Tuesday: FREE 8×10″ with Walgreens Photo coupon

Good until 9/12/23 at 11:59pm central time, Walgreens Photo is offering a 8×10 inch photo print for FREE using coupon code ITS-FREE entered over there! One per customer.

In other coupon action, coupon code CANFRAME gets you 60% off on Canvas and Custom Framed Prints. This coupon expires 9/16/23 at 11:59pm central time. Valid for up to five separate uses.

Terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, etc, as usual, apply…

Canon Coupon [yes, coupon] at B&H Photo [46 options, EF and RF]

If you love coupons and Canon, you are in luck because B&H Photo is having a Canon Coupon Sale. A total of 46 products are participating. Enter coupon code CANONSAVINGS to get a discount. The discount amount varies by product and product price. Too many products to test and list here individually.

The sale includes both RF (mirrorless) and EF (DSLR) gear).

Adorama appears to be running a similar promotion with coupon code CAJUNEDEAL, this is for example the Canon R7 body only participating in the promotion.

Shutterfly coupon: Free Shipping without Minimum Order amount

If you like free shipping, good until Sunday 8/6/23 at 11:59pm pacific time, coupon code SHIPIT gets you free shipping without a minimum purchase amount requirement at the Shutterfly website.

The coupon is good for one purchase per customer to US addresses with free economy shipping.

In parallel, as you can see at the aforelinked page, they have 40% off discounts on various things such as canvas prints, woven blankets (because as Ned Stark taught us, “Winter Is Coming!”), and such. They also have 60% off on last chance products.

PS: the coupon mnemonic is SHIP-IT, not SHI-PIT 🙂

Shutterfly Coupon: Five Free Items But You Pay S&H

If you are a fan of the Shutterfly way of doing things, good until 7/30/23 at 11:59pm ET pacific, coupon code SUNNY gets you FIVE FREE item-cost items from a list of 20 participating products. Shipping and handling is NOT free! You pay S&H!

The five freebies must be five different items, not five units of the same item. Terms, conditions, restrictions and such apply.

Eligible items include 5×7″ easel-back canvas, coffee mug, notebook, mousepad, poster, can cooler (these look cool), drawstring bag, etc.

Walgreens Photo coupons: 50% off Everything Photo, 60% Metal and TilePix, FREE two 5×7″

The saying goes, “if it’s free, I’ll take three” but in this case, you will take two 🙂

Good until 7/18/23 at 11:59pm central, Walgreens Photo is offering two 5×7-inch prints for FREE using coupon code 5X7FREE at Walgreens Photo.

The coupons below have a different expiration date, they are good until 7/22/23 at 11:59pm ET central:

+ coupon 60-DECOR is 60% off Metal Panels and TilePix

+ coupon 50MORE is 50% off Everything Photo

Become a Lifetime REI member kinda FREE (you need to make two purchases, total $80+)

Unlike Netflix and Amazon Prime and Creative LIVE that have monthly and annual subscriptions, the Hippies Collective that is REI has a lifetime membership. You pay once, and you are a member for life!

And through July 13 in 2023, they have a promotion that gets you an REI membership kinda free if you are willing to shop at their website at least two times. Let me explain:

+ make a purchase of $50+ at the REI website by the end of day 7/13/23

+ in the same order, add the $30 REI lifetime membership card

+ after your purchase, receive via email a $30 REI Bonus Card to be spent on a future purchase, within 30 days of receiving the $30 REI Bonus card.

In addition to becoming a lifetime REI hippy, they have plenty of other members-only benefits, such as free US shipping, free labor on bicycle flat tire repair, different kinds of special offers, REI member rewards program, extended returns, and lots more. Especially if you are the outdoorsy kind.

Tuesday: 11×14″ Same Day Poster for $2 w/coupon [WP]

Good until 7/11/23 [yes, Happy 711 Day, check your local 711s for special offers and potential freebies!] at 11:59pm central time, coupon code POSTERFUN gets you 11×14″ Same Day Poster Prints for $2 each at Walgreens Photo. Coupon valid for one use per customer. Terms, restrictions, conditions, etc, etc, etc, apply…

Good until 7/15/23
+ coupon code 15PRINT gets you 15c 4×6 prints IF you order 75 prints or more. Offer also works on 4×5.3 inch prints.

