YMMV Targeted Offers from eBay (sell) and PayPal (buy)

These are separate targeted offers, so there is a big YMMV depending on how their computers decide how to offer these, but both eBay and PayPal are running separate promotions until 8/31/15. PayPal’s offer says if you spend $150+ in August, you will earn a mystery reward for September that ranges between $10 and $100… Meanwhile eBay goes to the other end, you earn a $25 bonus coupon if you list and sell something before the deadline… Both offers require manual opt-in before you can take advantage of them… Again, this is a YMMV depending on one’s activity and/or inactivity with these services…

YMMV Targeted AMEX Offers: Best Buy, Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, Sam’s Club, etc

American Express has a number of new targeted offers. To see if you are eligible, you have to login to your account(s) and check the Offers section. Their computers decide on how and when to offer these, probably a combination of all the data they have hoarded on the accounts 🙂 You have to first add the offer to your account, and then make the purchase. AMEX is pretty good at this, you usually get an email confirmation shortly after an eligible transaction goes through. Needless to say, you have to pay with the AMEX credit card that the offer is on. If you have multiple cards on the same account, make sure you pay with the one that has the offer activated! Some of the floating offers:

+ Spend $5+ at Amazon, Get $5 statement credit
+ Spend $5+ at Google Play, Get $5 statement credit
+ Spend $20+ at Sam’s Club, Get $20 statement credit
+ Spend $79+ at Walmart, Get $15 statement credit
+ Spend $250+ at Best Buy, Get $25 statement credit
+ Spend $250+ at Unique Photo, Get $50 statement credit

Some may be good online only, others in-store only, some both. Check the details of each particular offer. Some may be one time use during the promotional period, others may have multiple uses.

Best Buy’s eBay store has tech sale on eBay

The Best Buy eBay store is having a featured tech sale on eBay with free store pickup (where available) or free shipping with an order of $35+. You can filter the camera and photo items using the sidebar on the left side over there. There are sixty items listed under Camera and Photo. Due to time constraints I cannot price-check them at posting time, so it is a DIY adventure.

15% off at LivingSocial with coupon

The madness continues! LivingSocial has a new 15% off sitewide coupon, coupon 15BACK gets you 15% off, with a maximum discount of $20 at LivingSocial.com. The coupon ends 8/16/15 11:59pm PT. Search for photo or prints or other photo-related services. Restrictions apply, pasted after the jump if you are not familiar with the Livingsocial coupon restrictions:

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Free shipping at Target (no minimum purchase)

Good until 8/15/15, the Target website is offering free shipping to the 48 contiguous states and APO/FPO. No coupon needed. Some oversized items may not be eligible. While they don’t have the inventory of a dedicated camera shop, you may find useful things, eg accessories that you can’t get with free shipping elsewhere. (As usual, you get 5% back if you pay with their own REDcards).

A couple of places to fish for deals: their Camera & Photo page and their Clearance page.

Speaking of Target, this eBay offer is Pay $185, Get $200 Target Gift Card with free shipping (physical gift card), from Gift Card Mall’s eBay store. (since it’s a physical card it probably won’t get to you in time for the aformentioned Target free shipping promotion).

25% off at REI Outlet store (one item only)

If you are an outdoors photographer and/or need/use outdoors gear often, the REI Outlet store is offering 25% off the purchase price of one outlet item. The shopping cart will automatically select the highest priced item in your shopping cart and discount it. No coupon needed. Offer ends 8/14/15. Details and exclusions listed at the bottom of the aforelinked page.

PS: prices of REI Outlet items rhyme with “.73” (eg $9.73, $126.73, $569.73, etc).

Save up to 30% at BorrowLenses with coupon

Borrowlenses has a new coupon, LEVELUP can get you up to 30% off your next gear rental when you place an order by 8/10/15 and receive/pickup by 8/14/15. The coupon savings depend on the rental amount as follows:


(ENDED) Ends Thur 3am ET: earn 4X eBay Bucks on $100+ items (must opt-in)

This offer ended but the eBay Bucks bonus promotions are recurring…

If you are a member of the eBay Bucks rewards program, check your email or eBay inbox. There’s a new bonus bucks promotion running until 3am ET on Thursday 8/6/15. You earn 4X the regular amount of rewards (= 8% of purchase price) on individual items priced $100 or more. You MUST first manually opt-in to the offer from the eBay email/messages before you can take advantage of it. The usual terms and exclusions apply (eg maximum reward of $100 per transaction ($1250 purchase) and maximum $500 rewards ($6250 {corrected math} in purchases) per Earn Period). A good place to start looking for deals is the eBay Deals page.

