Wedn: refurbished Canon 5DS body only for $1380

35mm Full frame options abound these days and you can easily find new condition FF DSLRs under $1000. If of all those options out there it is the Canon 5DS body only the one you want, it is available in refurbished condition with a 90-day Woot warranty as one of the Woot deals of the day. Up to ten units per customer. Sale ends on Wednesday 9/11/19 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out.

Canon G9X II + Pixma PRO 100 Printer + Paper for $425 after $350 MIR

IF you are not afraid of old fashioned mail-in rebates and gift cards, and you have a rawsumer hankering with the Canon G9X II, B&H Photo has an offer for you, a G9X II + Pixma PRO 100 printer bundle for $425 after the $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card). You also get the printer’s trusty sidekick, the red 50pk of photo paper. The offer ends on 9/30/19 or earlier if sold out. As usual, check the deadlines for mail-in rebate submission and such…

Pre-order new Canon 90D APS-C DSLR starting at $1199

Canon is not just releasing a new APS-C mirrorless camera, they are also ushering out a new APS-C DSLR in their long line of ??D DSLRs using the new 32mp APS-C sensors. The new 90D is available for preorder in the following standard kits:

+ 90D body only for $1199
+ 90D with 18-55 for $1349
+ 90D with 18-135 for $1599
+ the wait is not long for this one, the release estimate is mid-September 2019
+ available for pre-ordering at B&H Photo and Adorama and eventually at Amazon

Pre-order new Canon M6 II mirrorless kits starting at $850

The Canon APS-C mirrorless system is not abandoned just because Canon launched a “boutique” full frame mirrorless system [meow!]. A new APS-C mirrorless camera has been revealed, it is the M6 Mark II and it is available for pre-ordering at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon at these standard configurations:

+ body only for $850

+ with 15-45mm lens and EVF-DC2 viewfinder for $1099

+ with 18-150mm lens and EVF-DC2 viewfinder for $1349

+ the camera body is available in black and silver (really black-silver) color schemes

Labor Day sales at official Canon USA store (102 options)

For Canon fans, the official Canon USA online store is having their own Labor Day sale with 48 iLC options (both DSLRs and mirrorless) along with 44 Canon lenses (likewise) and ten Powershots and four camcorders too…

Some of the others include a “free gift” which in the cases I checked is a 32GB SD memory card…

15% off select Canon Camera Gear with KEH Camera Coupon [ends Thursday at 11:59pm ET]

Canon fans, it’s time you reload your wallet canons! Good until Thursday August 8 in 2019, coupon code CAN8A gets you 15% off select Canon camera gear. You can test the coupon in the shopping cart without creating an account or logging in. Only the featured items are eligible for the coupon during this promotion… Remember that KEH includes a 180-day warranty on items that are in conditions better than AS-IS and “UG” (ugly)… Happy deal fishing 🙂

PS: poor us uglies, we don’t even get a warranty #UglyRights 😉

10% off refurbished Canon camera gear w/1-year warranty

And now FINALLY a deal that does not require a Prime membership! The official Canon USA Outlet store is offering 10% off instant savings on their refurbished Canon cameras and lenses and other assorted gear. The price you see is the price you pay, there’s no coupon to enter to get the discount. Other promotions may be running in parallel and may be stackable (eg free 2-day expedited shipping).

There have way too many items over there to list individually and live to tell about it 🙂

[DEAD?] Canon SL2 Body for $314, with 18-55 STM for $384 [ends 5:30pm ET] {Prime Deal}

UPDATE 9am eastern: it looks like this deal is over. It either sold out or ended. It didn’t have a ticking clock or percentage-claimed like most lightning deals do. It was one of those semi-daily type of deals that usually appear during the holidays and on special events like Prime Day. I will monitor the situation and post an update if it returns…

A Salt Lake Rebel? That’s what the Canon SL-series stands for? Anyway good until 5:30pm ET on Tuesday (or earlier if sold out) you can get the new condition Canon SL2 body only for $314 in the black color scheme, and in either the black or the white color scheme you can get the new condition Canon SL2 with 18-55 EF-S STM lens for $384…

These was an unannounced deal, as it is often the case when the Gold Box has name-brand and high-value type of products. Otherwise everyone will be sitting on their PC waiting and it will all be gone within 60 seconds 🙂

These too are part of the Prime Day deals. If you are not a Prime member and you must have it, you can always start a free 30-day Prime Trial and leave a note/alert in your calendar to cancel before the expiration. Although what Amazon is counting on is that you are gonna get hooked on the free 2-day delivery and the music and video streaming services and the ebook reading services and the million (seemingly) other Prime Benefits

NOTE that the SL2 is now the “previous generation” model. The Canon SL3 is the latest model which goes for $550 body only or $650 with the 18-55 lens. Almost twice the price.

Pre-order the new Canon RP portable mirrorless full framer

It’s full frame mirrorless party! Canon has reveled a brand new full frame camera in their new mirrorless R system, a more “portable” camera, named so with the “RP” name, as in an R-system camera that is P-ortable! Pre-orders start at $1300 for the body only which is bundled with an EF-to-RF adapter (EF lenses on the new R bodies). Also, for a limited time during the pre-order festivities you can get your choice of a free Canon EG-E1 extension grip [this is not a battery grip]. The extension grip is available in your choice of body color.

All the aforementioned are available for pre-order at B&H Photo with a late February 2019 availability estimate.

Note that in the two kit bundles you see over-there there-are [“-” to prevent a double “there there” in a sentence] two different 24-105 lenses. The $1699 kit comes with the EF [yes, EF] 24-105mm f3.5-5.6 IS STM lens, while the $2199 kit comes with the RF 24-105mm f4L IS.

These are also available for pre-ordering at Adorama and also by Amaozn itself [note that the kits at Amazon are a bit confused, so pay attention to which option you are ordering]

In Europe, Amazon Germany has two kit options, both bundled with the EF-to-R adapter since that opens up a lot of lenses for the new R cameras. The body only (with adapter) goes for 1500 euro, while the kit with the adapter and the RF 24-105mm f4L IS lens goes for 2500 euro…

Canon Instant Savings until February 2nd (201 options)

The latest iteration of the Canon Instant Savings (manufacturer initiated discounts at authorized dealers) includes 160 Canon cameras (DSRLs, mirrorless, Powershots), along with 31 lenses and ten flashes. They are obviously too many to list here individually, but you can find them nicely organized over there at B&H Photo…

Last Call: Zeiss 25mm f2 T* Distagon for $799 [Canon EF]

Good until 11:59pm ET on Cyber Monday, B&H Photo is offering the Canon EF edition of the new condition ZEISS Distagon T* 25mm f/2.0 ZE Lens for $799 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards ($32 to be used in future B&H purchases). Only the Canon EF is thusly discounted…

With the same expiration time, for $899 you can get the new condition HP 14″ ZBook x2 G4 Multi-Touch 2-in-1 Mobile Workstation with ZBook x2 Pen. Specs i7-7500U Dual, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB PCIe M.2 SSD, 14″ 3840 x 2160 UWVA IPS Touch, NVIDIA Quadro M620 Graphics Card (2GB), SD reader, Thunderbolt 3, W10 PRO, etc…

Sun: refurb Canon D-Rebel XS w/18-55 and Extras for $220

Good until Sunday 11:59pm ET, Woot is offering this refurbished Canon D-Rebel XS bundle for $220 with free shipping for Prime members, or flat shipping for everybody else. The bundle includes the DSLR with the 18-55 IS EF-S II lens, two converter lenses, 32GB SD card, camera bag, and lots of trinkety accessories.

Also part of the Woot daily deals is a refurbished Fire and Kindle sale which includes Fire tablets going from $25 to $60 [how tablet prices have fallen!], and a handful of e-book readers as well going from $23 [with or without Touchscreen) to $160 [6-inch Oasis with free 3G). Or the Voyage for $100 if you prefer tactile page-turns [in addition to the touchscreen].

Imported Canon 5D IV body only w/1-YR seller W for $1900

The Canon 5D Mark IV body only goes for $2800 with various freebies at authorized Canon dealers such as various at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo

… but if you are comfortable with imported/grey-market cameras, to the eBay Deals we go where the Deals All Year eBay store is offering the new condition imported/grey-market Canon 5D Mark IV body only for $1900 with free shipping with a 1-year seller warranty (from Deals All Year). Maximum of two cameras per eBay account at the sale price…

Canon D-Rebel T6 with 18-55 and 75-300 and Pixma PRO 100 for $299 after $350 MIR

This is a pretty good deal if you need its parts! For a limited time, Adorama is offering the Canon D-Rebel T6 two lens kit with Pixma PRO 100 bundle for $299 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card). That’s quite the bundle if you don’t object dealing with the mail-in rebate and the prepaid AMEX gift card. You get:

+ Canon D-Rebel T6 with 18-55 IS II and 75-300/4.5-6 III lenses
+ Pixma PRO 100 printer, and its trusty sidekick, the 50pk of 13×19″ photo paper.