+ coupon code HOTCARD50 gets you 50% off on Photo Cards and Premium Stationery

+ coupon code BOOK50 is 50% custom photo books

+ coupon code B1G2ENLRG is Buy 1 Get 2 FREE on Enlargements

CreativeLIVE $40 and $50 off coupons (AND Free-to-Watch Classes of the Week)

It’s coupon time at the Creative LIVE website!

If you want to start a Netflix-style subscription, coupon WELCOME99 gets you $50 off, making a 12-month paid subscription drop to $99 for the first year.

If you want to buy any of the many classes offered at the Creative Live website, coupon code JULYSAVINGS40 gets you $40 off your purchase.

If you don’t want to pay anything, Creative LIVE has you covered too. They have free-to-watch classes on an on-going basis, you watch them while they are free-streaming, but after that window closes, you cannot watch them anymore.

You can find the free-to-watch classes at the ON-AIR TODAY page. Upcoming classes include Macro (Chris McGinnis), Olympus Lens Guide (with John Greengo of course), Photoshop CC, portraiture, street photography, and various other creative and meta-creative topics.

Monoprice Coupon Overstock Sale (up to 75% off, select items)

For a limited time, the Monoprice website is having an a coupon-powered Overstock sale. Specific products are participating – shown over there. The coupon discount ranges from 50% off to 75% off.

But wait, there’s another one – this coupon overstock sale ranges from 40% to 65% off. The coupon codes and eligible products are shown over there in an organized fashion!

70% off Same Day Canvas Prints [Walgreens Photo]

It saves to be a same day sailor at the Walgreens Canvas Prints because coupon code ALLCANVAS70 gets you 70% off on same-day canvas-prints, good until 5/8/23 at 11:59pm central time. One use per customer during this promotional period…

Shutterfly Coupon: FREE Prints, Pay S&H

Shutterfly joins the 4th of July festivities with a series of coupon offers running until 7/5/23:

+ FREE Prints, you pay for Shipping and Handling, using coupon code SPARKLE
+ 250 of 4×4 or 4×6, 2 of 8×10, 1 of 16×10 inches

+ Unlimited EXTRA Free Photo Book Pages, includes Lay Flat, using coupon code STARS, with the purchase of a photo book
+ in other words, you pay for a standard size photo book, and you can add additional pages for free

+ free USA economy shipping on orders of $79+ with coupon code SHIP79
+ free Canada shipping on orders of $99+ with coupon SHIPCAN99

+ terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, apply!

+ new customers get free shipping on their first order (within 30 days of registering) regardless of order amount

4th of July Sale at Monoprice: 20% off coupon (three uses per customer)

It’s a coupon that keeps on giving, that’s the 4th of July sale gift at the Monoprice website. Coupon code MPS20 gets you 20% off most products sold at the Monoprice website. Some exclusions and restrictions and limitations apply. They even have a page with all the exclusions.

The coupon runs from June 30 until the end of day on the 4th of July in 2023. With so many days, there are multiple opportunities to e-shop, so this coupon is good for three (3) uses per customer. The maximum discount per order using this coupon is $2000. Cannot be combined with other coupons in the same order. As usual, the shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what works and what doesn’t.

IF you are looking for ideas on what to buy, they even have a page that lists the latest new products.

AND in case you missed it, Monoprice has a rewards program, it is free to participate. This is based on customer ID and calculated automagically by their computers. See our previous post] about it.

It’s smartphone-related action at the Adorama daily deals good until Friday 6/30/23 at 11:59pm pacific, or as the calendar fiends call it, the end of the month:

+ Pictar 4-In-1 Smart Lens Kit for $90

+ Pictar Waterproof Smartphone Case for $25

THE Amazon hardware party continues at the Amazon USA Gold Box as we (inevitably) get closer and closer to Prime Dayz 2023… And if you like e-book e-reading, there’s another 100-pack of Kindle daily deals

Friday: 25% off Physical Book Pre-Orders at B&N online

If you are interested in any upcoming physical books, good until Friday 4/28/23, the Barnes and Noble website is offering 25% off on Book Pre-Orders using coupon code PREORDER25 over there.

There are 46 books in the Photography category. Most of them are books with photography inside, but there’s also a Kelby Photoshop book, and a book about Richard Avedon, and a book about photography in Japan among others.

