Drones, Action Cameras and Stabilizers at B&H roundup: 3DR, GoPro, Glidecam, Axler, Etc

After the Lighting/Studio round-up of some of the latest B&H Featured Sales, now we have a drone/action-camera and stablizers themed round-up. These too are limited time offers with varying expiration dates:

+ 3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro HERO3+ / HERO4 with FREE 3DR Smart Battery for Solo Quadcopter included by B&H for $299

+ GoPro HERO4 Black for $299

+ Glidecam Centurion for $999

+ Glidecam XR-PRO Handheld Camera Stabilizer for $199

+ Axler Handheld Gimbal for Mirrorless Cameras for $450

+ YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with GCO3+ 4K Camera for $1000

+ DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 RAW Quadcopter with Zenmuse X5R 4K and Two Extra 512GB SSDs for $4300

Fujitsu Ni-MH Quick Charger with 4 AA precharged NiMH for $20 with free S&H

If you are a fan of the Fujitsu chargers, the Fujitsu Ni-MH Quick Charger is on sale for $20 with free shipping at NewEgg with a limit of up to five units per customer. You get a 4-slot 4-hour (for four AAs) charger, with four pre-charged NiMH batteries included.

B&H Lighting/Studio offers: Elinchrom, Dynalite, 10% off PocketWiz, Impact, Ikan, Rotolight, Etc

UPDATE: oops, I left half of them off the original post. More of them have been added (Ikan, Rotolight, etc)…

In addition to the two items previously mentioned, B&H Photo is running a few other lighting/studio related limited time offers as follows:

+ 10% off select PocketWizard models (17 options)

+ Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $699

+ Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox To Go Kit for $834

+ Dynalite Baja B4 Battery Powered 2-Monolight Kit with Case for $1134

+ ikan IB508-v2 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Studio Kit for $1450

+ Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light for $280

+ Redrock Micro microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle for $495

+ Impact Speedlight Solution Kits for Canon & Nikon Cameras (six options, $100 to $130)

+ Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight Kit for Canon or Nikon or Sony for $1099

+ Impact PowerSync16 DC Radio Slave System for $85

+ Light & Motion Stella 2000 LED Light for $600

+ Angler Chromakey Collapsible Background (5 x 7′, Chroma Green) for $44~

+ Lomography Light Painter for $10~
+ free shipping IF your order total is $49+

+ for more new offers, check their Featured Deals page

The IN (GH5, X100F, X-T2), and OUT (D7500, X-T2 Graph) Report

I just updated the Stock Status Tracker and the following cameras are currently in-stock:

+ Panasonic GH5 for $2000 by Samy’s Camera (eBay) and Kenmore (eBay)

+ Fuji X100F silver for $1300 by Best Buy (eBay)

+ Fuji X100F black for $1300 by Focus Camera (eBay)

+ Fuji X-T2 body only for $1600 by Adorama and B&H Photo

+ Olympus E-M1 II body for $2000 but has “Best Offer” enabled by Pixel Connection (eBay)

+ all Canon 77D kits now get 2% promotional rewards at B&H Photo

+ used Fuji GFX-50S in used condition for $5860 at Amazon Warehouse Deals

+ out of stock: Fuji X-T2 Graphite, X-T2 with 18-55, Nikon D7500

Canon 50mm f1.8 and 10-18mm Portrait & Travel 2-Lens Kit AND EXTRAS for $350

This is a nice bundle for new Canon shooters. The official Canon 50mm f1.8 and 10-18mm Portrait & Travel 2-Lens Kit is bundled with a handful of free accessories for the same price of $350 with free shipping at Adorama. The freebies are: Adorama and Lowepro lens cases, Tiffen and Vivitar lens filters, and a cleaning kit. The lenses will ship right away, but some of the freebies may take longer to arrive per the page over there…

For more Adorama action, check their latest 48 Hour Sale

100pk of AC Delco Super AA batteries for $15

If you are a fan of AC Delco single-use AA alkaline batteries, their 100-pack of “AC Delco Super” are on sale for the very specific price of $15.07 at Amazon by Amazon itself, with a limit of one set per customer. These are also available through “Subscribe and Save” (SaS) for $14.32 or less. Keep in mind, with “Subscribe and Save”, future orders will be at the future-current prices, not the price you pay for the first shipment. But you can get 5-15% off on the then-current prices depending on how many SaS items you have that month.

