Black Friday Ads Digest updated with latest BF Ads!

Task #1 of this weekend’s blog plan has been completed [the Price charts series].

As of 10:44pm ET, Task #2 has been completed: we digested the Black Friday ads that came out this week. You can find them all integrated into the Black Friday Ads digest.

+ Best Buy
+ HP, Big Lots, NewEgg
+ Jet, Dollar General
+ Macy’s and Sam’s Club
+ Meijer and BJ’s
+ CVS and Walgreens
+ Sears and K-Mart
+ Staples and Office Depot/MAX
+ Walmart

The new offers found in those ads will be integrated into the Black Friday Ads digest. Because of MAP, many offers are similar or the same across retailers.

It is faster to read a single line that shows every retailer offering the same deal, rather than having half a dozen separate entries for the same thing under each retailer. Here’s an example of the space-saving benefits: