Used Cowboystudio Photo Studio Portable Pop Up Changing Room/Dressing Room for $22

If you are comfortable with used gear, the Cowboystudio Photo Studio Portable Pop Up Changing Room/Dressing Room is available in “Used – Like New” condition (“Item has no cosmetic scratches or blemishes. Item has no cracks or dents. Item will come in original packaging”) for $22 with free shipping for Prime members (or with a $25+/$35+ order) at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Per the shopping cart, there is one unit available.

(ENDED) Sony a6500 Class at CreativeLIVE (Free to Watch LIVE)

UPDATE: the live recording of this class ended…

Streaming LIVE today for FREE is a “Sony a6500 Fast Start” class with John Greengo at CreativeLive’s Free On-Air Classes. While the class is recording live, it is FREE to watch for all.

You can page further down the page to see other upcoming free-streaming classes. Of camera interest, there is a Nikon D5600 Fast Start class starting June 7, a Canon 77D Fast Start on July 6, and a D-Rebel T7i Fast Start on July 7. You can also filter the upcoming classes by clicking on the gray horizontal tabs over there.

Refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4K Video w/1yr warranty for $569

Back to the land of the eBay Deals where the official DJI eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Professional with 4K Video with a 1-year warranty for $569 with free shipping with a limit of up to five units per customer.

PS: don’t forget to first activate the 8% Bonus Bucks if you are eligible/invited for that promotion!

8% eBay Bucks with no minimum amount (YMMV)

This is YMMV ~ I do not know if eBay offers this to everyone or a subset of their registered users. Good until Friday 3am eastern (6/1/17), you earn 8% on items purchased during this promotional period. No minimum purchase amount for this offer, so even a $2 widget will get you 8% eBay Bucks! Some exclusions apply as usual and the maximum rewards you can earn is $100 per transaction, and $500 during the promotional period. You must manually activate the offer by clicking on the appropriate button in the email or eBay message.

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Another way to look for ideas is our eBay Archive posts.

In-Stock Alert: Google Photos Custom Photo Books

Among the Google I/O 2017 revelations was that Google Photos would begin offering the option to create custom photo books using your Google Photos photos. Now this new product is “shipping”. It is available in the latest Google Photos iOS and Android apps. Prices start at $10 for a 20-page softcover, and $20 for a hardcover. Shipping is extra because Amazon Prime does not work on Google 😉

Sony a99 II Body + Steadicam Merlin 2 for $3368

Good until Tuesday night, B&H Photo is offering the Sony a99 II body only bundled with the Steadicam Merlin 2 Camera Stabilizing System, together for $3368 with free expedited shipping.

The a99 ii body only goes for $3200 on its own, while the Steadicam goes for $270 on its own (it’s on sale too), so based on current prices, you are getting a combined purchase discount of $100.

(ENDED) 128GB Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash drive for $28 [limit 3]

This limited time offer expired…

This is a Prime-only promotion (one of the Prime Benefits is that some offers are only available to Prime members but not to everybody else). It is the new condition 128GB Sandisk Ultra USB 3.0 flash drive, model SDCZ48-128G-A46, offered for $28 with free 2-day Prime shipping. Limit up to three units per customer.

(ENDED) Panasonic Eneloop PRO 4-slot charger with 4 Eneloop PRO AA rechargeables for $19.47

As of late 5/31/17, the sale ended…

You can put your Prime membership to work with this Prime-only sale, you can get this Panasonic 4-slot charger with 4 Eneloop PRO AA rechargeables, model K-KJ17KHCA4A, for $19.47 [WAS $18.47] with free shipping. Limit one unit per customer at the moment. The PRO Eneloop batteries are described as 2550mAh type, 2450mAh min.

Orderable Again: Samsung Chromebook PRO for $550

If you are a boldly going early adopter, the Samsung Chromebook PRO is orderable again for $550 at Amazon by Amazon itself. It had returned a few days ago but then quickly became un-orderable again. But as of the time of writing, this is orderable again in the all-encompassing “temporarily out of stock” status.

The difference between this and the $436 PLUS model is that the PRO has an Intel processor versus ARM of the PLUS.

More details on what caused the delays and their plans for the future of the ChromeOS + Android marriage can be found in this Google I/O 2017 Verge post. It turns out the delays were a mix of software and hardware:

“The Chromebook Pro hardware itself needed to be redesigned. Issues with the thermals and antennas meant some things had to get shifted around. Google itself handles the software stack, so it needed to tweak that software as Samsung tweaked the hardware.”

