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This coupon expired…

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Meta: Font of Blog Post Titles is Now Smaller

The bold-o-vision blog-post titles are now smaller-ized. I decreased the font size from whatever it was [40px on full desktop] to 24px. It saves up space on the page, both in terms of being able to fit more text in a single line, and in terms of the actual size of the font. I will check on various devices and make minor adjustments.

If you have any preferences or observe any issues, please leave a comment here or use the online contact form.

PS: if you have a WordPress website and want to do this to your website, and you are using the WordPress Twenty-Sixteen default theme, the change is simple, add this under “Additional CSS” in the Customizer:

.entry-title {
font-size: 24px;

You can change the number to make it smaller or larger.

Meta: “Latest Deals Summary” Coming Back!

Now that we are posting 20+ deals on most weekdays, things are flying off the front page much faster, so the return of the “Latest Deals Summary”, aka, an on-going “Situation Room” (like those we have during Black Friday, Prime Day and the Holiday shopping season) is in order!

I will also tweak the website to fit more posts per screen since the giant font style is not very effective when there are posts flying left and right πŸ™‚

As usual, please feel free to leave feedback in the comments or using the online contact form.

Meta: Full Frame Deals tag updated

This is a meta update! The (35mm) Full Frame Deals blog tag has now been updated with the latest 35mm full frame camera offers. I had forgotten that I actually started using this tag. I have now tagged the relevant recently posted cameras with it. This only includes 35mm full frame cameras of all kinds [see 35mm Full Frame Price Chart to see which cameras are these], not lenses.

Final Price Charts Installment: DSLRs vs Mirrorless (Full Frame Edition)

And now we have the final installment in the July 2017 Price Charts series, it is another DSLR vs Mirrorless Price Comparison, this one focusing on cameras with 35mm full frame sensors. In this particular chart, mirrorless includes only the made-for-digital 21st-century systems, not rangefinders.


+ 35mm FULL FRAME digital cameras
+ Mirrorless Cameras
+ Fixed Lens Cameras
+ APS-C dSLRs vs Mirrorless
+ 35mm Full Frame dSLRs vs Mirrorless

New Price Charts: DSLRs vs Mirrorless with APS-C Sensors

The bonus “Price Charts” installment that was promised is here! It is a DSLR vs Mirrorless edition! I merged the data from APS-C DSLRs and APS-C Mirrorless cameras into the APS-C DSLR vs Mirrorless Price Chart. How do they stack up? Are there more DSLRs or Mirrorless cameras in this segment? Try to guess before looking at the spoilers πŸ™‚

You can find all the previous editions in the list below. But wait, there’s more! Since this APS-C comparison turned out to be a fun thing to do, there will be another bonus installment, using the same data set. You can guess what it will be, 35mm Full Frame, DSLR vs Mirrorless. Coming soon to a Noisy blog near you πŸ™‚


+ 35mm FULL FRAME digital cameras
+ Mirrorless Cameras
+ Fixed Lens Cameras
+ APS-C dSLRs vs Mirrorless
+ 35mm Full Frame dSLRs vs Mirrorless

Camera Price Charts Update: Mirrorless Charts post Revised with Three Missing Cameras

The Revision that was Promised is here! The Mirrorless Cameras Price Charts post has just now been revised with the three missing cameras, the Sony a6500, Fuji X-A10 [CORRECTED!], and the YI Technology M1. Thanks to our readers for the corrections/alerts! The original/previous post without those three was preserved as a separate page for historical reference.

You can find all the current and previous installments of the Price Charts in the Price Charts Archives, going back to December 2014.

To make up for the delays, there will be a bonus fifth chart using data from the previous ones. You can probably guess which one it is if you think about it for a couple of minutes but I won’t spoil it. I won’t promise a date to be on the safe side πŸ™‚

Since the data was captured, the YI M1 with 12-40mm dropped from $350 to $300, just in time for the Prime Day festivities. Because the Price Charts are snapshots in time, and not live price-trackers, that’s why you see a $350 price over there. Also dropping is the YI M1 with 12-40 and 45/1.8, currently going for $379.

Serious Fixed Lens Cameras Price Charts Series is POSTED!

