Early Black Friday arrives at Amazon (Fuji SQ6 for $90)

Can’t wait for Black Friday to arrive? Fear NOT! Amazon has you covered as they have launched their Early Black Friday sale featuring all kinds of products, with their house brand products being in the driver seat – since Amazon is the maker they can discount them as much as they want without having to worry about the manufacturer restrictionisms!

+ Fujifilm Instax Square SQ6 (Instant Film Camera) for $90 in five color options

+ Android tablets from Google, Samsung, Lenovo, etc

+ Kindle Scribe flagship ereader starting at $240

+ INTEL processors, mostly i7 and i9 options

+ two pages of ASUS computeralia including lots of laptops, desktops, and a couple of AiOs

+ Vitamix blenders – yes, you can make your fashionably late viral videos now 😉

+ the above is just a sampling, they have much and more!

Friday: World Backup Storage Sale including 256GB Sandisk SDXC UHS-I for $30

Busy day at the Amazon USA Gold Box for Friday 3/31/23:

+ World Backup Day sale featuring NAS, HDDs, internal and external SSDs, USB flash drives, microSD and SD cards from WD, Lexar, Corsair, PNY (including multi-packs of USB flash drives), Sandisk and Transcend
+ too many to list here individually
+ eg 256GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC (UHS-I, U3, V30, 4K, C10) for $30
+ up to five per item

+ 50-inch Amazon Fire TV 4-series 4K UHD Smart for $260
+ 1-year warranty, 30-day returns

+ $30 Amazon Gift Card FREE with 12-month prepaid Microsoft 365 Personal for $70
+ this is AUTO-RENEWING (unless you manually cancel it)
+ the free gift card is only for this 12-month period
+ renewals will not have a free gift card!

Monday: Sandisk/WD Storage sale

It is back, for Monday 12/26/22, the headliner of the Amazon Gold Box daily deals is the return of the WD and Sandisk storage sale in the new ever-scrolling store page format!

The usual suspects are participating, memory cards, hard drives, flash drives, G-Drives, SSDs, internal and external. Too many to list here individually…

Things are a bit quiet again at the latest round of Adorama daily deals, this one good until Tuesday at 10am ET, with an iFootage monopod/tripod type thing for $120, and an iFootage Komodo K7 ball head for $200…

Saturday: Sandisk and WD sale

Black Friday? What was that? The Amazon Gold Box has already morphed into the Cyber Monday Gold Box and there’s plenty of offers, of particular interest there’s a WD and Sandisk sale featuring the usual assortment of memory cards, flash drives, hard drives, and the like, in a new ever-scrolling Amazon page format. Too many to list here individually I’m afraid.

And our ebook pick of the day, a $2 Led Zeppelin biography by Bob Spitz.

Wedn: Neewer Studio/Lighting (24 options), Pixel 7, Etc

Lots of action in the Wednesday Amazon USA Gold Box that includes the return of the Neewer Studio and Lighting sale with 24 options and prices ranging from $10 to $272. There’s lighting gear, flashes, backdrops, ring lights, stabilizer-y things, reflectors, and the like. Too many to list here indivually.

Also there is a Google Pixel sale with the 7 starting at $499, and the 7 PRO starting at $749. There’s also Pixel Watches, Pixel Buds, Google FI, Pixel 6a, etc…

Then there’s a OKD computer desk sale with eight options, ranging from $80 to $128.

If you a fan of RxBars like I am, there’s a sale on select RX bar products.

For Prime members only, the Bose QuietComfort 45 go for $249.

MEANwhile at the NewEGG dailies we have two gift cards on sale, Chipotle (pay $130 get $150) and Vudu (pay $20 get $25).

THEN at the Woot dailies, the headliner is the new condition Kindle Paperwhite (2018 model, 8GB, With Ads, previous generation, 1 year warranty) going for $60. Up to three per customer.

Tuesday: Samsung Storage Sale (21 options)

It’s a Samsung Storage Party at the Tuesday 11/1/22 Amazon USA Gold Box, featuring 21 products from the worlds of memory cards, SSDs, flash drives, and such. Too many to list here individually.

Speaking of Amazon, for Tuesday, they are sale-a-brating National Authors Sale with over 200 eBooks in their Kindle daily deals…

Sunday: GoPro HERO10 Black + Accessories Bundle for $400

GoPRO time at the Sunday 10/9/22 Amazon USA Gold Box, for $400 you can have this new condition GoPro HERO10 Black Accessory Bundle, sold and shipped by Amazon herself.

The bundle consists of:

  • HERO10 Black Camera
  • Shorty (Mini Extension Pole + Grip)
  • Magnetic Swivel Clip
  • Rechargeable Batteries (2 Total)
  • and Camera Case

Elsewhere, at the Woot daily deals there’s cheap Chromebooks ($50 to $90) and there’s a 12.3″ Surface PRO 4 tablet for $400 among others…

Meanwhile the Adorama dailies remain the same until 10/13/22 as we previously mentioned (Sirui 35/1.8/1.33x, Xbox S, 11″ iPad PRO)…

Wedn: “Right Place, Right Time: The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer” by Bob Guen for $4

Yes dear readers, rock-n-roll is king! Among the Wednesday 8/24/22 Kindle daily deals, Amazon is offering the “Right Place, Right Time: The Life of a Rock & Roll Photographer” by Bob Gruen for $4. This is 400 e-pages, October 2020, ABRAMS Press. As of the time of writing it averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 281 ratings.

As usual, you can “Look Inside” and/or get a Kindle e-book sample (the start of the book).

Eight pages of Prime Day Camera and Photo Lightning Deals

As of the time of writing Amazon has eight pages of Camera and Photo Lightning Deals, most of which are part of the Prime Dayz festivities, indicated by the “Prime Day Deal” tag on each product in the aforelinked search listings.

On a time-permitting basis I will go through this and point out specific products in separate new posts.

This year, I am not doing the usual round-up mega-posts. Instead it’s new posts for new deals. It’s easier to write and easier to follow. Since I’m not posting hundreds of new posts per month on this blog, it shouldn’t have any noticeable impact on performance…

128GB Lexar UHS-II SDXC (1667x) for $30

As part of the Camera and Photo category of the 2022 Prime Dayz at Amazon, Prime members can get the new condition 128GB Lexar UHS-II SDXC (1667x) (U3, C10, V60) for $30 with free US shipping, up to three per customer at the sale price.

There are two pages of offers over there, most of which are SD and microSD cards from various well-known manufacturers (Sandisk, Samsung, PNY, etc), too many to list here individually. They go up to 1TB.

Olympus E-M1 Mark III with 12-45mm f4 PRO for $1800 [Prime Dayz]

We have our first Prime Day 2022 camera offering! Amazon is bundling the Olympus E-M1 Mark III with the 12-45mm f4 PRO lens for $1800 with free US shipping. Prime members only!

The camera goes for $1600 as body only while the lens goes for $700 at authorized dealers. The bundle price at Amazon is $2150, so the Prime Dayz deal is a $350 off discount on the bundle price, and a discount of $500 if purchased separately.

As of the time of writing, the body only goes for $1600 and the lens for $700 at B&H Photo.

If you are not a Prime member but want to buy it, check your options at our Prime Dayz 2022 launch post

Prime Dayz 2022 Day 1 is HERE!

The day is here! Prime Dayz 2022 is here! Day 1 has officially just began at 12:01am pacific time at the Amazon website. Most of the offers are for Prime members only. They are marked with the “Prime Day Deal” in the multiple-product page listings, and on the individual product page it tells you you must needs be a Prime member to buy!

IF you are a Prime member, dive in!

If you are not a Prime member, and you want to participate in the festivities, you can start a 30-Day FREE TRIAL. If you previously had free trials, the Amazon computers decide that your account is eligible again and tell you so.

If the Amazon AI bots determine you are not eligible for the 30-day free trial but you want to buy some of the offers, you can start a month-to-month paying Prime membership and cancel it after the 1st month (or whenever you no longer need it). Or prepay the 1-year membership at $139.

Either way, if you are going to make a Prime Day purchase until Wednesday night, make sure you fill up the Stampcard promotion to score a $10 Amazon credit.

Lots of laptops and computers and kitchen ware and Amazon’s own devices and Amazon’s own brands are participating!

