(ENDED) Woot-OFFs at Sellout, Shirt, Gourmet

This 1-day Woot-OFF expired…

The Woot-OFF that was promised started on Tuesday at 1am ET at Woot Sellout (the most likely one to have camera-related (or at least six-degrees-of-separation) gear) and Shirt Woot (t-shirts galore) and Gourmet (formerly Wine but they replaced Wine with Gourmet foods). These run in multiples of 24 hours, typically 24 or 48 or 72 hours, with 1am eastern being the starting and ending point.

This is the first Woot-OFF since Woot began offering free shipping for Prime members, so it will be interesting to see how it goes, especially for smaller purchases where that $5 flat shipping would have ruined the deal.

PS: shipping is $5 flat for everything you buy during the day at Woot, including Woot-offs. If you are a Prime member, shipping is free on most items, but not Gourmet. You’d still have to pay $5 flat shipping if you make any Gourmet purchases. Mayhaps they are fulfilled by a 3rd-party that is not Prime eligible?