Canon D-Rebel T6 w/18-55 and $105 Kohls Cash for $400 [or buy filler item for $15 more Kohls Cash]

This offer is primarily of interest to fans of the KOHLS department stores, or anyone who does not object to shopping there to spend the rewards. For this offer, you must be part of the KOHLS rewards program or be willing to join it. It is free to join.

The offer is this. For every $50 you purchase, you earn $15 in Kohls rewards. Despite the name “Kohl’s Cash” this is not real cash, but virtual money you can spend sort of like cash at Kohls stores. Thus if you are a regular shopper there, it’s a good deal.

Which brings us to the Canon D-Rebel T6 w/18-55 which sells for $399.99. As it is, it earns $105 in Kohls rewards. But if you add any filler item priced $0.01+, your total goes to $400+, thus you earn an additional $15 in Kohls rewards. Kohls sells a gazillion of things, including many small trinkets, so it shouldn’t be hard to find some little thing to add.

So for Kohls Rewards members, this is sort of like paying $280 for this DSLR kit ~ again, assuming you have no problem spending the Kohls rewards on things you want/need. Between rewards and coupons and special promotions, you can get some really good deals at Kohls – if you have the time/energy/interest to chase these things ~ the chances of which increase if you are reading this sentence!

PRO TIP: you can rinse and repeat this type of a promotion with any other camera of interest that is carried by Kohls. Kohls is no B&H, so selection is pretty limited, eg popular instant cameras, basic P&S, etc…

Imported Canon EOS R body w/1-YR seller W for $1980

More eBay Deals action, this time of the imported/grey-market kind. eBay seller Deals-All-Year (99.7%) is offering the new condition imported grey-market Canon EOS R body only for $1980 with free shipping and a 1-year warranty from the seller… In new condition at authorized dealers this goes for $2300…

Canon 5D IV with 24-105/4L IS II and Pixma PRO 100 and BG-E20 Grip and Extras for $3449 after MIR and coupon

For a limited time, coupon code CAJYHRGXV gets you this Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-105mm bundle for $3449 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card) at Adorama. The bundle includes:

+ Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-105mm f4L IS II
+ Pixma PRO 100 printer with trusty sidekick 50pk photo paper
+ Canon BG-E20 battery grip
+ 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC
+ extra Canon battery
+ a vial with tears of Nikon [okay, this is NOT included!]

Speaking of Adorama, they have a variety of other Canon DSLR + Grip bundles and other Canon-related camera offers…

For more action, featuring most of the major photography brands, check the nicely organized Adorama Black Friday sale

Canon SL2 with 18-55mm for $550

On the more compact DSLR front, the new condition Canon SL2 with the 18-55 lens is currently on sale for a limited time for $550 with free shipping by Amazon itself with up to five kits per customer at the same price. This currently goes for $600.

However, if you don’t need the 18-55 lens, the SL2 body only goes for $500 with freebies at places like B&H Photo and Adorama….

Wednesday: select Canon 5D IV or 6D II DSLRs + Pixma PRO 100 + Extras Bundles

Good until Wednesday at 11:59pm eastern tonight, B&H Photo is having some special offers on select Canon full frame DSLRs with Pixma PRO 100 printer bundles as follows:

+ Canon 5D Mark IV body only with Pixma PRO 100 printer with Canon BG-E20 Battery Grip with 64GB Sandisk Extreme SDXC with extra Battery with 50pk photo paper for $2449 after $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card)
++ on the same listing you can find this offer running with the “with 24-70mm” lens for $3199 after the MIR, or “with 24-105” lens for $3349 after the MIR

+ Canon 6D Mark II body only for $949 after the $350 MIR (prepaid AMEX gift card)
+ same bundle as above but obviously with the BG-E21 Battery Grip; with Pixma PRO 100 printer, 50pk photo paper, 64GB Extreme SDXC, and extra battery

++ 6D II with 24-105mm f3.5-5.6 bundle for $1349 after the $350 MIR
++ same freebies as above