More posts as I digest the offerings!

Wedn: Neewer Studio Gear Sale (37 options)

It’s back at the Amazon daily deals, it’s the Neewer Studio Gear sale featuring 37 products from the world of lighting (bi-color, ring lights, dimmable, etc) and stabilizer-y things and backgrounds and reflectors and field monitors and monolights and such. Too many to list here individually obviously…

Monday: Neewer Lighting Sale returns (18 items, $22 to $263)

Until Monday 3/14/22 at 11:59pm pacific time, at the Amazon USA Gold Box, you can find the return of the Neewer Lighting sale featuring 18 products with prices ranging from $22 to $263…

The usual assortment of studio and lighting gear is participating such as ring lights, monolights, reflectors (no, not the Arcade Fire song), field monitors, light boxes, panel kits, and such…

Elsewhere, at the Woot daily deals there are single-use Rayovac Ultra AA/AAA alkaline batteries and iPhones and iWatches (okay, Apple Watches)…

If you like e-reading, we have another loaded day at the Kindle daily deals with 130 options available…

Sunday: GE Smart Lighting Sale (23 options)

Among the Sunday Amazon Gold Box offerings is a sale of 23 options of GE Smart Lighting/Lightbulbs. Prices range from $11 to $39. Too many to list here individually…

Meanwhile at the Sunday Woot daily deals there’s a random audio sale, there’s MobilePixels portable monitors, and a $600 13.3″ Dell Latitude (without attitude?).

And if you are fond of e-reading, for Sunday there are over 120 e-books in the Kindle daily deals

Thursday: DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo for $799

To the Amazon Gold Box we go, where until 3/10/22 at 11:59pm pacific time you can have the new condition DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo for $799 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon herself, with up to three per customer at the sale price…

Saturday: Kodak instant cameras & printers ($88 to $120)

Kodak is back for a second day at the Amazon USA Gold Box, this time it is an eleven item sale of instant cameras and printers with prices ranging from $88 to $120. The sale includes the Mini Shot 2, Mini 3 Square, and Mini 3 Retro…

Elsewhere, at the Best Buy dailies they continue to have ASUS laptops headlining the day, and they also offer 20% off on Energizer Max 12-packs…

Then at the Woot dailies we find a Sainsmart 3D printing sale under “Computers” and Samsung TV and audio under “Electronics”…

The streak of “lenz dayz” ends at the Adorama daily deals, this lot, until Sunday at 10am ET offers the Hoya SOLAS IRND 0.9 62mm Infrared Neutral Density Filter for $20 and Polar Pro LiteChaser Pro Photography Kits for iPhone 11*…

And if you are participating in the Lucky’s Rewards program, this weekend’s freebie is a 5.3oz Oikos yogurt…

Friday: KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner for $128

To the Friday 3/4/22 Amazon USA Gold Box we go where the headliner deal of the day is the new condition KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner offered for $128 with free US shipping, sold by 3rd party seller “DB Roth” with the orders fulfilled by Amazon (thus Prime eligible).

As of the time of writing this averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 8520+ customer ratings and it has 620+ answered questions…

Elsewhere in the Gold Box, the Kids editions of the Kindle e-readers, the Paperwhite for $110 and the entry-point for $60…

Thursday: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 for $56

There’s related action at the Amazon USA Gold Box for Thursday 3/3/22, they offer the Adobe Photoshop Elements 2022 for $56 as either a disc or a digital code…

Elsewhere at the Woot dailies they have:

+ 12.9″ iPad PRO (2020 edition) from $830 to $980
+ Amazon hardware, $12 to $50
+ NetGear networking from $20 to $250
+ 14″ Acer TravelMate P6 for $460

Friday: Neewer Lighting Sale (15 options), Amazon Hardware Valentine’s Day, 128GB Samsung SDXC for $21, Etc

Back to the Amazon Gold Box we geaux where we have, for Friday 2/11/22, the return of the Neewer Lighting sale, with 15 options this time, and prices ranging from $15 to $327. Products include:

+ various flash/strobe kits
+ bicolor light kit
+ LED light kits
+ softbox, backdrops
+ tripod-monopod 2n1
+ lightboxes, sliders, etc

Of e-reading interest, the all new Kindle Paperwhite (8GB, with Ads) is down to $110, or $130 without the Ads… Meanwhile the Signature Paperwhite goes for $145 (no ads, it’s a Signature model after all!)… They also have different Accessories bundles for each option… There’s also a 20% off Trade-In promotion which is nice to look into if you have old unused eligible devices…

The above are part of a Valentine’s Amazon Hardware sale that goes up to 50% and it includes Echos, Fire tablets and streamers, TVs, Rings, Halos, Thermostats, Echo Buds, and spaceships too!

