 50mm f1.4 and the 17-40mm f4L, available for pre-order at B&H Photo for $1200. This however is NOT a good price as it stands, because the lenses can be purchased individually $330 (50mm f1.4) and $750 (17-40mm f4L). I suspect the bundle price will be adjusted when it gets closer to release, because $1200 is the list price of each lens before the seasonal “instant savings” promotions.

Pre-order new Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor for $5K

And now a pre-order everyone has been waiting for 🙂 Dell Home is accepting pre-orders for the pixel-peepers wildest dream, the Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor, model UP3218K. The pre-order price is $5000 with an April 17 shipping estimate.

This has 7680 x 4320 resolution, 100% AdobeRGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709, 98% DCI-P3, a variety of ports and features and things of that nature. That means you can pixel-peep a 32-megapixel image on the screen at 1:1 🙂

Pre-order new iPads ($319 to $549) with $10 discount and 5% rewards

Now that we mentioned an Android device, the Fairness Doctrine dictates that we must needs also mention an iOS device. Which is handy, because B&H Photo is not only accepting new iPad pre-orders, they are also offering a $10 off discount and more importantly 5% promotional rewards on the purchase price. The promotional rewards can be used on future B&H purchases. With a price range of $319 to $549, the promotional rewards range from $16~ to $27~.

There are two storage options, 32GB for $319, and 128GB for $419. The 4G LTE versions cost $130 more than their Wifi-only storage counterparts as usual. Sadly this has no easily distinguishable name, it’s just “the new iPad”. Of photo interest, the 9.7-inch screen has a 2048 x 1536 resolution (4:3~).

Cameraphones: Up to three freebies with pre-order of LG G6 on Verizon

The new LG G6 flagship is doing a lot better review-wise than its modular predecessor, the LG G5. If you have read the G6 reviews, checked the camera samples and comparisons, and you don’t want to wait to see what Samsung has to …unpack with their …explosive presentation of the Galaxy S8 next week, there are various LG G6 pre-order promotions at Verizon Wireless.

If you are a brand new customer to Verizon, and willing to trade-in a qualifying phone (they have a list), and port your old number over, and sign-up for eligible plans and promotions, you can get all three freebies. If not, you can get one or two of the freebies. Each freebie has its own preconditions, requirements, and deadlines. The three freebies are: 1) free 43″ LG HDTV offered through Verizon Rebates, 2) free Google Home offered through LG’s launch promotions, 3) $200 Trade-In bill credit distributed over 24 months. Be sure to read through the terms/conditions of each promotion and ask their CSRs questions if you are not certain or familiar with their promo-speak. More details on their promotions page.

(ENDED) Pre-order discount: DJI Mavic Pro for $958

This ended, it’s back to $1000… It’s a pre-order discount! The DJI Mavic Pro is estimated to be released March 20, 2017, but as of the time of writing, you can pre-order it for $958~ instead of $1000 at Amazon by Amazon itself. It looks like it might be an automated price-match of a 3rd-party seller offering. The Deluxe bundles also “rhymes” with this price, it is $1258~.

Pre-order new AMD Ryzen 7 processors

AMD’s new big bet on processors is now available for pre-ordering, the new Ryzen 7 are scheduled to ship in March, with pre-orders accepted today. Don’t forget coupon BIGTHANKS ($8.62 off) good until 2/23/17 at 3am ET.

+ AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor with Wraith Spire LED Cooler for $329
+ AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor for $399
+ AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor & Corsair Hydro Series H100i v2 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler, Black Bundle for $496
+ AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Processor for $499
+ AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Processor with Wraith Spire LED Cooler & ASUS PRIME X370-PRO Motherboard Bundle for $499
+ AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Processor & ASUS PRIME X370-PRO Motherboard Bundle for $569
+ AMD Ryzen 7 1800X Processor & ASUS PRIME X370-PRO Motherboard Bundle for $669
+ price above is before coupon


Following the processors are of course the computers, a total of sixteen new Cybertron desktops and bundles of different kinds are now available for pre-order at Amazon with prices ranging from $850 to $3300. The release estimate is the same as the processors, March 2nd (2017).