++ 6D II with 24-105mm f4L II for $1849 after $350 MIR

Optionally, you get a 13-month Canon CarePak coverage by following the instructions in the PDF file at B&H

Black Friday refurbished and preview at Canon USA

The official Canon USA store is having a Black Friday preview sale with a mix of new condition and refurbished products on offer, including a refurbished $100 pancake prime (24mm f2.8 STM EF-S) with the same 1-year warranty

New Canon Instant Savings are LIVE

Sunday has also brought with it a new round of Canon Instant Savings featuring a mix of DSLR and mirrorless and Powershot cameras, along with lenses, bundles and accessories. For example, the EF 40/2.8 STM is down to $129 with 4% rewards, while the 6D II and 5D Mark IV get free battery grips. The 6D II body only is at its lowest price of $1300, while the 5D IV at $2800.

Canon M100 w/15-45 STM and Extras for $399

If you are looking for an entry-point into the Canon mirrorless system, for a limited time, the Canon M100 with 15-45mm STM kit is on sale, in either color, for $400 at authorized dealers, some of which, such as Adorama and Various on Amazon include a variety of free accessories. B&H Photo has the same price, but no free accessories…

Canon Woot Plus sale: 6D II w/24-105/3.5-5.6 for $1870, SX530, T7i, Etc

Woot has refilled their longer-running Woot Plus Camera sale with more Canon cameras as follows:

+ Canon 6D Mark II with 24-105/3.5-5.6 for $1870

+ Canon D-Rebel T7i with 18-55 for $700

+ Canon Powershot SX530 superzoom for $230

+ continuing is D-Rebel T6 with 18-55 for $350

+ all are new condition with a 1-year Canon USA warranty

+ sale ends at the end of the month or earlier if sold out – see them all at the Woot Plus Camera sale over there

(ENDED) Sunday: Canon D-Rebel T6 w/18-55 for $350

These daily deals expired…

[Read more…]

(ENDED) Ends Thur PM at KEH Camera: 5% off Canon cameras, 10% off Lenses, 20% off Accessories [850+ options]

This coupon expired…

[Read more…]

Canon Pixma Mail-In Rebates with Nine Canon Full Frame DSLR Options

IF you are not afraid of mail-in rebates and prepaid American Express gift cards, good until 5/31/18, B&H Photo has a new round of Canon Pixma Mail-In Rebates with Nine Canon Full Frame DSLR Options. Nine specific kits for the following cameras: 6D, 6D II, 5D IV, 5Ds, 5Ds R and 1D X II.

New Canon Instant Savings promotions (DSLR, Mirrorless, Lenses, Flashes)

Canon has launched a new round of Instant Savings on DSLRs and mirrorless iL-cameras and lenses and flashes too! You can find them all nicely organized at B&H Photo and Adorama

Free Battery Grip with Canon 5D IV and 6D II DSLR kits

A total of seven Canon DSLR kits for the Canon 5D Mark IV and the 6D Mark II come with a free Canon battery grip, along with other accessories. You can find them all nicely organized at B&H Photo’s website. The free items are included automatically by B&H while this promotion is running. No coupon, no rebate for the free battery grip, just add to cart and proceed to checkout…

(ENDED) Sunday: Canon D-Rebel T6i w/18-55 for $550

This expired… One of the Woot daily deals for Sunday is the new condition Canon D-Rebel T6i with 18-55 offered for $550 with a 1-year Canon warranty. Up to three per customer at the sale price. Free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat.

Refurbished Canon Camera Gear Sale [50 options]

The official Canon USA store has launched a new refurbished camera gear sale. A total of 50 options are available, a variety refurbished DSLRs, lenses and fixed lens cameras, along with a flash or two. You can increase the number of items shown per page (the default is 18) if you want to see them all in a single page. You can also sort these by price or by name…

Canon D-Rebel and APS-C DSLR Kits at B&H

B&H Photo has a new sale of fifteen Canon D-Rebel and APS-C DSLR bundles with various lenses and free accessories featuring among others the T7i, SL2, 80D, T6i, 77D and T6.