If you need more, the AmaznoBasics 100-pack goes for the very specific price of $15.79.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera for $679

Fly our friendly (and licensed) skies with the new condition DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter Drone with 2.7K HD Video Camera OR vicariously fly with other people’s drone videos on YouTube. The latter is FREE but the former goes for $679 with free shipping at B&H Photo and by Amazon itself (limit 3).

Adorama NAB 2017 specials (Video Centric, plus LaCie TB Storage Arrays)

Also part of the NAB 2017 sale-a-brations, Adorama has launched a diverse but video-centric NAB sale featuring Rokinon Cine lenses, a variety of lightning and studio equipment, various video-friendly cameras and camcorders, tripods, computers and more. Lots of products are offered, too many to list here individually.

In parallel, there is a freebie promotion on select LaCIE Thunderbolt Storage Arrays, you get a FREE Pelican case and a FREE Apple adapter. Eight options are available and prices range from $2999 all the way up to $9999.

UPDATE: they have also launched a 48-Hour Sale featuring a pot-pouri of camera and photo gear (a total of 33 options).

Refurbished Fuji XP90 waterproof P&S for $105

On the waterproof cameras front, the lime-green Fuji XP90 is offered in certified refurbished condition for $105 with free shipping by a 3rd-party seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping as a member.

NOTE #1: the seller’s name is “Prime Deal” but it has nothing to do with Amazon. I do not know why Amazon allows 3rd-party sellers to use names that can confuse the casual shopper into thinking this is Amazon.

NOTE #2: “certified refurbished” at Amazon is a term Amazon defines products that have a 90-day minimum warranty but they can be refurbished by anyone, manufacturer, 3rd-party, seller, unicorns, etc. They have created a portal dedicated to certified refurbished products over there.

(ENDED) 128GB Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive for $28 (limit 3)

As of a 4/17/17 AM recheck, the price jumped up up up and away, but the prices of these things changes all the time… If you are looking for versatile USB storage, the small Fit flash drives can be semi-permanently left in laptop and desktop port without sticking out like a sore thumb or can be used with or in conjunction with other portable storage options. Regardless, the 128GB Sandisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive (model SDCZ43-128G-A46) is on sale for $28 at Amazon by Amazon itself with up to three units per customer. The usual free shipping terms apply.

In other Amazon action, the Navy color-scheme of the eBags Clip Laptop Backpack is on sale for $25 and Prime eligible.

Pre-order Sony a9 and Grip and 100-400mm Master lens

The new Sony a9 flagship full frame camera along with the new 100-400 Master lens are now available for pre-order, as Sony has gone into an smartphone-esque two-phase announcement. They are pre-orderable as follows:

+ Sony a9 for $4500 at B&H Photo and Amazon itself and Adorama

+ Sony VG-C3EM Vertical Grip for Alpha a9 for $350 at Adorama and Amazon itself and B&H Photo

+ Sony FE 100-400mm F4.5–5.6 GM OSS for $2500 at Amazon itself and Adorama and B&H Photo

There’s also a few more pro-caliber accessories coming along with the a9, the Sony HVL-F45RM Compact, Radio-Controlled Gn 45 Camera Flash with 1″ Display for $400, and the Sony NPAMQZ1K Multi Battery Adaptor Kit also for $400.

The release estimate for the a9 and accessories is May 25-26 in 2017. The 100-400 lens has a late July release estimate. As usual, there is a YMMV to the estimate, especially since these are flagship/pro gear that are not made in mass-market fashion.

The a9 announcement gave the Mirrorless cameras the lead, they are leading DSLRs 6-5 in 2017. It’s starting to look like a hockey game score πŸ™‚

Weekend Magazine sale with $5/magazine/year

The “default” weekend sale is back at Discount Mags with Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo going for $5 per magazine per year, Videomaker for $7, Digital Photo PRO for $8. These are printed magazines delivered by mail to US address. On the digital Zinio subscription front, Shutterbug offered for $10 per year. The usual assortment of other magazines are offered, including $5/year options like Wired, Pop Sci, ESPN The Magazine, etc. Offers end Monday night.

100pk single-use AmazonBasics AA batteries for $16.52

Batteries are included in this item. In fact, it is batteries πŸ™‚ The 100-pack of AmazonBasics single-use AA batteries is currently on sale for the very specific price of $16.52 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to 27 100-packs per customer. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time/date unknown. It comes out to six batteries per dollar, which is pretty good. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $35+ order.

Speaking of 100-packs from AmazonBasics, they have a 100-pack of 1.0mm Ballpoint pens for $4.06, half of the pens are blue, half are black. This is an Add-On item, so a $25+ order is a must. It comes out to almost 25 pens per dollar. Useful if pens keep disappearing at the studio or if you want to donate at a local school or non-profit. For more Amazon-y things, check the Elsewhere at Amazon section in the almost-daily lightning deal round-ups.

