Free Air Remote and $100 Gift Card with select Profoto B1 500 AirTTL purchases

Adorama is running a Profoto promotion as part of their Street Fair Specials. If you purchase either the B1 500 AirTTL battery powered monolight or the 2-light location kit, you will receive TWO free items:

1) a $100 Adorama Gift Certificate
2) one Profoto items from five options: a Transceiver or a Remote for either Canon, Nikon, Sony or Olympus

Select the gift card and then the free item at the aforelinked page. It should look like this after you click on the items of interest:

Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Monolight Flash and Profoto Air Remote TTL-C Transmitter for $2095

Bundle time at Adorama, the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Monolight Flash is bundled with the Profoto Air Remote TTL-C Transmitter for $2095 with free expedited shipping. This is available in Canon, Nikon and Sony variations. Look for system options in the Adorama product page. See screenshot below:

In other Adorama action, check their April Sales and their NAB 2017 specials.

Free Profoto Air Remote with select B1 or B2 purchases

On the $$$profesisonal$$$ side of lightning, B&H Photo has another Profoto promotion. If you purchase one of select Profoto B1 or B2 models (four options, $1995 to $4148), you will receive with them a FREE Profoto Air Remote. You have a choice of a Transceiver or a TTL for Canon or Nikon or Sony. You select the free item on the product page of each participating product, screenshot below:

Free Profoto Remote and $50 to $100 Adorama Gift Card with B1 or B2 purchase

If you are interested in getting either a Profoto B1 or a B2, Adorama has a handful of Profoto B1 and B2 Bundles. All the bundles get a free Profoto remote and an Adorama gift certificate. The value of the gift certificate is either $50 or $100, depending on which bundle you purchase. No coupon, no rebate, this is a simple promotion, add bundle to cart and proceed to checkout.

Lighting Week Sale: Profoto, Interfit, Cactus, Westcott, Elinchrom, Etc

Adorama has launched a Lighting Week sale featuring over three dozen products Profoto, Interfit, Cactus, Westcott, Elinchrom, and more. Profoto and Westcott are heavily represented in the sale, along with flashes from Cactus and Yongnuo, and Elinchrom Ranger Quadra bundle. A variety of product categories from the world of lighting are represented, too many to list here individually.

Free Profoto Air Remote with B1 or B2 kit

Adorama is offering a FREE Profoto Air Remote (you have to manually add it from a choice of four options) when you purchase one of these Profoto B1 or B2 kits. The free choices are Canon, Nikon, Sony or Transmitter.

To get the freebie, you must manually expand the yellow “Special Offer” section on an eligible Profoto B1 or B2 kit, and select one of the four freebies. Here’s a screenshot of what you should be seeing:

Profoto B1 500 AirTTL + OCF Speedring + Beauty Dish for $2095

Lighting action now, not lightning, a common typo around these parts 🙂 The Profoto B1 500 AirTTL battery-powered monolight is bundled with two free Profoto items, an off-camera flash speedring, and a 24-inch OCF beauty ring with deflector plate, all together going for $2095 with free shipping at Adorama.

Speaking of Adorama, they have 1400+ Free Overnight Shipping offers (limited time), along with their various Holiday Specials.

FREE OCF 2′ Beauty Dish White with Flash Speedring with Profoto B1 or B2 AirTTL Lighting Kit

And now something for Profoto fans, Adorama is offering FREE OCF 2′ Beauty Dish White and a FREE Flash Speedring when you purchase Profoto B1 or B2 AirTTL Lighting Kit. A total of four different options are available at the Special Profoto Promotion page. A couple of them are backorder, but you can also find them at B&H Photo.

Lighting Offers: Profoto and Elinchrom (and Magmod, Bolt, Dracast)

You can’t have photography without light and if you don’t have enough light, you must needs make some light. Here we round up lightning related specials from B&H’s PSW2015:

+ UPDATE: some require coupon PSWBH15, others don’t
+ Profoto B2 250 Air TTL To-Go Kit for $1900
+ Elinchrom BRX 500/500 2-Light To Go Set with Bag for $1275 – use coupon PSWBH15
+ Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $900 – use coupon PSWBH15
+ Bolt VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flash Kit with Cyclone PP-400DR Power Pack for $485
+ Dracast LED160 5600K Daylight On-Camera Light Plastic Black for $100
+ MAGMOD kits, 11 options – use coupon PSWBH15
+ Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light (19″) with free Interfit 4-Section Air-Cushioned Stand (7.5′) for $100
+ Ikan Piatto Accent Light with free extras (two options)

Profoto B1 500 Air specials at Adorama

Adorama has a couple of Profoto B1 500 Air specials. First up, for $1845 you get the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Monolight Flash with free expedited shipping. Next up, for $3650 you get the Profoto B1 500 Air Battery-Powered 2-Light Location Kit, Includes 2x B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash, Battery Charger, Car Charger, Backpack M. No coupons, no rebates. This is a limited time offer.

Profoto AcuteB2 600Ws AirS LiFe Power Pack with AcuteB 600 W Lamphead

And now a bundle for Profoto fans. For $1500 with free shipping, you can get the Profoto AcuteB2 600Ws AirS LiFe Power Pack bundled with a free Profoto AcuteB 600 W Lamphead, at Adorama and B&H Photo. No rebates, no coupons – the free item is included automatically while this promotion is running (you will see this promotion mentioned on the retailer’s product pages while this promotion is running.

B&M: New York November 12 Big Adorama In-Store Sale

On Sunday November 12, the Adorama brick and mortar store is going to be having a big discount event. This is at their B&M store, not the website, so you need to be physically present in New York or have one of your minions there. The event is 4:30pm to 10pm New York time. Because prices will be lower than usual, they cannot announce prices and products ahead of time. The manufacturers participating in the event include Canon, Lexar, Profoto, Sandisk, Manfrotto, Adorama’s house brands, and more. You must needs RSVP for the event. Did I mention food and open bar? 😉 I mean, there will be tech demos and galleries and giveaways 🙂