Wedn (ends 10pm CT): Woot-OFF!

It’s been a while since I saw one of these, if you miss the retro-glamo(ur) excitement of a Woot-OFF, we have good news for you, running now until 10pm central time on 3/30/22 there is a Woot Sellout/Clearance Woot-OFF. Only this sub-Woot is having a Woot-OFF.

The other sub-Woots have their usual daily deals, including scratch and dent Samsung Galaxy smartphones ($100 to $950) under “Electronics” and a refurbished 17-inch 12GB RAM HP laptop for $439…

Tuesday: the Last Woot-OFF of 2021 is here

Running now until Tuesday 12/14/21 at 10pm central, Woot is running what they call the Last Woot-OFF of 2021. This is running at the “Sellout/Clearance” and at the “Shirts” sub-Woots. As usual, offers change every 30 minutes, or earlier if something sells out before its 30 minute window closes…

Wedn: Woot-OFF In Progress!

Yellow flashing lights alert! Woot is having a Woot-OFF at their “Shirt” and also at their Clearance/Sellout sub-Woots. The usual terms and conditions apply. YMMV on what you may find at which prices. I have zero advance notice.

Meanwhile at the regular daily-deal sub-Woots, “Electronics” has yet another Samsung TV/monitor sale, while “Computers” has Logitech PC accessories…

Next up at the Adorama daily deals [changes Thursday 10am ET] we find:

+ Godox ES45 E-Sports LED Light Kit for $99

+ Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Smarter Kit with 7x Multicolor Hexagon Light Panels, 100 Lumens – With Nanoleaf Shapes Hexagons Expansion Pack, Nanoleaf Remote for Light Panel for $230

+ Eggtronic 63W 20,000mAh Universal Power Bank for USB-C for $40

We may be more than two months away from Christmas but that does’t need you can’t buy toys for the kids of all ages in all life. At least that appears to be the case at the Wednesday Best Buy dailies with various toy options. The headliner is free Best Buy gift cards ($10 to $30) with the purchase of select LEGO and Barbie and Disney toys. Sorry, no Hello Kitty offers 🙁

From toys for kids of all ages, we go to toys for adults, aka TOOLS! They are the headliner of the Amazon USA Gold BOX featuring Black-n-Decker and DeWalt and Irwin and Bostich and such.

The previously mentioned Instax Mini 11 offer for $60 continues…

Deal History: List of all 100+ Tuesday Woot-Off deals (for Reference Only)

Now this paragraph is of historic interest. The Tuesday Woot-OFF is OVER. But during the Woot-off on Tuesday there were some technical difficulties. To counter that, for a few hours, Woot launched all the Woot-OFF deals at once. This is a list of 100+ items. If you were always curious to see what items are offered in a Woot-OFF but didn’t want to sit through it throughout the day, this list is a pretty good indicator of what they offer. This was the “Clearance/Sellout” sub-Woot Woot-Off…

Yes, this is the launch of our new “Deal History Channel” 🙂 We’re also planning a “Deal Shark Week” and a “Mega Deal Twilight Zone Marathon” 😉

Woot-OFF Tuesday 8am to 10pm Central

A Woot teaser reveals that on Tuesday 1/19/21 between 8am and 10pm central time there will be another incarnation of the Woot-OFF at the Woot website. The teaser does not indicate which sub-Woots will participate ~ it will be revealed when it goes live on Tuesday at 8am central time…

UPDATE: among the Tuesday Best Buy daily deals is the recurring Joby GorillaPod Creator Kit offered for $50…

UPDATE #2: to the Amazon USA Gold Box we go where they have on sale the Fire HD 8 and HD 10 tablets, but the headliner of today’s deals is the new condition Acer Spin 5 convertible laptop for $840 with up to two per customer at the sale price. This is 13.5″ IPS Touch (2256 x 1504), i0th gen Core i7-1065-G7, 16GB RAM, 512GB NVMe, backlit keyboard, fingerprint, Active stylus (with Wacom AES 1.0), Wifi 6, promised long battery life, various USB ports (two Thunderbolt 3), microSD card reader, Bluetooth 5, HDMI 2.0, 360-degree dual torque hinge, 2.65 lbs, etc, etc, etc…

Since it’s limit two, you can buy one for yourself and send one to me too 😉

UPDATE #3: the latest round of Adorama daily deals is good until Wednesday at 10am eastern:

+ Kodak 10″ Touch Screen Rechargeable Digital Photo Frame Wi-Fi Enabled with HD Photo Display for $120

+ Zendure A2 6700mAh Crush-Proof Portable Charger for $15

Thursday: MEH is having a Woot-OFF!