5% rewards at Rakuten with coupon code

If you are a frequent Rakuten Rewards points user, they have a new promotion for the whole month of August 2015. Use coupon code REWARDME to get 5% back in Rewards Points. This is not a discount on the purchase price, but rewards to use on future purchases. The rewards have expiration dates. Check the full terms and conditions over there.

70% off at REI Outlet (935 options)

The REI Outlet is having a 70% off sale (the price you see are the prices you pay, no coupons/rebates). A total of 935 options are available, a lot of outdoorsy and travel items for photographers who spend time in nature and/or traveling and/or backyard adventuring.

If you are an REI member ($20 one-time (not annual) membership fee), they have a promotion that gets you a $20 promotional bonus card if you spend $100+ between 7/21 – 8/2 in 2015 (see details). Members also receive a 10% annual dividend on eligible purchases which you can use to buy items or even redeem for actual cold hard cash. However, outlet and sale items do not earn a 10% dividend: they are hippies (REI is a collective) but they still have to stay in business 🙂

(ENDED) Woot-OFF Day #2 continues with Computers headliner

This offer expired…
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(ENDED) The Prime Day Deals Situation Room: Lytro Illum, B+W, Studio items, Rokinons, $20 off $100+ with Amazon VISA, Creative Cloud Subscription Credit, Kindles, etc

The inaugural Amazon Prime Day ended. Expired ofers after the jump for reference only…

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(ENDED) PrimeDay Gone Wild: Mystery Camera for $420 (ends by 4:50pm ET)

This surprise mystery deal during Amazon Prime Day expired…

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Reminder: Wednesday July 15 is Prime Day

A quick reminder, Wednesday July 15 is Amazon’s heavily promoted Prime Day, promising and hyping better than Black Friday in the middle of July. I have no idea what’s coming up. To participate, you have to be a Prime member or start a 30-day Prime Free Trial (very easy to cancel by computer by going to your Amazon account page).

We will start coverage of the madness at 3am ET on Wednesday and go from there. But I have to sleep at some point, so I can’t do 24×7 coverage 🙂 In the meantime, here are Ten Tips to Help You Prepare for Prime Day.

(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started Tuesday at 1am ET

These expired…
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Ten Tips to Help Paranoid Shoppers Prepare for Amazon’s hyped Prime Day (July 15)

Amazon rarely hypes things like this, so it is possible we will get some good deals during their upcoming Prime Day on Wednesday July 15 in 2015. We won’t know until things start rolling out at 3am ET on Wednesday. Who knows, perhaps they are doing this as a giant stress test – to see how “elastic” their cloud is? 🙂 Regardless, here are some tips that could potentially help you prepare for the excitement/disappointment of July 15:

  1. Only Prime members can participate. If you are not a Prime member, you can start a 30-day Free Prime Trial and join the party. To be on the safe side, don’t wait until the last minute to sign up. A high percentage of people stay on after a free trial, so Amazon appears to be happy to heavily encourage people to sign up for a free trial
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July 15 is Prime Day, Amazon promises “more deals than Black Friday”

Amazon has scheduled July 15 (Wednesday in 2015) as Prime Day for Prime members. During that day, they promise “more deals than Black Friday. Prime members can shop exclusive deals from electronics, toys, video games, movies, clothing, patio, lawn and garden, sports and outdoor items and more.”. At least they are giving people time to travel back and recover from the San Diego Comic Con 2015 🙂

The offers will only be available to Prime members, but if you are curious and want to participate in the festivities without committing to a $100/year membership, you can start a 30 day Prime Free Trial.

Speaking of Prime, good until 7/12/15, Prime members can take $15 off an order of $50+ in Camera and Photo Gear

Prime members: $15 Off on a $50+ Camera & Photo order

For Prime members only, Amazon has a new promotion for Camera and Photo gear shown at their Camera and Photo page. If you make a purchase of $50 or more on Camera, Photo and Video products, and enter coupon code CAMERA15 you will receive $15 off the total of your order. The items must be sold and shipped by Amazon herself (not marketplace sellers) and sent to the same shipping address. The offer ends 7/12/15 at 11:59pm pacific. Here is the banner promoting it:


You can easily test if your shopping cart is eligible. Add your items of interest, and enter coupon code CAMERA15. If all is well, your total in the Shopping Cart will drop by $15. The example below shows a $250 lens, discounted to $235 with the coupon:


These are the Terms and Conditions. One use per customer during this promotional period. Remember this offer is for Prime members only!

Offer ends 7/12/15 at 11:59pm Pacific.

