Free shipping at Fry’s website for November

The Fry’s website offers free shipping without minimum for the month of November 2015. Typically they offer free shipping with an order of $34 or more (yes, $1 less than the Amazon limit – smart marketing trick!).

New BorrowLenses Gear Rental coupons

BorrowLenses has two new coupons in the run-up to Black Friday. Coupon BLBF20 gets you 20% off your rental or coupon code BF7FREE gets you seven more days on a rental lasting seven or more days. The rental period must start by Friday, December 4th. The coupons are good for renting gear, not purchasing gear.

AMEX Offers (YMMV): Spend $60+ on Amazon, Get $15 Statement credit

This is a targeted offer, so there is a YMMV aspect to it. If you have an American Express credit card, check the AMEX Offers section. One of the offers making the rounds is a $15 statement credit if you make a purchase of $60+ at Amazon and pay for it with said credit card. You have to manually add the offer to your account, by pressing the “Add to Card” button.


IMPORTANT: while the offer is good until 12/31/15 after you add it to your AMEX card, the window to add it to your AMEX card is typically much smaller. AMEX Offers are available for a limited time and in limited quantities. To cut a long story short, if you see an AMEX offer you are interested or might be interested in the future, add it to your card as soon as you see it.

Three Free Months of NewEgg Premier if you download their mobile app

NewEgg is offering three free months of their NewEgg Premier membership if you download one of their mobile apps available on iOS, Android and Windows, with each having a phone and tablet edition… Premier is sort of their free shipping equivalent of Prime but with different terms…

Groupon Coupon: 20% off Local (eg Photo Prints related), 5% off Goods (eg Camera related)

Groupon has a new coupon code for their website, code TASTY3 gets you 20% off Local Deals or 5% Goods. “Local Deals” is where a lot of the photo-print related items are (custom photo books, canvas prints, metal prints, custom-print gifts, etc), while “Goods” is where their Camera Gear lives… You can also use the search bar over there to look for items of interest, eg “photo books” or “metal prints”… You can also use the category filters on their menu bar or left sidebar…

The coupon is good for one unit per transaction (eg one custom-photo-book), and you can use it on up to three different local offers and up to three Goods offers. Maximum discount is $50. Free shipping with orders of $34.99 or higher (they must ship from Groupon facilities, so not all purchases qualify towards free shipping – similar to what Amazon does).

Coupon expires at the end of day on Tuesday 11/17/15.

Black Friday Ads Breakdown has began on the Main Blog

Just like previous years, the Black Friday ads are rolling out, officially, in waves and waves. So, just like before, we have began a “digest” post where we go through the ads and point out potential items of interest along with potential pitfalls. These are kept in a single mega-post at the main blog, this is the permalink of the Black Friday Ads Breakdown. There is a “Latest Update” section so you can quickly see what has been added since the previous time you visited them over there.

Prime Benefit (YMMV): $5 Gift Card the First Time Ever you sign-in to Amazon Shopping mobile app

This offer is available to Prime members, and it is targeted to individual Prime members – check your emails to see if it’s anywhere in there. If you have never signed in to the Amazon Shopping or Underground mobile apps, you will receive a $5 Amazon electronic gift card 7 days after you sign-in to that app for the first time ever. This does not include the Kindle or Music or Video apps, but only the specific Amazon Shopping and Underground apps shown at the promotional page. Promotion ends 11/19/15.

PS: this is a low risk to check, but keep in mind, the Amazon apps have not met an Android system permission they didn’t like 🙂

Chicago only (first time Google Express shoppers): Pay $20, Get $40 to spend through Google Express

This offer is only good for the Chicago (Illinois) area (serviced by Google Express – check your zipcode over there). This is only good for first time Google Express shoppers. The offer is this, you pay $20 and get $40 to spend through Google Express. The promotion is available through Groupon. Google Express offers items from a number of local stores, including Costco, Fry’s, Staples, Walgreens, Kohls and many more… Separately you can sign up for a free 3-month trial of Google Express, so you can avoid paying a delivery fee… Check the aforelinked page for all the details… Limit one for you and one more as a gift…

Wedn: 11% off at NewEgg with VISA Checkout (max savings $11)

NewEgg is also jumping on the Singles Day bandwagon with a VISA Checkout promotion. Pay for your order with VISA Checkout, use promo code VCOSINGLE15 and get 11% off your order total, but with a maximum discount of $11. In other words, up to an order of $100. If your order total is over $100, the discount is a flat $11. Offer ends at 3am ET on Thursday or earlier if “promo funds are exhausted” (whatever that means).