It was delayed by the Prime Day madness, but not defeated! The Fixed Lens Cameras has just been posted. It goes through Fixed Lens Cameras, with this year, removing 1/2.x” cameras from consideration. It’s 2017 πŸ™‚

To make up for the delay, I will launch a brand new fifth installment in the series by the weekend. This will be based on existing data. You can probably guess what it will be if you think it through but I won’t spoil it ahead of time πŸ™‚

TIP: these can get long, but you can send them to your favorite “read it later” / bookmarking service for undistracted reading.


+ 35mm FULL FRAME digital cameras
+ Mirrorless Cameras
+ Fixed Lens Cameras
+ COMING NEXT: NEW Installment using Existing Data

Note for RSS Readers: Prime Day Situation Room Tracking Mega Post is In Progress

This note is for those of you following on RSS news readers and services that depend on RSS. The Prime Day Situation Room tracker-style mega-post will be continuing with Prime day coverage until Wednesday AM. I will be posting some hot deals as individual blog posts (which you’ll see through RSS), but I can’t post everything as an individual blog-post, it will create blog and RSS overflow.

Your RSS reader may be able to automatically refresh the Prime Day Situation Room post. You can put it in a folder or bookmark it or favorite it if you want to check throughout Prime Week. Unfortunately there are too many RSS readers and services and each use various apps of their own along with 3rd-party apps, so testing which ones refresh and which ones don’t would be a big project in its own right.

Find this Useful? Then Please Tell Your Friends!

If you find our non-stop coverage of Prime Day 2017 useful, then please consider telling all your friends who are interested in camera and photo shopping and madness! This is one of the best ways to help support this blog, the more interested people, the merrier πŸ™‚

You can point them to the Home Page or the on-going Prime Deals Situation Room (a goofy name for an on-going round-up). You may also point out to them that we have a free full text RSS feed.

Thanks πŸ™‚

Mirrorless Cameras Price Charts installment is UP!

A new installment is out today in our Price Charts series of July 2017, it is the Wild West of the Mirrorless Cameras, with three charts! Next up in the series will be the (serious) Fixed Lens Cameras…


+ 35mm FULL FRAME digital cameras
+ Mirrorless Cameras
+ COMING NEXT: Fixed Lens Cameras

Shop and Support

Do you find this blog useful and want to help support it and keep it alive and kicking? This new post is one of the best ways to do so: simply begin your online shopping adventures with this post, using the various affiliate links below. The various retailers and services below pay a small advertising fee on purchases/transactions and they can go a long way towards funding this poor blog.

Why Should You Do This?

We have been running this website with very minimal advertising. These are forms of advertising you see on most other websites out there, but we don’t use them here:

+ NO ad boxes everywhere you look (we have only one ad box in the Sidebar)
+ NO ads that make you wait 15 seconds before you can see the actual page
+ NO double underline ads in the blog text
+ NO clickbait viral nonsensical “around the web” boxes below individual posts
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Unfortunately not all retailers have affiliate programs. Some retailers may have affiliate programs but only invite or accept a small subset of websites (eg famous websites or ones with high traffic). Some retailers have affiliate programs that are restricted by State because of the various Internet sales tax laws. Some retailers have affiliate programs but their advertising fees are very close to zero for cameras/electronics.


More retailers will be added over time. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please leave feedback (see section below)…


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The APS-C DSLR Price Charts of July 2017 are UP!

More chart-mania 2017 action! The The APS-C DSLR Price Charts of July 2017 are UP at the main blog. The price-checking of these did not produce as many deal-posts as the full framers did yesterday, but there is one notable APS-C deal, the used Sigma DP1 Merrill for under $700.

All the new installments are in the Sidebar of both this blog and the main blog, so you can easily access them as needed.

Previous Installments
+ Part #1: The 35mm Full Frame Digital Cameras (DSLRs, Mirrorless, Fixed Lens, Rangefinders)
+ NEXT UP: Mirrorless and then Fixed Lens Cameras

July 2017 Price Chart Series: The 35mm Full Frame Cameras

It is finally here! A new “Price Chart” series has began! We just posted the 35mm Full Frame Digital Cameras Price Chart for July 2017, with prices taken today (July 3, 2017). We will have about one of these per day for the rest of the week. Next up are APS-C DSLRs, then Mirrorless cameras, and finally Fixed Lens Cameras.