(ENDED) Rakuten (Buy.com) Rewards: 5% back on Tech, 10% on Rest

This limited time offer ended…
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(ENDED) 15% sitewide w/coupon at Livingsocial (photo prints, classes, etc)

This limited time offer ended…
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B&H Photo redesign + Ever-Scrolling B&H Featured Deals

Remodeling time – the B&H Photo website is now remodeled with a more compact airy design. The new design pays off when you look at their Latest Featured Deals page, four items per row are easier to quickly skim and scan, and it has “infinite” scroll when you keep clicking the orange “Load More” button at the bottom of the rows of items. There are a lot of specials on that page, it will take me some time to digest and price-check them, but in the meantime you can check them out on your own if you prefer.

For your convenience, the B&H Latest Featured Deals page has been added to the Sidebar of this blog under the “DAILY DEALS LINKS”.

PS: the Sidebar of this blog is long overdue for an update, eg add more useful deal-related links and such. It will happen eventually (chaos and disorder reigns supreme!).

(ENDED) eBay Bucks: earn 2X ($50+) to 4X ($150+ items)

This offer ended but eBay Bucks promotions of different kind are recurring…
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(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started on Wedn at 1am ET (continues for Day #2)

This Woot-OFF ended after 48 hours…
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(ENDED) eBay Bucks: earn 3X (=6%) on single items priced $50+

This particular offer expired, but eBay Bucks promotions are recurring every few days/weeks…
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AMEX Offers (YMMV): Spend $250+ at Unique Photo, Get $50 back as statement credit

If you are an American Express credit card member, check the AMEX Offers of your account the next time you login over there. One of the offers floating is an automatic $50 statement credit if you make an online purchase at UniquePhoto.com or in-store (they have a store in Fairfield, NJ) of $250 or more. You have to manually opt-in for the offer by simply clicking the “Add to Card” button over there. You have to pay with the American Express card that you accepted the offer for (in case you have multiple cards linked to the same AMEX online account – make sure you pay with the one that accepted the offer!). There’s no coupon to enter.


The offer may not appear in everyone’s AMEX account, so there is a YMMV element to this. A new trend among credit card companies is to offer more targeted offers to customers based on a number of criteria (purchase history (eg similar or competing purchases) may be a factor, but I’m only guessing).

The good thing with AMEX Offers is that they send you a confirmation email once an eligible transaction that fulfilled an offer has been completed, so you do not twist in the wind wondering whether it worked or not.

The offer can be used once during this promotion period which ends 8/12/15. Full terms and conditions can be found over there when you click the “View Details” link.

(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started Tue 1am ET [updated]

This unusual Woot-OFF combination ended…
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Free Same-Day delivery on select Amazon Prime items (includes some Cameras; 14 metro areas)

The Amazon Prime Membership has another new feature available in 14 major metro areas, free Same-Day delivery of select items eligible for this. This includes a number of digital cameras and other related camera and photo gear!


Prime members get free same-day delivery on orders over $35. For orders under $35, you pay $6 as a Prime member. Non-Prime members can also use this service, but delivery fees start at $10 ($9 flat plus $1 per item). Check the Help page for more details and the Same Day Delivery Rates page.

You can filter for eligible items on the left side of an Amazon non-product page.


You can also easily tell on an individual product page if an item is eligible…


Availability of products may vary by metro area. You can enter your zipcode on the left side of the colorful map at the Same Day page to see whether your area is covered.

This should not be confused with various other Prime programs, it is different from Prime Pantry, Prime Fresh, Prime Now, Prime Mind Reader, Prime Needle In a Haystack and Prime Plus Extra Deluxe Extreme (some of the names are made up!)

Earn 25 Best Buy Reward Points per customer review

Speaking of rewards, if you are a member of the Best Buy Rewards program, you can earn 25 Rewards Points (= $0.50 in 35mm equivalent {rewards to dollars conversion}) for every review that is approved and published on their website. You must enter your Best Buy rewards number (correctly) to earn the rewards. They allow a maximum of eight rewards bonuses per calendar year (= 200 points = $4 in redemption dollars). Points take 20 days to be added to your account. Check their website for more details (when logged on to the Rewards account, this is at the bottom of the Program Overview page).

(ENDED) eBay Bucks (must opt-in): 10% eBay Bucks on $150+ single item purchases

This limited time offer expired but eBay has frequent bonus eBay Bucks offers…
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(ENDED) The WOOT-OFF continues for Day #2 (started Tue 1am ET)

This daily deal expired…
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OPTIC 2015 specials at B&H Photo with coupon

To celebrate the 2015 OPTIC conference in NYC, B&H Photo has launched a number of Camera and Photo specials. Some of the specials require coupon code BHOPTIC15 to activate. There’s a variety of cameras, lenses and accessories participating.