If you are a fan of rapidly changing daily deals or of the original Woot, the Meh website is having a “Woot OFF” for Thursday October 8 in 2020 in the eastern time zone. There is a hard to miss countdown clock on each changing offering…

BUT this Meh-a-thon has a twist, most of the previous MEH-a-thon deals are still available for purchase [except of course the ones that sell-out and become un-orderable]…

Elsewhere at the daily deals, at Best Buy’s they have the 256GB Sandisk Extreme Plus red/gold microSDXC (A2, V30, U3, UHS-I) going for $60 and an 8TB WD Easystore external USB 3.0 HDD for $130…

Due to the holidays, the Adorama dailies continue as before, so M43rds lensaholics have another shot at the new condition Rokinon 16mm T2.2 for $279…

Tuesday daily: partial Woot-OFF, PacSafe, ARRIS, refurbs (Epson 3LCD, Galaxy S7), Etc

If you are a fan of Woot-OFFs, three of the sub-Woots are having a Woot-OFF on Tuesday, “Gourmet” and “Shirt” and the one more likely to feature camera=related items, Sellout aka Clearance. As usual, I have no advance notice of what’s coming so it’s a YMMV adventure…

As of the time of writing they have a 32GB Sandisk microSDXC C10 memory card going for $5 with 81% left and up to ten per customer…

On the Electronics sub-Woot deal of the day they have refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 for $100. Note that the latest model is the S10 so this is three generations behind the current flagship. But smartphones have improved greatly over the last few years, you don’t need a “latest model” ~ unlike the old days where each new cycle brought a noticeable boost in usability and performance…

Meanwhile at the Best Buy dailies they have the refurbished Epson PRO EX-9220 wireless 3-LCD 1080p projector for $550 and of home-and-gardens interest, 60-packs of Cafe Turino espresso [or if you want to irritate your barista, “expresso”] for $10 each. Note that these are for the Nespresso system, not the Keurig K-cup system.

And among the Tuesday Amazon USA gold box offerings, they have various ARRIS (formerly of Motorola) modems and routers on sale with prices ranging from $75~ to $310. Your ISP / cable company may not be very forthcoming but often times you have the option to purchase your very own modem/router instead of paying them a monthly fee/fleece 🙂 BUT check for modem/router compatibility before making a purchase. They should have a list of compatible options published online or buried in a PDF file somewhere…

And on the other side of the pond, among the Amazon Germany gold box daily deals for Tuesday in the german time zone, they have a PacSafe sale featuring a soccer team (eleven) bags of different sizes/kinds with prices ranging from 36 to 108 euro…

Friday Birthday Woot-OFF is 7am to 10pm Central Time

CORRECTION: today is Friday, not Thursday ^_^

Woot is celebrating its 15 year anniversary [sorry Woot, you still can’t drink ~ probably why they ended the “Woot Wine”] and as part of the festivities they are planning a WOOT-OFF between 7am and 10pm Central Time on Friday 7/12/19… Speaking of the date, did we miss the 7/11 slurpees? 😉

Also part of the festivities they have 15,000 “Bags of Crap” and also special “Birthday Bags of Crap”.

As usual, I have no advance notice of what is coming up, so YMMV on what you find and at which prices…

Woot-OFF until Wednesday 10pm ET

It’s a mid-day Woot-OFF that is happening at Shirt, Gourmet and of potential camera/tech interest at Woot Clearance, formerly known as Woot Sellout. As usual, new items appear when they sellout or when 30 minutes pass, whichever happens first. I have no idea what’s comping up, it’s like a box of chocolates. This iteration of the Woot-OFF ends on Wednesday May 22nd at 9pm central time, which should be 10pm eastern according to my calculations.