Pre-order new Fuji E-mount (!) T2.9 Cine Zoom Lenses

While some camera manufacturers are retracting or condensing their line-ups, Fuji is expanding. Hot on the heels of their Mirrorless Medium Format they have launched a new line of Sony E-mount (I’m not drunk, I triple checked!) Cine lenses 🙂 Two of them have been revealed and they are available for pre-order for $3799 each. The 18-55 will come out first…

+ Fuji MK 18-55mm T2.9 (E-mount) for $3799 at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ Fuji MK 50-135mm T2.9 (E-mount) for $3799 at B&H Photo

+ these too have been added to the New Lenses of 2017 tracking page

Pre-order new Canon 77D APS-C DSLR

In parallel with the new D-Rebel T7i, and just $150 away in price (for two out of the three kits), Canon has revealed a new model in their post-Rebel APS-C DSLR line-up. Seven is a theme, the new 24mp APS-C 77D is available for pre-orders in the usual three kits, with a late March 2017 release guestimate…

Canon 77D pre-orders

Also coming along for the ride with today’s announcement is the Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote Control with a $45 pre-order price.

This new camera has added to the New Cameras of 2017 tracking page, making the DSLR vs Mirrorless score now 4-5 🙂

Pre-order new Canon D-Rebel T7i DSLR

Running with an almost parallel price and line-up to the mirrorless M6, Canon has also revealed a brand new DSLR in the long-running “Andre Agassi” line-up, aka the (Digital) Rebels. The new 24mp APS-C is available for pre-ordering in the usual three official kits, with a late March 2017 release guestimate.

Canon D-Rebel T7i pre-orders

Both lenses mentioned above (18-55, 18-135) are f3.5-5.6 IS STM, making it easier to memorize and decide 🙂 The 18-55 is also available for pre-order on its own for $249.

Also coming along with today’s new D-Rebel is the Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote Control available for pre-ordering for $45.

This camera and 18-55 lens have been added to the New Cameras of 2017 tracking page.

Pre-order new Canon M6 mirrorless

Meanwhile Canon is slowly started to take mirrorless a bit more seriously than Nikon, and today they have revealed a brand new EF-M mirrorless camera, the M6. This 24mp APS-C camera is available in three official kits, the body only for $779, the with 15-45mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM for $900, and the with 18-150mm f3.5-6.3 IS STM for $1279. Pre-orders are accepted as follows, with a late March 2017 release guestimate:

Canon M6 pre-orders

Both the 15-45mm and 18-150mm lenses are f3.5-6.3 IS STM. It is not a typo 🙂 Also part of this new product group is the Canon EVF-DC2 Electronic Viewfinder available for pre-ordering in either silver or black (sorry, no Raiders edition) for $249.

This camera has been added to the New Cameras of 2017 page, making this the fifth mirrorless camera to be announced this year (along with the Panasonic GH5 and GX850 and the Fuji X-T20 and GFX 50S).

Pre-orders open: two new Sony FE Primes (85/1.8, 100/2.8 OSS)

UPDATE 2/9/17: the two lenses and flash Sony announced on Tuesday are now available for pre-ordering:

+ Sony FE 85mm f1.8 for $600
+ Sony FE 100mm f2.8 STF GM OSS for $1500

Also coming along for the ride is the Sony HVL-F45RM Wireless Radio Flash for $400, with the same pre-order date as the two lenses above.

These two have been added to the New Cameras and Lenses of 2017 reference page.