10% off almost everything at Monoprice

Monoprice has a near-sitewide 10% off sale when you enter coupon code SPRING10 at their website. Coupon ends 4/26/15 11:59pm PST. The usual exclusions apply (no Tamron, no Xbox, no Yamaha, no 3D printer, etc). Some brands do not allow their products to be discounted by coupons even if the online retailers want to do so. Monoprice has a lot of camera accessories and even more general tech accessories.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF started Thursday 1am ET

This 24-hour Woot-OFF ended on Friday at 1am ET…
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Amazon: 0% APR 12-month Equal Pay Offer on 500 Camera Items

Amazon has another financing promotion if you are planning to purchase select camera gear (plenty of DSLR and mirrorless options listed) and apply and get approved and pay for them with an Amazon Store Credit Card (not to be confused with the Amazon Chase VISA credit card). You pay 0% APR as long as you make 12 monthly equal payments. More details on the Promotion page.

As usual with credit offers, this makes sense if you are fairly certain you will be able to make the twelve payments on time, so you end up paying 0% APR.

PS: if you are a Prime member, when you apply, you could automatically be upgraded to a Prime Card which gets you 5% rewards back on purchases (see our previous post).

(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF started Tuesday at 1am ET

This Woot-OFF only lasted 24 hours… If you are burning the midnight oil to finish taxes for the 2014 tax-year, here’s something to keep you entertained, a new Woot-OFF started on Tuesday at 1am ET. These typically last 48 hours but not always. In addition to the main Woot, many other sub-Woots are participating but not the Electronics, Sellout or Computers. As usual, it’s a big YMMV.

YMMV for Prime members: 5% back with Amazon Store Credit Card

This is a YMMV promotion for Amazon Prime members. The offers you see may be different when you are logged on to your Amazon account versus checking without being logged on. The offer is this: if you apply and get approved for an Amazon Store Credit Card (not to be confused with the Chase VISA credit card), you may be instantly upgraded to an Amazon Prime Store Card which earns you a 5% statement credit on your Amazon purchases paid with this Store credit card.

Note that the 5% is mutually exclusive with the promotional financing offers. You either get the special financing terms or the 5% statement credits, but not both. You can change the setting per purchase and also change the default on your account, so be sure to find these settings in your Amazon account before making a purchase.

Depending on the promotion, you may also receive a bonus Amazon.com Gift Card loaded on your Amazon.com account. The amount varies depending on the promotion and whatever other factors Amazon uses to decide these things.

The best way to find the link to the Amazon Store Credit card page is to use your browser’s in-page search feature to search for this text “Amazon.com Store Card” or look for the following section towards the bottom of any Amazon.com page (annotated screenshot below)


(ENDED) New Woot-OFF continues for Day #2

This Woot-OFF ended after 48 hours… A new WOOT-OFF started as of 1am ET on Monday, and continues for Day #2. Participating is the main Woot and many of the other sub-Woots but not Electronics or Computers or Sellout. These typically last 48 hours, but not always so. [updated Tue at 1:04am ET]

(ENDED) Targeted: up to 4X eBay Bucks (ends Wedn 3am ET)

This particular promotion expired, but eBay launches bonus bucks offers every few days/weeks… Expired offer after the jump…

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(ENDED) Ends Thur PM: 2-Day Camera Sale at Best Buy

This 2-day sale ended… The Best Buy website has launched a 2-day Camera Sale featuring a variety of items. The sale ends Thursday night. Among other things, you get a $60 Best Buy gift card with the flagship GoPro at $500. They have various DSLR and P&S bundles, accessories and such.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF (continues for Day #2)

This Woot-OFF ended…
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(ENDED) Nat Geo Store: free shipping sitewide

This limited time offer ended but it is recurring every few weeks…
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Monoprice: $20 off an order of $100+ with coupon

Monoprice has a new coupon, use code FEB20 to get $20 off a purchase of $100 or more at the Monoprice website. Coupon expires at 11:59pm pacific on Tuesday 2/3/15. One use per customer. Excluded are Tamron lenses, Yamaha, Origin, 3D Printer, Xbox and Playstation. Cannot be combined with other offers. Monoprice has a lot of camera and photo accessories at reasonable prices, with the $20 off coupon making them an even better bang for the buck.