BuyDig: $25 off $50+ order if you pay with VISA Checkout

BuyDig has a limited time and limited redemptions promotions. You can get $25 off an order of $50+ if you pay with VISA Checkout. Use coupon code VISAVET25 for that. The coupon is good for the first 10,000 redemptions. It expires 11/18/15 or earlier if the 10K redemptions are met. If you don’t have a VISA Checkout account, you can sign up for one (it is free). More details over there.

Strategically, these type of deals are good for gear that have the same prices at authorized dealers, so a general purpose discount is one way to get a discount on them.

PS: more posts coming in about two hours. Plus we have to start doing our Black Friday Ad Digests (those will go on the main blog since they won’t fly off the main page over there).

NewEgg: Spend $200+ with AMEX, Get $25 back [must opt-in]

NewEgg and American Express are having a new co-promotion for the Holiday shopping season. You must first opt-in for the offer. Then you spend $200+ at NewEgg paid with a qualifying American Express credit card, and you will receive $25 back as a statement credit on your AMEX card. Limit one per customer. Purchases must be made by 12/31/15. More details and terms/conditions at the NewEgg Promotional page.

Strategically these type of offers are a good match for products that have the same prices across all retailers.

Best Buy In-Store specials on November 7 from 1-5pm (YMMV)

For the early season shoppers, Best Buy is planning to have a brick and mortar sale-a-bration on Saturday November 7 (2015) between 1-5pm local time at their stores. Some of the offers are teased on their website and include a $30 Best Buy Gift Card with the purchase of a Sony a5100 or a5000 kit, and a $40 Best Buy Gift card with the purchase of a GoPro Hero4 Session or Hero+ LCD action camera. The first 100 customers per store will receive an unspecified “free tech gift”. You can find out which ones of your local stores are participating by using the blue location box over there.

What to expect on your first PrimeNow order (long post)

This is the post that was promised last weekend. PrimeNow is rapidly expanding to more cities, with Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Sacramento added most recently. If you haven’t ordered anything from them yet, coupon GETITNOW gets you $20 off an order of $50+. Details at the Prime Now promo page. PrimeNow is only available to Prime members.

PrimeNow is different from most of the other Amazon variations-on-a-theme (AmazonFresh, Prime Pantry, Prime One Day, etc). You can only place PrimeNow orders using Amazon’s PrimeNow apps downloaded from Google Play, iTunes or Amazon’s own appstore. You cannot place PriceNow orders from their website through a browser. If you already have Amazon apps installed on your device, it will pick up the credentials from there, so you won’t have to enter your username/password again. Your payment methods are also linked, so you don’t have to re-enter them.

This is a looooong post, more after the break…

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(ENDED) WOOT-OFF Continues! (started Wedn 1am ET)

This Woot-OFF ended on Friday at 1am ET after 48 hours…

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Tuesday: 15% off at Monoprice site-wide with coupon

If you are a fan of Monoprice products (be it accessories or their ever-increasing “real products” including computer monitors and such), coupon code OCT15 gets you 15% off at the Monoprice website. This applies to Monoprice-branded products, which is the vast majority of what they carry.

Featured items are shown on that page, or you can use the search box or navigate to the various camera and photo related categories.

Coupon is good for Tuesday October 27 (2015) only, in the pacific time zone since Monoprice is Southern California based but they also have a new warehouse facility in Kentucky to help with faster deliveries to the East Coast. The usual coupon restrictions apply (not good on Tamron lenses, not good for their 3D printer, and not for manufacturers that prohibit retailers from coupon discounting, etc).

Their website is redesigned again, so some parts may look different since the last time you may have visited. Some zipcodes may qualify for $7 Next Business Day flat-rate delivery, but not all of them (I can’t try hundreds of zipcodes). Nevertheless, having a shipping fee moving target is kinda frustrating to a shopper. The internets have shown that they prefer a predictable shipping fee, preferably free for all (eg the eBay Daily Deals), but if not, a fixed threshold (eg Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Groupon, etc) so you can plan ahead and such.

Groupon Coupon: 5% off Goods (camera gear) and 20% off Local Deals (includes various Photo Prints offers)

You are not having a deja vu. This is a new promotion! Coupon code SCREAM3 gets you 20% off Local Deals and 5% off Groupon Goods offers at Groupon. The coupon code expires on 10/27/15 at the end of day.

