B&H: Free Next Day Shipping on select items until 12/21

It’s that time of the year, the gifting time crunch! And as with previous years, B&H Photo is offering FREE NEXT DAY shipping on select items for purchases made in the contiguous US states.

You can find out if an item is eligible for this promoition on its individual product page, where the free next day delivery option is shown…

FREE Next Day Shipping offers at B&H Photo

As it is often the case during the last couple of weeks of the year, it is the return of the FREE Next Day Shipping promotions at B&H Photo. You can take a look at these 500+ featured products that are eligible for this US-addresses promotion, or you can look up available products by manufacturer name

Free Overnight Shipping at Adorama (500+ options)

The clock is ticking for these promotions to end as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day 2020! Adorama is offering over 500 items with Free Overnight Shipping. Follow the prompts in their shopping cart to get it while this promotion is running…

Needless to say, an item has to be in-stock and ready to ship right now for overnight shipping to work in the expected time frame…

PS: keep in mind the COVID situation along with the usual things (weather, snow, blizzards, storms, Marvel superhero battles, etc) can cause unexpected delays…

B&H’s Free Next Day Shipping promotion

Unpredictable COVID delays side, B&H Photo is running their customary Free Next Day Shipping promotion (with expedited handling) during the holiday shopping period…

Eligible items mention this promotion on their listing with the airplane-emoji “Free Next Day Delivery” text in the listings [see above] or the individual product pages. No coupon code is needed. You are eligible for this while this promotion is running – look for the options in the shipping.

This offer is only good for the US and only for items that are ready to ship right now. “Next Day” shipping won’t do you any good (holiday gift-giving and gift-buying wise) for something that will be in-stock in February 🙂

Sony a7r III with 24-105mm for $3896 with FREE Next Day Shipping

Anxious to get started quickly on your new full frame photographic adventures? Good until 3/29/20, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Sony a7R III with the 24-105mm lens for $3896 with free next day shipping in the USA. Of course the Corona situation may (or may not) impact delivery times, so always keep that in mind until things get sorted out…

Last Day for FREE Next Day Delivery at B&H Photo

The clock is ticking! Today is the last day for FREE Next Day Delivery at B&H Photo. Eligible items show this on their individual listings and you will see it in the shopping cart. Or you can check by manufacturer or product category at the aforelinked page, or you can jump directly into the the search listings

Free Next Day Delivery arrives at B&H with thousands of products

The day you have all (procrastinators) being waiting / procrastinating for has arrived! B&H Photo has now launched their Free Next Day Delivery promotion with thousands of products eligible. Eligible items mention this promotion on their individual product page (in addition to the listings above), and you can see this when you proceed to the shipping section of the shopping cart.

The free next day delivery ends on Sunday 12/22/19 with the usual caveat that B&H does not accept orders between Friday PM and Saturday PM, so plan your purchases accordingly…

Unlike Amazon, you don’t have to be a member to get free next-day-delivery with this promotion B&H. All eligible US addresses get this promotion. Check their website and shopping cart if you are not certain whether your address qualifies…

(ENDED) Free Next Day Delivery on Thousands of items at B&H Photo (cut-off point Thursday 2pm ET)

These offers expired…

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FREE Overnight shipping at Adorama (1700+ options)

Adorama is running Free Overnight shipping promotion on 1700+ different products from a variety of manufacturers, including Canon, Leica, Nikon, Sony, Sigma, DJI, Pentax, Zeiss, Tamron and more. Use the left hand side of their website to filter by manufacturer (expand the “Brand” area to see all the participating manufacturers).

The cut-off points are:

PS: I added convenient links at the top of the blog sidebar!

B&H offers Free Next Day Delivery on Thousands of products

B&H Photo has just re-opened after their customary weekly Sabbath closing (Friday PM to Saturday PM) and they are offering Free Overnight Shipping on thousands of products from a variety of manufacturers including many well-known companies such as Canon, DJI, Fuji, LG, Manfrotto, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma, Sony, Zeiss and more.

The list of eligible brands can be found over there, or even better, search over there for your items of interest, and their individual listing will mention what kind of free shipping they are eligible for. There is no coupon code to enter, simply make sure the free overnight shipping option is selected in the shopping cart.

(ENDED) B&H Free Next Day Delivery ends 4pm ET today

The deadline for these has passed…

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(ENDED) Free Overnight Shipping at Adorama (1400+ options)

The deadline for these has passed…

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Free Next Day Delivery at B&H Photo

The clock is ticking, one week to Christmas, two weeks to New Years (of accounting interest for business/self-employed photographers) and like clockwork, the free 1-day shipping offers are beginning. B&H Photo has launched their Free Next Day Shipping promotion. You can find eligible products in three ways:

1) navigate by product categories at the aforelinked page
2) navigate by brand at the aforelinked page
3) search for any product on their website and look at its page to see if it mentions free Next Day shipping

PRO TIP: if you are a professional procrastinator like me and you going to cut it too close, it may not be a bad idea to buy some general-use gift cards (for places you usually shop at as a just-in-case backup. If there’s no “gift emergency”, you can use them yourself in January. Otherwise, a general purpose gift card as a gift is better than nothing 🙂

(ENDED) Free Next Day Delivery on 2000+ items (ends Wedn 4pm ET)

This limited time overnight shipping promotion ended…

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Free Next Day Delivery on $299+ (under 20 lbs) at MacMall

If you are looking to purchase Apple related products, MacMall.com is offering free NEXT DAY delivery on orders of $299 or higher, weighing under 20 lbs. The order deadline for this promotion is Wednesday 12/23/15 at 9pm Eastern.

PS: it should go without saying, but for all the retailers offering last minute free next day or 2-day delivery, this only applies to items that are in-stock and ready to ship. If an item is backordered or out of stock, they can’t deliver it the next day – because they don’t have it.

Free Overnight Shipping on 1200+ items at Adorama

Adorama is currently offering FREE Overnight Shipping on Adorama. This is a limited time offer. I do not know when it expires, but the last cut-off date for all 1-day shipping offers 4pm Eastern on Wednesday 12/23/15 (for delivery of in-stock items before Christmas Day).

B&H FREE 1-Day Shipping extended to Wednesday at 7am ET

Through the use of technology and logistics, B&H Photo has been able to extend the deadline for their FREE 1-DAY Shipping promotion. The new deadline for that is Wednesday 12/23/15 at 7am Eastern time. As usual, my dear fellow procrastinators, please don’t wait until 6:59am ET to place an order though 🙂

PS: if you don’t want to deal with last minute gift deadline stressful situations, B&H now offers emailable gift cards. You can easily find them using the light cyan-blue bar at the bottom of their web page, or just search for “gift card” using their search box.

Free 1-Day Shipping arrives at Amazon

As we are getting even closer to Christmas 2015 (yet another year flew by fast!), the free 1-day shipping promotion returned to Amazon’s website. As of the time of writing, over 150 Camera and Photo items are eligible, along with 50+ software titles, and a variety of other Electronics, Toys, Gifts, and household items.

TIP: you have to manually select 1-Day shipping in the shopping cart. All items must be shipped to the same address. If you are buying multiple eligible items but want some of them to ship to other addresses, just place two or more separate orders. If you are a Prime member, the usual $3.99 1-Day shipping fee will be automatically discounted at the Checkout page. This is good for the Continental US states including the Republic of Texas.

Some items may also be eligible for free returns (it will mention this in the product listing). Here’s an annotated screenshot crop example from the Sony a6000 page:


As usual, only items sold and shipped by Amazon itself are eligible. Items “fulfilled by Amazon” are not eligible for free 1-Day shipping, but they are eligible for Prime/Super-Saver shipping benefits.

Free NEXT DAY shipping on select Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Zeiss, Hasselblad products

Breaking shipping news alert! B&H Photo has just launched their FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING promotion for the holidays. Over 2000 products are eligible for this promotion. You can filter them over there by product category (first set of buttons) or by manufacturer (second set of numerous buttons). Included in the promotion are 160+ Canon items, 150+ Nikon items, 80+ Sony items, 40+ Panasonic items, 20+ Zeiss items. The other camera manufacturers are not participating.

UPDATE: Fuji and Olympus and Hasselblad are also participating but they don’t have brand-name box. You can click “Photography” on the first set of boxes, and filter on the left hand by manufacturer by selecting “Fujifilm” or “Olympus” or “Hasselblad”.

Other photo-related brands part of the FREE NEXT DAY SHIPPING promotion include Tamrac, Spider, Lowepro, Impossible, Westcott, Drobo, Fotodiox, DJI, Flir, iKan, DXO, Wolverine, Impact, Vello, Oben, Ruggard, etc.