Heads Up: Another Wave Starts Friday at 12:01am ET

Another wave of Black Friday deals will go live on Friday starting at 12:01am eastern! So get ready 🙂 Here are some tips to make the most of this:

+ use the blue menu bar at the top to quickly check if you are interested in products from a particular Manufacturer or Camera Mount or Camera Type (DSLR, mirrorless, superzoom, etc)

+ if you want to catch up to all the posts you may have missed, under the “HOME” button there are baked-in links to the first five pages of this blog. You can open them in background tabs/windows and skim/scan them all

+ subscribe to the Full-Text RSS Feed (FREE)

+ if the website crashes or slows down and such, use the Feedburner RSS feed link above as a backup. It is hosted separately by Feedburner, so it’s not affected by what happens to the website

+ I was supposed to be updating the “Situation Room” in parallel but there are so many things to sift and post, I just haven’t found time to do yet

+ UPDATE: I forgot there was a Search Box on the website – I brought it up higher in the Sidebar so it should be above the fold on Desktops and Some Laptops. It’s below the Black Friday links.