Digital Photo PRO or Videomaker for $5 per magazine per year

If you are interested in either “Digital Photo PRO” or “Videomaker”, this is a good weekend to buy them through the DiscountMags weekend sale ending on Monday night. The theme of this weekend is $5 per magazine per year. Both of those typically go for more than $5.

Two more photography magazines are at their “regular” sale price of $5 per magazine per year: “Outdoor Photographer” and “Digital Photo” (not PRO). The usual assortment of “six degrees of photographic separation” magazines are available, such as fashion, sports, nature, tech (eg Wired), Bridal Guide, Martha Stewart Weddings, and more.

These are printed magazines delivered glossily to US addresses. If a magazine is a digital offer, it says so in its box and mentions it is delivered by Zinio.

As usual, you can sign up for up to three years per magazine. These are good for new subscribers, existing subscribers renewing, or gifts for other people.