AMEX Offers (YMMV): Get 5000 Membership Points when you pay $99+ for your annual Prime membership

This is a YMMV. IF you have an American Express credit card with Membership Points (not a Cashback card like Blue Cash), check the AMEX Offers section on the AMEX website or app. It’s right below your account summary when you login. Among the various offers floating there, they have a pretty good offer IF you are willing to pay your Prime membership with your eligible AMEX credit card.

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First you must add this offer to your AMEX card by pressing the “Add to Card” button in that offer’s section. If you have multiple AMEX credit cards on the same online account, make sure you are looking at the correct/intended one.

NOTE that in the screenshot below there are two expiration dates mentioned. Typically the two dates are the same in AMEX Offers, so I don’t know which one is the “real” expiration date.

Then, if you are an existing Prime member, go to your Amazon account and make sure the AMEX credit card that is enrolled in the offer is the one that will pay for your Prime membership dues of $99+.

If you are not a Prime member but you are planning to start a new membership (remember, there’s a 30-day free trial, so you won’t be charged immediately), make sure your intended AMEX credit card is the one that will pay for the $99+ membership fee.

If you have a month to month or Student Prime membership, this offer won’t work because it requires a $99 or more payment.

After that happens, you will receive 5,000 American Express Membership Points. These are worth about $50 in gift cards at various B&M and online retailers. So it’s like getting half of your annual Prime membership fee back in gift cards.

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