Canon 1D X II Body Only + Pixma PRO 100 printer + Paper for $5549 after $350 MIR

Flagship time! The Canon 1D X Mark II body only is bundled with the Pixma PRO 100 printer and the 50pk SG-201 13×19″ photo paper, all together going for $5549 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card) at B&H Photo

Canon 5D Mark IV Body with Pixma PRO 100 Printer and Paper and Meural Canvas Leonara (27″ IPS Canvas-Frame) for $3300 after $350 MIR

There is a new twist in the Canon PIXMA mail-in rebate offers at Adorama. In addition to the usual bundle they are also including a FREE Meural Canvas (priced $595 on its own) for the same price. But let’s start from the beginning.

Adorama is bundling the Canon 5D Mark IV body only with the PIXMA PRO 100 printer, its trusty sidekick the SG-201 (50pk 13×19″ photo paper) and the Meural Canvas Leonora Black model. You pay $3649 at checkout with free shipping. After you receive it all and make sure all is well, following the instructions and deadlines you submit the usual PIXMA mail-in rebate. A few weeks later, if all is well, you receive a $350 prepaid American Express gift card. Thus making this offer $3300 after the $350 MIR.

This is the same price for the Canon 5D Mark IV body only without the Pixma and Meural and without any mail-in rebates at B&H Photo and Amazon itself.

The Meural Canvas Leonara is a modern stylish take on the digital picture frame. It is a 27″ IPS display with computer-y internals that can display a variety of pictures. You get a 1-year subscription to their Art Library but you can also display your own pictures – of interest to photographers obviously. Here is a link to the product page for reference. Don’t add it to the shopping cart from this link. You have to order the Canon 5D Mark IV bundle to get it for free (included automatically).

A parallel offer is also available in the other two official Canon 5D Mark IV kits:

+ Canon 5D Mark IV with EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM for $4049 after $350 MIR

+ Canon 5D Mark IV with 24-105mm f4L IS II for $4199 after $350 MIR

NOTE: the order cut-off point before Adorama closes for Passover 2018 is Friday at 12pm ET (but don’t wait until the last minute to order!)

Canon M50 Kits In-Stock with FREE Overnight Shipping!

We already mentioned the first wave of the Canon M50 getting in-stock but now there’s more options. B&H Photo has the various available colors in-stock at their regular prices, while Adorama offers FREE Overnight Shipping on the four standard kits.

Note that both B&H and Adorama will be closing before the end of the week for Passover, so make sure you order before their order deadlines…

(ENDED) 10% off Canon Gear at KEH

This coupon expired…

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Canon 80D with 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS for $1120

One more deal from the Canon Assortment sale, it is the new condition Canon 80D with 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 IS going for $1120 with a 1-year Canon warranty. Limit up to three per customer. Shipping is free for Prime members or $5 flat. Offer ends 3/31/18 or earlier if sold out…

This particular kit goes for $1400 with freebies at Adorama and B&H Photo and various at Amazon

Canon D-Rebel T7i with 18-55 for $790

There is a Rebel hiding in the Canon Assortment sale, it is the new condition Canon D-Rebel T7i with 18-55 going for $790 with a 1-year Canon warranty. Limit up to three per customer. Shipping is free for Prime members or $5 flat. Offer ends 3/31/18 or earlier if sold out…

This particular kit goes for $849 with freebies at Adorama and B&H Photo and various at Amazon

(ENDED) Surprise Canon Assortment Sale launched at Woot Plus

Half of the items sold out and this sale got disbanded… The surviving products “moved” to the Woot Plus Cameras Sale

[Read more…]

Now shipping: various Canon M50 Mirrorless kits at standard prices ($779 to $1249)

If you want to be among the first to get the new Canon M50 mirrorless APS-C camera, some of the kits are now in-stock and ready to ship as follows:

+ black M50 body for $779 by Amazon itself

+ white M50 with 15-45 for $899 by Amazon itself (don’t call me Stormtrooper color scheme)

+ black M50 with 15-45 by 3rd-parties thru Amazon (none of them are fulfilled by Amazon)

+ black M50 two lens kit (15-45, 55-200) for $1249 by 3rd parties thru Amazon (one is Prime eligible)

+ black M50 Video Creator Kit (15-45, Rode VideoMic, 32GB Sandisk, etc) for $999 by 3rd-parties thru Amazon (one is Prime eligible)

As usual, if you are buying from third-party sellers at Amazon make sure that 1) they are authorized Canon dealers, 2) they are reputable dealers; The two are not mutually exclusive, ideally one would go for YES to both…

(SOLD OUT) Canon 6D Body + Pixma PRO 100 + Paper + 32GB Sandisk + Sling Bag for $950 [no mail-in rebate!!!]