Then it’s time to make some data omelettes at the NewEGG dailies including:

+ 128GB Samsung PRO Endurance SDXC for $21 after promo code shown over there

+ NewEgg beanie hat or 32GB Patriot microSD for $4 each

Computer Invasion at Amazon’s Cyber Monday

It’s a Computer Invasion at the Amazon Cyber Monday deals. Among others:

+ 21.5″ iMac (2020) (8/256) for $799, up to three per customer

+ 28 handpicked laptops and desktops from HP, Lenova, Acer, ASUS, Dell, and MSI
+ including ChromeOS, not just Windows
+ not sure who handpicked them, mayhaps Jeff Bezos? 😉
+ from $210 to $2260

+ 26 Samsung laptops, tablets, monitors, etc, from $30 (S-Pens) to $2550 (the Flip 2 WM85R 85 Inch Digital Flipchart for Business (4K UHD 3840×2160 with Touch Screen, Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB and 3-Yr Wrnty)
+ that’s a nice toy to have but so are $2550 🙂

+ Nixplay digi-frames, from $126 to $152

+ two pages of Smart Home products including LOTS of LED lighting and various brand digi-frames and such

+ HP AiOs and laptops, $115 to $1450

+ PC Inputs sale including Razer, Logitech, Corsair

+ LG Gram laptop and two monitors

+ 29 computer monitor options including Dell, Sceptre, Acer, HP, Viewsonic, AOC, etc

+ all kinds of instant hot pots including a …Star Wars one!

And if you wanna fill up your ereader/apps, there’s over 220 Kindle eBooks in their Kindle daily deals…

And if you have so many new ebooks to read, you need more coffee and tea, infact five pages of offers including K-Cups and the like

And if you are gonna have so much coffee and tea to drink, how about two pages of TV and Movies collections?

Black Friday arrives at Amazon USA

Black Friday (aka 11/26/21) has arrived at the Amazon USA website including:

+ what they call a Content Creators sale that includes:
++ Fuji X-E3 body for $560, with 23/2 R WR for $760, w/18-55 for $800
++ seven Rokinon prime lenses
++ DJI Mavic Mini Combo for $299
++ GoPro HERO10 Black with Dual Battery Charger + Battery for $450
++ four tripod-y things

+ two pages of PC Components and Accessories, from $14 to $430, including WD, Crucial, ASUS, Thermaltake, Intel, Gigabyte, MSI, Corsair, and more

+ two pages of Laptops, Desktops and Monitors, from $120 to $2430, with Dell, Acer, Sceptre, LG, Alienware, CyberPowerPC, AOC, ASUS, MSi, BenQ, iBuyPower, Razer, Skytech, Viewsonic, HP, and more

+ Amazon’s own hardware including Fire TV stick for $20, Echo Dot (4th gen) for $30, Echo Show, Kindles, etc

+ Samsung Galaaxy Tab S7 and S7+ from $500 to $730, 14 options

+ Anker charging things from $7 to $110

+ six pages of real-world watches from $16 to $390
+ by “real world” I mean non-smartwatches 🙂

+ networking gear sale, $14 to $350, from the usual suspects

+ powered toothbrushes and Waterpik Sonic Fusion and such, because a nice clean smile is more authentic than Photoshop? 😉

+ Ninja blenders and other cooking things

+ Keyboard, Mice and Such, from $11 to $148
+ also Samsung SSD sale

+ all the usual consumer electronics, TV, audio, video, shiny coffee machines, shiny kitchen machines, etc