The coupon is limited to one unit per transaction. During this promotional period, you can use the coupon on up to three Local Deals and up to three Goods offers. The maximum discount is $50 per transaction. Some exclusions apply (I haven’t memorized them …yet).

Camera and photo gear are under the Electronics section of Groupon Goods, so they are eligible for 5% off with the SCREAM3 coupon.

On the other hand, many of the photo print offers (canvas prints, custom photo books, wood and metal prints, custom photo gifts (mugs, phone cases, etc)) are under the Local Deals, so they would be eligible for 20% off with coupon SCREAM3. How they were coded in the system is what determines the discount, so it’s possible that the logical category does not match the physical category. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider…

While finding Goods (camera gear) offers is fairly simple, finding the various photo-print offers under Local Deals is a bit more tricky. If you are not familiar, start at the Groupon Home page, then click on the “Local” option in the menu bar up top. The local links vary depending on each person’s city, so I can’t create general-use local links.

Many of the photo print offers are located under the “Personalized” sub-category of Local. Some are under “Shopping”. Photography-related classes are under “Online Learning”.


Prime members: $20 off first PrimeNow order of $50+ [more places in CA, TX, MN]

If you have a Prime membership, you are also eligible to shop using Amazon’s PrimeNow feature (free 2-hour local delivery). In recent days, this service became available to more highly-populated areas (Houston, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Twin Cities, Northern California Tech Bubble Bay Area). If you haven’t used it before, coupon code GETITNOW gets you $20 off an order of $50+. You have to use the Prime Now app (available on iOS, Google Play, Amazon’s appstore) to make your purchases. You can’t use the regular Amazon website for PrimeNow orders. Sicne it is local delivery within 2 hours, you can only purchase items available at your local Amazon warehouse. Only items sold and shipped by Amazon actual are eligible. I haven’t used this service yet, but I will try to do so over the weekend, so I will have a mini-report for you early next week.

Amazon has so many different sub-programs, it can get very confusing. PrimeNow is a different program from the Prime Same Day Delivery feature (with orders of $35+). I am working on a post to help sort out all the Prime features, but they keep adding/changing things every time I sneeze 🙂

B&H PhotoPlus 2015 Specials (some require promo code)

B&H Photo has launched their PhotoPlus 2015 Specials. Some of the offers require promo code PPEBH15 to activate. More on these tomorrow as I go through them, but in the meantime, you can peruse them at your leisure.

(ENDED) 20% off Local Deals with Groupon coupon (includes various Photo Prints offers)

This Groupon coupon expired but more will likely come in the future…

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(ENDED) 20% off sitewide at LivingSocial with coupon

This coupon offer expired…

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eBay Camera Gear Featured Sale (448 options)

eBay has launched another one of its semi-curated sales, this one is a featured Camera Gear Sale featuring 448 items. Due to time constraints I cannot go through them all right now, so it is YMMV.

YMMV: 4x eBay Bucks on $100+ individual items

eBay rotates these type of offers, so they typically only cover a percentage of the participants in the eBay Rewards program (aka eBay Bucks). This new promotion, which started at 11am ET today and ends at 3am ET on Wednesday 10/14/15, requires, as usual, manual opt-in – you click the “Activate Now” in the offer email or message.

This offer gets you 4X eBay Bucks (= 8% of the purchase price) on individual items priced at $100 or more. You can use it as many times as you like during this promotion but the maximum rewards are $100 Rewards per single item, and $500 maximum Rewards total per customer.

The usual restrictions apply: “Qualifying purchase excludes all items in the following categories: Classifieds, Business & Industrial, Real Estate, eBay Gift Cards (within the Gift Cards & Coupons category), Bullion (within the Coins & Paper category), and eBay Motors”

eBay Rewards become available to you only if you have a balance of $5 or more, so if you are an occasional shopper or only buy low priced items, you may never see a penny out of them. Which is perhaps why they do these 4X promotions on more expensive items, since a single $100 item will get you $8 in rewards.