Wedn dailies: Woot-OFF, Epson FF-680W for $500, Etc

Computer week continues in the daily deals but also among the Wednesday Best Buy dailies is the new condition Epson Salt Fast Foto FF-680W offered for $500 with free shipping while Amazon has it for $600… Also part of the sale a $700 ASUS 15.6″ i7 2-in-1 laptop, a Surface Book 2, the Viewsonic PX-706-HD projector for $600 but the most important deal of all the week, the Bodum pour-over coffee-maker for just $10. Get as many as the shopping cart allows you!!!!!!!!!

In Woot Landia, there is a Woot-OFF of three sub-Woots, Clearance/Sellout where camera and photo gear and “six degrees of separation” gear may appear, along with Shirt (may have camera/photo-related shirts?) and Gourmet (I don’t think they’ll have a camera-shaped cheese or cake)… In the non-Woot-OFF classic Woots, there’s a $1900 i7 MacBook PRO (2018), and a 28-inch Surface All in one for $2500 among others…

Ends Tue 11pm ET: Woot-OFFs!

The Woot-OFF that was promised is now under way in Woot Sellout/Clearance, along with Shirts and Gourmet. The Sellout is where camera-related and “six degrees of separation” gear may appear. This is a 14-hour Woot-OFF session that ends at 10pm central time tonight FEB-26-2019.

As usual, I do not know what is coming up or at which prices, so Woot-OFFs are a YMMV adventure…

Coming Next Week at Woot: Woot-OFF, Prime-only deals, etc

Starting Sunday February 24 in 2019, Woot is planning the following promotions:

+ another Woot-OFF ~ does not say which day(s)
+++ UPDATE: the Woot-OFF is gonna be Tuesday FEB-26-2019

+ Prime member only daily deals

+ and of course, another “bag of crap” sale

Thursday: it’s a Woot-OFF!

It’s a Woot-OFF! Woot is having three sub-Woot-offs running for Thursday in the Shirt, Gourmet and Clearance / Sellout where they may have camera-related gear. AS of the time of writing, there is an Extreme SD card but it is 94% claimed, so it may be gone by the time you read this post…

Black Friday Woot-OFF has began!

The promised Black Friday Woot-OFF has began at the Clearance/Sellout sub-Woot. The official run time of this BF Woot-off is 8am to 10pm central time. The usual terms apply, items change/rotate and you pay a flat shipping fee for everything you buy during the calendar day. If you are a Prime member, and login with your Prime Amazon account, you get free shipping on most things.

The only things that don’t get free shipping are items that are shipped outside the Woot/Amazon ecosystem, such as Shirts and Gourment. But even so, some of the Shirts/Gourmet items may have free shipping on their own on occasion.

Heads Up: Black Friday Woot-OFF starts Friday 8am Central

Heads up! There will be a special Black Friday Woot-OFF at the Woot website starting at 8am central time on actual Black Friday and running until 10pm central time of that day. This per the Woot email teaser…

Tuesday: partial Woot-OFF

Woot is having a partial Woot-OFF with three of their sub-Woots participating. Of camera/tech interest is the Clearance Woot-OFF, that’s the artist formerly known as Sellout. The other two participating sub-Woots are Gourmet and Shirts, so a good opportunity to pick up some creative shirts, especially if you are a Prime member since you get free shipping on Shirts [they are fairly lightweight and can be rolled up to burrito size, so they are easy and cheap to ship; thus the free Prime shipping benefit]…

Meanwhile it is Ninja day at the Amazon Gold Box where a trio of their household appliances are on sale, headlined by the $100 Coffee Bar Auto-IQ. If you don’t like coffee, you can use it as a lighting set-up challenge 🙂

Woot-OFF In Progress

Wednesday is here and a Woot-OFF is running at three of the sub-Woots: Sellout/Clearance which is the most likely to have camera-related products, along with Shirts and Gourmet. Free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat for the calendar day. Woot-OFFs run in 24 hour multiples with 1am eastern being the starting and ending point. In recent weeks Woot-OFFs typically last 24 hours, but they also typically start on Tuesdays instead of Wednesday, so it’s hard to tell ahead of time.

