25% off on Rentals lasting 5+ days

Coupon code CYBERMONDAY2021 gets you 25% off RENTAL orders from Borrow Lenses that run for AT LEAST five days. Rental orders of $149+ get free standard shipping. You can use the coupon code for multiple orders during this promotion.

You must place the rental orders by 11/30/21 at 11:59pm pacific time. The actual rental orders can be scheduled for as late as January 31 in 2022. Yes, we have to prepare to be writing 2022 instead of 2021 🙂

BL offers no-cost cancellations up to a day before the rental ships.

(ENDED) BL Rentals: 15% off and potentially two free days [ends Wedn 4pm ET]

This offer expired…

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Borrow Lenses Rental coupons: $25 off any rental [or $50 off a $250+]

If you want to test out some new gear, or want to use some gear that you wouldn’t want to buy, Borrow Lenses is having some coupon-y encouragement for you. Coupon code GEARUP2020 gets you $25 off any rental. Or if your rental-order is over $250, you get $50 off instead. The coupon is good for rentals only, not for purchases of used camera gear. Your order must be scheduled to be received by 9/11/20. One per customer…

Separately, they offer free 2-day shipping on rental orders over $149. This is on their website, no coupon is needed…

15% off and 2 Free Memorial Days with new LR coupon

Lens Rentals is back with a new promotion. It’s a 15% off coupon code AND also TWO FREE DAYS if your order spans the Memorial Day weekend. All the offer details in the annotated screenshot crop below [it’s faster than typing it all in ~ and making a mistake/typo along the way!]

15% off BorrowLenses Rental with coupon

If you want to try out some new cameras or lenses or other gear, or if you need a particular lens or camera for a specific project, BorrowLenses is back with another limited time coupon promotion that gets you 15% off on your rental. All the details on this promotion can be found at the annotated screenshot below, much faster to communicate it than text 🙂

Borrow Lenses Rental Coupon ($25 to $100 off)

If you want to try out some new camera gear during your Q-down-time, you are in luck because BorrowLenses is having a new coupon promotion that gets you a discount of $25 to $100 off, depending on your order total. It’s a lot faster to explain the promotion with an annotated screenshot of the offer ~ instead of me writing long and winding paragraphs with the potential of introducing errors and typos 🙂

BL Rentals: 15% off most things (or 20% off select HOT NEW cameras)

BorrowLenses is having a promotion running until 4/27/20, that’s the deadline to place your order. Your order must have a designated arrival date by 5/15/20 [that’s the planned date, not the actual date]. And if your order is over $149, you get free standard UPS shipping.

The promotion is two-fold. Coupon code APRIL15 gets you 15% off camera rentals on most gear on their website…

BUT if you want to try one of the latest hot new cameras, coupon code APRILFAVES gets you 20% off their rental. The hot new cameras are:

  • Fuji X-T3
  • Sony a7 III
  • Nikon Z6
  • Canon EOS R
  • Canon 5D Mark IV
  • Nikon D850

BorrowLenses Offer: Rent 7+ Days, Get 7 Days FREE

If you have the extra time and budget to try new gear before you buy it, or you need a macro setup while you are quarantines at home, or for whatever reasons, Borrow Lenses is having a limited time promotion: rent for seven or more days, and get seven days free! You must place your order by 4/13/20 with an order delivery date by 4/17/20. Details, restrictions, etc at the promotional page

20% off and two free days during Thanksgiving week

If you want to rent some camera gear in the near term, you are in luck because Black Friday at BorrowLenses is here early with a combo offer: 20% off using coupon code TURKEY19 and if your order period covers Thanksgiving, you get two days FREE. You must place your rental order by 11/25/19 at 1pm pacific for standard shipping or 11/26/19 at 1pm pacific for overnight shipping. The order must have a pickup/deliver date by 11/27.

20% off Rentals with Borrow Lenses coupon

If you are looking to rent camera gear, coupon code SEPT20 gets you 20% off rentals at Borrow Lenses. The coupon works on any rentals that have an officially estimated arrival date in September 2019. However, the rental order must be placed by 9/7/19 at 11;59pm pacific time… Changes and cancellations are also allowed as long as they are done within the time limits and restrictions as shown at BL…

15% to 20% off Rentals at BL

Good until 1/13/19, coupon code SAVE2019 gets you 15% to 20% off camera gear rentals at BorrowLenses depending on your rental order total amount. Details on the offer much easier to convey in this annotated screenshot crop than words 🙂

Save up to 20% on BorrowRentals Gear Rentals

BorrowRentals is having another limited time coupon promotion for the rental of camera gear. I’m saying this because they also sell some of the rental gear. This coupon only works on gear rentals, not purchases. Their promo explains it much better with one picture than I could in words, so here’s the annotated screenshot with all the revenant info…

Up to $45 off with BorrowLenses Rental coupon

If you are planning to rent camera gear from BorrowLenses, good until 11/4/18, and for orders received [or picked up] by 11/6/18, the following coupon code gets you a discount based on your total rental-order discount. The coupon is only good for rentals, not purchases of used gear that they also offer over there…