To celebrate the launch of this brand new new Price Chart, we created a new Full Frame Deals category here at this blog [see unnecessarily long explanation]. This explains the number of 35mm FF camera deals that got posted earlier today πŸ™‚

New Blog Category: 35mm Full Frame Deals

Since we have now a rather robust selection of 35mm full frame cameras, in DSLR, mirrorless, rangefinder and fixed lens cameras, and since 35mm full frame has a historical significance in the world of photography, I created a brand new blog category (WordPress “tag”) for fans of 35mm full frame. The Full Frame Deals tag will be used on all cameras that have a 35mm full frame sensor.

PS: I am not going to go back and tag every single camera mentioned through the years. This new tag covers cameras since the Canon 6D Mark II announcement last week.

PS2: errors and miscategorizations are expected given the volume of posts, so on occasion some cameras may not be tagged or some non-35mmFF may get accidentally tagged. If you see any of those, please let me know (I love corrections!). If you see a blog error, the chances are that I don’t know about it. And if I don’t know about it, the chances of it getting corrected are zero πŸ™‚ Thanks! πŸ™‚

PS3: “full frame deals” is easier to type and easier for the WordPress tag auto-complete to find it (without the need to use the keypad or the numbers row), that’s why it’s not the full (no pun intended) “35mm Full Frame Deals” πŸ™‚

PS4: I am not sure how I managed to complicate a one-sentence blog announcement πŸ™‚

Meta: Blog Remodeling Coming

A blog remodeling is coming. Now that the default WordPress theme has been “burned it”, it is time to start adding more utility to it and fix some of the issues (for example, those GIANT blog-post headlines). This will happen in the next few days on a time permitting basis.

This is a good opportunity to change and fix things, so if there are any things that bother you or you want to see changed or updated or tweaked and such, please feel free to leave a comment or use the online contact form.

(ENDED) Wednesday Streams: Panasonic GH5 B&H and Samsung Unpacked Galaxy S8

The Samsung Unpacked and B&H Photo Panasonic GH5 streams ended, but you can re-watch them at any time in the future…

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New In the Sidebar: Permanent Link to Latest Lightning Deals round-up

I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of that before, but epiphany sometimes takes centuries πŸ™‚ I added a link in the Sidebar of the blog pointing to the latest Lightning Deals round-up post (this is the live link if you are reading in RSS or on mobile and want to bookmark it). This is using a WordPress Tag, so it automatically shows the latest active update. The previous posts are after-the-jump.

New Reference Mega Post: Comprehensive Guide to Prime Benefits

With two hours left before the self-imposed deadline, this brand new reference mega-post is ready! If you were curious to see a comprehensive list of benefits you get with an Amazon Prime membership, this post is ready for you, the Comprehensive Guide to Prime Benefits. This will be updated over time as benefits get added or get changed or on rare occasion get removed.

So, how many of these were you familiar with before reading or skimming that post? Opine in the Comments below or on Twitter

Website Performance/Loading Issues – Troubleshooting In Progress – Switching to Default WordPress Theme for now

All apologies for the slowness and performance issues of the website. I am trying to figure out the problem with the help of the hosting service’s support. As part of the troubleshooting I am switching to the default WordPress 2016 theme, which is a known entity and removes one possible unknown variable. The Categories and Tags are now on the left of each individual post, instead of below each individual post. This is a responsive design, so the website shrinks as you make the window/viewport smaller. The Sidebar eventually goes to the bottom of the posts if you are at phone/tablet viewports. The Menus converge together into a Menu hamburger type thing (without the hamburger).

In the meantime, if the website is down or slow to load, here are two alternatives:

+ The RSS Feed – it is hosted by Feedburner and does not depend on the website’s performance

+ our main Twitter account @1001noisycamera (without the final “s” – because of Twitter username max character limit) will be posting time-sensitive deals in case of technical issues

Expired Offers Pruned from This and Situation Room

I went through the first two pages of this blog (100 posts) and marked all the expired offers as ENDED, and I also updated the Holiday Shopping 2016 Situation Room by removing all the expired offers. Its name has morphed as well, it is now “Holiday Shopping” since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already in the rear view mirror timeline-wise. The “Situation Room” will continue until 12/31/16.

I will also begin some experimentation on how to do things in this post-MAP world. This blog was/is optimized for market-driven changes in prices. But manufacturers are controlling pricing more and more, so there are fewer market-driven deals, at least on the cameras and lenses many photographers are interested in.