Pre-order new Tamron 10-24/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD and 70-200/2.8 Di VC USD G2

Tamron is back wtih two new lenses, available for pre-order in the Canon and Nikon SLR systems as follows:

+ 70-200mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 for $1299 at B&H Photo and Adorama

+ 10-24mm f3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD for $499 at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ these two have been added to the Cameras and Lenses of 2017 reference page

Pre-order new Pentax KP APS-C DSLR

Pentax is back with a new DSLR, making it the second new DSLR of 2017, it is the new 24mp APS-C Pentax KP, available in silver or black color schemes, with a pre-order price of $1100. Also coming along is a $230 battery grip. Pre-orders are accepted as follows:

+ silver KP at Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself

+ black KP at Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself

+ KP release estimate is late February 2017

+ battery grip D-BG7 at Adorama and B&H Photo

+ additional accessories including grip kit and camera straps coming soon (not available for pre-order yet)

Pre-order the new Fuji GFX MF Mirrorless Camera and three GFX Lenses

It’s the official launch of a brand new camera system today. Fuji has unveiled their Mirrorless Medium Format system with a starting line-up of ONE camera and THREE lenses (two prime, one zoom). The camera uses a 43.8 x 32.9mm sensor with 51.4 megapixels, a surface area approximately 1.7x that of 35mm FF. The prices of the camera and lenses are appopriately sized as well and they are available for pre-ordering as follows:

Pre-order new Fuji X-T20 APS-C kits

Fuji is back with another APS-C Fuji X-System camera, the latest model is the X-T20 using the same 24mp X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor like the X100F. The X-T20 is available in three different official kits as follows:

All of today’s new Fuji cameras and lenses have been added to the Cameras and Lenses of 2017 tracking page.

Pre-order Fuji XF 50mm f2 WR for $449

Fuji continues to build up its X system lens line-up with a new prime lens, the 50mm f2 WR XF, available in black or silver, with a pre-order price of $449 as follows:

All of today’s new Fuji cameras and lenses have been added to the Cameras and Lenses of 2017 tracking page.

Pre-order new Fuji X100F for $1300

Fuji is back with a new version in the Fuji X100-series, the new model with a 24mp APS-C X-Trans CMOS III with no low-pass filter is now available for pre-order for $1300 in either the black or silver color-schemes as follows:

The original X100 came along with the Nikon D7000 during one of the most influential eras in the world of digital photography.

All of today’s new Fuji cameras and lenses have been added to the Cameras and Lenses of 2017 tracking page.

Pre-order new Leica M10 for $6595

Leica is back with a new digital rangefinder, the new M10 with a 24mp 35mmFF sensor, Maestro II engine and a $6595 starting price is available for pre-order in the usual two color schemes as follows:

+ Black: Adorama and B&H Photo

+ Silver/Chrome: Adorama and B&H Photo

+ a boatload of accessories including $545 EVF, hand-grips, half-protectors, thumb supports, batteries, correction lenses, straps, etc

This too has been added to the New Cameras of 2017, now a total of four interchangeable lens digital cameras!

Pre-order new Rokinon XP 85mm f1.2 (Canon EF) for $999

It’s XP time! No, not Windows XP, but Rokinon XP 🙂 The new Rokinon XP 85mm f/1.2 Lens for Canon EF is now available for pre-ordering for $999 with free shipping at B&H Photo.

Also available for pre-order for the same price and the same Canon EF mount at the same price is the Rokinon XP 14mm f/2.4 with a late March 2017 release estimate.

UPDATE: but wait, there’s more! B&H Photo is also taking pre-orders for the nwe Rokinon Xeen 16mm T2.6 Lens for $2495 in Canon EF, Nikon F, PL mount, M434ds, and Sony E-mount. This is a video-priority lens.

Pre-order new Samsung Chromebook Plus for $450

If you live at the intersection of ChromeOS, Google Play and like to use a digitizer pen for your photography (and other hand-input) needs, Samsung’s new “ChromeDroid” Chromebooks have been unleashed at CES 2017, and right now you can pre-order the Samsung Chromebook Plus (model XE513C24-K01US) for $450 at Amazon by Amazon itself. The release estimate is mid-February 2017.

This has some pretty good specs (considering it is not running Windows), 12.3-inch, 2400 x 1600 resolution, 4GB RAM, 360-degree hinge, digitizer pen included, two USB-C ports, microSD slot, and such. I would have liked to see more RAM and full SD and USB slots but I suppose there’s only so many things they can stuff in a thinner device and a $450 price.

