Sell Your Gear to KEH Camera and Get 5% Bonus (with coupon) IF they are on their Most Wanted List

Most of the KEH Camera coupons are when you purchase camera gear from them, but this just launched coupon promotion is when you sell your own camera gear to KEH Camera.

KEH Camera has a Most Wanted Gear List, with almost 400 items listed as of the time of writing. It is searchable even or you can browse through it alphabetically (you can show up to 100 items per page). These are the gear KEH Camera wants to buy the most from photographers.

If you have any gear that is on that list and you are willing to sell it to KEH Camera, coupon code WANTED02A will get you a 5% bonus on your quotes from the Most Wanted List! Better yet, the coupon is running until March 6 in 2018, so you have plenty of time to think and plan.

For example, the Fuji X100S, X100T, X100F, X70, X30 and X10 are all on their Most Wanted List, and so is the Panasonic LX100. The list includes a number of DSLR and mirrorless cameras and lenses.

The most wanted list broken down by manufacturer:
+ Canon: 62 items
+ Nikon: 68 items
+ Fuji: 39 entries
+ Sony: 27 items
+ Olympus: 22 items
+ Leica: 74 items
+ Zeiss: 14 items
+ Pentax: 17 items (including the K1000)
+ the totals include 3rd-party lenses of that mount, eg Sigma EF/EF-S lenses are counted towards Canon (and under Sigma of course)

For the speed readers out there, this coupon is a 5% bonus IF you are willing to sell your own camera gear to KEH Camera. Items that are eligible for the 5% bonus must be on the Most Wanted List which is very easy to search or browse through.