AC Delco 4-slot AA/AAA charger with two AA LSD batteries for $9

If you like to boldly-go and try new battery chargers, the AC Delco 4-slot AA/AAA slow-moving charger bundled with two AA 2000 mAh low self-discharge batteries is currently on sale for $9~ by Amazon itself or for even less if you buy it with “Subscribe and Save”. Food items are not the only ones eligible for “Subscribe and Save”, consumables (in a broader sense) are participating too. It has no customer reviews, so you can be the one to boldly go and inform the masses πŸ™‚ Batteries must be charged in pairs. This is a slow-moving / overnight type of a charger which is a plus or minus depending on what you prefer/need.

Pre-order Panasonic ZS70 (30x) for $450

Superzoom with RAW action now, Panasonic’s new ZS70 (not to be confused with the good old FZ70 superzoom), with a 1/2.3″ MOS 20mp sensor and 30x optical zoom, and RAW is on now available for pre-order, in two color schemes, for $450 at Adorama and Amazon itself and B&H Photo. As usual, the early adopters pay the “having it first” tax, but time will eventually erode the price.

Speaking of superzooms and eroding prices, the Panasonic FZ70 is on sale for $250 by Amazon itself (limit three per customer).

The new ZS70 has been added to the New Cameras of 2017 Tracker. Only serious P&S cameras are added there. RAW is a litmus test ~ among others πŸ™‚

Manfrotto Befree One Aluminum Tripod for $100

To the Land of the Tripods we go with another Manfrotto offering, this one at Adorama, it is the Manfrotto Befree One Aluminum Ultra-Compact and Lightweight Tripod offered for $100 with free shipping in three color schemes, in the Gray color or the Red color or the Black color. This is a weekend sale (or earlier if sold out). The different colors can be handy if you want to separate their use (eg one color for outdoor use, one color for indoor use (eg schools or hospitals where you don’t want to bring in manure from the cow photography project), one color for in-house/in-studio work.

Also running at Adorama (until 4/27/17 or earlier if sold out) is a sale on the refurbished-by-Lenovo Lenovo Flex 4 15.6″ Signature Edition 2-in-1 laptop (1080p IPS Touchscreen, i7-7500U 2.7GHz, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, AMD Radeon R7 M460, Windows 10) for $639 with free expedited shipping. It comes with a 90-day Lenovo warranty. Trade-offs of flexibility and battery life as you get a Core U processor with SSD storage and dedicated graphics card.

Yongnuo 100mm f2 for $160 (Canon)

For Canon shooters, the Yongnuo 100mm f2 is currently going for $160 with free shipping at Adorama. It is currently temporarily backordered, so keep that in mind.

And if you want to immerse yourself in DIY deal hunting, check:

Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL On-Camera Flash Speedlight For Canon (V860CII) for $129

Adorama is back too and with them comes a new limited time flash sale, the Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL On-Camera Flash Speedlight For Canon (V860CII) is offered for $129 with free expedited shipping… Optionally you can purchase it together with various other Flashpoint related accessories for a combined purchase discount. Expand the yellow “Special Offer” section over there, and look at the various sub-tabs (there’s three of them as of the time of writing)…

B&H Round-Up: TT CityWalker, Wacom Pen & Touch, Apple things, NEC Pro Monitor, Dahle, Etc

And now a few more sale items from B&H, grouped together so I won’t create another half a dozen short posts. First up, bags! The Think Tank Photo CityWalker 30 Messenger Bag in the blue slate color-scheme is on sale for $80 with free expedited shipping, with a limit of up to three units per customer.

If you are interested in one of them Wacom graphics tablets but don’t want to break the bank, the Wacom Intuos Pro Professional Pen & Touch Tablet (Black, Small) is offered in refurbished condition for $179 with free expedited shipping. Offer ends 4/23/17 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out).

Messenger bags and iPads go hand in hand (the aforementioned Think Tank has a compartment for up to a 15″ laptop, which should fit the iPad fine ~ you can also put the iPad in a case or a sleeve for double protection), which brings us to the Apple 9.7″ iPad Pro (256GB, Wi-Fi Only, Space Gray) offered for $750 with free shipping until 4/30/17 or earlier if sold out.

