Pay What You Want Photography Bundle: $1+ gets you two items, $13+ gets you nine items

I forgot about Dre, and I also forgot about the Stacksocial “Pay What You Want” Complete Photography Bundle. If you pay $1 or more (your choice), you get two items, a food photography class and a “Advanced Creative Photography Skills” class. If you meet or beat the current average price (currently $12.84), you get seven more items, five of which are classes, and the other two are bundles of stock photos to be used for educational (post-processing) purposes.

These have instant digital redemption and come with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. The “Leaderboard” you see there is if you want to pay more and get your name/brand prominently featured.

Meanwhile, if you are curious about getting started with WordPress, their Pay What You want developer bundle offers the “Basic WordPress Course” (20 hours, 12-month access only) if you pay $1 or more.

Speaking of WordPress, there are a few WordPress Theme bundles available as well (these are sold separately, not part of that “Pay What You Want” offer). One is a meta bundle even, you get a mix of various themes and educational material, the “The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle” for $39.

Having said that, there’s plenty of FREE WordPress material available online (including the default annual themes by Automattic), so you don’t have to buy any classes or themes unless you want or need them.

In addition to the various for-pay items at Stacksocial, they also have a Freebies section. They typically require some kind of social media action (share on twitter, like on facebook, or email a friend about the offer (honor code system), etc).

IMPORTANT: if you are not familiar with Stacksocial, make sure you check each particular offer’s terms. Some offer lifetime access, others offer access for only a limited period of time (eg 12 months). Some courses are streaming only, others are accessible through apps, some may be downloadable. And so forth…

Speaking of free, don’t forget to check the CreativeLIVE On-Air Schedule to see if there any classes of potential interest coming up. They are free to watch when they record/air originally, but you have to pay for the “DVR” later.