Prime Members Only: Get 20% back when you pay for select products with a Prime VISA or Store Credit Card

This is a HOT deal IF:

  1. you are a Prime member
  2. you have either the Prime Chase VISA credit card or the Prime Store Credit card
  3. you want to pay for your whole eligible purchase with either one of these credit cards
  4. you want to buy one of the items eligible for this promotion

If YES to all of the above, then keep on reading! You can find the terms of the promotion, along with links to the eligible products at the Prime 20% Cashback Offer. You only get 20% back on the amount paid with the credit card, so if you have gift cards and such, you may want to uncheck them in the shopping cart because you won’t get 20% back on the portion of the purchase paid with a gift card or any other payment method.

There is no coupon code to enter. The offer happens automatically in the back end while this promotion is running.


Click on the various product categories over there to see eligible products. Or while you are perusing Amazon product pages, eligible products will mention this with tiny font on their page. Here’s a screenshot:

Using the above as an example, you pay $376.99 at checkout. When your credit card statement closes, you will get a 20% statement credit (instead of the usual 5% statement credit). In this case, you will have a $75~ statement credit in your credit card account.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. Amazon does not specify the expiration time, so if you don’t see it on a product page, it means it expired!

This is a limited time offer! You can find details and all the eligible products through the Prime 20% Statement Credit offer page.