+ over 220 Kindle Best Selling eBooks
+ if you like bang for the buck ebooks, for $6 you can get a Kindle-crashing 4855 pages (!!!), eight books in the Sarah J. Maas “Throne of Glass” book series
+ that’s over 800 pages per $1 😉

Thur: WD, Sandisk, Lexar, Crucial, Neewer, Etc

Thanksgiving Day is a busy day at the Amazon USA Gold Box that includes among others:

+ two pages of Sandisk and Lexar memory cards including SD, microSD, flash drives, CF Express, Compactflash, etc
+ a total of 31 options are available
+ including 256GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC (up to 170MB/sec) for $48

+ two pages of WD, Lexar and Crucial sales including portable HDDs, external SSD, desktop HDDs, Synology NAS, WD Red, QNAP, G-Tech, internal SSD, Toshiba, etc
+ a total of 38 options are available

+ Camera & Photo Accessories, 25 options, from $19 to $210

+ lots of Amazon’s own house-brand electronics

+ and more!

MEANWHiLE at the NewEgg dailies you can get a $100 DoorDash e-gift card for $90…

Then there’s a Thanksgiving sale at Woot that includes a 36pk of AmazonBasics AAA batteries for $7…

Friday: Smartphone Camera and Photo Accessories sale

We have a new variant of the camera and photo accessories sale at Amazon, this time it is a smartphone photo accessories sale with UBseesize branded products, 16 options, ranging from $13~ to $55~ including ring lights, tripod-y things, and such…

But that’s not, there’s plenty of other action at the Friday Amazon USA Gold Box including:

+ LG OLED C1 and Samsung “The Frame” and Sony X85J televisions
+ or are they giant tablets nowadays? 🙂

+ smart and “dumb” watches from Samsung, Hilfiger, etc

+ up to 30% off kitchen appliances

+ Kingston Fury PC gaming memory

+ two pages (!) of AmazonBAsics iPhones cables

MEANWHiLE at the Friday NewEGG dailies there’s a limited time $5 off promo code on $100 Lowe’s e-gift cards and $10 off the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X among others…

Monday: Memory and Storage sale (23 options, $20 to $500, SD, microSD, Flash, external, etc)

The Storage Sale Parade continues at the Amazon USA Gold Box as one of their daily deals for 10/4/21 is a sale of 23 memory and storage options including Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, QNAP and Crucial with prices ranging from $20 to $500…

This includes Lexar SD cards, PNY microSD, external storage from Toshiba and Crucial, PNY flash drives (from 32GB to 1TB), internal SSDs, a 14TB Toshi NAS drive, a QNAP 2-bay, and more… Too many to list here individually…

PS: for the Beats-Apple fans, they have the Beats Studio3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones on sale for $170 with up to three per customer…

Tuesday: Acer Computer-y sale ( options)

If you are a fan of Acer computer-y gear, head on over to the Amazon USA Gold Box where until Tuesday 8/10/21 at 11:59pm pacific time (or earlier if sold out) they are having an ACER computer-y sale featuring 19 products including:

  • four monitor options
  • four laptop options (two are ChromeOS)
  • one rugged 8-inch tablet
  • three computer-y bags
  • various other things like keyboards, mice, USB-C dock, headsets, etc

Up to three per item per customer…

Speaking of Amazon, they are having a sale on Amazon brand coffee and tea products (K-Cups, latte/cocoa pods, mixed nuts, tea bags, etc)…

Prime Day 2021 is here at Amazon USA!


Prime Day 2021 is here, Day #1, Monday June 21 in 2021 at the Amazon website and the Prime Day Gold Box!

REMINDER!!! all offers marked as PRIME DAY are only available to Prime members. If you are not a current Prime member, you can still take advantage of the sales by starting a 30-day FREE TRIAL

+ Memory Card sale including Sandisk, PNY and Lexar, most of them SD and microSD options
+ a total of 30 options, $13.49 to $183

+ Chromebooks, 19 options, $190 (Samsung Chromebook 4, HP 11.6″) to $1149 (Google Pixelbook Go)

+ two pages of Computers and Monitors from $80 to $2000, including LG, Acer, HP, Lenova, Dell, Samsung, AOC, ASUS, etc
+ mostly laptops but also includes a Chromebox