12-month Equal Pay Offer with 0% APR on select DSLR/Lens/Mirrorless Gear (subject to credit approval)

Amazon is offering a subject-to-credit-approval 12-month Equal Pay Offer with 0% APR on select camera gear with the Amazon Store Card (not to be confused with the Amazon VISA credit card by Chase). This offer requires twelve equal payments with the amount paid in full at the end of the 12 months in order to avoid interest and fees. Eligible for the offer are 475 camera gear listed here (DSLRs, lenses, mirrorless, rawsumers, etc). The offer applies to the “qualifying purchase (and all other items on the order) made during the promotional period with an Amazon.com Store Card. Excludes 1-click purchases and purchases of products sold on Amazon.com by third-party sellers.”. Check the Terms & Conditions for all the details.

Strategically, this offer is good if you are certain that you will pay the amount in full by the end of the 12 month promotional period.

15% off on clearance items at BuyDig with coupon

BuyDig has a new coupon, use coupon code CLOSEOUT15 to get 15% off the current prices of nearly 500 clearance items. Coupon expires 2/2/15. Peruse the listings or use the Guided Search on the left side of their website to check product categories or by manufacturer. Some of the items are open-box. There’s a variety from converter lenses to Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 to Sony RX1 and A99 and NEX camcorders to Tamron 17-35/4 and 70-200/2.8 and more. If you sort the listings by price, you can check the various high-end camera gear available.

(ENDED) Ends 3pm ET: Get 15% back in Rakuten Points with coupon

This very limited time flash promotion expired… For Wednesday 1/21/15 until 3pm ET, you can get 15% points on your purchase at Rakuten (formerly buy.com) with coupon code FLASH15 entered over there. This is not a shopping cart discount. You will receive 15% in Rewards Points which you can use in future purchases. This is a flash sale, which is why it lasts for such a short time.

Make your own deal: VISA Checkout coupons: $25/$200+ or $15/$100+

You can make your own deals at BuyDig thanks to the VISA Checkout coupons. These are particularly of interest for items that have the same price everywhere or don’t often get discounted or you want them right now. There are two coupon codes, depending on your purchase amount. You must pay for the order with VISA Checkout. They expire 1/29/15. Here they are:

+ $15 OFF Orders of $100 or more with Visa Checkout coupon code VISAVDAY15

+ $25 OFF Orders of $200 or more with Visa Checkout coupon code VISAVDAY25

(ENDED) Woot-OFF continues for Day #2

This WOOT-OFf ended… The Woot OFF which started on Tuesday at 1am ET continues for Day #2, which means, other things equal, it will end at 1am ET on Thursday 1/22/15. Multiple other sub-Woots are also participating (but not Electronics or Computers). As usual, I do not know what items are coming up, so it is a YMMV adventure.

Fishing for Deals: Amazon’s Camera & Photo Outlet

I already just mentioned a quartet of deals I spotted, but I can’t price-check 150+ items on a dime, but if you feel like fishing for deals, there are 125 Lenses and 35 digital cameras and many accessories at the Amazon Camera and Photo Outlet.

NOTE #1: Use the left side of their page to navigate subcategories. The navigation breadcrumbs seem to take you to the general listings instead of the outlet listings (the ones that say “1-24 of 5,660 results for Electronics : Outlet : Camera & Photo : 1” [I haven’t tried this on multiple browsers, so it may be a caching/browser/cookies issue].

NOTE #2: if you are not familiar with the price range of individual products, price-check them as the Outlet prices are all over the place.

Buy $500+ in Art (including Photography) get $50 Gift Card via email

If you like to purchase photography as art, the Amazon Art store has a couple of promotions: purchase $500 or more of art in a single order and receive a $50 Amazon Electronic Gift Card as a bonus via email. For first time buyers of Amazon Art, you receive a $25 Amazon Electronic Gift Card when you spend $100 or more in a single order. I don’t know if the promotions are stackable. In the Photography section, they have over 8500 photographs available for sale. I am not an art critic, but I’m pretty sure the United Club Lounge Pass is not art 🙂

Ends Tue night: 10% off Groupon Goods coupon

Groupon has a coupon, code SALE10 gets you 10% off the price of a single Groupon Goods item, which includes Camera and Photo items. The coupon expires Tuesday 12/30/14 night. With the coupon discount factored in, they have these prices:

+ refurb Nikon D3200 w/18-55 for $360
+ refurb Nikon 55-300 DX VR for $202~
+ refurb red Nikon Coolpix L28 for $45
+ Sony a6000 w/16-50mm and extras for $540 or $567 with Lightroom 5
+ Canon Powersnot N for $135
+ Canon SX600 HS superzoom for $162
+ Canon SX520 HS superzoom for $180
+ Olympus SZ-16 iHS for $90
+ refurb Samsung Galaxy EK-GC120 Camera with Verizon 4G LTE for $180
+ and a few more