A few good places to start looking for deals:
+ the eBay Daily Deals
+ the eBay Trending Deals
+ our previous eBay Deals posts

Amazon Student Deals: $5 bonus with $25 Gift Card, Discounts on Fire, Paperwhite, Sony SD cards, etc

With all the Canon deals, I forgot to post this earlier, but better late than never as they say…

If you have an Amazon Student membership or planning to Join Amazon Student (free six month trial) you can get special discounts at the Amazon Student promotions [if you are not sure what “Amazon Student” is check their Help Pages – you have to verify your .edu status]:

+ use coupon code STUDWEEK to get a $5 promotional credit when you purchase a $25 Amazon gift card (ends Sat 3am ET)
+ discount on Sony SD memory cards (32GB to 128GB; ends Fri 3am ET)
+ 6-inch Fire HD tablet for $70 (ends Sun 3am ET)
+ latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader for $100
+ $10 off an order of $50+ at Amazon Warehouse Deals
+ they have 14 widget-pages of Amazon Student promotions including technology and office supplies
+ expiration date varies by a day or two depending on each offer

PLEASE NOTE: add items of interest to the shopping cart and check the discounted prices (when logged in with Amazon Student account). I do not have an Amazon Student membership, so I cannot test these.

For the speed-readers, you must be signed up as an Amazon Student for these offers. It does not work for regular Amazon shoppers or regular Amazon Prime shoppers. Only Amazon Students! (“Amazon Students” is a membership program, you have to join in, it does not mean an Amazon shopper who happens to be a student somewhere). If you qualify, you can Join Amazon Student with a free six month trial.

Thursday: No Camera & Photo Lightning Deals Planned

Since I am posting almost daily Lightning Deals round-ups, on days I don’t post them, it raises the question: is the blog running behind or are there no deals? To help answer that question, I am trying a new experiment, this re-surfacing post that answers that question. (to prevent filling up the blog with no-op posts, I simply change the date of the same post and move it up/down as needed).

As of around 1:40am ET on Thursday there are no camera and photo related lightning deals scheduled in the Amazon Gold Box that are of Camera & Photo interest for Thursday 10/8/15 (except for selfie-sticks of course).

CAVEAT: please note however that “Deals of The Day” get revealed at 3am Eastern every night, and those are typically not “teased” ahead of time. Also keep in mind that some of the lightning deals just go live at the Amazon website without them appearing in the “teasers”. These obviously I can’t catch ahead of time.

Targeted/YMMV: Sell items on eBay, Get Up to $100 eBay coupon

This is a YMMV targeted promotion. I have no way of knowing what percentage of eBay users are getting this, thus the YMMV Targeted. Check your email or eBay Inbox to see if you qualify. You must manually opt-in to this offer by clicking a button. If you list and sell items on eBay by certain dates, eBay will send you an eBay coupon of up to $100 to use on future purchases.

This is an annotated screenshot crop _after_ you activate the offer:

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5% Rewards sitewide at Rakuten with coupon for October

If you are a fan of “The Rakuten” (an ancient race of anime creatures trying to take over the Amazon river), they have a new promotion good until the end of October 2015. Coupon code REWARDME gets you 5% back in Rakuten Rewards points sitewide when you shop at the Rakuten website (formerly

YMMV Targeted: Amazon Auto-Reload Rewards: $10 bonus + 1% bonus [Debit Cards only]

Please note this is a YMMV promotion. Amazon has been running multiple of these promotions the last few weeks, but each time, only a percentage of their customers are eligible. As fate would have it, I am finally eligible for one of these, so I can tell you what happens.

You find out if you are eligible if you are logged on to your Amazon account and visit the Auto Reload Rewards page. If you are eligible, you will see the promotion mentioned below.

*** this turned into a long post, more after the break ***

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15% off Clearance Sale at BuyDig with coupon

Buydig is offering an extra 15% off their Clearance Sale items (670+ items) when you use coupon code CLOSEOUT15 over there. The camera and photo gear is divided in multiple sub-categories (use the left side “Guided Search” over there to look for items of potential interest).

20% off coupon at Cowboom (mostly used/refurb)

Cowboom (formerly DealTree, part of the Best Buy Empire) has a 20% OFF coupon promotion with coupon code BOOM20 good until the end of day on 10/1/15. The coupon can be used on almost everything but it excludes the Deal of the Day, Auctions, and items sold/shipped by Best Buy. A lot of their items are used/refurbished. A DIY adventure!

5% rewards sitewide with coupon at Rakuten

If you are a fan of “The Rakuten” (sounds like a creature!), coupon code REWARDME gets you 5% back in Rakuten Rewards points site-wide (including tech/camera purchases) at the Rakuten (formerly website. Offer ends at the end of day on 9/30/15.

Shipping: Monoprice opens Kentucky Distribution center

On the shipping front, there are good news for Monoprice fans in the East and Mid-West regions. They have opened a distribution center in Kentucky carrying 1400+ of their most popular products.