20% off Gear Rental at BorrowLenses w/coupon

BorrowLenses is back with another camera-gear rental coupon promotion and as before, their email explains it faster with visuals than I can with words, so here’s an annotated screenshot of the latest promotion:

Free shipping on Gear Rentals of $99+ at BL

BorrowLenses is back with another offer. If you place a camera gear rental order of $99 or more during the promotional period, you can get free UPS ground shipping. As usual, a screenshot outlines the promotion better and faster than I can with words 🙂

BorrowLenses offers 15% to 20% off rental discount

BorrowLenses is offering a 15% to 20% off discount on camera gear rentals. The annotated screenshot below explains it much faster than I can using words. You can find the Top 20 eligible gear at their website/blog…

BorrowLenses Rentals Coupon: 15% off ($100+) to 20% off ($300+)

BorrowLenses is back with another coupon promotion. The coupon is for camera gear rentals, not purchases of used equipment which they also sell. As usual, their email explains the promotion much faster than I can in words, so here’s the annotated screenshot:

BorrowLenses Coupon: 15% off OR $25 off

BorrowLenses is back with a new coupon. Coupon code HEYA2018 gets you either 15% off OR $25 off your next camera gear rental. Their system automatically gives you the best discount among the two options. Coupon expires 1/8/18. The orders must be scheduled to arrive to you by 1/15/18. Their shopping cart will tell you.

(ENDED) 25% off BorrowLenses rentals

This sale ended… Borrow Lenses is back with another coupon. Use promo code BYE2017 to get 25% off camera gear rentals that will be delivered or picked up by 12/30/17. The order deadline is the same.

BL: Rent 7+ Days, Get 7 Days FREE

Borrow Lenses is back with another promotion. If you place a rental order with a duration of seven days or more, you will get seven days free. The offer is explained in detail with a screenshot from their email better than I can do with paragraphs and paragraphs of text 🙂

BorrowLenses: 20% off with coupon and FREE Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Borrowlenses is back with a new coupon. Using coupon code BF2017 you get 20% off your rental amount. If your rental period happens to include Thanksgiving and Black Friday (the actual days), then those two days are FREE! Everything is explained as usual in their email, screenshot below:

BorrowLenses Rental Coupon up to $200 off

BorrowLenses has launched a new camera gear RENTAL coupon that gets you discounts depending on your rental-order total as outlined in the screenshot crop below:

The important dates for this promotion are these:

+ must place an order by 11/13/17
+ your order delivery date deadline is by 11/14/17

YMMV FREE 14-day rental of DJI MAVIC PRO for Nat Geo competition

National Geographic is running a photography competition with DJI, and as part of that competition, you may be able to rent a DJI MAVIC PRO for FREE for two weeks (14 days) from your local DJI Store.

You have to sign-up for this promotion. Selection is done randomly per the page, not based on photographic or drone piloting qualifications. There is no guarantee you will be selected. Details on the promotional page over there.

Promotion expires 10/31/17.

25% off Rentals at BL with new coupon

A new 3-day lens gear rental coupon is now up and running at Borrow Lenses! Their emails do a great job of explaining the offer visually, so here’s a screenshot of it, a more efficient way of describing it than me writing a seven paragraph bloviation 🙂

Samy’s B&M stores: Rent for Labor Day Weekend, Pay For One Day

If you are near a participating Samy’s Camera brick and mortar store, they have a new Labor Day weekend promotion. You can pick up a rental during the weekend, return by Tuesday 9/5/17 at 11am local time and pay for ONLY ONE DAY. Details and more questions on their Twitter:

BorrowLenses Rent More to Save More (up to 25% off)

Borrow Lenses is back with another camera gear RENTAL coupon, it’s a Spend More, to Save More type of a promotion, The more you spend, the bigger the discount percentage, with discounts ranging from 10% to 25% as outlined in the annotated screenshot of their promotion below (much easier to explain like this than me writing a five paragraph post about it):

17% off Rental coupon at BorrowLenses

BorrowLenses is back with another coupon, this coupon gets you 17% off the rental of camera gear, with the relevant details in the screenshot below:

Phase One Rental Specials at Samy’s

And now to our monthly medium format post 🙂 If you are near a Samy’s Camera store, they are running rental specials on Phase One systems. Details in their tweet, also embedded below:

Camera Gear Rental Coupon: 10% to 25% off at BL

BorrowLenses is back with another coupon promotion for gear rentals. This is a “the more you rent, the more you save” type of a promotion, with the discount ranging from 10% to 25% depending on the total rental amount. The Borrow Lenses email describing the promotion is very well-done, self-explanatory, I need not say anything else. I wish all retailers were half as clear and concise in describing their offers 🙂

Gear Rental: 20% off BorrowLenses w/coupon

If you need a camera gear rental yesterday, Borrow Lenses has launched a limited time flash sale as outlined in the annotated screenshot below: