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Imported Nikon D7200 w/18-140 DX VR w/1yr seller warranty for $900

The Nikon D7200 is no longer the “latest model” in the D7X0 line, the D7500 was announced a few days and it is currently available for pre-order for $1250 as body only – check Stock Status Tracker.

In new condition, it currently goes for $1000 as body only or $1300 with the 18-104mm lens at various authorized dealers, such as Adorama or Amazon or B&H Photo.

However, one school of thought is that once a “newer model” is revealed, it may be a good idea to buy the previous models as refurbished or used or grey-market, to save money on the purchase of a non-latest-model, since you are not riding the Early Adopter Wave.

If you like this approach, one path is refurbished, the D7200 body only is available manufacturer-refurbished with a 90-day Nikon USA warranty at Adorama or $789 with a 90-da7 B&H warranty at B&H Photo.

Another path that will get you more bang for the buck (if you need/want the 18-140mm DX VR lens) is at the eBay Deals du jour where eBay seller 6ave (99.1%, New Jersey) is offering the imported grey-market D7200 with the 18-140mm DX VR lens and a 1-year seller warranty (from 6ave, not Nikon USA) for $900 with free shipping. Limit five per customer.

For the speed-readers, the “1555” in the eBay listing title maybe easily misread as 1855 as in the 18-55 lens. This 1515 is the MPN of this kit, it comes with the 18-140mm lens 🙂 But for whatever reason, the eBay bots or humans picked a YouTube video for the D700 in the middle of the eBay listing instead of the D7200 🙂

PS: I am not sure how a one-paragraph post turned into this 🙂

Ends Tonight: eBay Coupon: 20% off select $25+ items (max discount $50)

eBay is getting more and more fond of coupons these days. Coupon code PSHOPTECH417 gets you 20% off select technology/electronics items priced $25 or higher, from select sellers. The maximum discount with the coupon is $50, which means items over $250 will get a flat $50 off discount.

There are 36 camera and photo items participating from a pot-pouri of sellers and in various conditions, so scrutinize each listing, do not make assumptions about the condition or the seller. It is eBay after all 🙂

Coupon expires 4/19/17. One time use per customer.

Pre-orders on Friday: Sony a9 for $4500

Canon and Nikon are no longer the only ones with used-car-priced full frame flagship cameras. Sony is joining the fray with the new Sony a9 full frame E-mount flagship, with a flagship price of $4500. Pre-orders will begin on Friday 4/21/17, so considerate of Sony to let people enjoy the holidays the days before and after. Preorders will begin at 10am ET on Friday at B&H Photo.

For more on the camera, B&H has a 1-hour video of the announcement, along with a live blog.

Also coming along with the PRO camera is a new Master series lens, the FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM OSS E-Mount with a price of $2500, and pre-orders opening on Friday.

This new camera now gives mirrorless cameras the lead in 2017, they are “winning” over DSLRs in a penalty shoot-out at 6-5. You can see them all at the New Cameras of 2017 page.

Instant Savings on select Canon, Rokinon, Sigma and Tamron lenses (92 options)

Lens fun now at B&H Photo, where a number of new instant savings (discounts, no rebate/coupon) promotions are running on select lenses from the following four manufacturers:

+ Sigma Lenses (32 options)

+ Tamron Lenses (24 options)

+ Rokinon Lenses (6 options)

+ Canon Lenses (30 options)

DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 RAW Quadcopter with Zenmuse X5R 4K and Two Extra 512GB SSDs for $4300

A DJI M43rds power bundle is now offered for $4299 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. It is the DJI Inspire 1 v2.0 RAW Quadcopter with Zenmuse X5R 4K and Two Extra 512GB DJI-branded SSDs made for the Zenmuse X5R camera, which is a M43rds camera. Needless to say, this has to fly, so only select M43rds lenses are cleared for fit and for flight (Panasonic 15mm f1.7 included; also works with Olympus 12/2).

For more B&H action, you can check their featured sales pages

Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $699

On the lighting front, the Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter is on sale for a limited time for $699 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. B&H is back from the holiday and orders are being processed as we speak.

On a semi-related product category (economy of blog-posts), the Vello Extendá Wi-Fi DSLR Remote Control for Canon and Nikon is on sale for $100 with free shipping,. Check product details to see which cameras it is compatible with. It has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Sadly, no Firefox OS apps 🙂

Vanguard Quovio 44 Convertible Backpack/Sling for $120

There are convertible cars and laptops, but there are also convertible camera bags. In this case, this Vanguard Quovio 44 Convertible Backpack/Sling converts between a backpack and a sling bag, a rather “widescreen” sling. See gallery pictures for more on this, which is on sale for $120 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo.

Sunpak 423PX2 3-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Compact Pistol Grip Head for $80

B&H Photo is back and accepting orders again (and previously placed orders are getting processed), and new rounds of offers are getting ushered out, including the Sunpak 423PX2 3-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Compact Pistol Grip Head for $80 with free expedited shipping. More posts as I digest them, but in the meantime, you can check their featured sales pages

(ENDED) Thursday Lightning Deals: Etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

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(ENDED) Thursday: Palette Cube for $80, Two Datacolor Spyders, $30 Oben tripod, Etc

These daily deals expired for more action, check their Featured Sales

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