Latest deal summary is available at Cyber Monday Situation Room

Posts are getting posted here fast and furious! If you are just now getting started, you can get a summary of the current situation with the Cyber Monday 2016 Situation Room.

For more tips on how to quickly catch-up and keep-up, check the How to Make the Most of this Blog post.

The Situation Room has been fully refreshed (removed expired offers)

The Cyber Monday Situation Room (nΓ©e Black Friday Situation Room) has now been updated, with all the expired offers removed (if I missed any, please let me know). This will continue to be updated until the end of the year. After “Cyber Monday” ends, it will be renamed “Holiday Shopping Situation Room”.

I am keeping them all in the same post to make it easier for people who have bookmarks, so they don’t have to keep changing their bookmarks. Instead, the same link will work Black Friday to December 31st.

Tell Your Friends!

Do you find our Black Friday coverage useful or entertaining or practical? Then please tell your friends about it, online, by email, word of mouth, on social media, and so forth! The more the merrier! Here are some places to get them started:

The Black Friday 2016 Situation Room is now LIVE

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 Situation Room is now LIVE. It is a rolling summary of all the latest deals, a companion to this blog which will continue to post deals as they come out one by one. So if you want to get a summary or if you haven’t checked this blog for a few hours/days, you can quickly get up to speed with the “Situation Room”… See also the How to Make The Most Of This Blog post for more tips…

Fixed: Broken Links in Blue Menu bar

I just noticed that some of the links in the blue Menu bar at the top of the blog were broken, eg the “Manufacturers” and “Camera Types” menus. They are now fixed. If you spot any still broken, please let me know.

Reason they were broken: when I switched from Typepad to WordPress, I used redirection from the WordPress categories to the old ones to make it easier with the transition for people with bookmarks. Eventually I removed the redirection, but forgot those links were in the Menus.

How to Keep up with the Madness (aka How to Make the Most of This Blog)

Posts here are flying fast and furious at this time of the year. Here are some tips to help you make the most of this blog:

+ you can quickly check the most recent five pages of posts using the quick links under the HOME button (top left corner of the blue Menu bar at the top of the page). Page #1 is the home page, Page #2 is the previous, and so forth. Here are the links for convenience: HOME page (aka Page #1) and PAGE #2 and PAGE #3 and PAGE #4 and PAGE #5

+ our customary “Black Friday Deals Situation Room”, a summary of the latest deals organized by camera/product type will go live at some point later on Thursday [I will add a link here once it goes live; UPDATE: link ADDED]

+ the Black Friday Brick and Mortar Ads are summarized by camera/product type and price-checked versus the internet in the Black Friday Ads digest post

+ use the Menu (blue bar at the top of the blog) to quickly navigate various categories and brands of interest, eg Nikon, Canon, etc or DSLR gear or Mirrorless Gear and so forth

+ new posts here are automatically posted on the Twitter account of the camera deals blog @cameradealsblog

+ if the website goes down or has slowdown issues, use the Feedburner RSS feed as a backup. It is hosted by Feedburner/Google, so it works even if the website is down

+ Subscribe or check the Feedburner full-text RSS feed

+ NOTE: if you are subscribed to the Feedburner Email Subscription, it can only send a maximum of 25 posts per day. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday there are often more than 25 posts per day. The Feedburner by Email subscriptions are strictly controlled by Google, webmasters have very little control over them in terms of customization
+ maybe I’ll explore a separate emailing list option, since, since the proliferation of MAP pricing, we don’t have as many deals that only last a few minutes and then are gone; so perhaps email subscriptions could be effective in the post-MAP world

+ for feedback, errors, corrections, omissions, hot deals, etc, please leave a comment or use the online contact form or twitter. If you see a glaring error that doesn’t get corrected even hours later, the chances are I haven’t noticed it, and if I don’t notice it, I can’t correct it πŸ™‚

PSA: Please Help Fund This Blog During the Holiday Shopping Season

If you find this blog useful or practical or entertaining, please help fund it by making your upcoming holiday shopping season purchases using the various affiliate links in the various posts and the sidebar here. We have very minimal advertising (just one Adsense ad box, no full page ads, no popups, no pop-unders, no advertorials, no in-text underline ads, no roadblock ads, no surveys, no clickbait “around the web” ads, no bottom of the page ads, no sticky ads, no expanding ads, no RSS feed ads), and most of the funding comes from people using the affiliate links in the posts. Unfortunately 2016 has been a very slow year, so the hope is that the 2016 holiday shopping season will help retroactively fund the whole of 2016. Thank you in advance πŸ™‚

Black Friday Ads digested including Best Buy and Walmart

The majority of the published Black Friday ads that offer camera-and-photo related products have been “digested” at the 2016 Black Friday Ads Digest mega-post, including big chain stores like Best Buy, Target and Walmart. A few more stores will be added as they post their ads and also as I check semi-related stores that may have camera-related items (eg action cams or drones in outdoors stores).

This year’s post is organized by camera-type/product-type instead of by retailer, since most of the Black Friday ad scans you can find online (just use any search engine) are broken down by retailer anyway. So this is sort of a value-added re-organization of the offers.

The general trend is similar as previous years [see our 2015 breakdown for cross-reference], a few Canon and Nikon DSLRs are the main iLCs that get advertised along with fewer than before fixed lens P&S cameras. On the other hand, action cameras, drones, and instant film cameras are getting more ad attention. I may do a separate “analysis” post if there’s enough material to write about [most probably it will parallel/similar to our 2015 Grading the Ads].

Black Friday Ads Digest has began at Main Blog

Our annual Black Friday Ads Digest has began at the main blog! It will be updated multiple times throughout this week until all the relevant Black Friday Ads are digested. The “Latest Update” section will keep you updated on what was added.

(OLDER POST) Sunday Daily Deals not loaded yet

This is an older post… As of Sunday at 12:12am ET, most of the Sunday lightning deals are not loaded in the Upcoming section at the Amazon Gold Box, so I can’t do the usual “schedule” post until they get populated. I also have to sleep and such, so I will revisit these at some point on Sunday. In the meantime, you can check them at your leisure at the Amazon Gold Box, or filter them by looking at the Camera and Photo Deals or in general the Electronics Deals.

New Price Charts installment: Serious Fixed Lens Cameras

A new installment in the Price Charts series has gone live, it is the Serious Fixed Lens Cameras. The November 2016 series:


You can see the two previous years (mid-November 2015, and December 2014) by going further down in the Price Charts Archives.

New Price Charts Episode: Mirrorless Cameras

A new installment in the Price Charts series has gone live, Mirrorless cameras, by far the longest of the lot so far! Here are all three of them, with Fixed Lens Cameras coming tomorrow:

+ NEXT: Fixed Lens Cameras

New Price Charts Episode II: the APS-C DSLRs

Episode II of the November-2016 Price-Charts series is now up, it is the APS-C DSLRs Price Chart. You can check previous installments and previous years using the Price Charts archives. It will be interesting to see how Holiday Shopping season prices will differ from this snapshot of the prices.

New Series: Rantnoyances – pointing out consumer-related issues in shopping

A brand new series has gone live at the main blog, The Rantnoyances (rant + annoyance), pointing out consumer-related issues in camera (and general) shopping. We already had a couple of posts here earlier on (Jet and Triggered) but all the future posts will go to the main blog where it is a better place for longer and more reference-type material. Things fly off the page quickly here, so people don’t always see them, or can’t find them easily as time goes by (even I couldn’t find them quickly!). Rantnoyance #1 is an updated version of the Jet post, now with more details added!

Meta: New Price Charts Series began with 35mm Full Frame Digital Cameras

The promised Price Charts series of November 2016 has began with the charts/discussion of 35mm Full Frame Digital Cameras. I won’t spoil the findings here, but it is definitely a different pattern from last year’s comparison. These will continue on a daily basis, with APS-C DSLRs, Mirrorless and finally Fixed-Lens Cameras getting their own posts. As usual please feel free to leave comments/corrections/omissions/etc. If I don’t notice a problem or error, I can’t fix it πŸ™‚

(RESOLVED) Technical Issue: Category Archives Show All posts

This has now been resolved, categories are working as expected again. Refresh the page if you still see the issue.

If any of you run into this, there’s a simple way to fix it in WordPress, go to Settings, then Permalinks, and change or enter something under “Category base”. Reload the page to make sure it takes effect, and then go back and change it to what it was before (or empty it if it was empty). Then refresh the page again, and it should work as expected.

The original post describing the issue is after the jump…

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Meta: New Price Charts series coming this week

It’s that time of the year again, and a new series of “Price Charts” will be posted this week. I have began the groundwork and these will be posted one a day starting with tomorrow. Please feel free to e-yell at me if I don’t πŸ™‚

PS: if you want to get a feel of what to expect, check the Price Charts Archives with two sets of snapshots so far, mid-November 2015 and late-December 2014. The same categories will continue this year since there hasn’t been a dramatic change in the market. The longer and more reference-y posts will now go to the “main blog”, and the quick and time-sensitive posts will be here at the deals blog.

(ENDED) Meta Update: Win Re-Install, Possible Delays This Week

The Windows 10 update was successful…

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Meta: The Post Prime-Day Post-Mortem Post

This is a meta post, not an actual deal. It is the promised Post Prime-Day Post-Mortem Post, finally posted here πŸ™‚ Please feel free to share your thoughts on Prime Day in the Comments!

Mapping the MAPs
With most of the major manufacturers going the way of MAP pricing, this presented a big opportunity for Rokinon/Samyang to offer a variety of different lenses for different mounts. With most of the bigger names sitting out, they got most of the Lensaholic attention, and getting people’s attention is half the battle for a not-as-well-known lens company.

Of what I spotted, there was the Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 lens, the Sony a6000 two-lens kit late in the day, and a Nikon D3300 bundle that wasn’t sold by Amazon itself, but a Ritz Camera bundle. Among the fixed lens cameras, there was Ricoh Theta, a GoPro early morning bundle that got sold out before I woke up, and an action camera from the Kodak name holders.

The MAP thing, favored by most consumer electronics companies these days, also helped Amazon’s own products get more of the spotlight since more famous products from other manufacturers were not participating.

The Era of the Modest Doorbuster
Amazon has gotten way too big to offer really hot doorbusters. There are simply too many shoppers paying attention. Even on Prime Day, with a smaller percentage of shoppers participating, they still numbered in the many millions. Amazon increased the lifecycle of most lightning deals on Prime Day from the usual 4-hours to 6-hours.

Many of the offers were more of the pragmatic and utilitarian slow-burn kind. Sure, there were still offers that sold out quickly, offers that spent a lot of their lifecycle in Waiting List status, and there were some technical issues for some people earlier on. It was telling that coconut oil sold out faster than a lot of consumer electronics πŸ™‚

Amazon had a bit of a twist this time. In addition to the customary Lightning Deals, they also offered a lot of “Add to Cart” offers where you got the discount by adding to cart, but there were no countdowns and no waiting lists, and the items did not get featured as prominently. Most people are trained to look for the Gold Box and Prime Day deals.

Their presentation and organization of things is getting better visually, it’s no longer just a long list of products. They’ve been struggling with this for many years. Some were a bit on the bloated size (unnecessarily giant images on bigger desktop monitors), but overall an improvement over previous years.

The Watching feature is finally getting more useful and featured more prominently, with reliable syncing between the various Amazon platforms, desktop web, mobile web, and apps.

The Problems
For whatever reason, Amazon decided to remove the ability to sort Lightning Deals by time (it used to be the default way) in the main Gold Box. This was great for power users. They instead replaced it by an algorithm hotness/trending type of a sorting mechanism. This is great for people who check in once a day, but why not keep the Date sorting as an option in the menu? They have options to sort by price, which is rather ridiculous when you are looking at thousands of deals of products of every possible kind.

With too many items featured, there was a bigger discoverability problem. You basically had to go through each department kicking the bushes looking for deals. For example, the 20% off book coupon was not mentioned anywhere except for the physical books pages.

With so many different spin-off services, some items become a pain to buy on Amazon. If you are looking for consumable type of items, there are as many as FIVE different separate ways to buy them. Yes, FIVE! The regular Amazon, Subscribe and Save, Prime Pantry, AmazonFresh, and PrimeNOW. Different services, with different prices and quantities at each one.

While they offered a no-strings-attached free 30-day trial for non-members, whenever you have an event where some people are not allowed to participate, it can consciously and/or subconsciously negatively influence the opinions of non-participants towards the service.

Meta Meta
Even though I was as productive as I could be covering Prime Day (absent cloning and/or army of minions), I still missed posting a number of good tech offers early in the day. A number of which got posted in the night wave when the camera and photo schedule madness finally slowed down.

