Blog Plan for Black Friday Season

Just like the Cylons (ha!), we have a plan! A plan for the Black Friday season which is upon us already – just two weeks away from Black Friday.

This year we are taking more of a sequential approach. Here is the Plan, approved by #6:

  1. finish the Price Charts series – only one is left, the Fixed Lens Cameras. The price-checking and spreadsheet are done, as evidenced by the flurry of RAWsumer deals posted last night. The write-up is coming later today. Since this is so close to the July 2017 installment, and Black Friday is upon us, I won’t do the “Bonus Comparisons”
  2. Digest the waves of Black Friday ads that came out the last couple of days in the BF Ads Digest
  3. Start the Black Friday Situation Room at the Main Blog!
  4. all these should happen by Sunday night. If not, then please cancel the Patreons as punishment 🙂