But wait, there’s more! For the gear fans, there’s the Fuji X-Series Unlimited (2nd edition) by Dan Bailey (Rocky Nook, 328 pages, 6/13/23).

SPEAKING of books, one of the Friday Kindle daily deals is the “Existential Physics: A Scientist’s Guide to Life’s Biggest Questions” for $2 by Sabine Hossenfelder, Penguin, August 2022, 269 pages, 4.4 out of 5 on 651 customer ratings as of the time of writing. You also earn a $0.20 “Great on Kindle” (GoK) credit. If you have any previously accumulated GoK credit, it will get automatically applied.

CreativeLIVE coupon: $20 off a $40+ order

If you want learnings of the photographic and creative kind, and prefer digital ownership instead of Netflix-style subscriptions, for a limited time coupon code BONUS20 gets you $20 off a digital purchase of $40+ at the Creative LIVE website. Terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, etc, etc, apply!

Monoprice coupon: 15% off a $50+ order

If you are a fan of the Monoprice way of life, for a limited time, coupon code EXTRA15OFF gets you 15% off a purchase of $50+ at the Monoprice website. Terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, etc, etc apply…

Drop.com (April 10-23): Sales Tax Refunded

If you are a fan of Drop (the artist formerly known as Massdrop), for the time period of April 10-23 in 2023, they are offering the sales tax refunded on your purchases at the Massdrop website using coupon code USTAXDAY. If your state does not collect sales tax, you will obviously not receive a refund 🙂

For shoppers outside the USA, the same coupon code gets you FREE shipping on orders of $50+, and the order must have five items or less FEWER [King Stannis]. There’s no sales tax outside the USA. This coupon does NOT pay back customs or VAT or any other taxes collected outside the USA.

12-month prepaid CreativeLIVE membership for $99AC

Bring out the Birthday Cakes! CreativeLIVE is sale-a-brating their 13 years, and they offering their 12-month prepaid subscription for $99 when you use coupon code CLTURNS13 (code means CL turns 13) over there. This is a limited time offer.

The B&H and Adorama dailies remain as yesterday but there’s a fun Meh daily deal for Thursday 4/6/23, a 4-pack of Boogie Board VersaTiles for $39 plus shipping. These are LCD writing “tablets” powered by one CR2 battery each. As the name hints (tiles) these are 8.25-inch squares. Each one comes with its own stylus and hanging strips. Fun (and practical) things for kids of all ages!

If you are a registered hippie, aka a member of the REI Collective, you have a first shot at getting their new product collection until May 1st. Then the unwashed masses can buy them too 🙂

And we close today’s roundup with some Kindle action, Amazon is having a sale on their latest Kindle e-readers except for the flagship Kindle Scribe…

Big Overstock sale, up to 80% off with coupon, includes $2 6ft 4K HDMI cable

UPDATE 2/24/23 AM
Two limited-time recurring coupons have arrived for Monoprice, 5MORE gets you $5 off a $25+ order, while 25MORE gets you $25 off a $100+ order of eligible products. Terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations, and mother in law review and approval apply!

Monoprice strikes back with a Big Overstock Sale with coupon promotions that go up to 80% off.

Yes, thanks to coupon code 80SALE you can get this 6ft Monoprice 4K HDMI cable for just $2. That’s $10 minus 80% off = $2.

The Big Overstock Sale also has select offers with 60% off and 70% off coupons, aptly named 60SALE and 70SALE.

But that’s not all, there’s also the 50% off Overstock sale with coupon 50SALE.

There’s also a 40% off Overstock sale with coupon 40SALE.

And if you follow the link-tab over there, you will also find the 10% off, 20% off and 30% off coupon sales, with the coupons predictably named 10SALE, 20SALE and 30SALE.

It pains me to say but there’s no 100SALE coupon promotion 🙂

CreativeLIVE coupons: $20/$39+ and $99 1-Year Sub

A couple of limited-time coupon offerings are currently live at the CreativeLIVE website!

+ coupon BONUS20 gets you $20 off a purchase of $39+ at the CreativeLIVE website

+ coupon FEB50 gets you $50 off the first year of their prepaid Netflix-style 12-month CreativeLIVE subscription, dropping it from $149 to $99

Monoprice coupons: $5/$25+ or $25/$100+

Coupon time at the Monoprice website, good until 2/20/23 they have these two coupon promotions:

+ $5 off $25+ with coupon PRES

+ $25 off $100+ with coupon DAY

+ terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations and laywerese apply 🙂

Speaking of Monoprice, they are running a Clearance and Overstock sale with 563 participating items as of the time of writing and they are also running a President’s Day sale as well.

