New Tamron Mail-In Rebates on 45/1.8, 24-70/2.8 VC USD [C/N/A]

There’s no doubt Tamron (affectionately called “Tammy” by some) would be Tammy Wynette’s favorite lens manufacturer. which brings us to a new round of mail-in rebates and instant discounts on select lenses, organized by B&H Photo. The lenses are:

+ 45/1.8 Di VC for $499 after $100 MIR
+ 24-70/2.8 Di VC USD for $1100 after $200 MIR
+ 18-200/3.5-6.3 Di II VC for $200
+ they are available in Canon, Nikon and Sony Alpha SLR systems
+ they also get 4% promotional rewards

This is blog-certified to be Tamron, not Tokina. I am posting this because I often mistype the two 🙂

PowerExtra Charger with 2-Pack Replacement Batteries for Fuji NP-45, Canon LP-E5, LP-E8, Nikon EN-EL19

Powerextra has some of their own replacement batteries on sale. Their bundle include one charger and two batteries of their own. They are as follows:

+ Powerextra 2 Pack Li-ion Battery and Charger for Fujifilm NP-45 NP-45A NP-45B NP-45S for $12

+ Powerextra 2 Pack 7.4V 1800mAh Replacement Canon LP-E5 and Charger for $16

+ Powerextra 2 Pack Replacement Canon LP-E8 and Charger for $19

+ Powerextra 2 Pack Replacement Battery and Charger for Nikon EN-EL19 for $12

These are sold by PowerExtra with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get them in around days for free. Non-Prime members have the usual $35+ to get free shipping.

As usual, be sure to check reviews, and questions and forums and such if you are not familiar with them and the potential restrictions and limitations the OEM manufacturer places on 3rd-party batteries.

Sigma Lens Instant Savings (37 options)

A new round of Sigma lens instant savings is now running at B&H Photo featuring a total of 37 options. Some of them are eligible for 4% promotional rewards, some of them get free extras such as the Sigma USB dock or a lens filter. Check each the individual listings to see what each lens of interest gets.

Prices include:
+ 24/1.4 DG ART for $749, 35/1.4 DG ART for $799, 50/1.4 DG ART for $849
+ 18-35/1.8 DC HSM ART for $699, 50-100/1.8 DC HSM ART for $999
+ 24-105/4 DG OS HSM ART for $799
+ see them all at the Instant Savings page
+ available in various mount options

Manfrotto MB MS-SB-IGR Shoulder Bag for $46 [updated]

This sale continues as of 5/1/17 recheck: Meanwhile the Manfrotto MB MS-SB-IGR Shoulder Bag for DSLR with Additional Lens (Green) is on sale for $46 by Amazon itself and various sellers. This looks like it may have been a computer-generated price match.

This sale ended: The Manfrotto MB SB390-5BB VELOCE V Backpack is currently on sale for $57 by a 3rd-party seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon. Limit one per customer.<

Both of these WERE Best Buy daily deals, but Best Buy’s daily deal prices are higher, $60 and $50 respectively.

Mailbox Alert: B&H Summer 2017 Catalog

If you send your mail to a PO Box or at the office or don’t check mail regularly at the destination address, we have an alert for you! The Summer 2017 colorful printed B&H Photo catalog has been mailed and should be in your mailbox or very close to getting there! This is not your older cousin’s catalog. B&H also includes articles in-between the usual product categories and pages. This is over 300 pages long. You can sign-up for a catalog or view the catalog online or download it in PDF either as a whole or in parts at the B&H Catalog page.

32GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC C10 for $10

A lot more potato chips are consumed on weekends than memory card chips, but your cameras may argue otherwise 😉 The new condition 32GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC C10 UHS-1, model SDSDUNC-032G-GN6IN, is on sale for $10 at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit up to 30 per customer. It currently “defeats” the 64GB and 128GB in its own sub-line in GB/$. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $35+ order. It is currently the #1 best seller in Memory Cards at Amazonia.

Canon D-Rebel T6 w/18-55 and 75-300 and PIXMA PRO 100 printer and 50pk 13×19″ paper for $350 after $350 MIR (AMEX GC)

To the eBay Deals we go, where friends of mail-in rebates and prepaid American Express gift cards can get the new condition Canon D-Rebel T6 bundle with the 18-55 and 75-300 lenses, along with the PIXMA PRO 100 printer and 50pk 13×19″ sidekick photo paper for $350 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card). BuyDig is the seller, authorize Canon dealers.