Speaking of Apple, the 27″ iMac with Retina 5K Display (Late 2015), model Z0SC-MK48259-BH, is on sale for $3850 with free expedited shipping until 3/24/17 or earlier if sold out. This one definitely does NOT fit in the CityWalker messenger bag. You’ll have to use something bigger if you want to take this to Starbucks and become a social media sensation πŸ˜‰

The screens on tablets and computers are fine, but sometimes you need to go next level with your computer monitors. B&H is offering until 4/21/17 the NEC PA272W-BK-SV 27″ 16:9 IPS Monitor with SpectraView II for $1149 with free expedited shipping. You have to add-to-cart in order to see the discounted price.

You can certainly use this to trim coupons, but it would be the definition of overkill πŸ™‚ On the other hand, if you have photographic reasons for it, the Dahle 554 Professional Rolling Trimmer (28-1/4″) is on sale for $160 with free expedited shipping.

PS: QUESTION: do you prefer more posts grouped together like this one or posted individually? Opine in los commentos or le contact formeaux.

Interfit S1 500Ws HSS TTL Monolight (AC and Battery Powered) for $680

And now a couple of lighting-related offers from B&H. First up, the Impact Fluorescent 19″ Ring Light with Dimmer is on sale for $159 with free expedited shipping for a limited time.

Next up, there are two options for the Interfit S1 500Ws HSS TTL Monolight. The aforelinked AC and Battery-Powered model goes for $680 with free expedited shipping, while the AC Power only model goes for $500. These offers expire 4/25/17 or earlier if sold out.

For more action, check the B&H Featured Sales, now re-loaded with more post-Holiday offers!

Benro MIS28ABR0 iStudio Aluminum Monopod Kit with BR0 Ball Head for $20 with free S&H

B&H is back after the Holidays and to celebrate that, they have a mini e-doorbuster, the Benro MIS28ABR0 iStudio Aluminum Monopod Kit with BR0 Ball Head goes for $20 with free shipping. The free shipping gets upgraded to free expedited shipping if your order total is $49+. Limit three units per customer. Offer ends 4/23/17 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out.

Speaking of legged stabilizers, B&H offers the Davis & Sanford Provista 7518B Tripod with V18 Fluid Head for $160 with free expedited shipping for a limited time.

For more action, check the B&H Featured Sales, now re-loaded with more post-Holiday offers!

In-Stock Now: Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM ART for $1399 [C/N]

Prime your wallets and your Canon and Nikon DSLRs because the new Sigma 135mm f1.8 DG HSM ART lens is now in-stock for $1399 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo in the Canon and Nikon SLR systems. The Sigma SA version is estimated to get in-stock next week.

(ENDED) Tiffen 37mm 0.65x Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for $6 with free S&H [also: Hubsan, Porta Brace]

These daily deals expired but for more action, check their Featured Sales

Continue reading “(ENDED) Tiffen 37mm 0.65x Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for $6 with free S&H [also: Hubsan, Porta Brace]”

Imported Nikon D7200 w/18-140 DX VR w/1yr seller warranty for $900

The Nikon D7200 is no longer the “latest model” in the D7X0 line, the D7500 was announced a few days and it is currently available for pre-order for $1250 as body only – check Stock Status Tracker.

In new condition, it currently goes for $1000 as body only or $1300 with the 18-104mm lens at various authorized dealers, such as Adorama or Amazon or B&H Photo.

However, one school of thought is that once a “newer model” is revealed, it may be a good idea to buy the previous models as refurbished or used or grey-market, to save money on the purchase of a non-latest-model, since you are not riding the Early Adopter Wave.

If you like this approach, one path is refurbished, the D7200 body only is available manufacturer-refurbished with a 90-day Nikon USA warranty at Adorama or $789 with a 90-da7 B&H warranty at B&H Photo.

Another path that will get you more bang for the buck (if you need/want the 18-140mm DX VR lens) is at the eBay Deals du jour where eBay seller 6ave (99.1%, New Jersey) is offering the imported grey-market D7200 with the 18-140mm DX VR lens and a 1-year seller warranty (from 6ave, not Nikon USA) for $900 with free shipping. Limit five per customer.

For the speed-readers, the “1555” in the eBay listing title maybe easily misread as 1855 as in the 18-55 lens. This 1515 is the MPN of this kit, it comes with the 18-140mm lens πŸ™‚ But for whatever reason, the eBay bots or humans picked a YouTube video for the D700 in the middle of the eBay listing instead of the D7200 πŸ™‚

PS: I am not sure how a one-paragraph post turned into this πŸ™‚

Ends Tonight: eBay Coupon: 20% off select $25+ items (max discount $50)

eBay is getting more and more fond of coupons these days. Coupon code PSHOPTECH417 gets you 20% off select technology/electronics items priced $25 or higher, from select sellers. The maximum discount with the coupon is $50, which means items over $250 will get a flat $50 off discount.

