(ENDED) Free Next Day Delivery on Thousands of items at B&H Photo (cut-off point Thursday 2pm ET)

These offers expired…

The offer is back on! You can get Free Overnight shipping on thousands of products at B&H Photo. You don’t have to enter any coupon codes; the eligible items have this promotion available on their individual product pages.

This is the link with the Photography gear.

Note that items must be in-stock and ready to ship for them to get delivered with free next day delivery. It is impossible to deliver something you don’t have 🙂

The cut-off point for this promotion is Thursday 12/28/17 at 2pm eastern. Of particular interest for Section 179 and other tax-related business purchases since you can put them to use in 2017. This is not tax advice, just mumbling 🙂

PS: the rocket is for illustration purposes only to indicate speed. They will not be shipped by rocket 🙂