15% off one item at B&N with coupon

Limited time coupon code 17SPRING gets you 15% off a single item at the Barnes and Noble website. Physical books are eligible but not e-books. Strategically this is a good idea for items that have the same price everywhere or rarely get discounted. Don’t forget to also use your eBook Settlement Store Credit (if you were eligible/received one because of book publisher price fixing).

(ENDED) Yongnuo YN568EX IIC-USA E-TTL Speedlite Flash with Master Wireless Control for $75

This lightning deal expired…

Good until 8:50pm ET tonight (or earlier if sold out), the Yongnuo YN568EX IIC-USA E-TTL Speedlite Flash with Master Wireless Control is a lightning deal for $75~, sold by a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible). The price before the sale was $97 last night when I posted the lightning deal schedule. This is the headliner of Sunday’s Gold Box in terms of Camera and Photo products.

(ENDED) 48% off Dell Refurbished with coupon (48 hour sale)

This 48-hour coupon ended, but another coupon is coming on Monday…

48 is the magic number! The Dell Refurbished store is a specialty part of Dell that resellers computers and hardware that came off leases. And for 48 hours, until Sunday 9am Central time, coupon code DELL48HOURS gets you 48% off at the Dell Refurbished website. Clearance items are excluded from the coupon discount. Free ground shipping is included. Coupon expires Sunday at 9am central time.

Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Monolight Flash and Profoto Air Remote TTL-C Transmitter for $2095

Bundle time at Adorama, the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Monolight Flash is bundled with the Profoto Air Remote TTL-C Transmitter for $2095 with free expedited shipping. This is available in Canon, Nikon and Sony variations. Look for system options in the Adorama product page. See screenshot below:

In other Adorama action, check their April Sales and their NAB 2017 specials.

Pay What You Want Photography Bundle: $1+ gets you two items, $13+ gets you nine items

I forgot about Dre, and I also forgot about the Stacksocial “Pay What You Want” Complete Photography Bundle. If you pay $1 or more (your choice), you get two items, a food photography class and a “Advanced Creative Photography Skills” class. If you meet or beat the current average price (currently $12.84), you get seven more items, five of which are classes, and the other two are bundles of stock photos to be used for educational (post-processing) purposes.

These have instant digital redemption and come with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. The “Leaderboard” you see there is if you want to pay more and get your name/brand prominently featured.

Meanwhile, if you are curious about getting started with WordPress, their Pay What You want developer bundle offers the “Basic WordPress Course” (20 hours, 12-month access only) if you pay $1 or more.

Speaking of WordPress, there are a few WordPress Theme bundles available as well (these are sold separately, not part of that “Pay What You Want” offer). One is a meta bundle even, you get a mix of various themes and educational material, the “The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle” for $39.

Having said that, there’s plenty of FREE WordPress material available online (including the default annual themes by Automattic), so you don’t have to buy any classes or themes unless you want or need them.

In addition to the various for-pay items at Stacksocial, they also have a Freebies section. They typically require some kind of social media action (share on twitter, like on facebook, or email a friend about the offer (honor code system), etc).

IMPORTANT: if you are not familiar with Stacksocial, make sure you check each particular offer’s terms. Some offer lifetime access, others offer access for only a limited period of time (eg 12 months). Some courses are streaming only, others are accessible through apps, some may be downloadable. And so forth…

Speaking of free, don’t forget to check the CreativeLIVE On-Air Schedule to see if there any classes of potential interest coming up. They are free to watch when they record/air originally, but you have to pay for the “DVR” later.

LG G6 with LG Watch Style for $650 (Unlocked with USA warranty)

If you like to buy unlocked smartphones with USA warranty and also want to dabble into smartwatches, B&H Photo is bundling the new condition LG G6 (USA warranty, unlocked version) with the LG Watch Style for $650. The phone on its own goes for $600. The watch on its own goes for $250. All these are pre-orders.

On the other hand if you are comfortable with carrier phones and want to commit to 24 months of Sprint service, you can get it for $14.75 per month on 24 monthly installments through Sprint, on approved credit. This comes to just over $350 for the phone, but you are committing to 24 months on their Unlimited Freedom plan.

If you defy conventional wisdom and prefer the previous flagship, the LG G5, the one with the modules, including the camera module, you can get it unlocked with a USA warranty for $330 at B&H Photo. Or for $20 less you can get the AT&T models unlocked, but they have an AT&T logo on the back of the phone. IS a $20 discount enough for you to stare at the AT&T logo? (you can always hide it in a non-clear case).

As usual with all these, be sure to double check compatibility with the cellular networks you plan to use them with.