As of a 3/29/18 AM recheck, this sold out…

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(ENDED) Canon SX730 HS Superzoom + Selphy CP1200 Printer + Ink/Paper for $200 after coupon

As of a 1:20pm ET recheck, both options of the SX 730 HS + Printer bundle are sold out and cannot be ordered. The Canon store won’t let you buy something if it’s out of stock… Original post after the jump…

[Read more…]

(ENDED) Tuesday is Last DAY for 15% off Refurbished Canons

This longer-running Saint Patrick’s Day coupon expired…

[Read more…]

(ENDED) Refurbished Canon 6D Mark II Body for $1359 after coupon

This coupon expired…

[Read more…]

(ENDED) Refurbished Canon SX530 HS superzoom (50x) for $170 w/free S&H after coupon

This coupon expired…

[Read more…]

(ENDED) 15% off on Canon Refurbished Gear with coupon

This coupon expired…

The St. Patrick’s Day festivities continue at the Canon USA refurbished store, where coupon code MRGREENIE gets you an additional 15% off refurbished camera gear until Tuesday 3/20/18 at 11:59pm eastern time. Free shipping with orders of $100+ as usual. One year Canon USA warranty on the refurbished products.

Canon 5D Mark IV body + Pixma PRO 100 printer + Various Extras for $3249 after $350 MIR

If you are not afraid of mail-in rebates and prepaid AMEX gift cards, B&H Photo is back with another Canon 5D Mark IV mail-in rebate offer. You pay $3599 at checkout, and for that you receive the Canon 5D Mark IV body only, the Pixma PRO 100 printer, a 50pk of 13×19″ photo paper (aka “the trusty sidekick” of the printer), an extra Canon LP-E6N battery, and a 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC memory card. Then following the instructions and deadlines you submit the mail-in rebates and a few weeks later, if all is well, you receive a $350 prepaid AMEX gift card mail-in rebate, making this an $3249 after $350 MIR offer.

Canon 80D body drops to $999 (with freebies)

The Canon 80D body only went for $1100 when we posted the APS-C price charts, but as of this recheck, it is down to $1000 with free shipping at authorized dealers with these freebies:

+ 4% rewards ($40) to be used in future purchases at B&H Photo and Adorama

+ free 32GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDHC and Canon EOS shoulder bag and Corel software bundle and more at Adorama

+ 5% statement credit ($50) at Amazon for Prime members who pay with either the Prime Chase VISA or the Prime Store credit card

+ Digital Goja fulfilled by Amazon with free camera sling bag, two 32GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC cards, Monopod, mini tripod with pistol grip, neck strap, and of course cleaning kit
+ they are authorized Canon dealers, a Miami (Florida) store, listed in the PDF of authorized Canon dealers” as “Goja Inc”
+ you still get the $50 statement credit if you pay as outlined in the previous section

No Pre-Orders yet: new Canon D-Rebel T7 and 4000D

DSLRs have just scored two goals thanks to Canon! Canon revealed two entry-level Digital Rebels this week, the D-Rebel T7 (2000D), a follow-up to the good old T6, and an even more entry-level model, the 4000D which so far has only been announced in Europe. The D-Rebel T7 with come out with the 18-55 kit lens and a starting price of $550. Pre-orders are not accepted (not that anyone should pre-order them at this price).

Nevertheless, DSLRs will take any and all new models at the moment as they are trailing mirrorless cameras 7-3 among the New Cameras of 2018.

Pre-order new Canon M50 Mirrorless cameras (four official kits)

Priced in-between the Canon M5 and the M6 [see Mirrorless Price Chart], the brand new Canon M50 was revealed yesterday with three different kits:

+ M50 body only for $779 in black or white
+ M50 with 15-45 for $899 in black
+ M50 with 15-45 and 55-200 for $1249 in black

These kits are now available for pre-ordering at Adorama and B&H Photo.

The new camera has been added to the New Cameras of 2018 where it has increased the Mirrorless lead over DSLRs in 2018 to 6-1.

Select Canon Full Frame DSLRs get FREE 4TB HDD and 64GB Sandisk Extreme card

Select Canon 35mm full frame DSLRs get a free 4TB WD external hard disk and a 64GB Sandisk Extreme card included automatically by B&H Photo as part of their WPPI festivities.