(ENDED) 3-YR Photo Magazine Subs: Outdoor Pho or Digital Pho for $12 total, DP PRO for $20 total

This weekend promotion ended…

Multi-year discounts is the theme of this weekend’s DiscountMags magazine sale. Three years get you the best deal per year, two years is slightly higher, and one year is the “default” save. So three years for the best value.

The following four are printed photography magazines delivered to US addresses:

+ 3-Year Outdoor Photographer for $12 ($4/yr)
+ 3-Year Digital Photo for $12 ($4/yr)
+ 3-Year Digital Photo PRO for $20 ($6.66/yr)
+ 3-Year Videomaker for $17 ($5.66/yr)

The sale also includes the usually variety of “six degrees of separation” subjects fom the world of photography, tech, fashion, nature, bridal, sports, etc. You can page up and down or navigate the categories on top of the DiscountMags sale page over there…