AMEX Offers: Get $25 back on $250+ Best Buy purchases [must activate first]

If you think you are going to spend at least $250 until the end of the year at Best Buy (online and/or brick and mortar store) and you have an American Express account, when you login to your AMEX account online, check under the “AMEX Offers” section for this promotion. You get a one-time $25 statement credit you make a minimum of $250 in combined purchases at Best Buy’s website and/or brick and mortar store.

This doesn’t have to be a single transaction, small purchases can add up to that. Make sure you activate the offer first in your AMEX account before you start buying. Activation is simple, you just press the “Add to Card” button. The offer expires 12/31/17.

As usual with these offers, I don’t know if everyone is offered these, or the AMEX computers offer it so a subset of their customers based on what their AI and Humans Bots decide 🙂

Strategically, add this to your card if there is a possibility you might do this. The option to sign up usually leaves your account before the offer expires, so don’t wait until Christmas Eve to try to add it to your account 🙂