+ unlocked Samsung Galaxy smartphones including S21 and S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra and regular, S21 and S21+, S20 FE, etc

+ two pages of desktops, monitors and tablets including Acer, Lenova, alienWare, Sceptre, ASUS, LG, ViewSonic, BenQ, etc

+ two pages of Razer gaming sales including keyboards and mice and a couple of Blade 15 laptops (on the 2nd page)

+ two pages of Samsung electronics including:
+ 256GB EVO Select microSD for $26, 512GB for $52
+ tablets of all price ranges
+ computer monitors
+ SSDs internal and external
+ 256GB EVO Plus SDXC for $25, PRO Plus for $30

+ three pages of PC Accessories components including Ryzen, WD, Intel, Crucial, TP-Link, ASUS, Cooler Master, Corsair, Gigabyte, MSI, Netgear, LG, Thermaltake, Toshiba, eVGA, PNY, etc

+ Big Smartphone sale with 31 options including Motorola (from Moto G to RAZR), TracFone, OnePlus, etc
+ prices $35 to $1160

+ five pages of AmazonBasics kitchen products

+ Nespresso sale for $100, three different machine options
+ some consider Nespresso to be half a step above Keurig
+ of course Keurig is a bit more chaotic in options than Nespresso, so it’s easier for Nespresso to quality-control their vendors

+ various sales on Kindle e-readers including the Basic Kindle ($55+), Paperwhite ($80 with Ads), Oasis ($205+), etc

+ FireTV Recast (1TB) for $180
+ DVR for cord-cutters with 1TB storage included

+ FireHD 10 tablets (2021 models) start at $80


Thursday: PNY SDXC, microSDXC, flash drive sales

There’s a $40 Fire 7 tablet as one of the Thursday 2/18/21 Amazon USA deals du jour but the headliner of the day is a PNY storage sale with six options:

+ 256GB PNY Elite Performance SDXC for $32

+ 256GB Elite-X Class 10 microSDXC for $33
+ 128GB for $18 on the same listing

+ 512GB PNY Elite PRO microSDXC for $70

+ 512GB PNY Elite PRO USB 3 flash drive for $70

+ 128GB PNY Turbo Attache USB 3 flash drive for $13

+ 10pk of 16GB PNY Attache USB 2 flash drives for $28
+ these are USB 2.0 (two)
+ comes out to $2.80 per flash drive

+ limit two of each item per customer

Speaking of storage, at the Newegg daily deals they have the 256GB Team Group Elite microSDXC for $24, a $1299 Dell XPS Home & Entertainment desktop, and various other techie/computer-y things as usual…

Wedn: DJI Osmo Pocket Stabilizer with Camera for $199

DJI is one of the Amazon USA Gold Box deals of the day, running until Wednesday 2/3/21 at 11:59pm pacific time or earlier if sold out. They are offering the new condition DJI Osmo Pocket Stabilizer with Camera for $199 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon herself. Up to three per customer at the sale price…

Their other daily deals include another round of discounted on Amazon-branded hardware including the Fire Cube TV (2019, 4K, Alexa) for $105 and their Echo Auto (add Alexa to your car) for $25…

Meanwhile at the NewEgg daily deals it is the return of Samsung storage. This time around it is the new condition 256GB Samsung Fit Plus USB 3.1 Type-A flash drive, model MUF-256AB/AM, going for $31 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg itself. Up to three per customer. As the borrowed-from-Sandisk name suggest, these are the compact type of flash drives.

Monday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals

It’s been a while since we dove into the Amazon USA Gold Box, more specifically to take a look at the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals. This is an “instant reaction post”, I’m writing it as I see it for the first time… << cue suspense music >>

And as of the time of writing there are 127 items participating. Now let’s see some highlights:

+ stabilizery things including sliders and gimbal stabilizers and tripods

+ LED panel lights

+ monocular-telescope creature

+ ring lights of different kinds including macro and selfie and twins

+ binoculars and action cams

+ studio background and lighting kits
+ if the sky is blue and water is wet, these are in the lighting deals too

+ monolights and on-camera flashes

+ green screen green suit for humans

+ generic camcorder and time-lapse camera

+ Neewer reigns supreme once again, challenging Cal Ripken Jr’s record 😉