Of photography interest is the combination of the S-Pen (for retouching and such), touchscreen, combination of Android and ChromeOS apps and options, a 3:2 QHD screen (if you prefer to work in this aspect ratio), and such.

Note however that it may take a few weeks/months before everything gels as Android apps are in Beta. On the plus side, it is on a six week update cycle, so fixes will definitely come faster than they do with Android phones.

If I wasn’t a poor blogger I would scoop this up 🙂 Please feel free to send me one 🙂

128GB Lexar JumpDrive C20m micro-USB to USB 3.1 Flash Drive for $34

Sunday often brings new sales of different kinds, and among them there are a couple of Lexars:

+ 128GB Lexar JumpDrive C20m micro-USB to USB 3.1 Flash Drive for $34.39
+ has a Detachable Kickstand; model LJDC20m-128BBNLK
+ limit ten per customer

+ Lexar microSD To Lightning Reader (model LRWMLBNL) for $14.39

In other tech action at Amazon:

+ Norton Security Deluxe – 5 Devices [Key Card] for $30
+ also available as digital download
+ limit one of each
+ secures up to five different PCs, Macs, iOS and Android devices

+ ten HP printers on sale (various)

ORLIT RT-600C TTL RT Speedlite with Glow SpeedLight Bracket for $130 (C)

The ORLIT RT-600C TTL RT Speedlite for Canon systems (this is made by Orlit, not Canon) is bundled with a FREE Glow SpeedLight Bracket for Beauty Dish and 16X16″ Softbox for a limited time for $130 with free expedited shipping at Adorama… This is one of their many Weekend Sales

The free items are included as long as you see them mentioned as such on the product page, see screenshot example below:

Imported Grey-Market Panasonic GH5 body w/1yr seller warranty for $1893

If you are comfortable with imported grey-market digital cameras, the Panasonic GH5 body only is available as imported grey-market in new condition for $1893 with free shipping with a 1-year warranty from the seller 6AVE on eBay (the warranty is not covered by Panasonic).

If you prefer the new condition at authorized dealers, it continues to be in-stock for $2000 at B&H Photo and Amazon itself and Samy’s (eBay) and Kenomore (eBay).

For the big picture, check the Stock Status Tracker.

Fuji X100F: In-Stock NEW ($1300) or USED ($1201)

If you are interested in the Fuji X100F, as of this Stock Tracker update, the situation is this:

+ IN-STOCK (New Condition) for $1300 at Best Buy (eBay) and Kachashopus (eBay)

+ USED for $1202~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals
+ USED (eBay Auction) by individual person ($1201 bid, ends Sunday 7:27pm ET)

64GB PNY Duo-Link USB 3.0 and Lightning Flash Drive for $40 w/free S&H

Everyone making Lightning/iOS MFI-blessed accessories has to pay the “Apple tax” for doing so, which is of course passed along to the consumers, so it is nice to find Lightning-compatible items on sale. To cut a long story short…

… the 64GB PNY Duo-Link USB 3.0 Flash Drive for Apple iPhone & iPad, model P-FDI64GOTGAMG3-GE, is on sale for $40 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit one per customer. This is not a lightning deal (no pun intended).

One side is a Lightning connector, the other side is a full size USB connector (Type A, aka Taipei).

Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Auto Adapter (EF/EF-S Lenses to EOS M cameras) for $40

If you want to use Canon EF or EF-S lenses on Canon EOS M mirrorless cameras, the Fotodiox Pro Lens Mount Auto Adapter is on sale for $40 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit up to ten units per customer. It averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 110+ customer reviews and has 35mm questions answered (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

This is an old fashioned sale, not a Lightning Deal, so the exact expiration date is unknown as Amazon price bots change prices based on a variety of factors.

Bargain Bin sale at Amazon Warehouse Deals

Among the Memorial Day weekend festivities, Amazon Warehouse Deals (used products at Amazon) decided to start a Bargain Bin sale which includes over 2500 Electronics. Under that category is over 280 Camera and Photo items featuring a random assortment of camera/photo-related gear.

Make sure you check each individual listing and check who the sellers are and read the condition detail (if given). YMMV! No coupon, the items are discounted on the website.