Speculation: one frustrating thing with shopping at Monoprice is that there is consistent way to predict whether you will pay shipping or not. Most other retailers have predictability (purchases over a certain amount or membership or free shipping for almost everything). Maybe the launch of an Eastern/Midwest distribution center can make it easier to give customers a non-moving target. Again, this is pure speculation.

(ENDED) One Year Of Amazon Prime for $67 (for New Members Only; Ends Sat 3am ET)

This 1-day Emmy-inspired sale ended…

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5% rewards site-wide with coupon at Rakuten

If you are a fan of the Rakuten, coupon code REWARDME gets you 5% back in Rakuten Reward points when you shop at Rakuten ( website. Offer ends 9/30/15.

(ENDED) 10% off site-wide with coupon at Monoprice

This limited time offer ended…

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Heads Up: Friday: Prime membership for $67 for New Members

To celebrate its Emmy wins, on Friday 9/25/15 Amazon is having a 24-hour special promotion for new Prime member signups, you can signup for a One Year Prime membership for $67 instead of its usual price of $100. The offer will be good on Friday 9/25/15 in the pacific time zone. The offer is good for new members only, not renewals. The offer will be live Friday 3am ET until Saturday 3am ET.

10% off rentals at BL with coupon

BorrowLenses has another coupon offer for renting camera gear. Coupon SHOOTFALL10 gets you 10% off your rental orders. Coupon expires 9/28/15. Your rental period must start by Friday October 2nd. More details over there.

(ENDED) New WOOT-OFF includes Electronics sub-Woot (started Wedn 1am ET)

This Woot-OFF lasted 24 hours only. It ended on Thursday at 1am ET…

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(YMMV Amex Offer) Ends 9/30/15: Spend $20+ at Sam’s Club website, get $20 back as statement credit

This promotion ends 9/30/15, this is a reminder…

If you have an American Express credit card, you may be eligible for an AMEX Offer that gets you a $20 statement credit if you spend $20 or more at the Sam’s Club website (not their stores) and pay for it with the AMEX credit card that is offering this promotion. This is YMMV because they don’t offer every offer to every card member. You have to opt-in first by clicking the “Add to Card” button while logged on to your AMEX account. If you have multiple AMEX accounts, make sure you activate the offer with the credit card you are going to use to pay for your purchase.

A couple of minutes after you make an eligible purchase (they are that fast!), you get an email from AMEX telling you that pending validation, you have used the offer.

Sam’s Club is a membership club. If you are not a member, depending on your local state laws, you can either make a purchase with a 10% surcharge or get a free 1-day trial by creating an account there.

Strategery: This is their camera and photo page, but be sure to price-check any items you may not be familiar with. And factor in the $20 AMEX statement credit. Of particular interest are items that have the same prices at all authorized dealers. The statement credit is a virtual $20 off discount.

Prime members in Los Angeles & Orange County areas: $20 off a $50+ Prime Now order

Prime members in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas have a new Prime benefit going live, the Prime Now service. To celebrate the launch, Amazon offers coupon code LATRYNOW to get $20 off an order of $50+. This can be particularly good if you are buying items that have the same prices at all authorized dealers. The coupon is good for physical items sold and shipped by Amazon itself. I am not in a Prime Now area yet, so I can’t test it and tell you more about it. Details and terms and conditions at the Amazon Prime Now page.

PS: that page also mentions coupon code TRYITNOW that’s also $20 off a $50+ order. I don’t know if you can use them both, on separate orders, or stack them. I can’t test this, so this is DIY YMMV.

PS2: Prime Now is purchasing regular Amazon items. It should not be confused with AmazonFresh (fresh foods and groceries) or Prime Pantry (someone’s twisted idea of a virtual Costco).

eBay Bucks (YMMV): 5X on $50+ items until Thur PM

This is YMMV because I don’t know if eBay sends these type of offers to every person participating in their eBay Bucks rewards program or some of them. So if you received an email from eBay or saw this offer in your eBay Messages, then it means you are eligible. This is important because you have to opt-in for the offer, that’s how it activates.

So with this offer, you earn 5X eBay Bucks (which is 10% since 1X = 2%) on purchases of individual items that are priced $50 or more. You can use this offer on as many items as you like. The limits are $100 rewards on a single item, and $500 total per account during the promotion. Offer expires on Thursday 7/17/15 at 11:59pm pacific time.

A good place to start looking for ideas are the eBay Deals du jour.