The $450 model is using an ARM processor. The “Pro” model will use an Intel Core m3 processor but details on that will come in the future.

Pre-order new Panasonic 100-300mm f4-5.6 II OIS

But wait, there’s more! There’s another new Panasonic M43rds lens, yet another second generation model, it is the 100-300mm f4-5.6 II OIS with a price of $650 and available for pre-order at that price at Adorama and B&H Photo.

A summary of the new interesting and serious cameras and photo lenses of 2017 so far can be found at the brand new Cameras and Lenses of 2017 Tracker.

Pre-order new Panasonic FZ80 superzoom with RAW

Zoom-zoom now! Panasonic has another superzoom camera in the FZ-series with RAW out of the box. It is the new FZ80 with a 18mp 1/2.3″ sensor and a 60x optical zoom lens (20-1200mm eq) and RAW with a pre-order price of $400 at B&H Photo and Adorama… This too has been added to our New Cameras of 2017 page…

Pre-order new Panasonic 12-60mm f2.8-4 OIS for $1000 (also 45-100 II for $500)

But wait, there’s more from Panasonic in the world of Micro Four Thirds. If you want something longer than 12-35mm and you are willing to sacrifice constant aperture, their new 12-60mm f2.8-4 OIS lens is available for pre-order for $1000 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

The fourth of the new Panasonic CES 2017 lenses is more affordable, it is the 45-200mm f4-5.6 II OIS with a pre-order price of $450 at Adorama et al.

For the latest new 2017 gear of potential interest, check the New Cameras and Lenses of 2017.

Pre-order new Panasonic GH5 for $2000

Panasonic has a new flagship now, the GH5 with a March 2017 release estimate and a pre-order price of $2000 at Adorama and B&H Photo… You can find this along with the other New Cameras of 2017

UPDATE: also accepting pre-orders now is Amazon itself for the same price of $2000 (I am rounding prices for simplicity sake, the actual price is $1997.99).

PS: also available for pre-order is the DMW-BGGH5 Battery Grip for $350.

Pre-order new Nikon D5600 DSLR kits starting at $700

No longer just the books, the camera too is now available for purchase, there are four official Nikon D5600 DSLR kits available for pre-order at B&H Photo in familiar configurations:

+ body only for $700
+ with 18-55 DX VR for $800
+ with 18-55 DX VR and 70-300 f4.5-6.3G non-VR for $1150
+ with 18-135 f3.5-5.6G DX VR for $1200

The latest new cameras and lenses of 2017 are now tracked in the brand new New Cameras of 2017 tracker.

Pre-order new Nikon D5600 Books by Julie Adair King and by David Busch

This may be a first. The books for a camera are listed at Amazon before the camera itself! There’s two of them now! Julie Adair King’s “Nikon D5600 For Dummies” is available for pre-order in paperback for $30 with an April 17 (20170 release estimate, while David Busch’s Nikon D5600 guide is available for pre-order at Amazon for $40 with a May 19 in 2017 release date estimate. This is the paperback edition, under the RockyNook brand (not to be confused with the Barnes and Noble Nook). Amazon has a pre-order price-guarantee [see Details], so if the price drops until its release date, you will pay the lowest price during the time period between pre-order and release date.

PS: 3rd-party goofballs (okay, sellers) have created stub listings for the Nikon D5600 at Amazon, but Amazon’s own listing is not there yet.

Pre-order new Canon G9X II RAWsumer for $530

CES 2017 is upon us and so is the parade of new cameras! Canon has a brand new RAWsumer, it is the second generation of the G9X, the aptly named “G9X II” and it is available for pre-order in black or brown color-options for $530 at B&H Photo and Amazon itself at the moment.

Staying with the reborn G-line, Canon also announced a G7X II Video Creator’s Kit available for pre-order for $750. What makes it so not as generous as some of the DSLR kits that include Rode mics, but rather you get a Manfrotto PIXI Mini tabletop tripod, an extra battery, and a 32GB SDHC card.