There were fewer blog errors and typos and confusions than I would have expected for such a chaotic event. Or I didn’t notice them πŸ™‚ The biggest goof was perhaps me accidentally starting a Kindle Unlimited subscription while trying to copy the url πŸ™‚

The high-speed scrolling feature of the mouse proved to be the most useful technological thing in covering this. It was the best way to traverse the giant Situation Room post.

Speaking of which, according to WordPress, I revised that post 203 times πŸ™‚


Tips for Prime Day

UPDATE: Prime Day is almost over but these tips are “reusable/recyclable” for both regular Lightning Deals and also the Holiday Shopping season…

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(ENDED) Heads Up: On Thursday, we Practice for Prime Day with Lightning Deals Situation Room

This experiment ended successfully…

[Read more…]

The Stock Status Tracking Page Returns!

With so many new cameras coming out in May 2016, this was a good time to bring back the Stock Status Tracking page as an experimental feature. Out of the gate it is covering the Pentax K-1, Nikon D5 and D500 and Canon 1D X II. If you would like to see any others cameras or sellers added, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

Blog Update: Recent Comments widget added in the Sidebar

I just added a WordPress “Recent Comments” widget in the Sidebar of this blog so you can check the latest comments/opinions/corrections posted here.

I don’t want to add the more fancy third-party commenting systems since they add overhead and have their own tracking cookies and audience gathering data and such (which is probably why they are free for everyone to use).

I still have to figure out how to integrate the comment counter on the individual blog posts. The standard way of doing it with the Genesis theme would add a line to every single post and the posts need to get shorter (not longer) to make it easier for people skim and scan. In other words, I have to dive inside the Genesis theme to figure out how to do this and other theme-related things (or switch to a different theme). All options take brain-power and time, and I have neither πŸ™‚

Poll & RFC: Do you find Fry’s Electronics Deal Posts Useful?

We have an opinion poll for you. Do you find the Fry’s Electronics deal posts useful? Most of their deals now are going through their email newsletters instead of having an “open source” weekly ad with various offers. They only have a small number of regional brick and mortar stores, so that reduces the percentage of our readers who have access to the stores. Also as one of regular readers pointed out a few days ago, they also mark as “online” offers that are “buy online pickup in-store”, which does not help the majority of our readers since Fry’s stores are only in a few cities/states.

If you have any answers that don’t fit the binary Yes/No, please leave a blog-comment or use the online contact form. The blog-comments are posted on the blog (unless you write in the comment “don’t publish it” or something along those lines – it has be clear enough for birdbrain me to understand it :)). Anything that is sent via email or the contact form is considered private (unless you indicate otherwise).

Things still quiet in the Amazon Gold Box

I am not quite sure how to post these updates, since lack of a post can either mean “no deal” or it could mean I didn’t get around to posting it, so this is a catch-all no-op type of a post, the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals continue to be very light compared to the Holiday Shopping season, both in terms of camera-and-photo items and overall. I will continue to monitor the situation. We are now in the Super Bowl to Valentines season, so the focus is more on salsa and bracelets πŸ™‚

Buy 1 Holiday Wish, Get 1000 Holiday Wishes FREE

We have a brand new limited time promotion for you! Buy One Holiday Wish, Get 1000 Holiday Wishes FREE! Which is our clumsy way of saying Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanza, Happy Hannukah, Happy Festivus, Season Greetings, Happy Saturnalia, FSM Day, and all the other holidays you celebrate from January 1st until December 31st every year!

Latest Deals Summary updated with Quick Jump Links

If you are following the updates intermittently or want to see a summary of the latest deals during the holiday shopping season, we have now added Quick Jump Links to the Camera Deals Situation Room so you can quickly jump to your product categories of potential interest without having to page-down and page-down. This was added partially because that post has gotten longer and longer.

Latest Deals Summary Updated/Pruned

The latest deals summary aka the Holiday Shopping Season Situation Room has been updated with new offers and at the same time, expired offers have been removed (I think I got them all, but the bigger it gets, the higher the chances of missing something). Expired offers are deleted from the post in order to keep readable and editable.

Latest Deals Summary Updated and Pruned (aka The Situation Room)

The Latest Deals summary, aka the Holiday Shopping Season Situation Room at the main blog has now been updated, with the expired Cyber Monday deals removed (I hope I caught them all), and today’s new offers added. The summary is intended to be an executive summary, not include every single offer mentioned here. I am trying hard to keep that summary post simple and readable. In previous years, by December 31st, it would be almost as long as War and Peace πŸ˜‰