One Year of NewEgg Premier for some Students (must be attending eligible school partnered with NewEgg Business)

If you are a student, you may be eligible to get a FREE one-year NewEgg Premier subscription (free shipping, typically costs $30/year). This is different from the Adobe academic discounts. Your eligibility depends on whether your school is a partner with NewEgg Business (their business B2B site). So you get a free Premier subscription at the regular NewEgg website, but your eligibility stems from your school’s partnership with NewEgg business.

More details at the promotional page. You can confirm there your school’s eligibility by entering your school’s email address.

PS1: all apologies, Noisy U does not qualify (yet) 😉

PS2: all apologies for the long blog-post title, I was trying to prevent it from being click-bait-y without the extra clarifactions

(ENDED) Mon: 20% off LivingSocial with coupon

This one day coupon expired…

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25% off rentals at BL with coupon is offering 25% off rentals with coupon code FLASH25 in a new promotion. The coupon must be used by the end of day on 9/9/15. The rental period must start by Saturday 9/26/15. The coupon is good for rentals only.

Rakuten: 7% Rewards for Tech purchases with coupon

Rakuten (ne’e has another rewards promotion. Use coupon code REWARDME to earn 7% back in Rakuten Rewards on technology purchases, and 10% back on non-tech purchases at the Rakuten website. Promotion ends at the end of day on 9/7/2015. This is not a discount on the purchase price, but rewards to be used in future purchases. The earned rewards are of a promotional nature, you have to use them within a specific time period, which makes them better suited for regular Rakuten shoppers (or very organized shoppers who can plan and organize purchases ahead of time in a Spock-like fashion).

$20 off rental at Borrow Lenses with coupon

Borrow Lenses has a new coupon offer, this time it is a fixed amount discount, $20 off a rental order with coupon code GEARSAVE20 entered during the rentaling (proposed new word candidate!) process. You must needs place an order by 9/7/15, and choose a 9/11/15 or earlier as the delivery date. Details, terms and conditions at the coupon page.

YMMV (eBay sellers): 80 free listings (fixed price or auction)

This is a YMMV promotion. Check your email (associated with your eBay account) or your eBay Messages to see if you qualify. From now until October 15 (2015), you can list to sell up to 80 items, either fixed price or auction style listings. If you find auction-style listings too cumbersome, this offer is good news because fixed price listings are also included. Free are the Insertion Fees. You still have to pay the Final Value Fees (for items that sell) and any other upgrade or optional add-ons to your listings. Check the email/message for the full terms/conditions.

(ENDED) 24 Hour Flash Sale at Sears for 8/31/15

This flash sale ended…

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REI sale + 20% off one Outlet item with coupon

REI is having their labor day sale on their website, plus they have coupon code OUT20 that gets you 20% off on a single item from their Outlet store. Outlet items have prices that end in $x.73. Details and restrictions at their coupons page. The coupon ends 9/7/15.

Free One Year of Unlimited Amazon Cloud storage with Camera Gear purchase of $50+ (33,403 options available)

Amazon is very big on cloud (side-effects of living in Seattle?), and now they have yet another unlimited cloud storage promotion. This one is not limited to Prime members or Fire Phone users. During this promotion, you get One Year Unlimited Amazon Cloud storage if you purchase camera gear individually priced $50 or more. This is The List of Eligible Items, a total of 33,403 items are eligible.

They must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself (not by marketplace sellers). The offer is one per customer, so you cannot stack cloud-years. You can find the Terms And Conditions below the giant thumbnails over there. The expiration date is not mentioned.

After the one year ends (12 months), the subscription fee for this is $60/year. You can cancel it later if you don’t want to continue with it once the free year expires.

How to Check If Your Item Of Interest is Eligible?
If you don’t feel like traversing a list of 33,403 items to find whether you are interested in is eligible, there is an easier way. Go to the product page of the items of interest, and page down to the Special Offers section. If an item is eligible, you will see this offer mentioned there. Remember, Amazon herself must be the seller, not 3rd-party sellers! Squeezed annotated screenshot crop below…


YMMV 2x eBay Bucks on $50+ items (must opt-in, ends Sat 3am ET)

eBay has yet another bonus eBay Bucks promotion, check your emails or eBay inboxes to see if you are eligible. As usual you have to manually opt-in. The standard eBay Bucks are 2%, so 2X = 4%. This promotion gives you 2X (= 4%) promotional rewards on every individual item that is priced at $50 or higher. This works on as many eligible items as you purchase during this promotion period, with a maximum of $100 rewards per transaction and $500 rewards per customer during this promotional period. Offer ends at 3am ET on Saturday 8/29/15… A good place to start looking for deals (after you manually opt-in for the offer) are the eBay Daily Deals