$5 Per Magazine Per Year: Digital Photo PRO or Videomaker

The weekend magazine sale is back at DiscountMags with a $5 per magazine per year theme, which is good news if you are interested in “Digital Photo PRO” or “Videomaker” because they too are discounted to $5 per magazine per year. The other two photography magazines go for $5 per year as well (Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo non-PRO) but that’s their “default” weekend sale price. These four are printed magazines delivered by mail to US addresses. You can sign-up as a new subscriber or renew or send them as gifts to others. They do not auto-renew. Offer ends Monday night.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention, all the magazines in this weekend’s sale are $5 per year, so it’s a good opportunity to get magazines that don’t typically drop down to $5.

100pk AC Delco single-use AA batteries for $13

The price of the 100pk of AC Delco single-use AA batteries is now down to $13.12 at Amazon by Amazon itself with a limit of one set per customer during the sale. Or you can set up a “Subscribe and Save” which further drops the price, but keep in mind, future Subscribe-and-Save deliveries will be at the future time-of-shipment price, not the current price. You can adjust, postpone or cancel Subscribe-and-Save any time without hassle. These average 4.4 out of 5 based on 900+ customer reviews. This is 7.62 batteries per dollar with the standard purchase and even more with the Subscribe-and-Save price.

It looks like the AmazonBasics AA 100-pack is chasing them downhill in price, they are now going for $13.74 with up to three 100-packs per customer. These come out to 7.28 batteries per dollar.

OSHA disclaimer: you can only use whole batteries. Fractional batteries are mentioned above only for the express purpose of price comparison between the various offers. Do not use fractional batteries. Do not try this at home. Do not eat batteries. Properly recycle or dispose of at the appropriate facilities. Restrictions may apply. This is an out of control paragraph that is totally unnecessary and I need to stop writing it and press publish NOW 🙂

Slik PRO 500 BHX Tripod with PBH-525DS Ball Head for $90

In addition to the previously mentioned Monopod special, Adorama also has a tripod flash sale, the new condition Slik PRO 500 BHX Tripod with PBH-525DS Ball Head (8.8lbs Capacity, 65″ Maximum Height) is on sale for a limited time for $90 with free shipping.

In other Adorama action, check their April Sales and their NAB 2017 specials.

Speaking of which, for two days only, the this Dell XPS 27″ AiO computer (4K Ultra HD Touchscreen All-in-One Computer, Core i7-6700 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB HDD, AMD R9 M485X 4GB GDDR5, Windows 10 Home) is on sale for $2000 with free shipping.

Nikon A900 for $347 (NEW) or $279 (Refurb)

Choices, choices! The Nikon Coolpix A900 with its 1/2.3″ BSI CMOS sensor is available in new condition for $347 in either black or silver color by Amazon itself with a limit of three units per color per customer.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with manufacturer refurbished and the silver color, to the eBay Deals we go where BuyDig’s eBay sto’or is offering them in manufacturer refurbished condition for $279 with free shipping.

(ENDED) Still good: Corel AfterShot Pro 3 for $30

As of a 5/1/17 recheck, this sale ended, but it is recurring every few days/weeks… This flew off the front page, but the promotion continues, the Corel AfterShot Pro 3 Photo Editing Software continues for $30, in Key Card format, delivered by mail, by Amazon itself (free shipping with Prime or $35+ order). The digital downloads however are not on sale, so snail mail patience is a $virtue$ in this particular case 🙂

Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial with 4K Sports Camera for $220

The new condition Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 Aerial with 4K Sports Camera is currently on sale for $220 sold by Woot with the order fulfilled by Amazon. This is selling on Amazon’s website and is not a lightning deal but a sale. Per the page there, it comes with a 1-year no-hassle warranty of the “you break it, we fix it” kind. Take a screenshot of that part of the page to be on the safe side 🙂 It is available in two different color schemes at this price.

UPDATE: since we already have a drone-related post, I’ll append this here, the new condition Yuneec YUNFCAUS Breeze Drone is on sale for $362~ with free shipping by Amazon itself. Limit one per customer.

8TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 for $180

We all sing the importance of backups song, but how many of us actually follow through? Confess, confess, confess 🙂 Which brings us to an external hard drive, 8TB Seagate Expansion Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (model STEB8000100) is on sale (and/or on cascading price-matches) for $180 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself (limit 3) and NewEgg Business (ends 4/30/17) and Best Buy (limit 3) and MacMall.

Speaking of NewEgg Business, they are offering the DELL XPS XPS8910-7020BLK desktop computer (Core i7 6th Gen 6700 (3.4 GHz), 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, Windows 10 Home 64-Bit) for $850 until 4/30/17 (or earlier if sold out).

Speaking of storage, the 4TB WD Red NAS Hard Disk Drive (5400 RPM Class SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch – WD40EFRX) goes for $116~ with free shipping. Limit one per customer at the moment.

20% off A4C with coupon

If you feel like fishing for deals on refurbished gear and/or used and/or clearance, coupon code APRIL20 gets you 20% off at the All 4 Cellular website (aka Some items are excluded from the coupon discount (such as the daily deals). This is a limited time and limited redemption type of offer.

A4C offers free shipping on everything on their website, even $2 trinkets. No membership needed for free shipping 🙂

3-position S-Zone waterproof camera insert for $14

If you want to convert your favorite bag into a camera base, or further subsection a larger bag or storage case or any other DIY thing you want/need, this 3-position S-Zone waterproof camera insert goes for $14, with the order fulfilled by Amazon. The dividers are removable and repositionable. It averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 29 customer reviews. There’s more like this from other brands, the more time you spend digging through them at Amazon, the more you will find. A repositionable rabbit hole 🙂

The same brand is offering an Earth Day style waterproof canvas camera bag with PU-leather trim for $24. Note that the inside is not an earth-color, it is Coldplay-yellow 🙂

Imported Fuji X-T2 body w/1yr seller warranty for $1280

The Fuji X-T2 body only goes for $1600 in new condition at authorized dealers [see Stock Status Tracker], but if you are comfortable with imported grey-market cameras that get a seller’s warranty (instead of a Fuji USA warranty), then off to the eBay Deals we go…

… where 6ave’s eBay store (99.1%, New Jersey) is offering the new condition imported grey-market Fuji X-T2 body only for $1280 with free shipping and a 1-year warranty from the seller 6ave. Limit up to three units per customer.

Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM with Platypod Pro Max Plate Mini Tripod for $1699

Another NAB 2017 special, the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM is bundled with the Platypod Pro Max Plate Mini Tripod (goes for $100 on its own) all together for $1699 with free expedited shipping at Adorama.

If you don’t need the platypus creature tripod thing, Adorama has a different bundle for the same price, it’s an Accessorapaloooza (filters, Corel, cleaning kits, lens wrap, lens shade, tether.

Or if you don’t need any free accessories, you can instead get 4% promotional rewards (~$68) to be spent in future Adorama purchase by getting the default option.

Become an EchoLookographer with new Amazon Echo Look with LED Lighting and Standard Tripod Socket

Now you can take photography to the next (lower) level with the new Amazon Echo Look device. It is like an Echo, but with a camera! It has built-LED lighting and a standard tripod socket, along with AI that evaluates your fashion (bad enough we have to deal with the humans, now machines will be trolling our fashion choices). The price is $200 at Amazon’s website but you cannot pre-order it yet. It is by invitation only at the moment, so request an invitation if interested.

I requested an invitation for blog-testing purposes, and I almost immediately got an automated email from Amazon with this body of text:

CreativeLIVE: 49 classes for $49 or Less (also upcoming FREE On-Air schedule)

CreativeLIVE is running a new promotion, 49 Classes for $49 or less. Offer ends 4/28/17.

They have also updated their Upcoming Free On-Air Classes. You can filter by topic, eg the “Photo & Video” sub-tab under the “All Upcoming photo & video Classes” section.

You can watch these for FREE when they broadcast LIVE and get recorded. Once the recording finishes, you have to pay to watch/rewatch them in the future. But while they are originally airing/recording, they are free for all to watch. Upcoming instructors include Art Wolfe (in progress and back again May 5-6, 7-8), Joel Comm, Lindsay Adler (twice), Peter Hurley and many more.

If you are a fan of Photoshop, the CreativeLIVE Photoshop Week is May 15-20 (2017). As usual, it will be FREE to watch while it is recording LIVE during that week, but you have to pay if you want to watch it in the future.

Hasselblad Trade-In Discounts (Older Cameras for H6D models)

If you are interested in the new Hasselblad H6D models and have older models you are willing to part with, Hasselblad is running a trade-in promotion that gets you discounts towards the purchase of the H6D-50 and H6D-100 models. The discount varies by model, but it’s better than 50% of the new model price. Some competitor models are also eligible for the trade-in promotion. Check with your favorite Hasselblad dealers.

They are also offering financing promotions that can be stacked with the trade-in, provided by Madison Capital.