Two 6ft Monoprice 8K HDMI cables for $13 AC

If you’ve jumped to the 8K HDMI cable bandwagon, coupon code 8KULTRA2 gets you two 6ft Monoprice 8K HDMI cables (48Gbps, black) for $13. Normally they are $10 per cable. Coupon ends 2/19/23 o earlier if sold out. With FREE standard US shipping.

B&N: 25% off Book Pre-Orders with coupon (39 photography options)

Good until the end of day on 1/27/23, coupon code PREORDER25 gets you 25% off Book Pre-Orders at the Barnes and Noble website. The coupon is good for online orders only. Terms, restrictions, limitations, etc, etc, apply…

They even have 39 pre-order books in the Photography Category, including a biography of Richard Avedon.

Please note that these are pre-orders, so the publication/shipping date may be far far far into the future 🙂

PS: while on their website, look for the “See All Offers” text at the top right corner of their website (as seen on a laptop screen) that shows in-place their other offers, including $20 off on one of their Nook e-readers (GlowLight 4e).

Free Shipping at Drop.com with coupon

If you’ve always wanted to buy things from Drop (artist formerly known as Massdrop) but didn’t want to pay shipping, you are in luck! Until 1/29/23 at 11:59pm pacific time, coupon code NOMOREOUTAGES (all in one word) gets you free shipping at the Drop website. And if your order total is $125+ [their usual free shipping threshold] you get free FASTER shipping.

Imaging USA Conference specials w/coupon

To sale-a-brate the Imaging USA 2023 photo conference, B&H Photo is running limited time Imaging USA Conference specials. Some of them require coupon code IMAGING23 to get the special offer. Too many to list here individually…

Speaking of specials, if you are a fan of the Monoprice Way, they are currently running a limited time flash sale of various products…

$20 off a $39+ order w/CreativeLIVE coupon

Thanks to technology you can make your own kind of music, but thanks to coupon technology you can make your own kind of deal at the Creative Live website where coupon code CREATE2023 gets you $20 off any order of $39 or more. The offer is good for the whole of January 2023!

75% off same day Canvas Print w/Walgreens coupon (ends 11/26)

Good until 11/26/22 at 11:59pm central time, coupon code FRIYAYCNVS gets you 75% off 16×20 inch same-day canvas prints at Walgreens Photo.

1-Year Prepaid CreativeLIVE Sub for $99 AC

Coupon code FRIDAY50 gets you $50 off an annual CreativeLIVE subscription, dropping it from $149 to $99! This is for the first year of the subscription, that is, the first 12 months, aka the first 365 days. Some exclusions and restrictions apply…

Neewer 35mm f1.4 for Fuji X for $35 AC

I had opened way too many browser tabs for the previously-posted chinese manual budget lenses and when closing the tabs because the computer became unusable, I found a tab with this deal that is good for all, not just prime members.

It is a 30% off clip-on coupon, and it drops the price of the new condition Neewer 35mm f1.4 for Fuji X APS-C from $50 to $35. You can’t even buy Fuji-branded toilet paper for $35 😉

Walgreens Photo coupon up to 75% off

Walgreens Photo couldn’t miss out on the BF coupon party. They currently have, among others. Offers expire 11/26 except when indicated otherwise:

+ 75% off mousepads with coupon MOUSEJOY
+ expires 11/22

+ 75% off Photo Books with coupon BOOK-75THX

+ 60% off photo cards and stationary with coupon MORECARDS60

+ 60% off Canvas Prints and Custom Floating Frames with coupon FALLFLOAT

+ 60% off Photo Calendars with coupon FALLDATES

+ 50% off Everything Photo with coupon EVERY50

+ Free Gift Sleeve with Purchase with coupon GIFTWRAP
+ expires 12/17

CreativeLive Coupon: $20 off a $40+ purchase

You can make your own kind of music but you can also make your own kind of deal! For a limited time (until the end of October 2022), coupon code OCT20 gets you $20 off a purchase of $40+ on any class at the Creative Live website.