Amazon $5/$15+ Book Coupon extended to Friday 3am ET

If you haven’t used this coupon yet, and haven’t found time to shop for books you want/need, fear not! Amazon has yet again extended the deadline of their $5 off physical book orders of $15+, sold and shipped by Amazon itself until Friday 3am eastern. The coupon code is the same, enter BOOKGIFT17 in the shopping cart. Calendars and other things that are filed under “Books” may also be eligible (eg audiobooks on CD ~ YMMV – the shopping cart is the ultimate decider on what qualifies).

Strategically this is good for books that have the same prices everywhere, or rarely go on sale. Some places to look for ideas:

+ Best Seller Lists

+ Photography Best Sellers

+ then drill down the sub-categories on the left-hand side, eg Black and White Photography or Digital Photography

+ those categories have sub-categories for further drilling down, eg Editing or Flash Photography