Coupons: $10 off $100+Textbooks at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

If you are looking to buy textbooks, there are coupons for them at two online booksellers…

+ at Barnes and Noble, coupon code STUDIOUS gets you $10 off for every $100 in purchases of new or used textbooks. Maximum $500 purchase.

+ at Amazon by Amazon itself coupon code TEXT10 gets you $10 off a $100+ purchase until Thursday 1/11/18 at 3pm eastern
+ Amazon’s coupon is $10 off only, not $10 off for every $100 in purchases like Barnes and Noble

What is a textbook? for the purpose of these coupons, the shopping cart is the ultimate decider of what qualifies. Add books of interest to the shopping cart, and the shopping cart will tell you whether something is eligible or not.