There are 36 camera and photo items participating from a pot-pouri of sellers and in various conditions, so scrutinize each listing, do not make assumptions about the condition or the seller. It is eBay after all πŸ™‚

Coupon expires 4/19/17. One time use per customer.

Pre-orders on Friday: Sony a9 for $4500

Canon and Nikon are no longer the only ones with used-car-priced full frame flagship cameras. Sony is joining the fray with the new Sony a9 full frame E-mount flagship, with a flagship price of $4500. Pre-orders will begin on Friday 4/21/17, so considerate of Sony to let people enjoy the holidays the days before and after. Preorders will begin at 10am ET on Friday at B&H Photo.

For more on the camera, B&H has a 1-hour video of the announcement, along with a live blog.

Also coming along with the PRO camera is a new Master series lens, the FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS E-Mount with a price of $2500, and pre-orders opening on Friday.

This new camera now gives mirrorless cameras the lead in 2017, they are “winning” over DSLRs in a penalty shoot-out at 6-5. You can see them all at the New Cameras of 2017 page.

Instant Savings on select Canon, Rokinon, Sigma and Tamron lenses (92 options)

Lens fun now at B&H Photo, where a number of new instant savings (discounts, no rebate/coupon) promotions are running on select lenses from the following four manufacturers:

+ Sigma Lenses (32 options)

+ Tamron Lenses (24 options)

+ Rokinon Lenses (6 options)

+ Canon Lenses (30 options)

DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 RAW Quadcopter with Zenmuse X5R 4K and Two Extra 512GB SSDs for $4300

A DJI M43rds power bundle is now offered for $4299 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. It is the DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 RAW Quadcopter with Zenmuse X5R 4K and Two Extra 512GB DJI-branded SSDs made for the Zenmuse X5R camera, which is a M43rds camera. Needless to say, this has to fly, so only select M43rds lenses are cleared for fit and for flight (Panasonic 15mm f1.7 included; also works with Olympus 12/2).

For more B&H action, you can check their featured sales pages

Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $699

On the lighting front, the Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter is on sale for a limited time for $699 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. B&H is back from the holiday and orders are being processed as we speak.

On a semi-related product category (economy of blog-posts), the Vello ExtendΓ‘ Wi-Fi DSLR Remote Control for Canon and Nikon is on sale for $100 with free shipping,. Check product details to see which cameras it is compatible with. It has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Sadly, no Firefox OS apps πŸ™‚

Sunpak 423PX2 3-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Compact Pistol Grip Head for $80

B&H Photo is back and accepting orders again (and previously placed orders are getting processed), and new rounds of offers are getting ushered out, including the Sunpak 423PX2 3-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Compact Pistol Grip Head for $80 with free expedited shipping. More posts as I digest them, but in the meantime, you can check their featured sales pages

YMMV automatic 20% off discount on some Warehouse Deals items

Over 24,000 used items offered at Amazon’s Used websites (aka, “Amazon Warehouse Deals”) are participating in an Earth Day promotion that automatically gets you 20% off their current prices. Only select items are eligible, and only those that Amazon itself (in this case, Warehouse Deals itself) is the seller. Things offered by 3rd-party sellers are not eligible. No coupon code needed, eligible items are discounted automatically and they show a 20% off marker when you look at the individual listings. Since this is an Earth Day promotion, it should end after Earth Day or so.

REI: $100 Gift Card with REI Co-Op Mastercard

If you don’t have (or had) an REI Mastercard, they are running a promotion that gets you a $100 REI Gift Card if you open an REI Co-Op Mastercard and make at least one purchase with it (any purchase, any amount) within 60 days of account opening. The usual thing with credit cards, “on approved credit”, etc, etc, etc. With this card you earn 5% back on REI purchases and 1% on all other retailers/places. This is stackable with the annual REI Membership Dividend because co-op hippies like to give money back πŸ™‚ On top of that, until 12/31/17, REI will donate 10c to the National Forest Foundation (up to $1 million) for every transaction made with the card.

20% off rentals at BL with coupon

To celebrate Earth Day, Borrow Lenses has a new coupon, 20% off rentals of camera gear with the following deadlines as shown in the screenshot below that explains it better and faster than I could with words ~ because one I go past a single sentence, then posts get longer and longer and longer as I add more and more text as disambiguations or parallels or other tidbits or attempts at joking or other meta commentary πŸ™‚