Woot-OFFs In-Progress

It’s Woot-OFF time once again! Woot is running three Woot-OFFs today, of potential photography interest it is the one at Woot Sellout. Also running is at Shirt and Gourmet.

The remaining Woots have their regular daily deals. Of smartphone interest, the Electronics deal are refurbished first generation Google Pixel smartphones (both screen sizes) ranging from $200 to $250 with a 90-day Woot warranty.

As usual, Woot-OFFs run in 24 hour multiples, with 1am eastern being their starting and ending points.

In other daily deals, at the Amazon Gold Box, you can get the new condition Keurig K-Select Coffee Machine bundled with 32 K-Cups of Peet’s Coffee Major Dickason’s blend for $100 [limit 3 bundles per customer].

(ENDED) Woot-OFFs at Sellout, Shirt, Gourmet

This Woot-OFF ended after 24 hours. Woot is exploring other ways to sell/get-rid of things, including “Garage sales” and different kinds of sales, eg the Canon Assortment sale

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(ENDED) Woot-OFFs at Sellout, Shirt, Gourmet

This 1-day Woot-OFF expired…

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(ENDED) Heads Up: Woot-OFF coming on Tuesday

This is an older alert…

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Woot makes return policy more consumer friendly

Woot has updated their return policy, now allowing returns of products you just didn’t like. Returns are no longer restricted to damaged or defective items. There are some reasonable restrictions (specialty carrier for oversize/bulky, perishables, altered clothing, hazardous materials, etc) to the new policy which you can find at their FAQ page.

(ENDED) Tuesday Daily Deals: Woot-OFF, Yuneec, iMacs, Etc

These daily deals expired…

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Woot-OFF at Sellout/Holiday

It’s the Green Monday After Party, today is Green Tuesday and it is celebrated with a Woot-OFF at Sellout/Holiday. Only this and Wine are on Woot-OFF. The other sub-Woots have regular sales, including a Centon USB stick sale at Woot Computer. These run in 24 hour blocks. Their start and end time is 1am Eastern. As usual, this is a YMMV DIY adventure, no one but the Woot AI bots (and mayhaps some well-behaved Woot humans) know what’s coming up 🙂

Monday: Woot Sellout/Holidays Woot-OFF

Woot is celebrating Cyber Monday with a Holiday/Sellout Woot-OFF running until Tuesday at 1am ET. Anything and everything goes in the Sellout Woot, including camera gear. Woot Sellout often gets renamed during Holidays or special events. Shipping is a $5 flat fee for any purchases made during the whole Black Cyber Friday-Monday time period. As usual, I have no clue what’s coming up at the Woot OFFs, so it’s like a box of chocolates 🙂

Woot OFF at Sellout; also $5 flat shipping until Monday night

Woot has a trio of Woot-OFFs for Black Friday, the only one that could have camera/tech related gear is the Woot Sellout Woot-OFF (renamed Woot Holiday)… Meanwhile one of the day-long deals are refurbished Pixels (first gen; with headphone jack) starting at $330.

They also have some longer running deals, headlined among the Electronics by the previously mentioned half a dozen Canon DSLRs and a superzoom.

The other big thing at Woot is that you pay $5 flat shipping for everything you buy from now until Cyber Monday night. So instead of the usual 24 hour Texan time zone, it’s a 96 hour Texan time zone window.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF

This 1-day Woot-OFf expired…

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(ENDED) Monday: Woot-OFF

This 24-hour sale-a-bration expired…

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(ENDED) Woot-OFF In Progress!

This Woot-OFF lasted 24 hours only…

It’s not a bird, it’s a WOOT-OFF. Currently in progress is a WOOT-OFf at the main Woot, along with Shirts and Wines. Offers change throughout the day. The pace is determined by how fast the previous item sells out. Shipping is $5 flat for anything you buy during the day as usual. These typically last in 24 hour increments, 1-3 days, so they end at 1am Eastern.

(ENDED) Woot planning 13-hour Woot-OFF Birthday Celebration on Tuesday July 11

Prime Day is over…

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