Blog Update: WordPress Theme Issues

Of all the times in the year, WordPress decided to go bonkers a week before Black Friday. There are issues with the current WordPress theme, so I switched back to the old one until they get sorted out! That will teach me not to update to a new version of a theme or WordPress the moment it appears 🙂

If you have any problems accessing the website, please leave a comment here or use the online contact form.

As a backup, you can use the Feedburner RSS feed which is not dependent on the theme and it is hosted separately by Feedburner.

You can also check the latest deals summary at the Black Friday 2017 Situation Room – this is a separate WordPress installation with a different web hosting company. It’s the poor blogger equivalent of a fault tolerant system 🙂

PRO WORDPRESS TIP: always have at least one backup WordPress theme in cases like this. Preferably a theme from a different company, so if, for example, the WordPress default themes go down in flames, you can go back to something that doesn’t depend on them, in our case it’s a Genesis theme.